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You can check your ToonTask progress by holding down the "End" key.

You can view your Gag panel by holding down the "Home" key.

Toontown Overview

Q:What is Disney's Toontown Online?

A:Disney's Toontown is an award-winning online game for ages seven and older where players join a community of Toons and work together to defeat evil robot cogs. Toontown is full of Toontastic fun -- from street battles and minigames to parties and racing, it's easy for Toons to find activities they love!

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Q:Is there a manual or guide for Disney's Toontown Online?

A:Toontown's official Player's Guide is the best way to learn all about Toontown. Visit the Toon HQ section of the website, then select Players Guide.

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Q:Can I name my Toon anything?

A:After creating your Toon, you have the option of either picking a name with help from the name generator, or creating your own name -- which will be submitted for approval by the Toon Council. Toon names are limited to a maximum number of characters, and also to four words. Toon names cannot be obscene, offensive, or contain inappropriate references. Also, referring commercial entities, Web site addresses, well-known people or characters, serious misspellings, and gibberish names of random letters are not allowed. Your name is not guaranteed to be unique -- it is possible for other Toons to have the same name. It can take up to three days for a name to be approved. Click here for the full set of rules.

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Q:Name Approval Guidelines

A:Name Approval Guidelines
Members of the Toon Council personally and individually approve all submitted Toon names! The Council likes to ensure that Toontown remains free of names that generally do not fit within the Tooniverse or are offensive in any way.

Before submitting a name, check to make sure it falls within the Guidelines posted below.

REMEMBER: Toontown is family-friendly and rated "E" for everyone! Make sure your parent approves of your name choice before you submit it for approval.

Rule Example
No Personally Identifiable Information: Jennifer Smith, Cleveland Girl
No celebrities, bands, or sports teams: Jonas Brothers Girl, Hannah Montana Fan, Go Giants
No described relationships: Alvin Freckle's Mom, Purple Dog Friend
No Disney or Toontown Characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Flippy
No phrases or sentences: The Kitty Team, I like cars
No names that pose as game operators: Toontown Ops, Toontown GM, Admin Toon
No names that pose as community officials: Toontown Police Officer
No copyrights or TM brands: Exxon Duck, American Girl
No numbers (digits or spelled out): Bunny 567, FunToonEight
No True Friend codes: My TF ad7 bh2
No web sites: Disney.com
No Trademarked cartoon characters: Scooby Doo, Spongebob Squarepants
No Foul, violent, hateful or suggestive language (Do we really need to provide one?)
No drug or alcohol references (Do we really need to provide one?)
No spoonerisms for any of these rules: Squarebob Spongepants
No backwards spellings for any of these rules: Yekcim Esuom
No Mixed Case: MiCkeY MoUsE
No single letter names: a, A, cccccccccccc
Correct and Appropriate Punctuation Only: Dr. Loopy McWacky, M.D.
Maximum of 4 words: This is too many words
No garbage strings or names without vowels: ashghghghjghggggsdsds, nvwls
No empty names or all whitespace
No foreign language words: Bonjour, Hola
No Pig Latin: Ickeymay Ousemay
No religious references: Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Bat Mitzvah Kid
No L33t-5p34K or ascii: M1Ck3y M0u53, :-D

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Q:Who are the Toon Troopers and Resistance Rangers? Can I be one?

A:Toon Troopers and Resistance Rangers are special Toons played by members of the Toontown team at Disney Online Studios to assist with in-game events. While players cannot become members of these groups, we appreciate your interest and excitement and look forward to the Toon Troopers' and Resistance Rangers' next appearance in Toontown!

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Q:What happens if I delete a Toon by accident?

A: Unfortunately we no longer restore deleted Toons, whether you are a Free player or a Member.

Make sure you really want to remove a Toon before choosing to delete. If you click the trash can icon accidentally next to a Toon on the "Pick A Toon To Play" login screen, just click the Cancel button to avoid deleting that Toon forever.

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Q:Will Toontown ever delete my Toon due to inactivity?

A:If you have a paid Toontown subscription, your Toons will never be deleted due to account inactivity. This is true even if your previously paid account has reverted to free access.

If you have a free account that has never had a paid subscription and you do not log in to your account for 180 days, your Toons may be deleted. Please note that Toons deleted for inactivity are not eligible for recovery.

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Q:How can I communicate with other players in Toontown?

A:There are three levels of chat in Toontown Online:

SpeedChat is a point-and-click chat system that lets you talk with other Toons by selecting canned phrases from a preset menu. Players who only use SpeedChat cannot type their own messages, and can only see other SpeedChat messages in-game. This is the default chat option, and is open to all players. To learn more about SpeedChat, please click here.

SpeedChat Plus
SpeedChat Plus is a form of type chat that allows players to communicate by using the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary. Words that are not in the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary will be highlighted in red. You then have the opportunity to choose alternative words prior to sending your message. This option is available to all players. Adults can manage this selection through the Community Settings option in Account Manager. Children 12 and under will need to go to the Account Details page and click to send an email so their parent can enable this option. To learn more about SpeedChat Plus, please click here.

Open Chat with True Friends
Open Chat with True Friends is a form of type chat that allows real-life friends to communicate openly with each other by means of a True Friend Code that must be communicated outside of the game. This option is available to subscribing members. Adults can manage this selection through the Community Settings option in Account Manager. Children 12 and under will need to go to the Account Details page and click to send an email so their parent can enable this option. To learn more about Open Chat with True Friends, please click here.

  • The OpenChat with Limited True Friends setting requires parental authorization each time the player wants to generate and exchange a new True Friend code with a new friend.
  • The OpenChat with Unlimited True Friends chat setting allows the player is freely generate and exchange a new True Friend code with a new friend whenever they want.

Currently OpenChat with True Friends is only available in Toontown Online, Disney.com, and DGamer.

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Q:What's happening when other Toons "talk" and what I see/hear is something that doesn't make sense?

A:These players are chatting using a type chat function such as SpeedChat Plus or Open Chat with True Friends, instead of using phrases on the SpeedChat drop-down menu. If your SpeedChat Plus and/or Open Chat with True Friends feature is not enabled, all you will hear/see is "meow, meow, meow" or "bark, bark, ruff" (depending on the species).

If another player tries to talk with you using a type chat function and you do not have SpeedChat Plus and/or Open Chat with True Friends enabled, you can use phrases from the SpeedChat menu to suggest they use SpeedChat to communicate with you.

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Q:Is there a bad word filter in Toontown?

A:Yes. Type chat, including SpeedChat Plus and Open Chat with True Friends, is automatically filtered for bad words. Disney also reserves the right to moderate any part of the Service that Disney, in its sole and absolute discretion, deems necessary, and by using the Service you acknowledge that conversations may be moderated. In addition to moderation, we strongly encourage parents to supervise their child or children while they play in the Service. By enabling the SpeedChat Plus and/or Open Chat with True Friends feature, the Parent Account acknowledges that there are some risks inherent in the SpeedChat Plus and/or Open Chat with True Friends feature and that the Parent Account has been informed of, and agrees to accept, any such risks, whether foreseeable or otherwise.

If you experience any un-Toon like behavior, which may be in violation of the Disney House Rules, you can use the in-game Report button to send the chat to a Moderator for review. To learn more about the Report feature, please click here.

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Q:Do you accept suggestions of words that I think should be added to the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary?

A:Yes! You can suggest new words for the Disney SpeedChat Plus dictionary by using the Contact Us form. Please select the "Chat Dictionary Suggestions" category when sending your suggestion.

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Q:What will happen to someone who tries to cheat or who doesn't follow the rules?

A:When you sign in to Toontown the first time you play, you will see options for "I Accept" or "I Do Not Accept." By clicking on "I Accept" you agree to abide by Toontown's Code of Conduct. Violation of these guidelines may result in suspension or termination of your account.

In addition, all players have the ability to Ignore and Report other players who are breaking the rules. To read more about these features, click here.

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Q:Why is my account suspended? When will I be able to play again?
A:A Guest who violates our Code of Conduct may have his or her account temporarily suspended. Additional violations may result in termination of the account.

When an account is suspended as a result of such a violation, a detailed e-mail is sent to the address associated with the account (or to the parent account if the violation occurred on a linked child account.) The suspension will begin once the account owner logs into the account and will be automatically released after the amount of time indicated at login.

Suspensions will not be released early. You are responsible for all behavior on your account. Never share your Account ID and/or password with anyone else.

For more information on the specifics of your account, please contact us at [email protected].

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Q: What is the Code of Conduct for Toontown?

A:Code of Conduct:

  1. Use Clean Language - We do not tolerate any bullying, foul or graphic language!
  2. Play Nice - Have good manners towards your fellow Toons and you will have a great time.
  3. Privacy Please! - Never tell anyone how to find you outside of the game & never give out your username, password, or any account information.
  4. Cheaters never prosper- Using a cheat program or altering Toontown's software in any way will get you banned or your account terminated.

Our full Terms of Use are available at:

You can also take this time to visit our netiquette page at: https://home.disney.go.com/guestservices/netiquette to learn more about online safety and manners.

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Q: How can I be sure to avoid being banned for hacking?

A:There are two kinds of activities that can result in your account being banned for hacking: altering/tampering with code and using third party software.

Altering code means manipulating Toontown's programming (or telling other players how to do so), in order to change the way the program behaves. This can cause damage to the game and take our programmers away from projects that will make Toontown better for everyone.

Third party software is any program that interacts with Toontown, and does not come from sunrise.games. Do not run third party software programs from other players, websites or forums. These programs include, but are not limited to: programs to prevent logout, engage in automatic gameplay, modify the results of gameplay, or circumvent Chat filters. These programs can impact the experience of other players in Toontown, and often pose a security threat to players who use them.

If you discover a vulnerability or cheat in Toontown, please let us know! If it is a gameplay issue, please submit a Bug Report. If it is an Account Management or other issue, please contact Member Services at [email protected].

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