Build cartoon characters, paint them crazy colors, give them funny names, and send them on adventures!

Evil robot Cogs want to suck all the fun out of Toontown -- are you going to let them?

Cogs can't take a joke, so fight them with Gags and help take back Toontown!

The biggest and baddest Cogs are the Bossbots, and you can battle them on their own HQ turf!

Go fishing in the ponds, plant in your garden, and play mini golf to earn trophies, jellybeans, and gags!

Join up with friends and throw a party complete with cannons, trampolines, and fireworks!

Build your own racing kart and see who's the fastest Toon (watch out for banana peels on the track)!

Toontown is a gigantic world of playgrounds, streets, and buildings waiting to be explored!

Hop on the trolley, where you can launch yourself from a slingshot, swim through underwater rings, or play over a dozen other fun mini games!

At your Toon Estate, you can add furniture, art, even new window views, all ordered from Clarabelle's Cattlelog!