Technical Issues

Did you Know?

You can check your ToonTask progress by holding down the "End" key.

You can view your Gag panel by holding down the "Home" key.


Q:What's the best screen resolution and number of colors for Disney's Toontown Online?

A:When Disney's Toontown Online is first installed, it will try to run at the best resolution and color settings for your computer. Once you're up and running, you can change these settings in-game on the Options page in your Shticker Book.

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Q:What if I experience graphics problems with Toontown?

A:Most video card manufacturers release updates for their cards to continually keep the hardware running optimally. These releases are usually called "drivers" (on the Mac they are referred to as Firmware). Generally speaking, it is a good idea to have the newest drivers possible for your computer.

We know that each person's computer is different, but the below instructions provide a general outline on how to update your graphic card's drivers:

Windows Update Drivers
MAC Update Drivers

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