Game Controls

As anyone will tell you, moving your Toon around Toontown is simple:

For PC Users:
Use the ARROWS to move forward and backward, and turn right and left. CTRL makes you jump.

Use PAGE UP to look up, and PAGE DOWN to look down.

TAB lets you change the angle of your camera, letting you get different views of your Toon.

Use END any time you want to take a quick peek at your ToonTasks.

Use HOME any time you want to check out your gags and your jellybean jar.

F7 pops up your Friends panel.

F8 opens your Shticker Book.

F9 takes a screenshot that is stored in your Toontown folder on your computer.

For Mac Users:
All of the PC controls are the same with the exception of screenshots.

Press Comand+Shift, then 3 to take a screenshot. The image will save to your desktop.

On some Mac Laptops to use the Home, End or Delete keys press FN + <Key>.

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