Goofy's Gag Shop, Toon with Gag

Use your arsenal of gags to battle the Cogs and make them fall apart with laughter! There are seven types - or Tracks - of gags: Throw, Squirt, Toon-Up, Sound, Drop, Lure, and Trap, and all can be bought with jellybeans at Goofy's Gag Shop. When you start the game, you can carry up to 20 gags at a time. Certain ToonTaskss allow you to carry more, so look for those!

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Skill Points and Training

Want to get better at Cog-busting? Use your gags to earn skill points to unlock all of the gags in each of your Gag Tracks. Unlock new Gag Tracks through gag training.

Skill Point Gauge

Skill Points

You start Toontown with the Squirting Flower and Cupcake gags - the first gags in the Squirt and Throw Tracks. By battling Cogs, you'll earn skill points which are used to train new gags. You can see the amount of skill you'll earn for using each gag in your battle menu and on the gags page of your Shticker book. When you've earned enough skill points to unlock a new, more powerful gag, you can then use that gag to earn more skill points.

But watch out - if the gag you're using is too powerful for the Cogs you're battling, you won't get any skill points for using it. You can see this information on the right side of the battle menu display when you roll over any of your gags. Or simply choose from the gags with the blue background in the battle menu.

To make sure you always get skill points for using your gags, follow these basic rules.

Gag Level 1 (example: Squirting Flower) Use on Level 1 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 2 (example: Glass of Water) Use on Level 2 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 3 (example: Squirt Gun) Use on Level 3 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 4 (example: Seltzer Bottle) Use on Level 4 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 5 (example: Fire Hose) Use on Level 5 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 6 (example: Storm Cloud) Use on Level 6 and higher Cogs
Gag Level 7 (example: Geyser) Use on Level 7 and higher Cogs

You can earn skill points faster by taking over Cog buildings, because the amount is multiplied on higher floors:

Skill Point Multiplier Chart

Floor 1: x1.0
Floor 2: x1.5
Floor 3: x2.0
Floor 4: x2.5
Floor 5: x3.0

Skill points in street battles are doubled during Cog invasions. Also, if you are in a building during an invasion you get double skill points for the building. Plus, you can earn even greater multipliers in Cog HQs.

For example: If you use a Whole Cream Pie, normally worth five skill points, on the third floor of a building, you will receive 10 skill points. If there is also an invasion happening, you will get 20 skill points!

Skill Point Multiplier Example


When Toon HQ thinks you're ready to start training for a new gag Track, they'll offer you a special ToonTask to get things started. Finish this task to prove you're ready for more!

When you've finished this task, you'll be able to choose the type of gag Track you want to train. Every Toon starts with Squirt and Throw, but from there the choice is yours. Choose wisely, because you can only learn six of the seven Tracks.

Choice 1: Sound or Toon-Up
Choice 2: Drop or Lure
Choice 3: Trap and (Sound or Toon-Up - whichever was not chosen first)
Choice 4: Whatever is left

Training for a new gag Track requires the completion of 15 ToonTasks. Each time you complete a gag training task, one of the film frame slots on the gag Track Training page of your Shticker Book is filled in. These tasks don't all come one after the other, so be patient! When you've completed all 15 tasks, you'll need to finish just one last ToonTask to earn your new type of gag!

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Every Toon starts with access to Throw gags. These deliver a good solid splat, and form the core of your gag arsenal.

Throw Gag Chart

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Every Toon also starts with access to Squirt gags. They are not quite as powerful as Throw gags but are much more accurate.

Squirt Gag Chart

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Toon-Up gags let you fill other Toon's Laff meters in battle. These gags are especially important when you are working with other Toons and the Cogs are coming in waves! Some Toon-Up gags only affect one Toon (the battle menu will let you choose which Toon you want to help) -- other gags affect all Toons. Laff points for Toon-Up gags that affect all Toons are divided up among the Toons in the battle that need Laff points the most.

Toon Tip: Any Toons who only get a chuckle out of your Toon-up - expressed with a "tee-hee" - will not result in a successful Toon-up and will not yield any experience.

Toon-Up Gag Chart

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Sound gags hit every Cog at once, but are not very powerful. Sound gags are just as accurate as Squirt gags - they rarely miss. Think twice before using a Sound gag on lured Cogs - it will wake them from their lured state!

Sound Gag Chart

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Drop gags are some of the most powerful gags in Toontown. Unfortunately, they are also the least accurate. You can make your chances of hitting a Cog with a Drop gag greater by stunning them first with another type of gag in the same attack. Naturally, you'll need another Toon to do this for you, so coordinate accordingly! Drop gags will always miss lured Cogs.

Drop Gag Chart

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Lure gags bring the Cogs closer to you. Why the heck would you want to do that?

You have to Lure a Cog to get it to fall for a Trap gag.
Squirt and Throw gags pack a bigger punch against lured Cogs - 20% more power!
Lured Cogs won't attack, unless they are woken up by a squirt, throw or sound gag.
Like the Toon-Up gags, some Lure gags only affect one Cog, while others affect all Cogs.

Lure Gag Chart

Lured Cogs won't stay lured forever, even if they aren't attacked. Eventually, they will reactivate and attack you!

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These are the only gags guaranteed to hit -- as long as you can lure a Cog into them. First, you must place the Trap gag, and then a Lure gag must be used by you or another Toon on the Cog successfully for the Trap to be sprung. You can't set a trap on a Cog that has already been lured, so make sure the trap has been set first! Because they are so powerful, you can't carry as many Trap gags as you can other types of gags.

Advanced Toons: Only use the Train Track gag if no other trap has been set otherwise both will be cancelled out.

Trap Gag Chart

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Level 7 Gags

Level 7 gags are the showstoppers, the heavy artillery, the big gag guns!

To unlock a Level 7 gag, you must max out your skill points on that particular gag track, currently set at 10,000. Unlike other gags, you can only carry one Level 7 gag per track at any given time. Level 7 gags cannot be purchased and may only be earned in one of two ways:

1. All additional gag track skill points accumulated past 10,000 will go towards earning a Level 7 gag. To earn one individual use of a Level 7 gag, you will need to accumulate an additional 500 skill points on that particular gag track. This is tracked by a backwards counter on your skill level meter, starting at 500. If you reach "0 to Go" while carrying that Level 7 gag, you will receive another once you use it in battle.

2. Planting a Level 7 gag tree. Click here for information on gag trees and Estate gardening.

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