Field Offices

Sellbot Exterior

Sometimes Cogs do their jobs so well (or in Toon terms, so badly) their Cog superiors reward them with their own office buildings. These are called FIELD OFFICES. They can be found in any neighborhood, taking over the same Toon buildings that regular Cog buildings take over. The outside of a Field Office shows the type of Cog who received it, and you enter them like a normal Cog building. But that's where the similarities end...

  • NOTE: Defeating a Field Office does not fulfill ToonTasks that require you to defeat Cog Buildings
  • HINT: Field Offices get more difficult the higher your neighborhood, so if you've mastered the ones in Toontown Central, try Donald's Dock (or for a real challenge, Donald's Dreamland).
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Movers & Shakers Field Office

Sellbot Interior

The Sellbot VP awarded a Field Office to the Movers & Shakers for stealing Jokes from the Toons. Now Toons have to enter these offices, recover the stolen Jokes, bust the Cogs inside, and free the captured shopkeeper, who will give you a special reward!

There are two floors to the Movers & Shakers Field Office: the MOVER MAZE and the EXECUTIVE SUITE.

MOVER MAZE: This is the twisting workspace of the Movers & Shakers, a constantly trembling, rumbling, quaking mess filled with falling file cabinets, wandering Cogs, and stolen Toon Jokes!

When the doors of the elevator open, Lord Lowden Clear from the Toon Resistance sends you a message over the building's jammed security system, telling you what to do. Here's a run-down:

Water Cooler Find WATER COOLERS and use them to fill up WATER BALLOONS (like any good Toon, you carry a limitless supply of empty balloons, just in case).
Water Balloon Throw these water balloons at Cogs by pressing CTRL - one hit will bust SMALLER COGS, but it takes two hits to bust bigger MOVERS & SHAKERS.
Smaller Cog Busting a small Cog makes them drop their STOLEN JOKES. Pick these up, because you'll get a Toon-up at the end based on how many you save.
Bigger Cog Busting all four large Movers & Shakers will open the elevator EXIT at the top of the maze. When that happens, get out fast!

Here are some of the things you'll see:

Jokes After you bust smaller Cogs by hitting them with a water balloon, JOKES will appear on the ground. Pick these up - the more you have, the bigger your Toon-up at the end. (Reading them gives you a good laugh!) A counter in the lower left keeps track of the Jokes you've grabbed.
File Cabinets As might be expected in an office rocked by earthquakes, file cabinets are always falling, and if they crash onto your Toon, you'll be knocked down and lose Laff. Even worse, they'll pop your water balloon! File cabinets tend to fall more often when Movers & Shakers are around, no surprise.
Map As you explore the maze, more of the map in the lower right corner is revealed. This map shows the EXIT (top center), the four MOVERS & SHAKERS (the Cog icons), and the WATER COOLERS (the water drop icon). As soon as you bust the last Mover & Shaker and the Exit opens, the entire map is revealed.
Movers and Shakers Counter The four-panel counter at the bottom of the screen tracks the Movers & Shakers' health - if they're red, you've hit them once, and if there's an "X" on them, they're busted! It also shows the EXIT doors, and when the last Mover & Shaker is "X"-ed out, these doors will open.
Timer You start with four minutes, or 240 seconds, on the timer in the upper right corner. If this timer runs out and you haven't defeated all four Movers & Shakers, you lose and are kicked back to the street. If you defeat all four, the Exit opens and the timer switches to a 60 second countdown - this is how long you have to reach the Exit. The faster you get out, the bigger your Toon-up. If the 60-second timer expires, you are pushed ahead to the Executive Suite, with a Laff penalty and no bonus for Jokes saved.
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Executive Suite

Sellbot Exterior

This is where the boss of the building resides, overseeing all activity in the floor below on a huge wall of monitors. Usually the boss is a Mover & Shaker, but sometimes a lower-level Cog will be minding the store. The Toon shopkeeper whose building this used to be is hanging from a cage in the back of the room - and he or she could really use your help!

As you enter the room, Lord Lowden Clear jams the Cogs' signal again to congratulate you on any Jokes recovered - and tell you to defeat the Cogs and rescue the captured Toon. From there it's a Toon-on-Cog brawl with the Field Office boss and any helpers he can pull from the floor.

Toon If you defeat all the Cogs, the cage is lowered and the grateful Toon steps out, thanking you and giving you a special reward - an SOS TOON card from one of their friends (who owes them a favor)! This SOS Toon card will appear in your Shticker Book, and you can call on that Toon to help you in battle.
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