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Toons at their Estates

Every Toon needs a place to call home! Luckily, all of the Toons on your account have their very own house on a shared Estate.

There's tons of stuff a Toon can do at their Estate: collect ice-cream cones - worth three Laff points each - that are dotted along the paths and hills, fish in the privacy of their very own pond, or invite their friends over for a leisurely swim in the stream.

There's even more for a Toon to do inside their house -- stock away jellybeans in the bank, change their outfit with the clothes in their closet and the accessories in their trunk, rearrange furniture, and order new furniture, wallpaper, clothes, SpeedChat phrases, acting lessons, fishing rods, and more from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.

To take your Toon to their Estate, open your Shticker Book and go to the Map page. Click on the button labeled GO HOME. Your friends can visit you at your Estate by teleporting to you when you are home (using the "GO TO" button under the Toon Detail Panel).

Toon Tip: The color of your Toon's house matches the color of your Toon's Pick-a-Toon panel!

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The Jellybean Bank

Every house comes with a bank that can hold up to 12,000 jellybeans. If the jellybean jar your Toon carries around with them is full, the extra jellybeans your Toon earns playing Trolley games, fishing, or finishing a ToonTask are automatically deposited into the bank at their Estate.

WARNING!!! If your bank and jar are both full, extra jellybeans earned go to Flippy's favorite Toon charity, the Toons of the World Unite Foundation.

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The Closet


Every house comes with a closet to store your Toon's extra clothes. Clothes can be purchased at the clothing shops in any of Toontown's playgrounds if you have a clothing ticket or for a handful of jellybeans from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.

The closet that comes with your house can hold 10 items, with 15-item, 20-item, 25-item, or 50-item closets available for sale in special issues of the Cattlelog. If you buy a new closet, it will replace the old one.

If your closet is full when you call Clarabelle, you can still purchase new clothing but you must make room for the new clothes before you can take them out of your mailbox.

If your closet is full when you try to cash in a clothing ticket, you will be warned when you start browsing that you'll need to make room in your closet before buying anything new. If you don't delete anything from your closet and buy a new outfit anyway, you will lose the clothes you were wearing.

Your friends can try on your clothes while they're visiting your Estate - but they can't borrow them.

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The Trunk and Accessories

The Trunk and Accessories

To purchase accessories, you first need to buy a trunk from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. The trunk can hold up to 50 accessory items.

Once you buy a trunk, it takes a day to ship to your mailbox. So if you buy your first accessories before you receive your trunk, you'll have to wait until your trunk is delivered before taking those first accessories out of your mailbox and onto your Toon!

If your trunk is full when you call Clarabelle, you can still purchase new accessories, but you must make room in your trunk for the new accessory items before you can take them out of your mailbox.

Just like with clothes, your friends can try on your accessories in your trunk while they're visiting your Estate - but they can't borrow them.

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Decorated Toon House

When you enter your Toon's house, the "MOVE FURNITURE" icon appears in the top left corner of the screen. Every house comes pre-furnished so just click on this icon and start decorating!

When the decorating interface is open, you'll see a bird's-eye view of the inside of your house. Use the controls at the bottom of the decorating control panel to change the orientation of your view.

The ATTIC TAB shows all the furniture currently in your attic. This is where everything goes when you collect it from the mailbox and when you remove it from your house.

The Attic

To move something from the attic to the house, just click it! Once an item is in your Toon's house, move it wherever you like by grabbing the item's move icon with the mouse and dragging it. Rotate the item by using the rotation arrows on either side of the move icon. To move something from the house to the attic, click it to select it, then click the "SEND TO THE ATTIC" button at the top of the decorating control panel.

A Toon's house can only hold so much stuff, so you may find you need to dispose of items occasionally. To do this, click the trashcan icon on the decorating control panel. All items in the open tab (either the room tab or the attic tab) will turn red. Delete an item by clicking on it. If you change your mind after deleting an item, check your trash can! If it has not been emptied yet, you can get an item back out.

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