Lineup of Cogs

You want to know about Cogs, eh? Well, it's gonna cost you. Go get me some lumpy cheese.

Oh, you're back. Thanks for the cheese. Now, Cogs... Cogs are nasty, menacing robots who want to take over Toontown and transform it into a laugh-less corporate wasteland. You want to know where Cogs come from? I'll tell you, if you bring me some caviar.

Thanks for the caviar, now what was the question? Oh right. Well, nobody knows for sure where the Cogs come from, but we do know this - you can bust them up with a few good gags. This section is sort of a Cog-spotter's guide, to help you find the Cogs you need to complete the toughest ToonTaskss. And believe me, I know a little something about tough ToonTaskss.

Blizzard Wizard
Walrus Way, The Brrrgh

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