Cashbot HQ

The CFO at Cashbot HQ

The Cashbots have constructed a cluster of Mints on the outskirts of Donald's Dreamland and are printing Cog money. Advanced Toons must defeat their boss - the Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O.) - and prevent the Cogs from acquiring wealth.

The Toon Council has decreed that Toons should proceed with the utmost caution while invading Cashbot HQ. Therefore, the following elevator minimum Laff point requirements have been instituted to ensure the general safety of the Toon population.

Cahsbot Elevator Chart

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Your Cashbot Disguise

Similar to battling the V.P. in Sellbot HQ, a full Cashbot Cog disguise is required to enter the Vault and battle the C.F.O. New ToonTasks offered in Donald's Dreamland provide Cashbot suit parts as rewards to build your Cog disguise. Be warned, once you start the ToonTasks to complete your Cashbot suit, you will not be able to stop the tasks until you have completed your suit.

Up to five Laff Points can be earned with Cashbot promotions. To earn a promotion and get the chance to face off against the C.F.O., Toons must defeat Cashbots to acquire Cogbucks.

Defeating Cashbots anywhere earns Cogbucks, but more Cogbucks are earned by defeating Cogs in the Mints. The Coin Mint is the easiest and earns fewer Cogbucks. The Bullion Mint is the most difficult and earns the most Cogbucks.

Cashbot Promotion Chart

Robber Baron Promotion Chart

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The Train Yard and Mints

Toons at the trainyard

The Cashbots manufacture and distribute their currency, Cogbucks, in three Mints - Coin, Dollar, and Bullion. Toons enter the elevators to the Mints by way of a train yard where locomotives are being loaded and unloaded. Mint elevators take you to a random floor within the Mint where obstacles must be carefully navigated, with Cogs around every corner. Your objective is to battle your way past the Cogs and obstacles to reach the safe at the end of the floor. The safe is guarded by a Supervisor Skelecog. Cogbucks are rewarded when you defeat the Supervisor.

Toon Tip: To reach the Supervisor Skelecog, follow the stairs that lead up!

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The Vault and C.F.O. Battle

Toons in Cashbot disguises

Once you have earned all of the parts for your Cashbot suit disguise and have earned enough Cogbucks for a promotion, you are ready to join forces with up to seven other Toons and face off against the C.F.O.

When your group of Toons enters the Vault elevator, you will find yourself face to face with the C.F.O. Your group must fight its way through an epic battle of Cogs released by the C.F.O. Use all of your best strategy to keep yourself and your friends happy.

Once you have defeated these Cogs, your group will make its way into the inner vault for the final showdown with the C.F.O. In this room, several large safes line the walls. The four magnetic cranes can be used to pick up the safes and the Goons in the room.

Battling the C.F.O. requires lots of teamwork. Some Toons will need to operate the cranes while others must jump on and disable the Goons as they emerge from the C.F.O.'s doors. Becoming a first-class crane operator will require practice and skill - a back-and-forth motion with the arrow keys is vital to build sufficient momentum to swing the magnet and toss a disabled Goon at the C.F.O.'s head. Press and hold the CTRL to pick up and hold a Goon or safe -- release the CTRL to let go. To leave a crane, press the ESC or click on the RED X in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Toon Tip: Wait until the C.F.O. is dizzy before throwing a safe or he will use it as a helmet! Hitting the helmet with another safe is the only way to knock it off.

The C.F.O. doesn't like this Goon-tossing one bit and will throw gears at Toons. These gears result in Laff-loss and will knock a Toon from a crane controller. A Toon-up treasure is produced every time a Goon is disabled so remember to Toon yourself up before you get sad.

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Flippy receives special phrase with gags

Toons who successfully defeat the C.F.O. are awarded a special phrase that appears on a new SpeedChat->Unite menu. You might win any one of three different kinds of phrases -- when you say the phrase later, it will restock nearby Toons with Laff points, jellybeans, or gags, depending on the phrase. Choose the time to say your new phrase wisely, because each phrase can only be used once.

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