Bossbot HQ

The CEO at Bossbot HQ

Toon HQ searched high and low for the super-secret headquarters of the Bossbots. It turns out the Bossbots are hiding in their "ultra-exclusive" Country Club, playing endless games of golf. Now, it's up to resourceful Toons to interrupt their games, while taking the fight all the way to the dreaded Bossbot C.E.O.! Toons can reach Bossbot HQ via Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf -- where a Cog-constructed tunnel has mysteriously appeared.

The Toon Council has decreed that Toons should proceed with the utmost caution while invading the Bossbot HQ Country Club. Therefore, the following golf kart minimum Laff point requirements have been instituted to ensure the general safety of the Toon population.

Bossbot Golf Kart Chart

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Your Bossbot Disguise

Advanced Toons can begin building their Bossbot disguise once they have completed their Donald's Dreamland ToonTasks. To get started, visit Toon HQ where your first task will be to visit Shep Ahoy in Donald's Dock in the All for Nautical shop, as he needs your assistance completing his Bossbot collection. This will be a true test of your Bossbot battling abilities, and we hope you don't flunk! Be warned, once you start the ToonTasks to complete your Bossbot suit, you will not be able to stop the tasks until you have completed your suit.

Up to five Laff points can be earned with Bossbot promotions. To battle the C.E.O. for a promotion, Toons must defeat Bossbots to earn Stock Options. Toons can earn Stock Options by defeating Bossbots anywhere in Toontown -- at a rate equal to the level of the defeated Bossbot. For example, defeating a level 3 Flunky will reward 3 Stock Options. Toons must defeat the C.E.O. to earn a promotion.

Bossbot Promotion Chart

Big Cheese Promotion Chart

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The Country Club

The Country Club is where Bossbots lounge around all day playing golf. There are three different Country Club golf courses: The Front Three, The Middle Six, and The Back Nine - with 3, 6 and 9 holes respectively. Toons can choose which course to enter and disrupt the Cog's golf games, provided they meet the minimum Laff requirement.

While the Bossbot Country Club is a dangerous place, Toons should be extra careful as Toon HQ has confirmed the existence of upgraded Cogs within Bossbot HQ. These "version 2.0" Cogs are extremely dangerous - when a Toon defeats a v2.0 Cog, they then have to fight their skeleton! Better stock up on gags, as these Cogs are tough.

Once you have chosen a Bossbot golf course, your first challenge is the mole infested teeing grounds. To advance through, Toons must stomp on the evil red Cog moles, while avoiding the friendly brown moles, before the timer runs out. Should any Toons fail, they will lose 20 Laff points, and must try again.

Golf Course Cog Moles

After Toons tee off, they enter the Bossbot golf course fairway, which is a maze of dense foliage. Toons, being ever resourceful, turn this into a fun game by racing each other through the maze. The winner receives a full Toon-up, and any other Toons in their group who finish receive a 20 Laff point Toon-up. Lost Toons who do not complete the maze in time will automatically jump to the end, but they will lose 20 Laff points. Once past the fairway maze, Toons must defeat a group of Bossbot Cogs, even dreaded v2.0 Cogs, before advancing to the next challenge - the Bossbot putting green.

Toon Tip: Mazes have anywhere from 1 to 4 sections and are randomly rotated. Memorize each section to make navigation easier!

Toon Tip: If you reach a dead end, the camera will raise up so you can see more of the maze.

In true Cog fashion, the Bossbots have covered their putting green with evil Cog golf balls. Toons must defeat these Cog golf balls by solving a series of puzzles. This is accomplished by matching 3 or more golf balls of the same color, which causes those, and any connected golf balls, to fly off the golf green.

Toon Tip: Watch for "Wild golf balls" - multicolored balls which count as every color and make matching easier.

Toon Tip: Beware of "Explosive golf balls" - which instantly knock any balls they contact off of the board.

For each puzzle that is completed, the winning Toon earns a gag, and all other Toons in their group still playing will receive a bonus explosive golf ball. Once all the puzzles are solved, every Toon on that golf green receives a bonus gag and a Laff boost equal to the total seconds remaining on their timer. If all Toons fail to complete all puzzles on their golf green, each loses 20 Laff points.

Toon Tip: Toons work together to complete a single set of puzzles. If one Toon fails a puzzle by letting a ball reach them, another Toon may get a chance to complete that puzzle.

After the Toons have passed the putting green, they must face a group of Bossbots waiting to board their golf kart. Toons must defeat these Cogs so they can take the kart to the next round. At the end of every Country Club golf course, Toons must fight the Clubhouse President.

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Bossbot Clubhouse and C.E.O. Battle

The "ultra-exclusive" Bossbot Clubhouse contains the toughest Cogs in all of Toontown - including upgraded v2.0 Cogs. Be sure that you have your Bossbot disguise and are ready for a promotion, along with a team of seven other disguised Toons - before entering this ominous building. The battle begins immediately upon arriving in the Clubhouse, where Toons must defeat a group of v2.0 Cog Waiters for their waiter suits. Upon defeating the Cog waiters, Toons don their new waiter Cog disguises and infiltrate the Banquet Hall.

Once inside, Toons will find themselves surrounded by Bossbots - hungry Bossbots - all waiting to be served dinner! Toons will need to play the part of Cog Waiters by feeding the hungry Cogs using the "food" from the conveyor belts, before the Cogs get too hungry. If they successfully feed each Cog 3 times, the dining Cog will explode. However, take too long to feed a hungry Cog and he will become angry. You will then have to start feeding him all over again. Once dinner is over, Toons will battle any remaining Cogs in waves from their tables.

When the C.E.O. discovers these waiters are actually Toons in disguise, he will spring into action. Now it's time to take the fight to the big man himself! Toons can use seltzer bottles located on the banquet tables to damage the C.E.O. Since the C.E.O. loves golf so much, Toons can also give him a taste of his own "fun" by pelting him with golf balls to slow him down - which is your best bet at defeating this menace. As the golf balls hit the C.E.O., his treads will begin to turn red - as they become redder and the smoke coming from him matches the color of the golf balls, you know they're working! As the C.E.O. is slowed by the barrage of golf balls his attacks are also slowed, reducing his damage to Toons.

Toon Tip: The C.E.O. will regain his speed over time if he's not being constantly pelted by golf balls.

But the C.E.O. is no Flunky - he battled long and hard to get where he is today! In addition to pelting Toons with his own golf balls, he will try and flatten the banquet tables. If successful, they will become unusable for a short period of time, including any Toons standing on a table when flattened. Toons in need of a Toon-up can use the snacks from the conveyor belts, but if the battle goes on for too long, the C.E.O. might just put a stop to this Toon-up food supply.

Toon Tip: If you're in need of a Toon-up, be sure to let other Toons with lower Laff points get the snacks first!

Toon Tip: Beware of the C.E.O.'s "Fore!" attack which will launch golf balls at everyone.

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Gag Menu

Toons who have braved the challenges of Bossbot HQ, and defeated the C.E.O. will earn Pink Slips as a reward. Use these to dispatch a Cog in battle, thus instantly dismissing the unfortunate Cog. The Toon Council has decreed that ONLY ADVANCED TOONS may fire Cogs via Pink Slips. To use one, press the "Fire" button in the Gag panel during a Cog battle. Earn more Pink Slips each time you defeat the C.E.O. to dismiss those pesky Cogs whenever your Toon desires!

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