Battling Cogs

Toons Battling Cogs

Causing a Cog to crack up is extremely satisfying for a Toon. But there's more to battling Cogs than just tossing around a few gags. You'll need a good strategy to build up your gag skills to take down Cog Buildings and, eventually, the massive Cog HQs.

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How to Battle a Cog

Run up to a Cog, and you'll engage him in battle. It's that easy! Well, maybe "easy" isn't the best word...

First you'll choose the gag you want to attack with from your Gag Battle Menu. Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose your gag:

Gags are always deployed in order from top to bottom of the gag battle menu. So if one Toon lays a trap and another Toon lures, the Cog will fall into the trap because it was laid first.

Gag Menu

Throw, Squirt, and Sound gags will stun Cogs, making it easier to hit them with Drop gags.

If several Toons attack one Cog using gags from the same gag track, you get a damage bonus. After the gags hit and show their regular damage, the bonus amount is shown as a YELLOW number.

Sound gags will wake lured Cogs. It's a good general rule not to use Sound on lured Cogs.

More than one trap laid for the same Cog will cancel all of the traps set out for that Cog.

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The Battle Menu

Gag battle Menu

There are other things on your Gag Battle Menu besides your gags. What are they?

Run: If you think you're in over your head, click RUN to head back to the nearest playground. If you run, you'll lose any skill points you would have earned in that battle. If you are in a battle with other Toons and you run back to the playground, they'll stay in the battle unless they decide to run too. You might want to tell the other Toons that you're leaving, so they're not caught by surprise! And remember, you can't run from a battle in a Cog building.

Run Pop-up

SOS: Instead of choosing a gag to attack with, you can click the SOS button to ask for help. The SOS menu lets you choose which friend you want to call for help, including your Doodle. The SOS button becomes even more useful once you have defeated the Sellbot V.P. in Cog HQ, because it calls on special advanced Toons with very powerful gags and skills. Some of these Toons, like Professor Pete, will restock your gag supply, while others, like Clumsy Ned, will lend a hand by dropping pianos with near perfect accuracy. If you are really in a pinch, Madam Chuckle will Toon you up!

Note that you cannot send an SOS from inside a Cog building for a friend, but you can for your Doodle or any advanced Toon SOS you have earned.

SOS Menu

Pass: Clicking on PASS lets you skip your turn. Since Cogs will attack the Toon who has done him the most damage, you are less likely to be attacked if you choose Pass. This is a good strategy in a group battle if your Laff points are dangerously low. Over-using this strategy is not recommended, as Toons who always pass in Cog battles will no longer receive ToonTask credit. To ensure you receive credit, be sure to participate in at least one round of each Cog battle that you are in. Also, the battle screen will let players know who is passing during a Cog battle.

Fire: The FIRE button is for Advanced Toons who have earned Pink Slips as a reward for braving the challenges of Bossbot HQ, and defeating the C.E.O. They are used to dispatch a Cog in battle, thus instantly dismissing the unfortunate Cog. Click here for information on Pink Slips.

Gag Menu

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Battling With Friends

Some battles are too tough for one lonely Toon. Up to four Toons can join any battle or enter a Cog building together. Up to eight Toons can battle a Cog Boss together in a Cog HQ.

Work together with other Toons by using gags from the same track on one Cog to get a damage bonus, such as: Throw, Squirt, and Sound gags ... which are more powerful when more than one Toon uses them at the same time. Always consider the order gags are deployed when in battle and do your best to choose gags that will help the entire group. Some great strategies include:

Super Cog Combo - Four Toons vs. Two or more Cogs

One Toon chooses an all Cogs Lure. This will lure all of the Cogs and will keep them from attacking in the next round. Another Toon then targets one Cog to squirt, waking him from his lure. The other two Toons then choose Drop on the woken Cog. Proceed to the next Cog and do the same squirt/drop combo until they're all defeated.

Building Buster - Four Toons vs. One high level Cog
One Toon chooses Trap, one chooses a single Cog Lure, and two choose Throw. Voila!

Laff Boost - Four Toons vs. One or more Cogs
Three Toons choose Toon-Up, one chooses Lure. This keeps the Cog from attacking the freshly Tooned-up Toons.

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