Attention all Toons! Toontown will be closing for an update from 10:00 AM PT until 1:00 PM PT, which should give Goofy just enough time to start a mess and clean it up. Thanks for your patience!


Did you Know?

You can check your ToonTask progress by holding down the "End" key.

You can view your Gag panel by holding down the "Home" key.

Toon HQ

Q:How can I become a Top Toon?

A:Top Toons is comprised of the players who have earned the top spots in each category for the previous day's play. It takes a lot of work and dedication to become a Top Toon, which is what makes it so special!

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Q:What is Toontown Time?

A:Toontown Time is the official time in Toontown and is set to Pacific Time. Clocks are located on the Toon HQ page, in the game at each Party Gate, and in your Shticker Book. Now you can easily coordinate your parties, Cog HQ adventures, and other fun activities with your friends!

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Q:What is Fan Art?

A:Fan Art is made by players like you! We love to receive Toontown-themed art created by players from all over the Tooniverse. We pick a handful of submissions several times a month to post for all of Toontown to enjoy. To submit your Toontown Fan Art, just click here and follow the steps. Then keep checking the site to see if your art is selected!

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Q:How are What's New blog comments selected?

A: All comments are pre-moderated for length and content (such as topical relevance, explicit or rude language), and we post as many comments as we can for each topic. All comments are subject to the Disney House Rules. We make every effort to display an equal amount of both positive and negative comments -- although due to the large number of comments we receive, and display limitations, not all comments can be posted. Here are some tips to increase your chances of having your What's New blog comment posted:

  • Stay on topic. If the conversation is about gags, keep it about gags, talking about karting is out of context.
  • Use your Toon Name or make up a Toon Name, but make sure it's acceptable (i.e. player friendly, does not contain numbers.) Disney character names, such as Flippy, Lil Oldman, or Hannah Montana will not be accepted.
  • Be clear in the thought you're trying to communicate, saying something like "I don't like the ToonTask that makes you get the thing and then the other thing," could be less vague, please reference game items and locations by their actual names when possible.
  • Keep your comments player friendly, it's OK to challenge or question someone's comment, but don't be rude or vulgar. We are here to have fun!
  • No inappropriate language. We have players of all ages -- please keep that in mind as you post comments!
  • No HTML links, and please keep posts to a reasonable length, including no overuse of punctuations.

We appreciate your patience, and please keep posting your comments -- we love to read them!

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