Did you Know?

You can check your ToonTask progress by holding down the "End" key.

You can view your Gag panel by holding down the "Home" key.


Q:What is a Free Account?
A:A Free account to Toontown Online includes the following benefits:
  • One Toon to create and personalize
  • Access to the Toontown Central neighborhood and playground
  • Access to all the quests in Toontown Central
  • Limited access to six fully-themed neighborhoods and playgrounds
  • A house for your Toon
  • A limited assortment of cartoon gags to use on robot Cogs
  • Limited access to racing karts, pet Doodles, and fishing
  • Play whenever you want for as long as you want -- all for free!

You can upgrade to full Toontown Membership by choosing an available subscription plan. For all the details on what is included with a full Toontown Membership, please click here.

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Q:What is a Toontown Membership?

A:Toontown is free to play, but Membership to Toontown unlocks exclusive games, content, events, and adventures for players! A full Membership to Toontown Online includes the following benefits:

Feature Free Player
Number of Toons 1 6
Toon Species Limited to 6 Species All Free Species
Plus Monkey,
Bear, Horse
Shopping No Buy Clothes,
Accessories, Furniture & More!
ToonTasks Toontown Central
Do Everything,
Laff Points 25 Laff Max To the Max:
Get All 137
Laff Points
Neighborhoods Go Anywhere in
Toontown Central Only
Go Anywhere in All
6 Neighborhoods
Cog Buildings Limited All Access,
All of Toontown
Gags Throw and Squirt
Gags Only
Choose From
All Tracks,
All Gags
CogHQs No Full Access to
All 4 Cog HQs
Trolley Games Toontown Central
More Challenges,
More Beans,
All of Toontown
Fishing Limited Catch All
70 Fish Species
Gardening No Have a Green
Kart Racing Limited Unlimited:
Indulge Your
Need for Speed!
Minigolf No Grab a Club and
Hit the Fairway
Adopt a Doodle Toontown Central
Doodles From All


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Q:What are my Toontown full Membership payment options?

A:You can upgrade to a full Toontown Membership by using a Toontown Game Card, subscribe with a credit card or through PayPal. If you select to subscribe through a credit card or PayPal, charges will appear as "Toontownonline.com" on your credit card each period, depending on your subscription package. For example: As a monthly subscriber, charges will automatically appear on your credit card statement each month. Periodic billing should start one month from your signup date.

If you select to upgrade through a Toontown Game Card, you will have full Membership access for the amount of purchased game card time. If you choose to continue your full Membership, you can purchase another Toontown Game Card or use your credit card or PayPal to extend your Membership. Please click on Toontown Game Cards for more information.

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Q:Can I use a CD-ROM to play Toontown?

A:Toontown previously offered a CD-ROM option, but it is no longer supported. If you recently purchased a Toontown CD-ROM, please contact the retailer to request a refund. To play Toontown, please click the red 'Play Now' arrow at the top of this page, and log in or create an account. To learn more about membership and subscription options, please go to the Membership page.

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Q:Where can I see the date that my Membership subscription or Game Card time ends?

A:You can view your Membership subscription or Game Card information by following these steps:

  1. Click on Membership on the main navigation, and then Account Manager, and log into your account.
  2. Click on the Manage Membership tab and if you have any linked accounts, select the account you wish to view in the "Account" drop-down menu.
  3. Here you can view all your Membership details, including the date that this account's subscription expires.

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Q:I purchased a Membership/redeemed a Game Card, but the account still shows as Free?

A:You must first update your Toontown account on our new website for your purchase to be activated. Follow these steps to update your Toontown account.

  1. Click on Membership on the main navigation, and then Account Manager, and log in. You will be prompted to update your Toontown account.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to update your account, and be sure to have your Parent Password handy to complete the update process.
  3. Once your account has been updated, return to the Account Manager, log in, click the Manage Membership tab, and verify that your purchase has been activated.
  4. Press the "Play Now!" button and enjoy the game as a full Member!

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Q:Are all Toontown subscribers eligible for promotional offers?

A:Promotional offers including prizes, mailings and rewards are only available to U.S. and Canadian residents.

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Q:What do I do if I have questions about my bill?

A:There are several ways to reach us:

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Q:What is the refund policy?

A:Please see the Toontown Online Membership Agreement for details on our refund policy. Click here to read.

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Q:How do I cancel my paid account?

A:There is no need to cancel a free Toontown account. Please note that Toons on free accounts may be deleted after a long period of inactivity. Click here for details.

If you have a paid Toontown account and wish to cancel, you may do so at any time. You'll receive a confirmation email once your Membership has been successfully cancelled.

To cancel your paid Membership online, you must log into the Account Manager, click the Manage Membership tab, and select the Cancel Membership link. To cancel a child account that is linked to a Parent Account, you must log into the Parent Account - then select the child's account, click the Manage Membership tab, and select the Cancel Membership link. Then follow the on-screen prompts.

To send a cancellation request by e-mail, click here and select the "Billing" category. Please remember to send us your Account ID, the billing name on the account, and DOB or street address when requesting cancellation.

Phone support is available to paid Members. To access phone support information, please log in to your paid Toontown account, and visit the Contact Us page.

If you cancel your account and wish to re-subscribe to Toontown, the cost of Membership will be the current subscription rates listed on our website.

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Q:Can I play multiple Toons simultaneously from the same account?

A:Currently we do not allow multiple simultaneous logins from the same account. Multiple people can use a single account to play different Toons (each account can hold up to six toons), but not at the same time. You will need to purchase a separate account for each person who wants to play at the same time as the others.

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Q:If I have more than one child account linked to my Parent Account, can I just buy one Toontown Membership subscription for all of them?

A:Toontown Online does not currently offer discounts or family rates for multiple accounts. Each account that wishes to play Toontown with the full benefits of Membership will require their own, separate subscription.

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Q:Can I transfer my Toon to another account?

A:Generally, we do not transfer Toons from one account to another.

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Q:How can I get Series 1, 2 and 3 trading cards?
A:Trading cards from Series 1, 2 and 3 have been retired. The best way to get these cards is by trading with Toons who have collected them.

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Q:What happened to my second free Toon?
A:Free accounts that were created before April 30, 2008 had the ability to create a second Toon, located in the bottom-middle slot of the Pick-a-Toon screen. As of April 30, 2008, any Free account with a Toon currently occupying the bottom-middle slot will remain available provided this Toon is not deleted, in which case, they will no longer retain access to the bottom-middle slot. Any Free account that did not have a Toon in the bottom-middle slot before April 30, 2008 will no longer retain access to the bottom-middle slot. This also applies to any player with a full Toontown Membership who reverts to a Free access account.

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Q:What is the Toontown Test Server, and who is eligible?
A:The Toontown Test Server is where we try out new ideas and get feedback from other Toons so we can decide what to do to make Toontown even more Toontastic!

Test Server access is available to players with recurring paid Toontown subscriptions and no account violations. Space on the Test Server is limited.
To request access to the Toontown Test Server, click here.
If your request is successful, you will be prompted to download the Toontown Test launcher.

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