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Thanks for a Perfect Trolley Games Weekend!

Thank you to all Toons who took part in our Perfect Trolley Games Weekend challenge!

Trolley thanks

Your Toontastic "perfect" scores made the challenge, well... perfectly fun!
We're busy counting up the winners to find the top 20 Toons that achieved the most “perfect” Trolley Game scores, per Neighborhood, per day of the event.
Winners will be announced in the next issue of Toon News... For the Amused, and the exclusive, brand new Trolley shirt will be sent out at that same time!

While we add up those scores, stay Tooned right here for more news coming soon on something Toontastically fun the Toon Troopers are cooking up for summer...

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Captain Flapjack says:

WOW!!! That was really Fun!! And i also got loads of good jellybeans!! Thanks!!

little lefty fuzzy jinks says:

i hope i won! :-) :D

rainbow says:

your welcome i love toontown

Professor Jellyroll says:

I Hope I win One Of The Shirts!

Epic Lazy Cat says:

I cant wait to here about the toon troopers

William says:

I like that shirt a lot!! I've never won a contest on Toontown before so I hope I won this time!

Zippety Petalbubble says:

Ooo, I wonder what the fun thing will be! :D

Cuty Pie says:

!!!:) I had LOADS of fun playing the trolley. Can't wait to see who won! I got so many jellybeans! And I also MIGHT know what the Toon Troopers will do later this summer... :D

princess kippy says:

Toontown you rock! I love to play trolley games.

Samuel says:

YAY i got loads of jbs in that event! TY TOONTOWN! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Master Water says:

I tried my best hope i get a shirt it looks so cool

Cinnamon Cupcake says:

Wow! It went by so fast! It was a blast though! I hope that my friends and I win! We spent hours on the trolley! :D Best Wishes to all the Toons, I'm Cinnamon Cupcake<3

Cranky Flipperbubble says:

i wish i would've done it but i was on vacation those exact days :P... but still the toons who won must be pros :D

Prof.crazybumpentoes says:


cheezy mouse says:

I put alot of effort into getting this shirt and jellybeans I hope i won :D

little slippy purple tooth says:

i hope i win i go on the trolley every day!

Cool MoMo MacSpeed says:

It was awsome. I had alot of fun playing trolley games. Thank you toontown! <3

Clyde says:

Sweet as homemade pie! Can't wait to see all those lucky winners!

Cuddles says:

You are welcome! Toontown is my favorite online game, totally and good job to the Toons who win. You deserve that awesome shirt!!!! I try to participate in every competition, and thanks for everything, Flippy!

Thunderbubble says:

I sure hope i won! I played for over seven hours!

Classic Tails says:

All good job for those Toons who got a great score playing Trolley Minigames!

captain crazy bagelwoof says:

wow that was awesome! i got tons of jellybeans in this event! i hope i won the cool trolly shirt!

Omar says:


JabberCrash says:

Wow!, I cant wait to find out who won Good Luck Everybody!

Silly Ricky[69 laff] says:

That was fun and a got a ton of jellybeans too!i hope i won the shirt i've never won any toontown contests yet

Brown Cat ( Fiji ) says:

Wow!!! That is amazing! I would like to congratulate everyone who won!

Bowser says:

That was fun, I felt so competitive :D!

Dottie Macspeed says:

It was so much fun! I wish it was longer though!!!!!!!

Fuzzypop says:

Yay! I'm excited about the Toon Troopers!

peaches sparklefoot says:

i was not there but my friends said it was toontastic! :)

Isabella says:

I just saw Toon Trooper Terry and Toon Trooper Tor in the same server!! Tor gave me a jellybean unite! :) I wonder what they are planning!... How awesome!

Max says:

That was really fun!

little max says:

i really hope i won :D

captain crazy bagelwoof says:

i had lots of fun doing trolly games and trying to win that shirt.Also toon troopers yay! :)

miss cloiri says:

wow !!! i am waiting eagerly for the news , hope i won that shirt

Apple Pie says:

i hope i won :D

Master Flappy says:

Thanks for all your help ToonTown, I needed the jellybeans for my first pet. :)

Candy says:

that was so much fun!