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Silly Summer Parties are a Smash!

Toon Troopers thank you for making their summer Parties a silly success this past weekend!


Troopers say thanks 

We hope you enjoyed all the wacky summer Party activities, and those extra jellybeans.

The Toon Troopers had so much fun with you Toons, that they're planning a special summer thank you, coming soon.
Stay Tooned...

Posted on July 31, 2012 to:

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Primrose says:

Toon trooper taffy talked to me! :D loved the parties!

Princess Kippy says:

ty sooo much Toon Troopers I can't wait to spend all those jellybeans. I had so much fun ty again sooo much!

Catniss says:

I loved the parties! They were fun and toontastic as always! I WILL ALWAYS BE WAITING FOR MORE TOONTASTIC FUN AND NEWS! Toons of the world unite!

Daffy says:

That was so much fun! Ty flippy And all toon troopers! I went to all three of them! I saw Toon Trooper teo, toon trooper tabitha, and Toon trooper Tatum! That was awesome

Zippety Petalbubble says:

Ooo, I can't wait to see what the thank you is! :D

Prof.Coconut Dynozap says:

Ooh! I wonder what is the Summer Thank you

stewie says:

aw i missed it :( i was hoping i could get a chance to go to one

Miss Furball(61laff) says:

ooo i cant wait oh and by the way i want to say toon trooper taffy is amazing i like her i made a toon just like her her name taffy i cant wait to see what the troopers are doing next! TOONS OF THE WORLD HAVE A SUPER SUMMER!!

Funnybunny says:

Oh boy! I can't wait to see what the Toon Troopers have planned!

MaxMouse says:

Thanks TOONTROOPER Terry for a full jellybean bank! :D

Prof. Zippenhopper says:

Awesome it was really fun! but I couldn't get in to any partys. Can't wait until next time!

Miss Z.Z. Wondernugget says:

Darn, I missed the parties. But i'll be sure to catch the thank you! Great work Toon troopers! ~ A gag a day keeps the cogs away.

Vivi says:

Toon Trooper Taffy and Toby are the best!

Lime says:

I never saw any of the Toon Troop parties... hmm. I guess I'll have to wait until next year.

Fangs says:

I played a game with Toon Troop Tabitha

Duck Tape says:

It was so fun! I got to play tug-or-war with Toon Trooper Tycho! Very fun event, can't wait for the summer special!

Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth says:

Loved the parties! I went from being poor to being rich (bank completely full) in no time, thanks to the beans thrown out! Thank you, Troopers! :)

captain crazy bagelwoof says:

aww its over already!? i was having so much fun with the toon troopers. oh well i still got maxed jellybeans WOOT! :)

Domino (103) says:

Toby was AWESOME i maxxed my bank :D

tristan says:

These parties are the best!! Thank you flippy, and thank you toon troopers! TOONS OF THE WORLD, PARTY ON!!!

Lady Ginger Kooky Doodle (106 laff) says:

The parties were a blast! Thanks Toon Troopers! Toons of the World, Unite!

Snow Kitten says:

Aw, I missed it! :(

Noisy Dottie Wondernoodle says:

WOW! those parties got my bank so full! Summer is my favorite time of the year beacause of TOON PARTIES!! :D ty for the parties!!!

Wisp says:

Thanks for the jellybeans ToonTrooper Tabitha

Fishy Kitty says:

They really are! Toontroopers make everything better! ESPECIALLY PARTIES!

Big furball feathertoon says:

they were so fun i could go to them very day thank you all toon troopers!

chance says:

oh great,i wanna see a toonn trooper but i never saw one i kept looking.

sonny says:

i saw toon trooper taffy too!also talked:-)

Jake says:

I love how the toon troopers put on toontastic parties. keep up the good work and TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Master pierre says:

Toon trooper can their be more parties? and thank you flippy :-)

Super FireBall FunnyBoom says:

Aww,Those toons are the best! when will they come back?

Cranky Flipperbubble says:

those toon troopers ROCKED!!!! thank you so much for hosting those awesome parties!!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Pretty Kitty (93) says:

It was very awesome having the toon troopers here! I wonder what the special summer thank you is... I'll only say that I bet it would be toontastic al right! Toons of the world, unite and party on! :D

murkyrobobounce says:


Lady Tricky says:

Aww man! I can't believe I missed it. Maybe next time I'll get to meet a Toon Trooper.

Storm Wizard says:

ToonTrooper Tabitha was my favorite!! Thanks for all the beans!

Super Max MegaSpeed ( green duck 108 laff ) says:

I was busy and i missed them again :( the parties must of have been epic

C.R.P. says:

i could not get into a party at all but i turned around and saw this duck. her name was Toon Trooper Tabitha. she maxed my bank!!! LOL im so happy!!!

Fireball (58 laff) says:

Thank you for the wonderful Toon Trooper Parties! I had so much fun!

SillyLilly fizzledoodle says:

I really liked Toon trooper Teo! He was so nice!

Jake ( 67 Laff ) says:

I went to Taffy, Tor, Tiberus, Teo, And Tatum! They maxed my Bank! and they were awesome! Teo was my favorite!

Ginger (20 Laff so Far) says:

I love parties how they are normaly! But when the toontroopers come its like the opening for the London 2012 Olympics! In other words Toontroopers make everything better!

Jenny says:

I can't wait to get the Thank You! Thanks Toon Troopers!