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New Toon Accessories!

Clarabelle, Toontown’s top Toon designer, has been working hard creating wacky and wonderful new accessories for Toons to wear –  and Clarabelle's Big Cattlelog Surprise is finally here!



Toons can now really stand out and express themselves with the latest, most Toontastic accessory items available in Clarabelle’s Cattlelog. 
Shoes, glasses, backpacks and hats –  now Toons can wear it all!

And that’s just for starters…
When she had the brilliant idea to create the zaniest, most way-out accessories for her Cattlelog, Clarabelle went straight to Professor Preposterous at Loony Labs for help. After all, when you’re designing amazing stuff like scuba tanks, dragonfly wings and jet packs, who better to ask than the Toon Scientists?


Getting your new accessories is a snap! First go to Clarabelle’s Cattlelog and buy a new trunk for storing your accessories. Accessories can only be kept in a trunk, not your usual wardrobe.
Then start browsing all the amazing accessory choices! Just like regular Cattlelog items, it takes Clarabelle about an hour to ship accessories right to your Estate mailbox.


TOON TIP: If you don’t yet see the new trunk in your current Cattlelog – don’t worry! The trunk will appear in your next Cattlelog soon.
Once you buy the trunk, it takes a day to ship, so you’ll have to wait until you receive your trunk before getting your first accessories out of your mailbox.

Since your first new accessories may arrive in your mailbox before your trunk does, don't discard your accessories while you wait for the trunk! Leave the new accessories in your mailbox until your trunk is delivered, then you can take them out and put them on your Toon!


Call Clarabelle today and look your Toontastic best for summer, because this first batch of Toontastic accessories is only just the beginning!

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Cody says:

YES! I've been waiting for something like accessories, thanks Toontown!

Sweetflake says:

The accessaries are really cute, I love them! :) Thanks Clarabelle!

Sophie says:

OMG, I so wanna get the accessories today! Thank you, Clarabelle!

Princess Candy says:

I'm so excited about accessories! They look really great! I can't wait for my cattlelog to arrive! Oh and I have an idea for a Halloween accessory.. a witch hat!

ToonCouncil says:

This first batch of Toon accessories is only the beginning, Princess! Clarabelle has cooked up lots of Toontastic items... stay Tooned!

Bubbles says:

This is TRULY Amazing! Even though we toons have funky outfits, now we get to add accessories! I can't wait to buy my trunk and get a boatload of accessories to go with it!

Granny Rainbow Octogrooven says:

Can't wait to buy my trunk and start getting accessories. I pride myself on being a well dressed toon. This is just what I need! Thank you so much Clarabelle. YAY :D

ToonCouncil says:

I bet you'll look smashing, Granny Rainbow! Just remember, the first new accessories you purchase may arrive in your mailbox before you actually receive your trunk - so don't discard your accessories while you wait for the trunk! Leave the new accessories in your mailbox until your trunk is delivered, then you can take them out and enjoy!

Darkheart says:

I think this game just got a little more interesting.. Now toons can really be unique. And think of all of the twins! :D

Cheese Cake (Mouse) says:

Hooray! I've been waiting for them! Can't wait to buy myself a pirate hat :D!

Toonie (94 laff) says:

WOW! Ive been waiting for this! But do I have to wait until my next cattlelog comes in?

ToonCouncil says:

That's right, Toonie - if the new trunk and accessories are not yet in your current Cattlelog, just wait a few days and your new Cattlelog will arrive soon. Believe me, it's worth the wait!

Cupcake Lizard says:

Yay!!!! Im so excited to get some wings and maybe a bow! :D

Cutie Pie says:

This is going to be great!!! Now my toon will look fabulous!!

Thunderpelt says:

i love the accessories!!! i can't wait!!!

Deputy Loopy Doggenslam says:

Finally the accessories are here :D Ive been hearing about them for the past few weeks, and I've been anticipating them ever since. I saved up all my jellybeans and I am ready to buy some accessories. Great update tt :)

ToonCouncil says:

Smart thinking and good planning, Deputy Loopy. Now you're ready to dive right into all the new Cattlelog items!

Nice Red Cat says:

OMG! YAY! I can't wait till i get my next catalog! I'm gonna buy them all :D

Captain RhinoBrains says:

Can't wait for my new cattlelog! must not PANIC! I'll try to look like the orange moose in that picture, he looks awesome!

Captain Fireball Thunderslam says:

Yay it's finaly out!

Rusty says:

AWESOME!!!! This is so cool! Thank you so much, toontown!!!

Max says:

This looks like fun to wear those. Toontown has changed a lot when I first started. It has changed so much and now they have accessories. Awesome!

Frosty says:

Wow, i cant wait to get my membership so i can buy accessories!

Ashlynn says:

Wow! The accessories look so fun! I can't wait to get some wings for my toon! Toons of the World, unite!

Good ol' Zippy Wrinklequack says:

When do u get these new stuff cause I don't see it in my catalog.

ToonCouncil says:

Hang in there, Zippy! After a few days, your new Cattlelog will arrive from Clarabelle with all the Toontastic new accessories.

Buster says:

ToonTastic! that is awesome i wish i could get next weeks cattlelog! Toons of the world unite!

Tas says:

I was waiting for this to happen. I was really excited when I first heard about it.

Cool Flip says:

Amazing! I've always wanted my character to have other things on besides a shirt and pants. Keep up the good work!

happy says:

OOO What about a black fedora! My fave would be the propeller hat,shades and black converse!

ToonCouncil says:

Great choices, happy! And we'll happily pass along your fedora hat idea to Clarabelle - she'll be happy to hear it!

wally says:

wow this is so cool

Rosalina says:

I can't wait!! :D

Dawnie Summers says:

I love it, thanks!

Flower says:

Oh! accessories! Cool! :D I cant wait to get trunk so I can wear my new accessories!! Thanks Toontown this is awesome! :D

ToonCouncil says:

It's certainly exciting isn't it, Flower? Just remember, your first new accessories may arrive in your mailbox before your trunk does - so don't discard your accessories while you wait for the trunk! Leave the new accessories in your mailbox until your trunk is delivered, then you can take them out and put them on your Toon!

Little Furball says:

Thanks Toontown i was dreaming of my toon wearing accessories!

silly lilly says:

wooow my toon is gonna be so stylish with those acsessories! thank you so much clarabell :D i love toontown now. my toon is loving it too

Lily says:

Cool!! i cant wait to wear the accessories!

Funny Guy says:

Awesome Toontown You never Stop Making Cool Updates

cliff twiddletoon says:

i havent been on toontown in a while but ill start to play it again... definately :)

Zoroark says:

Totally AWESOME. Good thing I saved up my beans, cause I'll be spending them all on this. xD

Princess Rosie Petalpop says:

I always get so excited when there is something new in toontown! Those Scientists are really smart! I cant wait to show off my toontown spirt with all those new FANTASTIC clothes and accesories!!! Thanks Flippy for all you've done, after all, you have made toontown my favorite website! :)

lily says:

seeing all of em in the cattlelog is amazing its so cool

bloo bunny, bloo bear says:

awesome, i thought hats would come, but this is more then i thought it would be. can't wait for my next cattlelog!

fallenstar says:

i been waiting years for this and its finally out!!! oh and flippy here is another wing idea ( bright white feather wings ) that would be cute but the stuff out now rocks!!! my toon will get her shoes and much more tomorrow

Little Robin Sparklespeed says:

Wow, i always wanted to stand out from the crowd, and u guys made it possible! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!

Mister Pinkey Zillerpop says:

Well this is awesome! Now our toons are more unique! THANK YOU!

Super Horse says:

My sister told me that they were going to eventually make these... She was right! I especially love the shoes! I am going to get my toon some wings to make her a pegasus. She will also have sunglasses and blue and purple shoes! Im so excited! I just gotta wait a whole week so I can buy my trunk, then a day for it to come, and then I can start rockin'!

Ginger (105 Laffer) says:

This, this is toontastic!! I can't wait for my next Cattlelog! I hope I will get it tomorrow! I just can't wait! :) Thanks, Flippy!!

Mr. Bunnypants says:

Awesome! I don't get my new cattlelog today, probably friday though! I already bought the trunk on my smaller toon! After everybody's trunks ship, toons will look a lot cooler! And remember, Toons (with accessories) of the world unite!

Trixie Sparkletoon says:

I already bought it! They are sooooooo cool!!!!!!

Taffy dizzydorf says:

I love the shoes and backpacks this summer rocks toontown always has great ideas! :)

sonik says:

This looks so toontastic! i cant wait until the trunk arrives in the cattlelog! thank you for making these, toontown council!

Pink Power Cat says:

Wow! I can't wait to wear the pink shoes and bow! Pink's my favorite color! as you guessed ;)

Java says:

Wow, I'm SO excited for my new cattlelog on Sunday! I have been wanting accessories for such a long time, I'm glad they're out! Thanks, Toon Council.. a new way for Toons to express theirselves! :)

Zoom Zoom ( 93 laff points ) says:

I can't wait to se my new cattlelog!!!! Can we please have cowboy hats and cowboy boots? i love cowboys my whole house has cowboy stuff! thank you! :) toontown rocks!!!!!

Coby says:

Now we can beat cogs in style!

Prince Spike says:

FINALLY! Thank you ToonTown! I've been waiting for this since June, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! :D

FunnyBoom says:

SWEET!! IM So glad that toontown made these accessories! This is going to be so much fun!

Little Oscar Wonderslam says:

Is it for Members/Subscribed toons only?

ToonCouncil says:

Only Members can get items in the Cattlelog, Little Oscar Wonderslam, including the new trunk and accessories. To find out how to become a Member, click on "Membership" up at the top of this page!

elvira says:

i love love love the new accessories . way to go clarabelle on your creations. this is why i like toon town , when the blog came out toon said they would like their toon to wear hats shoes and glasses and here they are. thank you thank you for listening to us toons. thank flippy for asking clarabelle to work on thses great assessories. i cant wait to see all of them soon :)

Master Pickles Kookysnoop(80 laff) says:

finally! i like the shirts and shorts but the accessories will look awesome on my toon! thanks toontown

Lollipop Purple Twist says:

Thanks for the great stuff Clarabell. It is really awesome. It will make my toon look great!

blazeblast says:

YAY! Now i can get cooler toon accessories.

Buzz Dizzysocks says:

I Think that making accessories is a great idea! Thank you Toontown

keven (110 laff) says:

This is cool, and I can't wait to buy the new accessories.

Fat Z.Z. says:

Man, I can't wait, I'm gonna have dragonfly wings with shades and a cool cowboy hat if they have it

Little Rainbow says:

I love everything toons can get now but my question is do you have to be a member for everything in the catalog?

ToonCouncil says:

That's right, Little Rainbow - all the Cattlelog items are available for Members only. But think of how many hats, bows, shoes, backpacks and glasses you can buy (whew)! To find out how to become a Member, click on "Membership" at the very top of this page!

Gigglesticks says:

The accessories are great! Another thing that makes toontown, toontastic! Thanks so much toontown!

Duke Pancake Wondermouth says:

The accessories are awesome, now toons can be even more toonier than ever before! :D

isaak says:

it my best day of my life thanks clarabella

Peanut google snout says:

Oh my gosh this is awesome im buying the black high tops!

Princess Coconut Sourmuffin says:

So cute!! I just ordered the pink bow, backpack, and black shoes yesterday! xD they rock!!

master spike says:

awesome! i cant wait to get them!

Lukester says:

These accessories are so awesome! I can't wait to try them on; I have to wait for my new Cattlelog.

Plentiful Laughs says:

Yes!! Time to be a Fishing Hat-wearing, Scuba-diving, 3-D Glasses wearing Toon!

Loud HulaBoom says:

Thanks so much Toontown!! What an awesome update!

Dukebox says:

I think Clarabelle should make an angel halo and matching wings! Then you will truly have little angels on Toontown!

Jacques Supernose says:

Awesome! I been waiting for the accessories to come out for a long time. Thank you very much Flippy and Clarabelle, the accessories look foontastic! :)

Hermione says:

Thanks so much Toontown! I already know what I'm going to buy to accesorise my toon! Thanks!

Cutie says:

Can my trunk get full? And if it can than do we have a way to buy a new one that holds more?

ToonCouncil says:

The trunk can hold all the way up to 50 of the new accessories, Cutie. Toontastic!

Oranges says:

:D! I love this, Thank you so much toontown :)

Cool Feline says:

When I first heard that this was going to happen, I didn't actually believe that it would. I guess that you guys do listen to us after all. :)

Princess Taffy says:

After not playing for a while, seeing the news about accessories when I logged on was really fun! I really like this update! Thanks Toontown!

Gumball says:

I always thought there should be a thing like this.

Ginger says:

Oh wow! Thats pretty cool. THANK YOU TOON TOWN TEAM!!!!!!

Rosie 59 laffer says:

I got my trunk today! I just can't wait to wear my new Pink Bow

Roxy says:

i love the new accessories! in toon town hats and more!

Master Jhon says:

Wow! Can't wait to get enough beans to buy cool suff. Thanks Toontown

Miss Suzy Cat Sise says:

Toontown is better than ever!!! Thanks so much Toontown!!!

Princess Ruby says:

Just ordered the trunk, and already have lots of items! This is really great! In my 4 years on this GREAT site, I always wondered why toons are always barefoot. Well, now i can buy hip, funky accesories for my toons! Thanks Flippy and The Toontown Team!

Sally says:


peacelovearth9 says:

Sweet! I can't beileve it's already out! :D My bank is full & i'm carrying 100 jellybeans! :)

Shorty says:

I love toontown i will finnaly be able to wear shoes and other accessories!!!!!!!!

jacob says:

Today I saw 4 toons wearing them.IThink this is really cool.

Firework says:

From when I first started playing Toontown I wondered why there wern't hats, shoes ect. But now, I can't wait to go on and buy some cool accessories! Thanks a bunch ToonTown!

Dani says:

YES! I can't to buy some :D

bella says:

wow i never knew that there would be accesssories for us toons thats really nice

Quackers says:

i think the new things is a great idea

.z.z. says:

i already ordered my trunk so i can't wait to buy mor toon acsessories

noah says:

I already ordered a bunch of stuff- Plus my trunk!

Sir Wally Wreckendoodle says:

This Was The Best Idea From Toontown YET! I Hope You guys keep up the good work. FLIPPY THANKS FOR TELLING CLARABELLE ABOUT THIS IDEA :D! accessories of the cattlelog unite :D

sherrif cj says:


Alayse says:

That's so cool! I'm still awaiting on my trunk, but still SUPER excited! Keep it going, Toontown!

Tony says:

Awesome!!!! Can free players get them too?

ToonCouncil says:

Only Members can get items in the Cattlelog, Tony, including the new trunk and accessories. To find out how to become a Member, click on "Membership" at the top of the page!

Big Tricky says:

i have a question...can u get as much accesories as u can or do u have to buy a bigger trunk like the wardrobes?

ToonCouncil says:

Great question, Big Tricky! The trunk can hold up to 50 of the Toontastic new accessories.

Trixie Doggenwoof says:

I can't believe there accessories!!! Toontown just got 5 times funner. :)

big red says:


TinyToon says:


Riley twinkletoon says:

I think this is cool! I've already bought lots of accessories and plan to buy even more! :D thanks toontown you rock!

lucky star says:

omg thanks so much clarabelle I was wondering what your big surprise would be and its perfect thank you toons of the world unite

Litte Lilly says:

Wow! I never thought Toontown would come up with this!

cool clarence bumpenzilla says:

Can't wait to get me some cool shades for the summer.

blueberry twinklesnout says:

omg i love this i cant wait to start getting these new clothes! im tired of the same old same old. Its time to get funky!

Super Popcorn says:

I keep waiting for the trunk. it might even be here the next time i get on!

Roxy says:

Oh my! I love these! Thanks Toontown! Ive been waiting for something like this to come! I love this update!

Candy says:


Miss LemonMuffin says:

I love the accessories. I can't wait to get them so I can wear them! I can't wait to wear the shoes! Thanks Toon Council! :) :D

Doctor Sally Twinkleswirl says:

I never thought this would happen!!!! This is so cool!! I can't wait to get my accessories! Thanks, Toontown!

Ginger says:

WOW! Thats soo cool! <3

princess candy hulagadget says:

it is so awsome you can put on hats,sun glasses,shoes,a backpack,and wings!!!

Teddy says:

I CAN't wait to put these on when i get my trunk

Duke Fireball says:

I can't wait to see some wacky toons on the streets :)

bestferbfan says:

hi this is COOL but can all toons have them

ToonCouncil says:

Like all Cattlelog items, only Members can get the new trunk and accessories. For more info on how to become a Member, click on "Membership" at the top of the page!

Super Sammie says:

Is there a limit on amount of accessories in your trunk?

ToonCouncil says:

The new trunk can hold up to 50 of the new accessories, Super Sammie!