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Movers & Shakers Make Waves
The Sellbot invasions are over, and as this Toon Resistance photo shows, the VP has chosen the Movers & Shakers to be awarded... what? We can't quite see exactly, but for stealing Toon jokes during the Sellbot invasions, the Movers & Shakers clearly distinguished themselves in the glaring eyes of their boss.
What do YOU think the Movers & Shakers are getting?
Posted on February 09, 2011 to:

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master doggenface says:

im suspicious p.s. please accept this this is going to be my first one

Gambit ( red mouse 93 laff ) says:

They are going to take steal toontowns happiness and have it dark and cold like them!!!!

Thunderswirl says:

Well, I think they are gonna do more & more Sellbot invasions. Love, Thunderswirl (P.S.- Please like my idea. Cause I know those Mover&Shakers are doing it.-)

Holly Ween says:

This is getting so intense! :D i love it! I cant w8 to see wut happens! :D

Buster Funnybubble says:

I dont know but I will be ready.Are you Toon enough?

Stinky says:

I think the reward is something good for the cogs and not good at all for the toons. :O

Princess Lily says:

I think the Movers & Shakers are getting free shakes. LOL!

ToonCouncil says:

Uh oh Princess Lily - now I want a milkshake!

Duke Lightning Thunder Shock ( 52 Laff ) says:

The Movers & nShakers Got Awarded?! Im Gonna Do A V.P. Battle To Make That V.P. PAY!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

Doctor scooter says:

Wow I can barely see in the backround just eye glasses????? They must got new eye glaasses

bellacat says:

ahhhhhhh! run for your lives! who knows what it could be! storm clouds, OR WORST!!!! what do you think we should do flippy?!?!

Skinny J.C. Feathergoose ( 97 laff ) says:

Hi there. The picture hidden by the Mover & Shakers... It look like a new building that i think we can get jokes back.... Well its my guess. And again. Toon of the world, Get the jokes back!

Deputy J.C. Kookymonkey says:

I guess they have special shaker powers. They must be able to defeat alot of toons. Lets just hope we steal the reward.

Deputy B.D. says:

Look what is behind them! Good job Toon Resistance you found a piece of the puzzle! I wonder what is going to happen!

Jason says:

I think it's some new office building. Whatever it is I'm sure us toons will end up storming it with pies, seltzers, and anvils. Keep up finding information toon council, while us toons go load up on banana peels, magnets, and a ton of pie! Eat Seltzer cogs!

dizy peddelberry says:

i think that there is one joke that is realy not a joke but it looks like a joke it is how to look like a toon this was used for new toons and they are looking for it and the rest of the jokes they are useing to act like toons. flipy is there a recipe for making new toons that looks like a joke ; ps plz tell toons if there is some thing like this that cogs want.

Violet ( 105 laff :D ) says:

Hey wait a minute, - waits a minute lol - If they won, WHAT IF THEY GET A A.... TO HORRIBLE TO SAY :'( a stronger GAG to use on US toons :'( I hope its not that, :'( anything I MEAN ANYTHING but that

Haunted Dreams says:

OMG OMG OMG OMG! That building in the background......... That's NOT a normal cog building!

dizy peddelberry says:

i think the the are learning how to take a joke so our jokes or gags will not work on them

ToonCouncil says:

They sure have been learning to take jokes, dizy peddelberry!

Peter says:

i think they are getting cog bucks to build new HQ for just movers and shakers ( u can see a HQ or some kind of building in the background of the picture )

Miss Spotty Ruffletooth says:

Whatever those mover and shakers are getting, it must be the most boring, un-toonish thing the cogs could come up with! Toons ready your pies and break out the birthday cakes!

Boo Boo Blubberzilla says:


Angel says:

Oh No I Hope Its Not They Keep Invading FOREVER theyre my least favorite cog

king says:

Nothing bubkis nada (i hope)

Rosie says:

I Wonder What There Gonna Be Rewarded with? Gears, Oil, A Promotion! Different Gag Stopping Trinkets? I Hope Its not ToonTown!

Aliadel says:

what i think they are getting is new gloves because now they are pink!!!!!!!!

Clover Hulatoon (yellow duck, 102 laff) says:

I think that the Movers & Shakers are being rewarded with extra protection against our gags, and maybe higher levels! Oh my! :o

Lady Tricky says:

There are so many possibilities, I bet I can't think of all of them. I'll just like a few. 1. They become version 2 cogs 2. They're attacks and cog levels get higher 3. The VP throws a big, cog-party for them. Toons of the world, unite and beware for Movers and Shakers with special t-shirts :)

Frosty The Snow Kitty says:

Maybee.. there trying to make toon-like things. WAIT NO maybe there're being cogs... IDK ): maybee.. AHA! There being a DORK :D MUAHAAHHAA.

Sparkle (64 laff) says:

Mmm... maybe they're getting a bigger attack. That's just one of my crazy ideas... Toons of the world, unite!

Captain B.D. Superscreech says:

I think the VP has chosen Mover & Shakers will trying kidnap the Shopkeepers that they have a master plan for the Ultimate Battle. Hopefully we going to find out soon. :)

Slippy says:

It looks like a new kind of Cog Building...a Cog home, perhaps? Or hotel? Cogs might enjoy vacations as much as anyone.

Scooter says:

I think the Movers and Shakers are getting shakes! CHOCOLATE!

Misty says:

Hmmm.... Well, first u have to think what do cogs want. Then you narrow it down to what that cog likes best. So it's either money or power OR money and power. I hope I got this right Flippy!! (Thanks for putting my poem on the other one) TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! U ROCK FLIPPY!

Ghalia says:

Maybe the vp might be capturing some doodles to give to them or maybe a new power like the pings splot, whatever that is. (I made it up)

Master Sammie ( 36 laff points ) says:

I think they're trying to get revenge! So, they must be doing something bad. Hmm..... OH MY! Is that the picture of Minnie's Melody Land behind? Uh, oh, something must be happening there then. We should investigate! But, the question is, WHICH street? If that thing behind those nasty Movers & Shakers is either these three things. a), a new cog. b), a new cog boss. OR c), a robot machine! P.S, please reply I have never got replyed!

Funnybunny says:

A new mustache style! That would be the perfect reward for them!

Bad Luck says:

i think they should be not gettig the awards..... they are mean.... and why should the mean peopole get all the luck when they were mean....... the goods guys/girls should get all the luck....... NOT THE BAD GUYS!!!!!!

tuff puppy ( 45 laff points ) says:

oh no! thats worst then storm sellbot what are we gonna do now lord lowden clear and flippy their price might be tAKING OSWALD AND HIS GIRLFRIEND TO TOONTOWN BECUASE WE NEED OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBIT AND HIS GIRLFRIEND

Master Sammie ( 36 laff points ) says:

Well, I think they must have getting a new machine/cog/boss to invade....... Minnie's Melody Land. If they do something combination like Seshbot, ( sellbot and cashbot, sewbot, ( lawbot and sellbot ) OR sessbot, ( bossbot and sellbot), I am 87 percent prepared! Let's defeat them! Toons of the world, Unite! P.S reply to me flippy please i never got replyed.

Captain Burger says:

OH NO! This sounds bad. They will probably get a level boost, stronger attacks or maybe even worse! We all need to gag-up because this doesnt look good! Will we be ok Flippy?

hank says:

Whatever they get, we'll crush 'em! Right fellow toons?

ToonCouncil says:

That's right hank!

Knuckles McNoodle says:

It looks like some type of cog building. That would explain the eyes at the top. Also it looks like they're in the street. But cog buildings are usually all gray. Maybe it's a special building. So special it breaks the no color law.

domino electrowoof says:

parties they dont deserve

Max says:

OMG!! Wat?! those Movers & Shakers?! Come on. I hope they dont get something big. Like invasion ability. Movers & Shakers you will hear from me!! Just you wait!!!! Bad cogs bad cogs what you gona do when Im comin for you?!

Shay says:

Hmm, I don't know, maybe a.... oh! oh! I know! I know!!!!!! Maybe they're getting strong enough to....... *drumroll* TAKE OVER TOONTOWN!!!!!!! They'll invade the playgrounds, the streets, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! LOL I don't know, but if they DID take over ToonTown in the playgrounds and streets, that would be weird. Toons of The World, Unite!!!!!!

Blue Mouse says:

I think that maybe there getting a secert HQ just for them in the tunnel at Chip and Dale acres that is empty. Ps: Can you please post this i've never gotten one of my things posted.

Princess Lollipop says:

Or maybe a free waxing for their mustash lol.( i know thats not how to spell it but i forgot!:) )

miss midnight blackstar says:

they could be getting stronger levels like 2.0 or new paint or a big bucket of oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder flippy, what can u think of plz post and respond!

eevee says:

prob gears or better looks to get the lady cogs.

Cherries (59 laff) says:

I HOPE THEY GET A GOOD SPANKING C: hmmmm maybe they r getting a promotion? I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!! please post pls :D TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

rainbowdiamond says:

WHAT?!?!?! why do they get rewarded for??? WE should get rewareded 20 DOLLARS EVERY TIME WE DEFECT A COG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pie says:

Maybe they'll be getting V2 upgrades! Oh that would be terrible

Prince Fireball Whiskerbrains says:

Oh my gosh, I don't believe the Movers & Shakers won. I mean after all they did steal toons jokes which surely impressed the VP. I think Movers & Shakers reward will be some sort of promotion or they might get there own office or something. What do you think Flippy?

special cool catmaster says:

i might not know but i think they will be more stronger than ever and make us drop our gags but i know our gag will drop on then get it drop gag HA HA HA! p.s toons don' t give up yet i am sure we all can do it TOGHETER AND FOREVER WE SHALL NOT LOSE TO COGS!!!!

Yippie (52 laff) says:

probably an upgrade in tie pattern, or something boring like that.

Danielle says:

i think the mover and shakers are stealing the toon's names............i guess? ~ Danielle 55 laff points ~

Ghoul Friend says:

Maybe those Movers & Shakers got a brand new battle move! They might use it on us Toons!

Chriser says:

I think they're are getting a NEW look! And a bigger MOOstache XD AND higher levels!! D:

Captain crazyman says:

Hmm... that kinda looks like an advanced cog building... maybe they will get to summon 6 story buildings!... secret mover and shaker hq? it looks like there in minnie's melodyland! you can see a toon building that looks like it's in minnie's melodyland! Us toons should investigate!

Dr Hamburger (111 laff) says:

I think they are going to have a celebration of us beating them. :)

Rusty Sourgoober says:

Cog Dominiums? But all I know is this, whatever it is, could mean trouble for toons. Yikes! Toons Unite! :)

Rosie ( 78 laff a mouse ) says:

They are getting CANDY! :D! lucky!!!!!!!! xD. first won to comment :)

ToonCouncil says:

What kind of candy do you think a Cog would like, Rosie?

Sir Dusty Flippenwhip says:

Hmm... perhaps we will be seeing more of these sellbots in the near future. Better load up with the big gags and get ready for some intense battles!

Daddyeo says:

They could be getting anything!!! A level up,double the damage needed to defeat a maxed Mover a Shaker,a pass to look like a toon to infulltrat a gag shop and steal all the gags!!!toon Resistance,figure out what there getting and get the toons to unite!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!! oh sorry for the long comment!

Mcbee says:

There's something a brewin' in Toontown! I hope whatever happens, we toons can stop it!

Fuzzy says:

I think their award will be (if they win and i think they wont) i think, i dont know why but i think the VP maybe kidnapped a pot full of toons and maybe they'll feed them too the movers & shakers. im probably wrong, and i hope i am, because that would be terrible! :(

master super spinner says:

maybe thats a giant robot coming to attack but toons are ready better get my pie

ryan says:

Extra power, such as each attack does twice the damage?

Sammy says:

I think they'll get LEVELED UP. MEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG i hope not :( Toons of the World, FIGURE OUT WHAT MOVER AND SHAKERS ARE DOIN!!!!!

silly coconut sparklegagdet says:

Movers and Shakers your reward is revenge forever

Sir Alvin Thunderboom says:

I think they will get a level up....What about you flippy? I have a perfect haiku for this moment Movers & Shakers You ruin our fun But a whole new era of toons has just begun YAY! first post

Ned says:

This isn't good... I'm just glad it isn't the Mr. Hollywoods or something that are getting this... whatever it is.

Captin Rusty Wackypow says:

I think the movers and shakers are trying to have a apartment

Super Daffy Feathernoodle (laff 91) says:

i dont really know but it has to be big and evil... but who care just slap them with a pie a little here, a little there and it will be alright!!

little sniffy snifflenose says:

Have they earned something special in sellbot headquarters? or maybe they will be able to have a mover and shaker invasion only in certain buildings. It would be just like them to surprise us by showing up in force after we enter! But too bad for them, the resistance with ALWAYS win.

Rose says:

I don't know, but whatever it is, it sure looks big! Maybe it's a building???

Sir Nutty Superburger says:

Flippy look at that building! It's out of color! It is yellow! Do you think this is their reward Flippy?

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

i think they r getting a HUGE GAG BOOST and will be promoted up to mr. mr. hollywoods. - which is won lvl higher than mr. hollys. - and what is that thing behind them? - Rhubarb Fuzzyberry

Lionel McZapper says:

Wow! So they stole our jokes now this? Oh well we can stop them! We can... Right? Toons of the world unite!

Tiddlywinks says:

Whatever it is - it's looking at me funny, Flippy! Help!

Onyx says:

Oven Mittens... because we toons are too hot to handle!

big lumpty dumpty says:

looking at this.... they could sure use a pair of expensive glasses! haha I'd be so happy if they did!

good ol' pancake boingencrump says:

i think they wiil get more desks,pens and more boring stuff

ToonCouncil says:

They'd love that, wouldn't they good ol' pancake boingencrump?

Princess Candy Twinkletoes says:

I think the Movers and Shakers are getting higher levels so they make more Toons sad. But we are strong Toons, so we can defeat those Movers and Shaker for sure. Toons of the World UNITE! PS Please post this as I have never had anything posted before

Faith (17 laff uber) says:

Wow, Flippy! Whatever those Movers & Shakers are getting, it's sure to be bad. I'm gonna cake every Shaker I see! I hope we can get our jokes back. Toontown just isn't the same without them! Thanks! Please respond. :)

Sunlight says:

Why do cogs try to do these things to harm us? I think its a giant boss suit upgrade so they can be powerful! We need to stop them!

cool cj jeeperwoof ( 88 LAFF ) says:

i think the pink things are gloves!

Barbecue says:

I think they're getting some kind of an office... Well, what would a Cog want to get? Something boring and funless of course! Well, whatever that is, it's surely something evil.

Snuggle says:

I think they will all get to be version 2.0 cogs! Then we will really hate them.

Tran says:

A mover and shaker dance party.

Cool Buzz says:

What?????what is the rewArd I wonder????a day off? Make th helper president??? Or promoted to the strongest cOg in town??? What do u think?

Stinky Rufflespeed says:

I think that it could be a 6 story sellbot building! That would be scary. Or it could be a new type of Mover&Shaker! Who knows?!

Cecelie says:

I would believe they are getting some kind of toon-up. Like a better-looking suit, or maybe some lovely ears and hoops to go with. Or maybe just a mustache-trim?

Murky Dizzynugget says:

They are being moved and shook!

Princess Rosie (114 Laff) says:

I believe they should get busted for losing against us TOONS! Hehe..... but I think their reward could either be a new way of fighting or increasing levels..... Not sure maybe its not these either!

Sweet Molly says:

I think the Mover & Shakers should get " cog doodles ." The cog doodles could help them in battle and if the Mover & Shakers lose, than its up to the cog doodle to win, but if the cog doodle looses that means... ( well, you know, the toons win ). Keep up the silly in TOONTOWN!!!

Nightshift says:

I think maybe mustache wax hehe or whitening toothpaste...hmmm good question as to what. What ever it is though... if they got it directly from the V.P.... it def can NOT be a good thing for us toons...

Monster says:

Whatever they are getting the toons will fight them off!!!

King Monty Rockenblabber says:

Looks like some Cog building because i see the eyes but it looks golden.. all i can say is the mover and shakers are up to no good there gonna taste some CREAM PIES!!

Tristonian says:

Seeing as they are some of the most pompous Cogs in all Toontown (I mean what robot grows a Moustache?) They will be doing something that will really put their smarmy faces across to all of us. Nonetheless Toons will triumph over whatever scheme they are planning; perhaps something with a bit more variety on the streets? As good as it is to defeat a building it can be all very Samey.

ToonCouncil says:

Good point about the moustache, Tristonian!

goin bananas says:

I think that either: 1) They get a week of invasions 2) New cog buildings 3)ability to throw gears. CURSE THOSE COGS!!!!!!

berry says:

whatever it is it looks like it has.. eyes? .-. looks like some sort of cog building but its brown...

Loopy Cecil Poodlebouncer says:

OH NO! well toon hq, I think that it might be something truly evil. [ maybe they will be made stronger than the hollywoods?] eek!

Good Ol' Stripey Pepperglop says:

Hmm.. their own section of sellbot HQ? An improved, more difficult VP battle where movers and shakers try to attack you while you push the VP down the ramp? Who knows? I can't wait to find out!

Furry Purr-Fecto says:

Probably mega ultra movers & shakers come to toontown central & invade the streets so we cant move!

Small Chocolate says:

Well, it looks like they are blocking it. But, if you look very carefully, you can see a building. So I'm guessing that thier going to be awarded with a new kind of building? And if you look to the right one, under it's arm looks like a robot sign, like bossbot, sellbot, lawbot Ect. Only it looks different, like a new kind of cog or building. It either looks like a golf club or a music note. Well,.. I'm sure puzzeled! It'll take me weeks to figure this out! Well, gotta go bust some cogs! Toons of the world ATTACK... err uh .-. UNITE!!! :D XD

Lindsay says:


Sir Badger Copperbottom says:

I don't know. They could get anything... Something we toons haven't seen yet. Not something common. Something rare. Toons keep your eyes peeled and lets find out what. P.S. what do you think Flippy?

Greenblob says:

I think that they might be getting something around them in that photo. Maybe they're waiting for it to open up. If that is, we better stock ourselves up with gags!

Master Jake Thunder (64 Laff) says:

huh... not quite sure what they are getting but i'll bet it has something to do with their suits, so watch out lower laff toons as they might be getting a new anti-gag for toons!!!

Master says:

This is so amazing, I wonder what they are going to do next. I think they are trying to get all of the streets to to have bldgs or steel all of are jBS ( Lets Keep it going Toons We Can Do it! ) Flipppy plz post below what you think is going to happen. BYE Master

Bethany says:

It seems that they're developing some kind of machine to attack us. Or maybe it is some kind of machine that heals Cogs from being damaged.

Roxy says:

*Holds up my pies and seltser bottles* TIME FOR ANOTHER SELLBOT STORM O_O I came to an idea now. Maybe there going to take the jokes, turn the into ones Toons don't like, and put them back where they got they from :[ I HATE YOU COGS *Throws a pie at a Move & Shaker and laughs* The best laugh after being sick :D

brittney(59laff) says:

Anything is possible and their are many gifts for a cog and a toon. It will take a while we just need to try out the possibe ones. I will put a number (1) next to the ones we can do , will put a letter (Q) next to the ones that cant be found unless they are on toontasks , exclamation(!) if it is dangerous , question if it is still fuzzy in my head(?). Here is my look at the items they might get. What if its to be the fighting lines at the V.P(1!) , a bucket of gears(Q) , to be the only cogs in the sellbot factories(1!) , new body parts(Q?) , cans of oil(Q) , to have a higher level on their head(1!) , to become taller like the head hunter(1?) , to be an expert gag misser(1!?) , to get gray and brown paint for themselfs(Q) , taking 25 laff of toons laff points in battle(1!).Thats alot of dangerous and silly things we can descover and stop the cogs from the bad. The other cogs must be angry Flippy. I hope they dont let all their anger on the toons. That be scary for more the 70 cogs on a street to want to get destroyed or to hurt a toon. Just try to keep cool and stay calm and SCREAM. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Not realy if your not scared just earn your suits and defeat the V.P. Hope you coment Flippy. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE AND GOOD LUCK!

super fluffy kooky boom says:


Super Bingo says:

I think that the Movers and Shakers for most 'distinguished' cog type will now have the ability to take gags without killing the toon. Also it could be, that there will be higher types of Movers and Shakers, with higher attacks. ( full panic mode ) THIS IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that. Super Bingo ( Please post Flippy i have never been posted ) TY TOONTOWN!

brittney(59laff) says:

It could be anthing realy just try and defeat the vp it might give you a clue or something and dont forget to defeat the factories and movers and shakers in the streets.TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE AND GOOD LUCK TOO!

daffy ) a duck ) says:

Um.. I think that the movers & shakers are getting...... OK but..a little hard but they are REALLY EASY!! if u know where i am coming from at this point lol

Loopy Jake McPow says:

I hope it isn't 6 more weeks of winter! :P

ToonCouncil says:

Only if the Movers and Shakers saw their shadows, Loopy Jake McPow!

sie says:

I think the move and shaker's are getting a a *gulps* permotion O_O ya mabe there getting a new move or an upgrade. I mean they are robots right? So an upgrade seems kinda in the whole cog thing.. CAn we compare? Is this ever happened before? I'm anwering a question with a question.. Ok i think it has to do with the da's offices? thats the da's office right.. grr another question. I think we most learn more to do this but in a way i think there going to get to use the jokes aganst us O_O

Lola says:

I think it might be something like power, leardership, or worse, like the VP giving them their own place! I figured it would be Mr. Hollywoods, but its the Movers and Shakers! it could be anything, but this is crazy!

Nyomi says:

Maybe they'll get stronger...Idk but i sure know that thy will get a reward because of stealing the jokes. But even if something will change, we can ALWAYS BUST THOSE SILLY COGS ;D Toons of the world, Unite!

Loopy Slappy Cheezyswirl says:

I think they could do Playground invasions and something like that: Toon HQ will be a another Sellbot HQ; the Trolley full of games will be like a Sellbot Factory. But i think the most dangerous thing can be to dissapear all cogs it will be just Movers & Shakers EVERYWHERE! (I will be a scared Toon too if that really happens).

cool c.j. says:

mmm...i think they are get promoted with bigger levels

Little miss awesome says:

I think that those no good evil mean rude Cogs are getting awards for hurting us, and stealing are gags! Can u belive it! Disgusting! Or maybe they are gettting an award for being defeated by us! that would be awesome! c u soon!

Daphne Twinkle Toon says:

I think their getting an upgrade in strength. But I also think that toons can take care of that because ..... TOONS RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :)

snapy (110 laufter) says:

I think that the Mover and Shakers are getting promoted more often and will bea higher level cog so they can try to defeat more toons.Thats why we need to work on getting all the cogs out of toontown.Toons of the wourld unite! :P

Max Electromarble says:

I think there getting... A BIG WHOOPIN FROM US!

Princess Petalpop says:

Maybe the Vp will give the Movers and Shakers a premotion? or maybe they willbe the VP's assistants and will show up more in the VP battles. Whatever happens it's going to affect toons all over the world.............

Loopy Droopy Frinkelquack says:

Maybe a new deadly attack!!!

King Kippy says:

Whatever it is, it can't be good

speedy trick says:

i see it. its a cog building in one of the streets in minnies melodyland. thats were there hiding MIRTH!!!!!!!

Ink says:

I think that the movers and shakers will get a big promotion... will they get bigger? Able to have higher level versions? You'll never know...

Biscuit says:

well my guess is that they are taking away the street's of daisy gardens and turning them into a huge house!(good'ol penny preciousbrains says:sellbot house?think ur crazy! Biscuit says:I AM NOT! good'ol penny preciousbrains says: well' we'll see. we'll see sister. biscuit says: ok.

Princess Pearl says:

Maybe they're getting a better haircut? I mean, that haircut is so ages ago! Bring in the toon hairdressers! Or sparkly suits! Or maybe their going to steal our bamboo canes and use them to entertain the VP by 'moving & shaking'?! That wouldn't be a pretty sight, but I would LOL anyway! Toons of the world, PROTECT YOUR GAGS! And let's kick some cog butt!

Catcat says:

Maybe they'll get a level higher. Or better things to hit toons with. Or maybe they'll get into VP more!

deputy mac octospeed says:

Maybe they could be bosses of cog buildings I wonder. I think it is something to do with buildings. Flippy are you getting the same feeling as me?

Prof.Mac Flippermonkey says:

Look in the background, there is a new building design. Maybe what the cogs are getting! Stay alert toons!

noisy dizzy mega gadget says:

i think it is a building and it is a new oil which is called mover & shaker oil only! which i don't really know what it is but i think it looks like this:has a mover & shaker on it and has the sellbot thing they have on their chest and the sellbot outfit they wear and they put it on and they can LIVE EVEN LONGER IN BATTLES! and what else im thinking their getting is new cog gags and i think they will get cog quicksand which you fall into it and you fall on the floor and you lose 9000 LAFF POINTS!(Which that is alot and i think it goes on all toons and i think their other reward (which is the last one) is that when a mover & shaker defeat's a toon they can bring them to the HQ and be locked up forever! that would be horrible and sad. and they will have to fight to cogs in chains to get out of there! (that will mean they will need high gags)

Master Popcorn McCrash says:

I Guess It Would Be Harder Shakes Or Harder Attacks. Hmmm... Let The Toon Resistants Find Out.

Starless Night says:

Hey i know! More gag powers! Or level ups... Maybe i'm not sure

miss lily petal doodle says:

i've got to say this(and this will be horrible but pls post me first! i have never been posted and i am not new. i have been on here years ago! you know i was a maroon mouse and i had a dark blue shirt and had a peach skirt. you know that right?)their brand new award(or reward but i don't speak chat online but i would on news)is a cog building that can not be brought back to their toon look.i also have to say something to the cogs:You all cogs stink and you all will never win! i know you all won't! also i have a song for you all toons which will be a new fighting song called you will never win! and you all will love it(but the cogs won't!)it will start like this: you will never win! i won't give up! you won't but you are all wonderous cogs! but you will never win! you will never win! i won't stop fighting! but if you don't leave us alone i will punch you in the face and push you into a cup and you will never ever float! i will win! i will winnnn!(the guitar is up line and down and up repeating all over again)i will stop you! you will never win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(did you like that song? then put a thumbs up on your thing in case you like it!

ToonCouncil says:

Thumbs up, miss lily petal doodle!

The Best Toon says:

I the movers and shakers will get won level up!!!!!!!!! so we will get level ten movers and shakers thats what im thinking.

Princess Dizzy McDoodle 101 Laff says:

Hmm thats quite tough... Maybe they got some extra oil or spear parts. Even paperwork! They might of got given gags from sad toons :o or new suits what look acient! I can think of loads of suggestions now that I think about it! Toons of the world, UNITE!!! P.S. Flippy, please reply! ;) See you through the screen!

Shining star says:


J.C. Doggendoodle (31 laff) says:

Their own HQ? Or... AARGH!!! Their own type of Building? Or even... AAAGH!!!!!!!! A FACTORY OF THEIR OWN!!! I think I'm gonna faint... *faints* *gets up and shakes head* Flippy, what do you think is behind the Mover & Shakers?

Molly says:

I see daisy gardens buildings in thee background.. hmms :P :P :P

Little Rainbow (45 Laff) says:

Hmm... I wonder..... Maybe the Movers and Shalers will get their own Cog building? A building with all Movers and Shakers? I will stay tooned! :) Toons of the World Unite! From, Little Rainbow

concord says:

we need all the help we can get i say Flippy lets all the toons be members for a week and we start a full scale invasion on the sellbots wave after wave of toons we shall finally get revenge what do you think of my plan Flippy??

nattie says:


Crumbly Crinkle Crunch says:

It looks like the background is a new HQ!! Or maybe a cog playground?! I can't wait to see how this one turns out!!! (please post?!)

Sir A says:

What in the Tooniverse are those eyes in the background where THE mover & shakers are?

samurai says:

i don't know. i hope the Movers & Shakers are getting something that will keep them too busy to make low laff toons go sad!

Anita Toonup says:

I'm afraid they might be awarded the ability to attack with higher damage... I hope I'm wrong!!!

Sir Kippy says:

It kind of looks like some sort of big building... but what? What kind of building could they use? Something to store the jokes? I'm not sure...

Diana says:

I dont care what they get from the sell bot leader. But what they would get from ME is pies in there faces! >:D

bella cat says:

still freaking out!! what if it is cog blue prints for a new HQ!! ahhhhhhhh!! or, i dont know?!? mabey its a new elevator for there old HQ.... i guess that wouldent be so bad.... hmmmmm.... toons of the world figure it out!!!!

fancy lemonmarble (laff57) says:

they are stealing our gags they are going to try to turn us into COGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

That would be a Toon's worst nightmare, fancy lemonmarble!

loopydizzy banana monkey says:

i dont know yet but i think its a building of some sort or is it another cog battel waiting to happen this is my question:what is it

Tasmin says:

Maybe a lifetime supply of oil or a promotion D:

rabiah says:

Well im not really sure...... maybe the reward is gold or some thing, cogs are always : greed greed. So i think it's gold.

baily says:

wow it looks like there r makeing cog buildings look like toon buildings and there talking to the vp about there idea i wonder flippy plz say someing about my post please p.s i see the vp's head thats how i know there talking to him

Crazy Tom says:

It looks like that picture was taken in Minie's Melody Land.

Silly Rollie Mcmuffin says:

Oh my golly custard jimmie!!!! The Mover and Shakers have gotten their own Cog Building!! That's what it looks like to me anyway... or maybe it's the eyes of a Mover and Shaker Boss or something.... Flippy which do you think it is!?!? I sure hope those Sellbots don't make their very own HQ for each cog! :(

Cool Lollipop says:

i think its probably a level six cog building with TONS of mr. hollywoods and TONS of the mingler both of them will be level twelve!!! :D

sophia says:

I think they have invasion stuff so they can retakeover toontown FOR GOOD!Or maybe another invasion for like lawbots

annie says:

hmm hard one maybe a day off lol l need one right flippy all that cog busting flippy eh?

Prof. Chirpy Lemonpoof says:

Probably a new type of building, by the width I'd believe so. I hope the Toon Resistance finds out soon.

Sir bingo thunderfuddy says:

I dont know but i think they are scary 0_0

Max Rhinogadget says:

I think the Movers & Shakers are going to get A LOT OF GEARS. Because they`re cogs right? P.S. Flippy plz plz plz answer!

King Doggengadget says:

Well I think the Movers & Shakers are getting a upgrade or maybe new gags we might find out soon! -Toons of the world unite!

Miss Marigold Dandyflapper says:

Well, maybe they get to have higher levels or something that will help them sadden more toons.

spud says:

scarier thats for sure :O i mean really that picture is freaky 0_0 but anyways ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh errrrrr i dont know :O p:s: i think we need to retaliate cuz they retaliated ?_? yours truly spud

sournoodle says:

well i thought that they would get robot doodles XD but now that i saw the picture i think its a new type of cog building, mover and shaker only maby?

Silly Lily says:

Well... WHAT will the Movers and Shakers getting? A PIE IN THEIR FACES WOOT :D. - Pies em. -

Bubbles Sparklenerd (Laff 52) says:

Maybe they'll get a life time supply of boring-ness. LOL XD

ToonCouncil says:

But they already have that, Bubbles Sparklenerd! ;)

Rosie says:

glaring eyes of their boss? kind of like those glaring eyes behind those cogs.... and what is that behind it... a HOUSE?!?! :O!!!

anthony (108) says:

I think that the mover & shakers are getting there own HQ.

crazy wally fliperblabber says:

i think it will be a new attack for them (oh no)

Emberkit says:

Hmm well it looks like Minne's melody land, so maybe they r trying to get another toon place as a cog HQ :O!?!??! Btw i see a cog building with yellow-ish eyes, maybe there own hideout @[email protected] looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.... ._.

Fire Ball (64 Laffer) says:

I think they are some type of office, because my toon town friend said something about that he saw it somewhere... SERIOUSLY FLIPPY YOU CANT LET THAT HAPPEN YUOVE GOTTA HLP US HE ALSO SAID THERE WOULD BE MINI GAMES! i guess that would be fun...

Cap'n Wrinkleface says:

Well... theres a toon building in the background... it must be some kind of building... :)

Crazy Peanut Lemonswirl says:

I have a hunch... They're going to get some new type of cog builing! plz post ive never been posted

Gabby says:

I agree with KingMax about "BOA" spelling board. I also agree it's the ChairMan of the board.

Crumbly Boingencrump says:

I think they might move up to be higher level cogs. For the toons sake, they should all just get fired.

sheriff fuzzyberry says:

i think the mover and shaker are getting a big promortion i think and i do not know and this is my first post

Dawner says:

What!!!!Why would they be getting awarded!They are just waisted pieces of junk wearing a moustache!I mean,why doesn't this freak just give up,cut us some slack,and stop wasting precious items instead of using them for a waste of time!I'm so sick this chiz!You know what this means toons.Join forces and take down whatever useless attacks they set to takeover our precious town!Lets get those birthday cakes flyin,and those fire hydrints squrtin!Lets get to work toons!!!!!!!!

Colonel oswald banana brains says:

I don't exactly know but im positive it wont have good implications on the toon comunities

Skyler says:

look right the background

Mirayah says:

I know!! But, im not telling..... : 3 All i'll say is: You'll like the surprise.

Nutty Sparkleswirl says:

Tell me Flippy.Why should they get awarded?? I dont see anything they should be awarded for!! I think their boss must not have a brain if he thinks they should be awarded. What do you think they are getting. I think they might get stronger gags to try and takeover toontown and that would be really bad!!!

Ned says:

Looks like a new cog building! Oh no!

princess violet fuzzyface says:

i think that the movers and shakers would be able to get into the toon hqs and play grounds HOW SCARY WOULD THAT BE!? p.s im glad the cogs havent got you flippy

tiffany (finally 58 laff) says:

i guess its quake move will become more powerful or he will get more laff or he will become the new building only cog

Heartless says:


Ben (96 laff) says:

hey ive just noticed something, those eyes look like the eyes you see on cog buildings! but what would mover and shakers have to do with cog buildings? :O guess we will have to wait and see, right flippy?

Crazy Lionel Dizzycrash says:

I think they're getting new powers or promotions for being Two-Faces

Zipper McCheese says:

Nothing better than Movers and Shakers getting rewarded. Anyway, The cog VP might be giving them something to use against us. Not like these Movers and Shackers are getting a life supply of free upgrades (not like they need it though.)

Miss Match says:

Nothing! They shouldn't reward cogs! They're...Well...COGS!

ToonCouncil says:

Good point, Miss Match!

Sir Smith says:

I can't wait until the toons reveal what it is! I think it is new cog buildings though because it looks like it is in minnies melodyland.

Romeo says:

mustache groomers or toothpaste or maybe even stronger quakes O.o that wouldnt be good

macanboi says:

wow only them what was the vp thinking!!!!!!

Dippy Rainbow Fuzzycrash says:

From the picture it looks like some kind of cog building just for movers and shakers.....*gasp* Haha...jk. Whatever it is, we can take it!

Popcorn Wildzap says:


Jalli says:

Wow, look at that! Flippy when will we see these "rewards"?? This week?? Next week maybe??

Deputy lancelot says:

well, in the picture you can see the sides of a cog building, but the eyes on the cog building look diffrent, more menicing. my guess is that know when a mover & shaker takes over a building, it becomes more powerful

Prof. Chirpy Lemonpoof says:

What do you think Flippy? It might be a trap. Toons stay on your toe and remember TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Duckman says:

wait a sec. did you see the cog building behind the movers and shakers? it has a mask in it Ive seen those before in an encyclopedia ITS A PROMOTION BUILDING WE GOT TO DESTROY THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Lucario says:

Is that a a new building? O_O First I thought the VP was wearing a face mask to fool us. But could it be like a huge meeting office?

Sunny-Miss-Sun says:

I think they will get new attacks! Maybe they will get something really bad! Flippy, I think the cogs will get something where they disappear out of nowhere in a battle! What do yu think, Flippy? - Sunny

Kathy says:

hummmmmmmmmmm Maybe a ummm A BETTER JOB!!!!really i bet being a cog is weird and when you die you'll never come back soo dear cogs GET A JOB!!!!! Thank You ToonTown Love kathy

Deputy Crazy Dinglebee says:

I think the mover &shakers would get rewarded in there last invison wiil trap a toon and turn it into a cog to be part of the sellbots

ToonCouncil says:

I sure hope not, Deputy Crazy Dinglebee!

kammi (69 laff) says:

what is that building behind them maybe it's where they keep the toons after they lose the v.p battle because there is that toon trapped in the cage that we have to help so maybe we are just in a madeup toontown created by the cogs there has been alot of cog invasions going on so thats what i think the movers and shakers are up to TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

super lollipop says:

wait everyone look in the backround look at the cog building it looks odd from any other cog building maybe a new type of cog building?

Snowkit says:

Oh-no! What if they get promoted to the VP's assiaints and we have to fight the Mini VP's after we kill the originial! That's what I think. Either way, I just hope we have enough cream pies!

Melody says:

Oh my cabbage. What is going to happen to Toontown as we know it!?!

Ben says:

I don't know what it is, but I think it means trouble based on the picture. I mean, look at those menacing eyes! I think its some sort of cog pet or something. Until we know, keep BUSTING THOSE COGS!!!

Fat Lollipop McRoni says:

This is not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also in the bacround I think I know what it is. I think it might be a new cog bulding! NOT GOOD

Ashlynn says:

Oh my Meow Mix, is that a Minnie's Melodyland street behind them!? Sure looks like it. And what's that big thing behind them they're hiding? Looks like some kind of Super Cog Building! I'm sure curious to what the VP has in store. Better go start storing up some gags!

Roselina says:

They gonna get a mission (dun Dun DUn DUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN) to attack suddenly (dun DUUUNN!!!) PS. who missed me? anybody miss me? i used to post ALL THE TIME but then i got busy. ive been missed!!! (happy-ness)

ToonCouncil says:

I missed you, Roselina - welcome back!

NonoBadDog says:

Cogs? Uh-oh! Defeat them! ur toontask is to defeat the movers and shakes and recover a memo. Lol, Thanks!,. NoNoBadDog.......

Lady Flip Rockenbrains says:

I agree with the cog building/house/hotel idea.