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Keep Your Toon Account Safe
While dodging Cogs, remember to always play safe with your personal account information inside Toontown too.

Toon safety reminder

Never share your Toontown account information, passwords, or personal information with anyone in game, no matter what special abilities or cheats someone
promises you in exchange.

We take hacks and those who use them to break the rules in Toontown very seriously - including manipulating Toontown's program in order to change the way Toontown behaves. If someone promises to show you how to do this in exchange for your account information, password, or personal information, you will likely lose your Toon and your account.
It's not safe, and it's just not worth it.
Accounts terminated for sharing personal or account information for any reason will not be reinstated.

Play safe, and don't fall for any Cog-like tricks:
   • Never give out any account info - always keep your password and Account ID secret
   • Never give out your personal information - including your name, address, email, or any
      contact information

Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to report someone asking for your account information, password, or personal information.
If you are unsure of a situation, just grab a parent for help.


The ToonCouncil reminds all Toons to follow Disney's Online Code of Conduct here, and help keep Toontown a fun and safe place to play!  

Posted on March 11, 2013 to:

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Lady Katswell says:

I agree! Especially for our younger toon players, Online Safety is a Definite!

Sara says:

I totally agree. Its a great message for everyone, and never give your personal info or your account. It could get changed! Stay safe :).

Dark Night Cat says:

I always keep my account safe :)! Those pesky hackers need to face the perfect consequences. They are just ruining the game. And for those who want other people's accounts.Stop it! Let's keep ToonTown a safe place for kids to have fun!

Hector (Marathon Winner) says:

I would NEVER tell my password or username to anyone! I have worked on my account since 2004! I love toontown and I'll never let any hacking toon steal my account. Stay safe toons!

Dr. Cat says:

Play safe becarefull toons. I got my account hacked :( lost all my work and everthing just because I fell for someones tricks to get my account. Like toontown said don't get you self tricked in to it. I'v lost it all and there is no hope for me getting it back. Me being dumb and careless made it happen. Play safe be safe keep it personal. don't fall for there tricks like me and many others have done.

dandyfoot(56) says:

yes its very important to keep all personal info safe. a toon asked me my name, i said my toon name but they said " No your real name " i said dandyfoot. i would not give my name away. its very important. always STAY SAFE!

indigo splash says:

yeah disney u r so right i hate hackers they ruin r fun! toons rule hackers drool :D

Timmy says:

Dont worry ToonTown i PROMISE to keep my account safe, and not even tell my best friend any information! I love this game and hope everyone is safe too. TOONS OF THE WORLD, STAY SAFE!

Cleric 114 says:

Im thankful im always private with my account :) No one knows. Only me! :)

Kitter Coolpaws says:

Thanks Toontown, My friends and I were starting to think that you didn't really care about hacking anymore, because whenever a hacker is reported by many toons, usually nothing happens to them. TT is a fun game still and I think that your warnings will go through to many people :D

Cute nice owl says:

I always make sure that I follow these rules! I learned to NOT to share these the hard way! Thanks for reminding us!

Loony Toons says:

I'm 107 laff and I never have shared my account information and I never will.

Bumblebee says:

Thank you toontown for the friendly info i will keep watch for hackers and report if i see one :-)

Sniffy Petalmuffin says:

I never ever want to lose my account so i always stick to the safe things on Toontown

Twilight Sparkle says:

I ran into a situation like this. A girl said her aunt worked for Toontown and could give me accessories. Then, she asked for my user and pass. I told her I couldn't give her it. I didn't care what she could give me, if she even could. I still said no. This is a good reminder to all Toons to keep their accounts safe, no matter what the promise is. ~Twilight Sparkle (also Alicorn Twilight Sparkle)

captain max sparkle zilla120 laff says:

thank you for noting this people say they want to max there account like identity stealing just like on a life lock comercal thanks for it toon's of the world unite

Mister Chunky Bumblebrains says:

Why would people cheat? Where's the fun in that?

Lady Gwen says:

And those toons that pop up when you say "Meet here" in a corner are not legit. So don't use them.

Little Daffy says:

One time, I didn't follow these rules, and guess what happend! i gave my username to my friend and they deleted my toon! I worked really hard! I was so sad :( now I know to keep Little Daffy Safe!

Weird Fangs Sparklegrooven says:

Thanks for the safe and awesome reminder! you rule toontown! nobody should give personal stuff out ,anyway you guys are right its just not safe like toontown said toons!Please be SAFE everyone !,good luck and have a toontastic time being SAFE!!!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

Yes, that's right. Always keep your Username and Password safe. Who knows, if you give away your private information, that person might delete your toons. Good call, Flippy!

Spacklespeed (107 laff) says:

You should keep your password and username safe because people might delete your toons

Big Ozzie funnyscreech says:

I think the only reason toons ask for other toon's accounts is because they're working for the cogs! Then when they get the account, they wanna make that toon do everything they're not supposed to so they have one less toon to worry about.

Loony says:

I wont Let my Info Out! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Sniffy Petalmuffin says:

I never ever want to lose my account so i always stick to staying safe on Toontown

Megawig says:


Lucky Leaf 'n' Misti Daze says:

It's great to hear that Toontown is not ignoring the hackers and are doing something. . . Hacking is against the rules, in some cases even the law, so no one should do it, whatever the hacker/program promises you.

Falling Snowflakes says:

Be smart and be safe.

Liieutoonant Comander Data says:

I have never given out my information, and I never will! I have been asked several times. Thank you for the reminder, I am sure some people need to start paying attention to the rules.

Princess Sandy Jeeperhopper says:

Someone asked me for my real name and I said " Princess Sandy Jeeperhopper " and they were like " No what is your name in real life " I just ignored and reported them. Stay safe online, Toons!

Bubbles Huladoodle says:

I think toons who ask for Account ID from others are very bad criminals, no matter what their age is! It's great that you help us by putting a big Report button on their Toon Profile! Thanks Toon Council!

Pinkcat ( 31 laff ) says:

Someone asked for my email, name, and address. They said if I didn't give them it then they would hack and ban me. I just reported them. When someone asks me my name, I just say " Pinkcat ". I will never give out my personal info to anyone I meet online. Stay safe online and never EVER give out your personal info!

Furry Paws says:

Never Tell A Person Your Account ID Or UserName You Could Be Reported For Personal Info, Be Banned, Or Other! Lets Keep Our Account Safe, Toons Of The World Unite!

coolguy (dog 16 laff ) says:

Guys seriously! Play Safe! NEVER EVER give out personal info. if you give ur email to a person they might hack ur email. Also never give your username or pass to ANYONE! If you watch a youtube video that says " i know how to give you a MEMBER toon! just do a bunch of stuff and ill give you it!" or a video that says " im going to share my user and pass with another person. sharing means no changing pass!" DONT TRUST IT. dont listen to those that want your account & pass!

ursula giggle pocket says:

it would be sad if you didnt know and you have a maxed toon and gave it away. :( i would never ever give away my good account! ( i have a almost maxed gags toon anyway)

Sparkle muffin ( 59 laff ) says:

We toons know better to NOT give our pass or any other personal information to other people! One time i DID fall for a trick and got hacked.... I wasn't very happy that day either.. Now I know what to do if I see a hacker! REPORT, IGNORE, GO TO ANOTHER DISTRECT. Stay safe out there toons! remember! REPORT, IGNORE GO TO ANOTHER DISTRECT! Do not fall for tricks! Toons of the world, unite!