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Important Toon Safety Reminder

While watching for any unusual Cog activity this week, the ToonCouncil reminds all Toons to play safe with your personal account information too.

Never share your Toontown account information, or personal information with anyone - including ways to contact you outside of Toontown. 


Toontown will only ever contact you through our official Toontown Online Member Services e-mail addresses, or over the phone. Please see these official contact addresses by clicking here.

Giving out this kind of personal information is just not safe, so stick to these easy rules:
   • Never give out your personal information - such as your name, address, email, or any
      contact information
   • Never give out any account information - including your password and Account ID

Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to report someone asking for your account information, password, or personal information.
If you are unsure of a situation, just grab a parent for help.


The ToonCouncil reminds all Toons to follow Disney's Online Code of Conduct here, and help keep Toontown a fun and safe place to play!  

Posted on June 26, 2012 to:

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Miss Furball(54laff) says:

Thats great advice I always try to follow the rules and i hope all of the toons just like you follow this advice too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Silly says:

OK, I'll remember that.

crunchyscooter says:

now i feel super safe!! i hope nobody finds about any of my personal accounts

Bagelmuffin [86 laff] says:

I'll keep these tips in mind! :)

The Blue Masterpiece says:

Us toons already know that very important rule. There is a Report button we can use.

big bean bee says:

we should always do that.

Fluffy Bananamuffin says:

YAY!!! I'll follow the rules these are great rules :) I feel very safe now. THANK YOU, FLIPPY!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I won't break any rules :)

Brayden says:

Thank you toon council! I bet it would be a bummer if someone stole your account, dont you agree Toontown Council?

Dizzy LoopenSnoop(laff108) says:

Thats great advice to keep safe. Thanks for reminding us!

Chocolate Milk says:

Exactly! If you give someone your personal information, they could delete all your toons, or, even worse, hack your account! This is really good advice. ;-)

Master J.C. (115 laff) says:

Great advice! I hope everybody follows these. :)

King Zilly says:

Thanks Flippy for reminding us!

buster jeeperknees says:

I am glad that you are telling toons that and i will follow that rule to

Adorable Giggles says:

Thanks!! My "friend" was asking for my account information! I hope they see this!!

Ducky says:

I've seen videos of people on unofficial messengers attempting to act as a Toontown Online worker, claiming your account is at risk, and that you must give your username and password to these alleged workers in order to fix the account. It's actually quite obvious it's fake, and I hope no one falls for this and looses their toon. Remember a real Toontown Online employee will never ask for your password. Stay safe, toons.

Doctor Goopy says:

OK, I'll remember that

Super Kitty Cat Hero says:

I agree with this advice! My friend lost her account because she was tricked into giving away her account info. My log in info is stamped into my brain ;)

Party Collie says:

I'll be sure to remember that. :)

Cuty Pie says:

Thanks for sharing these tips. I will be sure to follow them for toontastic fun on Toontown! Toons of the world unite, DO NOT SHARE IMPORTANT INFROMATION!

Cinnamon Ricecake (130 LP ) says:

Why thank you so much for these important rules to keep us safe! And FYI, if you see a toon breaking these rules, there is a "Report" button you can click on if you see anytoon breaking any one of these rules. Toons of the world unite, STAY SAFE!!! ;)

dandelion says:

thanks for the reminder :))

Petunia Sparkledoodle says:

I learned not to share your account ID and password the hard way! :( But I hope every Toon understands this and won't do this like I did!

Super Max Blubbersplat says:

The Golden Rule, in perfect words. I never even tell my friends this information! Thanks for the reminder, Toontown!

Elie says:

Thanks for the helpful advice!! i hope everybody follows these rules to keep toontown SO much fun, like it is now!! :D and safe :)

Madi says:

I hope every toon is smart enough to keep their account to themselves! Stay safe! And... TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!

Grapes says:

Thanks for the reminder! I'm sure we'll remember to keep our personal information to ourselves! :) Big Love, Grapes.

Mousei says:

Sadly, that report button is used in the wrong way, but its there for a reason. I really hope a lot of the newer toon citezens read this, because giving there password or anything could cause catastophe, worse than cogs, and that is REALLY bad.

Lil bingo (107laff) says:

Im glad ur giving this advise too keep Toons safe Thanks Toontown :)

Duchess says:

good advice better safe than sorry

Sponge (51 Laff) says:

I will make sure to never fall for this again! I learned my lesson the first time, and let's hope other people will not have their toons stolen!

UglyCorny says:

If you give out your information, who knows what cog will go on it!

Lady Trixie says:

Will make sure!! We need to be careful toons. (: Love the outfits btw :D

Queen Melody Wildquack says:

Im playing toontown for over two years now so as an "older" toon i give this advice to the newly joined toons. NEVER EVER share your personal information(s) or such things as your mail or password with other toons or people! If they ask you for any of that classified toontastic top secret information say NO. And please follow these simple safety rules and be a toontastic toon

Aundrea says:

A happy toon is a safe toon!!

Banjo says:

I like to keep toontown safe. I agree with these rules

Epic Ducky says:

Thanks so much now we can know more of toontown safety and toons can play more careful so we dont get ourselves into trouble or even worst.

Miss Twinklefish says:

There was a toon that asked for my information and I didn't even know them. What I did was go to my friend's house and ignored the toon that was making me feel uncomfortable. :) peer pressure is never a good thing to go through, but its worth it if you follow your gut and do the right thing.

Olivia says:

I'll make sure to NEVER EVER tell my password or username to anyone but my parents! Thank you ToonCouncil, for reminding us! Hopefully now everybody on Toontown is safe!

Lily says:

Ill keep me my account and my information safe! And i will tell people to also becareful with what they do! as always TT IS THE BEST GAME IN THE TOONIVERSE ( aka universe )!!

Zeus says:

thx for tellin me something you wnet over COUNLESS TIMES OVER THE YEARS and stated in the code of conduct, your such a big help toon council

Violet Gloster says:

thanks for posting this. some younger toons need a reminder to keep them safe. and if any other toons that ask other toons for their personal info, STOP!

cool rainbow says:

Toons of the world BE SAFE!

Pickles (113 laffer) says:

Ill remember this! I would never give out my information or else I might lose all my precious toons!! Thanks for your advice!

Queen Vicky Frecklemouth says:

TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE... against all hackers!

Good ol' fluffy whistletwist (103 laff) says:

course. nobody should give personal info on themselves... :D hope it doesn't happen

Fireball says:

i never tell my account ID or password to anyone

Chip says:

I will allways follow the rules!

Queen Michelle(44) says:

Awesome Advice! I'll remeber that information. See you around ToonTown!