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Get Set for a Silly and SPOOKY October!

 Halloween items start happily haunting Clarabelle’s Cattlelog this week!

Spooky Halloween

Spooky clothing and Halloween-themed treats for your Toon Estate are creeping into the Cattlelog as we speak.

Clarabelle has even made all SEVEN Halloween costumes available for Members this October:
SkeleToon, Vampire, SuperToon, Bee, Turtle, PirateToon, and Toonosaurus!

And she has a special gift for ALL Toons to get into the Halloween spirit!
To find out what it is, check out today’s new issue of Toon News… For the Amused inside Toontown.
The “Talk of the Town” section has all the spooooky details.

This is one Toontastic treat “witch” you do not want to miss out on!

Goofy got his numbers all mixed up and priced the new purple bat shirt in the Cattlelog way too high. Though it's a Toontastic shirt, you'd be batty to pay 5,000 jellybeans! So we recommend waiting until Clarabelle makes her price adjustment very soon - stay Tooned!

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Grapes says:

Thank You so much toontown I can't wait to get that shirt and I may know what that secret is but I ain't giving any hints

Omar says:

Yay! Im sure it will be a lot of fun! But I might be scared.

Jake (80 Laff Sound-less) says:

I cant wait for halloween! I know i will be super toon with the toontastic Super Toon Cape! I got the shirt on all of my toons! I will make my second black cat toon on October 31st. I CANT WAIT! I want my Toontastic Pumkin Head! Black Cats of World Unite!

Ugly Corny says:

I'm excited!

Black Cat says:

I'm so happy that you came up with this! PAWsome!! This will look great on my black cat! :D

Moonlight Crystal says:

I can't wait for my cattlelog to get here so I can see what's in it :D By the way, can u put the bee skirt back in the cattlelog for the people that missed it :) :) :)

Maddy says:

I like these costumes, and the new shirt. Thank you!

Madi says:

I cant wait! I really want the pirate costume!!!

Princess Violet says:

I'm gonna buy alot of costumes and try to help other toons get theirs

Princesstori says:

Awesome shirt i just wanna hang out with it all day but i need my tiara please bring that back please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Clarbelle

miss roxy wildberry says:

im so exicted for the new costumes this year!

Big Tex says:

Wow, can't wait to see the new accessorys on my toon!

Princess says:


sammie nicklpop says:


ToonCouncil says:

...and SPOOKY!

Helper Toon ( 23 laff) says:

love these! i'm gonna be a bee XD

Queen Lollipop says:

XD lol how that cat looks like!!!! and i love that shirt

Dee Dee Poodlenoodle says:

Yay! I can't wait to buy the dinosaur costume. ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

King comet says:

That shirt is so cool!

Little Lily says:

OMG!!! I am going to do that on all my toons! I already got it on this toon. :) Thank you Toon Council!!! :)

Outlaw says:

Oh my gosh its sooooooo cool!! I've been waiting all year for pirate outfit :D!!!! Thanks :)

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

:D :D :D I AM SO EXCITED! I think all the halloween costumes are simply toontastic! Thank you for bringing them all back!

Pinkysnowy says:

Whee!!! I can't wait to get those toontastic costume!!!

spooky says:

- bows - thank you for making my name famouse and thanks for the warning

Cranky Flipperbubble says:

YAY!!!!! i really really REALLY wanted all those costumes!!! i couldn't wait ANY longer xD!!! I'm gonna look cool in my super toon costume!!!

Flipper says:

i cant wait to get spooky and dress for halloween

MidnightWarrior says:

Awesome, i've been wanting this kind of shirt for my toon. Thanks a million, WOO!!!

Lily says:

The special note is funny

Dream Catcher ( Cat 75 laff ) says:

Oh boy! I'm so excited! I just hope I don't become a ScaredyCAT. Toons of the World, Scare Toony! ~Dream Catcher

Disco Coconut says:

Awesome stuff! I wanna be a SkeleToon this year! I cant wait for Trick or Treating This year! Toons of the world unite For Halloween!

sophie says:

i got one

Bananas says:

This is gonna be awesome! I'm gonna be SUPER TOON!!!!!!

Epic says:

I am buying everything :D

Chocolate Churro says:

Can't wait for black cats! Every year I love Toontown's halloween!

kitty says:

i can wait i am going to be supertoon i am going to trick or treat there!

George says:

Im going to be a spooky Toon... GEORGE THE VAMPIRE!

little tubby dizzenspeed says:

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! I cant wait to get some costumes and the purple t-shirt!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TOONTOWN!! :D

The funny honey bunny says:

Spook-tastic! Silly Goofy, getting the numbers wrong! I'm going to wait till the price lowers! thanks for the heads-up! I have a feeling this halloween is going to be spooky! even the cogs will be scared! have fun!

candy says:

i love the new spooky shirt!

Sky Blue says:

I need.. the pirate outfit and super toon!<3 Have a toon-tastic Trick Or Treatin' night you guys!

Silly Ricky[69 laff] says:

Yes!I can't wait to get this awesome T-shirt!TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

American Monkey says:

I love the Halloween accessories, I look forward to them!

Little Star (103 Laff) says:

Finally got all my Toons their Halloween costumes! Alll thats left is my main Toon. Hoping her stuff comes in this Sunday! Thanks a million Toontown. :D ~Toons Of The World, UNITE!

loopy fiddlepop says:

omg i almost have all of the costumes i am gonna get more and remeber toons of the world unite

Galaxia Bee says:

I just got the absolutely TOONTASTIC bee costume! Not giving hints to what the surprise is....! ;)

Roxy Whiskermuddle (67 Laff) says:

I'm so excited! This is my first Toontown Halloween! I'm sure it's going to be spooky as ever when I get my pumpkin head! I'm not sure "witch" costum I'm picking, but I've got my eye on the Toonosaurus!

sparklemuffin says:

BOO! we have all been trying to get costumes this year....... and i have the super toon shirt now i just need the bottoms, the cape, the mask, and the boots and i will be on a roll! have a BOO-erfictic time toons!

Oscar bananabounce says:

TOONTASTIC I cant wait to get that Halloween T-shirt

Marissa The Mouse says:

Hi Flippy, I'm planning to get A LOT of jellybeans this month, because I want to buy a lot of halloween stuff...LETS GET SPOOKY TOONTOWN!!!

tom says:


ben says:

i love the shirt i never get stuff becasue my sis del it but now u can have a shirt

Dippy Furball says:

I got the bee and pirate costume, ghost shirt and for no apparent reason the bird hat by breanna! I LOVE THESE COSTUMES (I KNOW THE BIRD HAT ISNT A COSTUME BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!)

Short Mouse says:

awesome! I cant wait!

Roxas says:

awsome shirt

Nightmare of Terror (118 Laff) says:

Hey, ToonCounsil! Thank you so much for the shirt! I have to say, this is the best time of year to get clothes! I always get alot of jellybeans when i Trick-or-Treat! I hope you have the best, Halloween!

Toontastic Cat (34 Laff) says:

Cool! I can't wait to see them.

Venus says:

Awesome! I Love The Shirt That Every Toon Gets. Just Got It Today! ;)

Gool Ol ' Chester Fizzleflipper says:

Thank you so much Toontown for making it free. I got the shirt, it is awesome ( not saying what the SPOOKY code is ).

Lemon says:

Thank you so much for the great shirt, so happy its now in my wardrobe! :)

darth lollipop says:

awesome! i got the shirt! its really cool! i cant wait to get the dino coustume!

Funny Bunny says:

I love the pirate outfit! Thanks Toontown!

Captain Mo Mo says:

Toontastic. I wish I can buy the SuperToon outfit :) :P

Clover says:

Wow! I just can't wait to see the the spooky and creepy decorations! I am filled with endorphin! I hope to see it soon!

Toon 54 laff says:

Black cats are awesome, also the halloween cattlelog items. Im gonna get my T-rex costume :D

Lady Taffy Flipperquack (113 laffer) says:

Thanks Toon Council and Clarabelle :)!! Hopefully Goofy doesn't mess up his numbers again on the new t-shirt, but how did he get to trick up the numbers like that?

sqeaky loopen zap says:

can't wait for the Halloween fun in toontown!!!!!!

momo says:

i love those costume and i think u should do it every holiday

dustymacnerd says:

this halloween is gonna be aswome in toontown

Mistyfoot says:

This halloween is going to be SPOOKtacular! I want the clouds to stay there forever btw!

rainbow dash the pony (laff137) says:

i love it its spooky!!!! i love the moon and bats i love halloween and im going trick or treat on toontown ;D

Eevee says:

I love this whole thing of Halloween stuff. I am thrilled to have a toontasic Halloween. I am being a dinosaur because of halloween. ;) Toontown is very TOON-tastic!

Silenthush says:

I can't wait for the Black Cat toon to come out! I've been hearing about it, and I've wanted one! It's sure to be my new high toon! Thanks for the epic outfits Toontown! Can't wait till Halloween! :)

Ginger says:

Phew I'm glad I read this or I would have got that shirt! That would be a mess up for sure!!

Loopy Mc Twist (84 laff) says:

This shirt looks awesome! My friend will love this shirt! :D

ursula gigglepocket says:

i'm a SkeleToon! Who is a SkeleToon?

cooldog says:

i love halloween

Tails says:

I just LOVE the idea that they we can get free shirts expecialy bc my sister isnt a member and she cant chat or buy stuff :(

Zelda says:

I already have hundreds of halloween things!

Miss Precious Purple says:

Love!! Love!! Love!!... Oh yeah...Did I say Love??!! Because I LOVE the Halloween costumes :)

cool rainbow precious berry says:

i just started toontown yesterday and so far its way to fun to stop!<3 <3 <3 toontown rocks! i wonder what the surprise is... im going to go play now to find the toons of the amused thing luv u flippy

jessica says:

i cant wait for halloween cause you can make a black cat and the "SPOOKY" shirt would look really good on her thanks for giving us that shirt

domino mctoon says:

OMG those halloween cloth look awesome i cant wait to buy them. THX TOONTOWN!