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Doodle Show & Tell!
You may have adopted a Doodle with all your Jellybean Jam beans. So we want to know, how are you doing with your new or not-so-new Doodle?
Are they learning new tricks, or just staring at you blankly with love? Or both?

Posted on November 08, 2010 to:

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Funny-McAwesome says:

I've Been Doing Real Good With My Doodle.Everyday I Feed It,Do Tricks With It And Whenever I'm Somewhere Else In My Estate I Just Call Him!

jaedster says:

my doodle is doing awesome plus i have extra beans to feed it with plus i taught it backflip whats suprising is i dont even know how to do a backflip (p.s flippy do you have aoodle if yes how is it doing?)

Princess Raven Crunchycorn says:

My doodle is learning new tricks, and I love her! Her name is Jade and all doodles RULE! :D

Little Lollipop Loopenswirl says:

My doodle's name is Lacey and I got her at the Jellybean Jam. She is so cute and amazing. I'm so happy the Jellybean Jam happened, so thanks Flippy!

miss midnight blackstar says:

my doodle loves fetch, eating, exercising and loves it when i care for it and they learn new tricks and stare at me my doodle is only about lets say around the age of 18 thats pretty big she is learning rollover at least trying she is a good girl she only needs rollover to learn then all tricks completed sincerly doodles, have fun! in toontown.

sir nutty super buger says:

I have a new Doodle his name is Amazon.

Fat Chunky Kookyseed says:

My Doodle knows lots of tricks even though he forgets them. Well should of bought the more expensive one. Rock on TTC PS: Please post

Forsythia says:

I love my doodle Azalea, but does she have to follow me around everywhere? Even if I try to go to someone else's house, she's THERE! ALWAYS! P.S. She's awesome. And scary.

Snowflake says:

Awesome! I've had a doodle for so long. And I STILL love it! DOODLES ROCK!!!!!

kingbeanie jinks says:

my doodle TNT is so hungry he ate all of my jellybeans i wish he would stop

Princess Peaches Lemonwhip says:

My doodle Raspberry has been amazing! She has learned so many new tricks and is so lovable! I feed her whenever i can (a lot!) and she is always there for me in a battle!

ToonCouncil says:

Raspberry sounds like a good girl, Princess Peaches Lemonwhip!

Gabriella says:

I Am Doing Toontasic With My Doodle! And Shes Learning New Tricks. Her Name Is Gwen!

Awesome Cooldude says:

Doodles in Donalds Dreamland cost a lot but thanks to the Jellybean Jam, I got one!!!!

Wrinkletoon says:

My Doodle is really cute.

princess pinky precious muffin says:

happy is my doodle, she's a little being off, but she needs help with her training, she has trouble with '' Play Dead! '' can you help me doodle learn that? :3 please!

Koala Kid says:

my doodle is doing great!!!!! im SO glad i got it!!!

crazy zippy fumblefish says:

my doodle named Manitoba is the best doodle in the world! He maxed jump dance and play dead, he is never angry, and always has the heart above his head! Also he is about to get perfect at speak wish me luck flippy!

Rosebud says:

My doodle(Peanut) is doing AWESOME!!!!!!!!! NO I MEAN IT!!!!!! I will remember to feed it,play with it,and do tricks with it.I LOVE MY DOODLE!!!!My doodle can speak,beg,dance(for sure)um.....i know i have more one or two but i can't remember!!!Flippy if you can respond do you have a doodle?I also want to say I LOVE TOONTOWN!!!!! And wished toontown to have a GOOD day. : )

dusty says:

i am good with my doodle but i dont know how to get other tricks?!

ToonCouncil says:

Keep an eye on the Cattlelog, dusty - that's where you'll find new tricks to buy for your Doodle!

Knuckles Jumbledorf says:

I have a new doodle but he only does 3 tricks; his best trick is Dance!

Crazy Crunchyflip says:

I have a doodle named Jabber, and he knows how to jump and play dead. What is yours?

jabbercrash says:

me and my doodle are bff's for ever and ever! my doodles name is Nancy. my doodle also loves to do tricks like jump rollover and much more.

Comet Sourtooth says:

My doodle waffle has been so good to me I got him like right after i started and with the jellybean jam i bought new tricks and can feed him alot more he knows alot of tricks his best is rollover :D.

Rusty says:

My Doodle, Katsumi, is the pride and joy of my estate. He's spicing up the green with his giraffe-look and cutie rabbit ears. I've focusing on teaching him how to dance, and he's doing amazingly well! Thank you ToonTown for the JB-Jams and thanks to the Petshop in Donald's Dreamland for handing over my love.

max electroscooter says:

I just got a doodle a few days ago and i named it max and it is awesome! I got form donalds dreamland so no wonder it's so cool! What's next Flippy?

Popcornbob says:

Well my doodle is a nice and loving fellow but she wont do tricks much because i havent been training it so i guess i need to

green duck says:

my doodle and i are doing great! each day i teach him a trick and feed him!

pebble says:

hey toons my doodle shelby is doing awsome she is playfull and always exided . i taught her how to speak,jump,and beg well bye

ToonCouncil says:

Hi pebble and shelby!

Noisy Sniffy Gigglemash says:

I baught a doodle ALONG time ago his name is Zack hes yellow with a orange belly and big ears! I baught him AWHILE ago my journey on toontown has been long but im doing just fine im at 72 laff! i love zack me and him are bffs! ik hes a doodle lol. do you have a doodle flippy? plz reply

Pancake Cheezysnooker says:

My doodle is amazing. His name is Spots. He is mostly tired. Spots is an amazing jumper. I feed him and scratch him a lot and he loves it. Flippy tell us about your doodle!

Nacho says:

My doodle nacho is doing very well. He is often healing other toon and me during battle with cogs. My doodle is often affectionate

Libby says:

sometimes me and my friends go to each others estates and we feed,scrach, and do tricks with our doodles my doodle is also always happy my doodle can dance, jump, or play dead. those prises are EXPENSEVE! so thats why i onley have 3 tricks but its FUN! 3 words f-u-n bye!

Big Pancake says:

My doodle is new. I got it from Donalds Dreamland to replace my old doodle ( which I miss) but I named it the same as my old one, Diamond. It has been well trained in jump. It can give 7 laff points in jump. ~Big Pancake

Dippy Bananagoose says:

My doodle, Hammy (not-so-new doodle) and i are having fun together. I am trying to teach him tricks but, he didn't do them. so im going to by speak and now, try to teach him.

Cuddles says:

I've been trying to train mine but have been too busy saving ToonTown from the cogs. I keep telling myself to go spend time with my lil' green Safari but never have the time too. I think I'll start playing with her more :)

Master Thundertwist says:

Oh thats a simple question! My doodle, Comet, and I are doing toontastic!

light blue dog says:

i love my new doodle... it makes me happy.

Bad Luck says:

Man, My doodles doing good. Im training him new tricks, using him in battle, and sometimes my friends come over or I go to there estate and we have a doodle play date! :D

ToonCouncil says:

Hope your Doodle keeps giving you good luck, Bad Luck!

nikita says:

my pet is doing GREAT! thanks for asking :) today igot him to help me in battle he danced for use

Andrewc says:

my doodle is so good! one time in battle I called for an sos and he actually saved me! I am a beginner so i do not have that many gags to use. That is why i have a poodle, and because its fun to play with!

fluffy says:

well my doodle is cute and i love her! i taught her tricks and its easy to train her because i got her from donalds dream land! :)

krazy kat says:

my doodle kandy is very obidiant she follows me every were

Jaguar Jaguar (aka JJ) (laff 18) says:

Well about my doodle Rabbit... She learned jump, dance, beg, backflip, and I think that's all I remember. I hope you other toons are getting along with your doodle as I am!

Cocoa Cutie says:

I am B.F.Fs with my doodle for ever and ever! Every day I scratch my doodle, feed my doodle, and best of all... TEACH MY DOODLE DO TRICKS! Doodles rock Toontown! :D Hey Fippy, Why do doodles respond to you all the time? When I'm fishing and when I say Here boy! they come to me and when I say stay they stand there doing nothing and when I say Please don't bother me, they don't bother me and go somewhere else. And who made these cute, adorable Doodles? I wish that I can buy HUNDREDS OF THEM!!!!!!

Vanilla Twilight says:

My Doodle Vamp is really cute! I love to feed him and and call to him and scratch him! Please post because I have never been posted.

Fangs says:

LOL... sometimes my doodle gets angry at nothing!Iwonder how hes always like that! 8O! But yeah hes learning new tricks and he always gets hungry!

ToonCouncil says:

Learning tricks is hard work, Fangs - sounds like he's working up an appetite!

Lily Applebee says:

My doodle is doing fantastic!!! She learned so many new tricks! i taught her how to dance!

Fat Crumbly Octocrumbs says:

My new doodle from Donald's Dreamland is AMAZING!! So far i have taught it Jump and Speak and it has basically memorized them Thank you so much for the jellybean parties!!

Midnight Berry says:

I just LOVE my doodle. She can only learn Jump! We mostly have a fun time together. Whenever i'm not at my estate - I go to my friends estate and make her doodle and my doodle to play together! Well, bye! Are You Toon Enough?

Jade says:

My doodle can do every single trick so far and its doing great at the tricks I'm also having SO much fun with. P.S. You rock Flippy ;)

Super Popcorn says:

My doodles name is woof woof. Hes so cute and funny. Sometimes he steps on my garden lol. His trick progress is getting better and better everyday.I often try to play with him when I have the time. And he loves meeting new doodles. P.S DOODLES OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Dippy Rainbow Fuzzycrash says:

I love doodles. Is there really anything else to say?

ToonCouncil says:

That says it all, Dippy Rainbow Fuzzycrash!

Huey says:

This is awesome! I just got a Doodle, and I really like this chance to show it off!

king megapow says:

a doodle feels like you have a big smile on your face thanks toontown for making doodles

Stinky says:

My doodleis awesome! when ever i need more laff i go to my home and call him and he always work!

Nicky says:

I love all doodles I go to my friends house alot and train his or her doodles and they are grateful about that! your friend,Nicky

Princess Pearl says:

My doodle (Taffy) is all maxed in her tricks now, so when I'm in a cog building all by myself and I'm low on Laff points, I just call on her; she almost always does the trick I ask her to! I just wish there were more tricks to train her in. Oh, well. At least she does good with the ones she knows!

Ocean Waves says:

Eh my doodles good! Shes named Garnet even tho shes green LOL everyones like: garnets are red!! (i didnt know LOL) but shes good, i train her jump & speak mostly but she's most exellent. Btw, when is the silly meter gona be fixed? I miss it!!

dizy pedalberry says:

The more you train your doodle the better it will get at tricks.So jump on that and train your doodle.So when your laugh points are down your doodle will jump it up.

King Oswald Frecklemouth says:

My doodle does love me a lot with some jellybeans and he likes getting scratched. With his tricks... well he's ok, my highest trick gives me 11 laff points. Then I got him, well a while ago. But no matter how old how old he is, he is a good doodle.

tatiana says:

I love my doodle. Her name is Abby, and shes brown with horns, no nose, a bushy tail, and a pattern near her back. Shes a real sweetie, and she knows her tricks well. I've had Abby for 2 years out of the 4 years I've been on toontown. And I've enjoyed evry single minute. :)

ToonCouncil says:

Old Doodles are Toontastic, aren't they tatiana? I've had mine forever!

King Coconut Electrotoon says:

My doodle is Lexy. I named it after someone. She can Jump and Play dead. I want to get more doodle training from the cattlelog.

Dottie says:

My doodle named Aggie is my best pal. She has been with me since the first days I started Toontown. GO DOODLES!!! :)

snowy says:

My doodle is doing pretty good, but i mostly go to it to get laugh points so i can defeat cogs, so i can go to vp. My doodle also knows dance and jump and i feed and scratch sometimes to.

Princess Lily (28 laff, tan-brown rabbit) says:

I bought my doodle (Misty) a couple months ago, and she is SOOO adorable!! I feed, train her (or at least trying to she is stubborn) and play with her every day. speaking of that, I need to go play with her now! You will see me in 1 min Toontown lol peace and toons of the world unite!!! lol

Banjo Paddlebump says:

I love my Doodle Patches!!I've had him for a while now.He knows a bunch of tricks and he remembers them well.He saved me and my friends in battle many times!!He's a really cute Doodle,too.

Night Wolf says:

I have made a new toon and i did not get a doodle yet.But i will.And ill feed it A LOT of jelly beans.

Mirayah says:

Me and Buster are doing GREATl! He's almost half way through Jump and we're working on Beg as well! Say hi buster! RUFF!

ToonCouncil says:

Hey Buster... Ruff ruff ark bark arf ruff ruff? Let me know what you think.

Princess Spunky Fuzzyhoffer says:

I love my doodle it loves me and everytime i go into battle with low laugh points i call him and he makes me smile WOOT Ty toontown for making such an awesome game!!!! >:D :P

Cecil says:

My doodle is doing okay, I guess. I bought him from Toontown Central (he is pretty old) and he knows how to Jump, Backflip, and Dance. Even if it takes a couple tries, he still does it. I never got enough jellybeans to buy a decent doodle (not critisizing my current doodle) but I've been spending all my money on clothes and house items. I have a question for you Flippy; On the player card, you know the little doodle button on the bottom? (You probably do). When you press it, that player's doodle card appears. When you have more than one doodle, which one appears? Please post I RARELY am posted (3-4/10ish)

Cool FurBall ElectroBoom says:

My Doodle Is Good At Playdead and backflip

King Scooter says:

My doodle Heartbreaker is learning to dance very fast! He enjoys hanging out at the estate, but prefers a trip to give some Toon-ups when possible. Soon I'll have him setting up a ballet across the streets of Toontown!

Coral Dog says:

My lovable doodle, Jaguar just loves to see me. She tries her best to understand the tricks, but she always pull through. My doodle knows when I'm not in the mood.(Like durning jellybean promblems). She always there for me. That my doodle, and I love her!! :)

Sadie says:

Mercade's knows lots of trick's, she is also always loving, I got her from when Toontroop was giving away Jelly Beans! :) ~Toons of the world unite

Jenny says:

My doodle is a good doodle.Every time I said follow me she follows me.

morgan says:

my doodle, teddy, is awesome. he is so sweet and so loveable :). i use him alot in battle and he usually does well because of the tricks i teach him. the only one's he doesnt know very well are backflip and speak. but i'm going to continue training him. my friends and i actually have doodle training sessions where we go out into that pit of sand in the estates and train each other's doodles :)

ToonCouncil says:

That's smart morgan - Doodle training is more fun with friends!

Mittens Sushi says:

My doodle, Bailey, knows every trick there is! I've had her since my 1st month!

kaityynn says:

Hi Toontown this is my first post! 3:) I love Toontown so much, it is pretty my ONLY FUN ALL DAY. But I only have two tricks in my catalog how do i get more??????????

sheriff candy sparkle bumper says:

i looked all over for a great doodle and could not find one i liked, so i waited and the 4 days later i found the perfect doodle. she looks like a giraffe doodle! she is amazing and knows all of her tricks and is maxed on all of them!! thanks for the jelly bean jam, TOONS OF THE WOLD SPEND WISLEY!!

Dizzy Wonderpop says:

my doodle is named twiggs we old but hes advbanded in all the tricks so its helpful ALOT in battle so i feed him and pet him every day and somedays i have my TT friends come so he has a playmate

Princess Rosie Sparkletwist says:

Iv'e had my doodle for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long the tricks he knows are: Jump! Speak! Backflip! Play Dead! Beg! Dance! He seems to like green jellybeans a lot. Y'know, maybe because he looks exactly LIKE a green jellybean..................... Now that i think about it................ ALL DOODLES LOOK LIKE JELLYBEANS! :O XD :3

furball fumblemarble says:

my doodle is doing amazing! i bought it every single emotion. also i got its jump to 6 laff healing. his name is pyhton a purple doodle

Gwen Beanieswirl says:

I got a new Donald's Dream Land doodle, and she's great! She's yellow-white, with brown spots! I've taught her Jump, Speak, Back Flip & Dance! I'm hoping to get more from Clarabelle's Catalog to train my doodle, Caramel. Her best tricks are Jump and Dance, but her worst is Speak. I think she needs to go for some Speaking tuition class! I also encourage her and feed and scratch her after every trick she does, so she gets encouraged, and I normally ask friends to come so we can group-doodle train!

ToonCouncil says:

Sounds like you're doing everything right, Gwen Beanieswirl - I'm sure Caramel will learn to speak in no time!

Jellyroll Lemonswirl says:

i had an old doodle from central that had max doodle and i always wondered why he missed so much so a friend told me and now i used my beans to buy a dreamland doodle thx flippy and council!

sherrif ricky wonder speed says:

i named my doodle well doodle! he knows every trick! he is always happy and LOVES JELLYBEANS!!!

Cman says:

well my doodle is just staring at me with love because i never have time to train him but i love him very much!

King Mac says:

My doodle has been doing fine you may ask whats its name its name is preztel and i taught him how to play dead and i feed it every day with the jelly beans :D

Zadarmo says:

My doodle, know all tricks, i every day feed it :) i love it !

Cute Devil says:

My doodle, Lab Rat, is the best! She loves dance. Lab Rat has the most training for dance, after all. I feed her and take care of her everyday! (P.S. Rusty, if you are reading this, I think we have the same doodle! Mine has giraffe spots and rabbit ears too!)

Loopy says:

OOH!! I love playing with my doodle! This is gonna be so much fun! My doodle is doing both! Its stares at me with love, and I am teaching her how to Jump!

King Popcorn says:

My new doodle Annie is sooo cute! She's always happy and is really good at tricks! She's never tired which is a huge shock to me! :) She is by far the best doodle I've ever had!

Ink says:

I'm a halloween cat, my owner made me this October; so I missed the jellybean thing. But I started rightaway to fish fish fish, to get lots of jellybeans for a cool doodle. Finally I got me a doodle from Dreamland. Its the bestest doodle ever. A bunny with spots, cute cute cute, and SO smart. Does the tricks rightaway and doesn't stay tired, goes back to playful. Wow ! It was worth the wait and every jellybean spent. Thanks for making such cool pets ! :D

Chocolate Cake says:

my doodle is doing great! he knows lots of tricks to! we spend a bunch of time together whenever im at my house :D

Kitty Kat says:

Flippy, if u dont go on ur account for a long time will ur doodle die?

ToonCouncil says:

Don't worry Kitty Kat... Doodles are good at taking care of themselves when they need to, so they'll always be there when you come back to your Estate! (But they like it best when they see you a lot!)

violet purplewoof says:

me and my doodle or should i say doodles, are having an amazing time! my pet is called Sugar, we are getting well, she is very well trained loves me 2 pieces and you could say she is a toons best friend she loves me and all my friends who come to visit me. MY MY i love my toon and all toons she's the best doodle i have had, and can do good tricks and in SOS she will jump & rollover and help my fellow toons in battle she is amazin and were doing well. :) Byebye.

Deputy Wacky Cheezyswirl says:

Hi my doodle Smores is doing great! He always does the tricks i ask him to! I cant believe i found such an amazing doodle! Thanks Toontown for Jellybean Jam!!!! P.S Flippy hows your doodle?

Rachel says:

My doodle name is Raccoon, she is a purple doodle with purple cat ears. The only trick she knows is Jump... but shes not new. I havent trained with her, but Im a bit too cog fighting-ish to train with Raccoon..

Tasmin (109 laff, maroon mouse) says:

My doodle is called Topaz, It looks like the orange one on the picture! It was 4998jbs and i look after it even on my black cat toon! I just earnt my 109th laff point by kart racing! yay lol I'm not training topaz for battle because its like just using her or him but i still play with her and make her happy, on my black cats i'm saving money to buy doodles to stop her from gettng lonely :D Toons of the world UNITE!

Bright Lights says:

My doodle stares at me blankly with love. I LOVE MY YAMMIE

Captin Sniffy says:

Hello im Captin Sniffy and my doodles name is dynamite

ToonCouncil says:

Nice to meet you, Captin Sniffy and dynamite!

Sky Heart says:

well mines RLY good she can do 18 speak at one time!!!!! and shes called Ultraviolet

Colonel Droopy Gigglemuffin says:

Well, I didn't get my Doodle in the Jellybean Jam, but anyway, his name is Cadbury (you know, the British Chocolate?)

cutie little ducky says:

i work with my doodle every day an train it feed it an scratch it :) an now i filled up jump all the way to the top !!!