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Delete a Just For Fun Toontask!
Because YOU demanded it, the Toon Council has made it so! Now if you have a “Just For Fun” Toontask you don’t want, you can delete it! That’s right, DELETE IT! Really, DELETE IT? YES, DELETE IT!!!
Maybe you picked up the “Just For Fun” task by accident, or maybe you feel like having a giant head isn’t worth the effort (though it IS hilarious!). Now you don’t have to be saddled with tasks you don’t want. Well… you still have to complete your NORMAL Toontasks – Lil’ Oldman will never give up his caviar and lumpy cheese habit!

Posted on November 10, 2010 to:

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Docter Cuckoo Gigglespinner says:

Cool and FINALLY!!!

Little Rainbow says:

Oh goodie :D This helps me so much! I had a task for ages! Now i can start doing more better tasks :3 Too bad Lil Oldman wont give up on his hard tasks..

ToonCouncil says:

Yeah - he's stubborn that way, Little Rainbow!

cool rocco says:

wow cool!

ben says:

woaaaaaaah awesome! finally if i choose an impossible i can del it :D ty

Molly says:

Delete It REALLY, REALLY? haha, thanks toontown i had to defeat 1000 cogs for a clothing ticket but then i got another task for just 100 cogs, you guys took went into acttion just in time thanks! Haha!

Super Chester Crunchygadget says:

OMG! Thank you soooo much Toontown! I have had a task to defeat 1000 cogs in Donalds Dreamland for like, months on end now. But, finally! I can delete it!! :D Toons of the world unite!!

thunderspeed says:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tat's really great!!!!!!! :)

Mister Dizzy Flippersticks says:

I just want to thank toontown for finally letting us delete toontask. I just wish we can delete normal task, that don't have to do with taking items to toons.

Cheyril says:

Whew! Thanks ToonTown! You just saved me from doing 20 4+ story buildings!

ToonCouncil says:

Wow! Glad we could help. Cheyril!

Thor says:

Thanks so much for doing this!!!

Bananacorn says:

tyvm u have done a great favour to all toons

Molly Mouse says:

Golly goodness me... :) toontown your always making sure we are happy.. it would be great if we could do as nice things for you :P Keep those cogs in their thrilly dresses and lipstick, now! Toons of the world Toontasks Goodbye! too much? :D

Sir Fireball Octopounce says:

No way! This is going to be SO helpful! I can't wait to erase my three terrible JFF tasks!

Aundrea says:

Dreams do come true!! Sometimes I accidentally click on a fun task for 30 buildings, but I can now delete the task. Whee! =)

Princess Trixie says:

That is so awesome! I have had this task for so long, now I don't have to defeat 6 dollar mints! :D Thanks!

ToonCouncil says:

Yikes Princess Trixie - that sounds like a lot of work!

Super Blue Dog says:

Finally, I can get another task! I had to defeat a lot of bldgs but now I don't anymore! =D Thx ToonTown!

Crazy Ozzie Dandyhopper says:

Wow, thanks, lots of times I'll get a just for fun task i don't want, and now, problem solved.

Coach Z says:

wow i havnt got a jff toontask but im still happy, ill proove it : :)

Tiger T. Kat says:

ive had a just for fun toontask that is taking me forever i have to defeat 1000 cogs in donalds dreamland now i can delete it IVE HAD IT FOREVER THANK YOU TOONTOWN :D

Tom Electrotoon says:

Yay :D

sir elctrobrains says:

awesome i waited and waited and finally here. thank you toontown and Toons of the world unite!

ToonCouncil says:

You're very welcome, sir electrobrains!

oscar wildjinks says:


Queen Zilly Hulaswirl says:

FINALLY! I submitted this idea to TT over the summer, thank you for finally deciding to do it!

Sven says:

YES! ( Sven isn't my main My main's name is Alvin ) I have ALWAYS wanted to delete those. Thanks Toontown mods!

Queen Spunky Wonderseed says:

Oh Boy!!! YAAAAY!!! OWO Now I dont have to try and earn Clothing Tickets that I don't even want! :D

Sadie says:

Yay after years it's finally here. *does the toontown dance* THANK YOU!!!!!!

Bingo Wildtooth says:


Weird McCrumbs says:

Do you have any just for fun task your gonna delete flippy?

ToonCouncil says:

I can think of a few I might delete, Weird McCrumbs - just for fun, of course ;)

Saturn says:

Arrrrrrrrgh.... Lil' Oldman...... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

crazy zippy fumblefish says:

ty SO much flippy because i finished tasks and only get just for fun and i got one now i really DO NOT want it!

Mister Skipper Poppenswirl says:

Ok. The Just For Fun toontasks are not that necessary, so I see why you can now delete them.

Rocco says:

Yes! Now i can finally delete my defeat 100 5+ story building task! Thanks guys!

The Awesome Rocker and Makuta says:

Cool! But don't expect me to use it on a task that needs me to throw pie at a cogs. :D P.S. I made a new account!

Ginger says:

Thank ya very muchly.

Noisy Sniffy Gigglemash says:

YOUR JUST IN TIME! my just for fun toontask for a big head is hard and i dont want one now! tyvm! this is the best thing EVER including skip toon-torial :D!

Kitty Kat says:

Finally! Its really good this happened because lots of people would apprieate this! THANKS TOON COUNCIL!

ToonCouncil says:

I sure hope so, Kitty Kat!

Party animal says:

Oh my Gosh!! this is SO cool So awesome So if a just for fun toontask I don't feel like doing i'll delete it

Windpaw says:

AWESOME!!!! I hate having to do the tasks I can never finish!!! What a relief!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Little Lily Wondermuffin says:

This is amazing! I wish you had this before so I didn't need to do two just for fun toon tasks before I could get the task for my last track for a new gag! But it's great that you have it now, so other toons don't have to do through the same problem I went through. Thanks, Flippy!

Princess Pink says:

WOOO that is super awesome now we can delete a toontask that is like super hard and imposible to complete. That's very cool.

jaedster says:

finnaly i can get rid of this hard toontask i have i just say wow

Dr. Duck D. Quack says:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TOON COUNCIL!!!! This will definitely help my toon life! Awesome :)

Miss Furball Frizzebom says:

Thank yoy so MUCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I click on Toon Tasks thay I don't like that much but what I am trying to say is that this is so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!Thanks Flippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Little kitty fu fu says:

Oh... Nice!!! But how do you delete them?

ToonCouncil says:

Just open up your Schticker Book to the ToonTasks page, and click on the trash can for the Task you want to delete. It's that easy, Little kitty fu fu!

William says:

I love this idea!

Chillysillygreen says:

Yay we get to delete just for fun toontasks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Queen Megyn says:

OH my goodness finally! Will this last forever or is it a one time thing Flippy? But geez Yay! I really needed this. I can get better toontasks that help me excel faster now!

Rosie Petalhopper says:

YAY! Even though tiny toons and big heads are great, sometimes, they aren't worth it! Thanks Toon Council! But once in a while, I am going to choose a Toontask when I could get Big legs or small toon...

Queen Trixie Thundertoon says:

YESH!!!!!!!!!!!! Im glad you can do this because i have a bunch of them (all four) and they are realy hard! ive been here since 08, and now that we have all the updates, im happy you chose to update THIS!!! THX TOONTOWN

King Droopy Electrohoffer says:

Finally, now i can get rid of my 1000 cogs toontask, thanks Toontown! :D

chewy dog says:

i had this task for a REALLY long time, now i can just delete it! i really like the idea!

Beast says:

Yes, OMG, tysm toontown! I really need to delete some just for fun toontasks sometimes! You have saved me some time!

ToonCouncil says:

Glad to hear it, Beast!

weegee says:


WeridChester Googlewhip says:

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I don't have to complete a toontask that I don't want to do & or if I pick the WRONG toontask I could delete it if it's a just for fun. Thanks ToonTown for putting that up!

Caroline says:

So happy this is an option now. I'm never going to pick 20 5+ cog buildings ever again. :)

pickles says:

TY TY TY!!!!!!! i always get tasks i don't want!! tyvm!!

chester says:


prof. rhubarb says:

does it permanantly delete a toontask or can you get it back from a hq officer

ToonCouncil says:

Good question, prof. rhubarb! You may be offered the same Task again by an HQ officer, so be sure to shop around!

Miss Cutie/ Chillhowee says:

Best idea ever! :)

Loopy Biggenspeed says:

I can finally delete my toontask for 50 The Big Cheeses! And for the reward was a white body! thanks xDDDD

Duke Duke DizzySpeed says:

I love this! I have had SO many tasks i didnt want and i wanted to get rid of them and couldn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thnx so very much,To toontown!

Goofballhead says:


glamergirl says:


vanilla twisted says:

cool overall good idea :)

Super Sniffy Electroboom says:

cool, and when does it end?

ToonCouncil says:

It doesn't end, Super Sniffy Electroboom... It's here to stay!

Miss Cuddles says:

I rarely get any just for fun toontasks, and when I do, I want the reward to be jellybeans or a big head! :)

Prince Chip Thunder Marble says:


Loud Von Rockencrumbs says:

AWESOME!!! u saved me from doing 100 bullion mints!!!! But I still have to do 25 dollar mints, UGH! Oh well, its okay, I love this decision!!! TY TOON COUNCIL!!! Flippy why did U decide to make toons be able to delete Just for Fun tasks??? P.S. i still had to get tree other tasks that were Just For Fun, UGH!!!!