Player Safety

Toontown is committed to creating a safe online community for kids and families.

We never accept third-party advertising, and offer parental controls to enable a safe experience in-game.

Basic Safety

We encourage parents and legal guardians to review the following safety precautions with their children:

  1. Never give out personal information, such as your real name, age, location, phone number, or school.
  2. Never share your password with anyone except your parents and legal guardians. Someone else might use your password and pretend to be you, or give out your personal information or do something that may get you into trouble.
  3. Tell your parents and legal guardians if someone says or does something on the Internet that makes you uncomfortable, or if someone asks you for personal information.
  4. Choose a username that does not reflect your real identity. Avoid names that are in any way suggestive, even if they seem innocent to you.
  5. Avoid chat rooms that are not monitored by moderators.

Learn about the types of Toontown Chat available in-game.

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