Welcome to Toontown!


Greetings! As a new resident of Toontown, you'll be expected to perform some important duties - like throwing pies, blasting out of cannons, leaping through portable holes, and engaging in hilarious cartoon adventures of every spot and stripe! Toontown operates on fun, friends, and falling pianos, and we wouldn't have any of those things without YOU!

But be warned, life in Toontown isn't ALL laughs.

Evil business-loving robots called Cogs have arrived in Toontown, with the goal of turning it into a boring metropolis of grim buildings and humorless machinery. But the Toons are fighting back! Cogs can't take a joke, so if you hit them with a pie, spray them with a seltzer bottle, or make them slip on a banana peel, you can bust them up ... literally!

On behalf of the Toon Council, here is your first ToonTask: Have fun in Toontown!

Toon Council President

Toon Hall, Toontown Central

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