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ToonTasks are the quests you are sent on to help save Toontown from the Cogs. They are also the key to becoming a more powerful Toon! For each Task you complete, your Toon will be rewarded with Laff boosts, new gags, jellybeans, and more. If you have any open Task slots, visit Toon Headquarters or any of Toontown's shops and get a new ToonTask quick! You start with the ability to carry only one Task at a time, but can get more through guessed it, completing ToonTasks!

How To Get a Task

Choosing a ToonTasks

Getting a ToonTask is easy, just walk up to an officer in any Toon HQ building, or visit one of the shops in Toontown's streets and talk to the shopkeeper inside. They will explain the task, what you must do to complete it, and the reward you will receive upon completing the task. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Some are, and others can be a real adventure to complete. Well, they wouldn't be called tasks if they weren't challenging!

Here is some sound advice for anything you do: Always get three estimates. Shopping for ToonTasks is no different -- each HQ Officer and Shopkeeper will have different tasks for you to choose from, often for the same reward. One Officer may ask you to defeat 12 Corporate Raiders for a two-point Laff boost and the next Officer might offer you that same two-point Laff boost for 10 Bossbots. You can choose which task is right for you!

Toons getting ToonTaskss

Toon Tip: You'll discover that the more ToonTasks you work on at the same time, the faster you'll complete them ... and the faster you'll advance your Toon! For example, if you have a ToonTask to defeat 10 Bossbot Cogs and a second task to defeat 8 Yes Men, you can work on both tasks at the same time because Yes Men are Bossbot Cogs.

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Completing a Task

Completed ToonTasks

When you have completed a ToonTask follow the instructions at the bottom to turn it in and get your reward. And remember, turning in a completed ToonTask also restocks your Laff Meter. Don't forget to get a new Task after you've turned in the finished one!

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ToonTask Rewards

There are a multitude of ToonTask rewards, all geared towards making your Toon stronger in the fight against the Cogs.

Here are the main types of rewards:

LaffBoosts - These increase the amount of Laff points your Laff meter can hold. This is also called your Laff limit or Max Laff. You will need to keep increasing your Laff limit as you advance through the game because the more Laff points your Laff meter can hold, the harder it is for Cogs to make you sad. Attacks by bigger Cogs you'll encounter later in the game can pack a real punch and take the Laff right out of you!

Gag Track Training - Ready to add new gags to your arsenal? Then start your gag track training. Every Toon starts with Squirt and Throw, but from there the choice is yours. Click here for information on gags and training.

Teleport Access - These ToonTasks give you the ability to jump to one of Toontown's playgrounds using the map in the Shticker Book. Teleport tasks are offered once you have mastered all of the tasks available in a neighborhood, so you can come back whenever you want to!

Gag Pouch - A bigger gag pouch means you can carry more gags, which means you can defeat more Cogs. As you earn new gags and start to take over bigger, tougher Cog buildings, you'll discover you need to carry a lot of gags.

Jellybean Jars - The more jellybeans you can carry, the easier it is to stock up on gags fast. A big jellybean jar will really come in handy when you are taking over lots of Cog buildings with other Toons - you don't want to keep them waiting!

Carry More ToonTasks - You'll start out Toontown able to carry one ToonTask at a time. By completing these tasks you'll be able to carry and work on more -- up to four ToonTasks at once.

Optional Tasks - You don't need to do any of these tasks to advance in Toontown, but you just might want to try them for fun ...and rewards! If you no longer want to complete one of these Just For Fun tasks, you can delete it:

  1. Open your Shticker Book.
  2. Click on the ToonTasks tab.
  3. On the Just for Fun! ToonTask you wish to delete, click the Trash Can icon.
  4. When you are asked, "Are you sure you want to delete this ToonTask?", just click Delete!

Jellybeans - Take on one of these tasks and earn a pile of jellybeans to spend on whatever you like!

Changing your look - Become big, small, flat, transparent and more! Some changes last for only a few hours, some for days.

Clothing Shop - Tired of the same old threads? Want to become a Toon fashion mogul? Look for ToonTasks that will earn you a clothing ticket. Once you've got your ticket, take it to any of the clothing shops in Toontown's playgrounds. Each shop has different clothes available, so be sure to do a little browsing before cashing in your ticket.

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Helping a friend finish one of their ToonTasks is a good way to make sure your friends will be there to help you with your toughest ToonTasks when you need them the most! Your progress in the game doesn't stop when you're helping another Toon with their tasks. Remember that even if the Cogs you're battling don't count for your ToonTasks, you're still earning gag skill points and filling your Cog Gallery. Most importantly, you're helping a friend in need!

Toons battling a Cog
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