Chip n Dales Minigolf snapshots

Located off Acorn Acres is a tunnel leading to Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf where Toons can putter around and get a boost to their Laff limit! Three minigolf courses of varying difficulty levels are located within Acorn Acres for all Toons to enjoy. To play, just choose a course, jump into a corresponding minigolf cart, and away you go! Up to four Toons can play together on a course. There are three types of courses for Toons to play:

Minigolf Course Chart

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How to Golf

Minigolf Courses

The object of minigolf is to sink your golf ball into the hole with the least number of attempts. Each hole is rated according to the number of attempts one should make to sink their golf ball, which is known as Par. Each Course also has a total Par rating. Contrary to most games in Toontown, with minigolf, the lower your score (under Par), the better!

When your Toon is ready to golf, it's easy to play. Press the Left or Right Arrow keys to change your Tee spot and press the Control key to set it.

Tee spot arrow keys

Once you've set your shot, press the Left or Right Arrow keys to aim and press and hold the Control key to swing your club. Holding the Control key will increase the power of your swing.

Swing control key

Toon Tip: Press the Up Arrow key to point yourself towards the golf hole.

Toon Tip: Press the Tab key to get a bird's-eye view of the golf hole you are on.

Toon Tip: The longer you hold down the Control key, the slower the power bar will move.

In the event of a tie, the Toon with the fastest course time (the least amount of total time aiming all of their shots) will be deemed the winner.

Minigolf uses special terms to describe how close a shot is to Par.

Par Rating Chart

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Minigolf Trophies

Toons can earn up to 30 different minigolf trophies -- earn them all and receive a total +3 point boost to your Laff limit -- +1 for each set of 10! Keep track of your records and achievements on the minigolf page in your Shticker Book.

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