These little candies aren't only delicious they are the currency of Toontown! Use jellybeans to purchase your gags, items from Clarabelle's Cattlelog - such as clothing, accessories, furniture for your Estate, SpeedChat phrases, and many other useful things a Toon can't live without. Jellybeans are also used to purchase and train pet Doodles, for fishing, and Estate gardening. Is there anything this versatile candy can't do?!?!

When you start as a new Toon, you receive a jellybean jar that can hold up to 40 jellybeans. You can earn jellybeans from playing Trolley Games, and by fishing and gardening. If you earn more than your jellybean jar can hold then any extra is transferred to the jellybean bank at your Estate, which can hold a whopping 12,000 beans!

WARNING!!! If your bank and jar are both full, extra jellybeans earned go to Flippy's favorite Toon charity, the Toons of the World Unite Foundation.

Jar of Jellybeans

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