Flowers in a window box

Spruce up your Toon's Estate with a variety of gardening features - including flowers, gag trees, and statues - and earn Laff Points too!

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How to Garden

You start by purchasing a Gardening Kit from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. When it arrives, you may begin planting different jellybean color combinations to grow flowers in designated areas outside your Estate, then water and watch them grow! It will take a day for a flower to fully bloom. Once it has, pick and sell it for jellybeans at the wheelbarrow located on your Estate.

Flower Species

The more you garden, the greater the variety of flowers you can plant. There are a total of 40 flower species -- including a variety of daisies, tulips, carnations, lilies, pansies, petunias, roses, and daffodils. For every 10-flower species that you successfully grow, pick, and sell, you will earn one gardening trophy and a +1 boost to your overall Laff Point level. You can earn a total possible boost of +4 from gardening.

Gardening Tools

When you pick flowers or water items in your garden, you earn skill points towards new gardening tools. The Gardening Kit starts with a Tin Shovel and Small Watering Can. As you gain more skill, you'll be able to plant more jellybeans, use more water, and purchase higher level tools. With your new tools, you'll be able to plant still more jellybeans at one time, unlocking flower breeds and statues.

Once you've attained a higher skill level, you no longer earn points by picking a lower level flower. In other words, once you've earned the ability to plant two jellybeans, you no longer get skill points for picking flowers grown from one jellybean. However, you may still need to plant flowers using only one jellybean to achieve your Laff Point boost.

TypeActionCumulative Skill Level
TinPlants 1 or 2 beans0 - 79
BronzePlants 3 or 4 beans80 - 239
SilverPlants 5 or 6 beans240 - 559
GoldPlants 7 or 8 beans560+

Watering Cans
TypeActionCumulative Skill Level
SmallEnough water for 2 days0 - 99
MediumEnough water for 6 days100 - 299
LargeEnough water for 10 days300 - 699
HugeEnough water for 14 days700+

You can water items multiple times to keep them watered longer. For example, when you first start gardening, you may use your Small Watering Can four times in a day to provide eight days worth of water.

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Gag Trees

Gag trees

Running low on cream pies? Plant up to eight gag trees in designated areas around your Toon's Estate and harvest them to replenish your gag supply. You can pick gags from trees once a day!

Trees must be planted in order of the gag level on each gag track. In other words, you'll need to plant a Squirting Flower tree (Gag Level 1) before you can plant a Glass of Water tree (Gag Level 2). Trees take longer to grow than flowers, and each higher level gag tree takes longer to grow than the previous one.

Once a tree is fully grown, you'll be able to pick gags from it. You also receive a damage boost in battle every time you use that specific gag, whether you picked it from the tree or bought it from the Gag Shop. Make sure you keep the tree healthy. You'll lose the damage boost if the tree needs water. In the case of Lure, you will receive an increase in this gag's accuracy from Low to Medium.

Also, if you decide to dig up your lower level Squirting Flower tree, you'll lose the Squirt damage boost and the ability to harvest your higher level Glass of Water tree.

Level 7 Gag Trees
Plant the first six trees from the same gag track in your Estate's garden. Once you have reached 10,000 skill points on that gag track, you will be able to plant the Level 7 gag. Once it's fully grown, harvest it for use in battle once a day. For example, if you plant the Squirting Flower, Glass of Water, Squirt Gun, Seltzer Bottle, Fire Hose, and Storm Cloud and have maxed out your Squirt gag track, you will then be able to plant a Geyser tree.

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Statury statues

Once you've attained a sufficient skill level, you'll be able to purchase statues from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. The greater your skill, the more statues you'll be able to buy.

Each statue comes with a specific recipe of jellybeans. You'll need to plant the statue with that assortment of jellybeans at the same time. Statues may only be placed on designated areas around your Estate.

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