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Playground Doodle Shops

A Doodle is a Toon's best friend - and good thing because thousands of Doodles have migrated to Toontown and are in search of a good home! Pet Shops in each playground sell a variety of Doodles, with new Doodles available every day. Each Doodle has a different personality - some are hungrier, some sleepier, some more playful and energetic. Doodles come in a variety of colors and patterns: some have spots, some are fuzzier, and some have scales! As they say, variety is the spice of life!.

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Adopt a Doodle

Adopting a Doodle

Start saving those jellybeans, because the least expensive Doodles can be adopted in the Toontown Central playground for 200-300 beans. The highest-priced Doodles can cost up to 5000 jellybeans in the Donald's Dreamland Pet Shop. Choose your Doodle carefully -- because even though you can return them, you will not get back your jellybeans and will lose any tricks you have trained!

Once you pick out the Doodle that is right for you, he or she will need a name. Doodle names are chosen from a name generator similar to the Toon name generator. Your Doodle will automatically be sent to your Estate once he has a name.

Toon Tip: Make sure to invite all of your friends over for a Doodle play-date - Doodles follow Toons to friends' Estates and love to play with other Doodles.

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Care and Feeding

Toon caring for a Doodle

Doodles need care and attention, or else they might get upset. Click on your Doodle to display the Doodle panel which will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. From there you can feed, scratch, and call for your Doodle. Icons and emotes that appear over a Doodle's head indicate how he is feeling. If he is hungry, click the FEED button in the Doodle panel and flick him a jellybean to eat! The jellybean comes out of your bank - who said pets were cheap?

Doodle emotions

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Toon training a Doodle

Teach your new friend how to play dead, roll over, and dance with Doodle Training lessons available for sale in Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Each trick is learned by positive reinforcement - if your Doodle jumps when you tell him to, let him know he is a good boy by using the SpeedChat menu - and he will be more likely to jump the next time you ask. Give him a nice scratch too - Doodles love to be scratched. A detail panel is available at your Estate to track your Doodle's training progress.

Toon Tip: When a Doodle performs a trick, the Toons around it heal. The better the trick, the more a Toon's Laff meter will refill.

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Doodles in Battle

Doodle helping in Cog battle

Call for your Doodle in the SOS panel during battle, and he will teleport to you. The traits and mood of your Doodle are important - he should be happy and ready to perform tricks. Each time he performs a successful trick, you and the other Toons in that battle get a Toon-up. The more trick training he has, the more likely he will perform his trick. Some tricks are more likely to be performed but will have less healing power.

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