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Donald's Dock

Donalds Dock

On the hazy shores east of Toontown Central lies the seaside neighborhood of Donald's Dock. There is some great fishing, and if you have a chance, take a swim in the playground and search for starfish. They can be scarce, but rumor has it they'll help fill your Laff meter if you can find them. Donald will be happy to give you a ride on his boat - but be warned he's sticking close to the playground, keeping a weather eye out for Cogs! Here you'll also find the gateway to outdoor fun - Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres!

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Ride the Trolley for slightly more challenging games or grab a ToonTask from the only floating Toon HQ in Toontown! Adopt a Doodle or get decked out in a new outfit at the local Clothing Store. Goofy's Gag Shop will net you the latest gags, and you can always spend some time ashore by visiting the local Party Gate.

Donalds Dock playground Map

Laff item - Starfish (restores 10 Laff points)

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Lighthouse Lane
If the Cogs get choppy, stick to the sidewalk shores!

Lighthouse Lane Map

Lighthouse Lane Graph

Seaweed Street
Not at all slimy or gross!

Seaweed Street Map

Seewead Street Graph

Barnacle Boulevard
Scrape those Cogs off the streets!

Barnacle Boulevard Map

Barnacle Boulevard Graph

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After finishing the Donald's Dock tasks, you'll start to hit your stride. Finish your gag training as fast as you can so you can start to earn skill points and new gags in your new gag track.

Here is a list of everything you will earn by completing all of the Donald's Dock tasks:

A Laff point limit of 34

Training for your fourth gag track

The ability to carry 30 gags

The ability to carry 60 jellybeans

The ability to carry two ToonTasks

Teleport access to Donald's Dock playground

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