Cog Buildings

Cog Buildings

The streets of Toontown are filled with friendly, colorful buildings that Cogs love to take over and turn into gray, scowling corporate monoliths. But you can take them back and make them Toony again!

But first, do a little recon. How tough is the building? Check out the lights above the elevator door ... the more lights, the more floors ... the more floors, the tougher the building. A few level 100 Toons have been known to try tackling a four-story building alone, but most come out sad and with all their gags in the hands of the Cogs. Call a few friends or join some new ones before getting on an elevator -- you'll need the help!

Cog Symbols

Who's home? There are telltale signs of what kind of Cogs are in a building - the shape of the building itself, the badge inside the elevator, and the new name above the door. Also, if the elevator door is closed, that means Toons are already inside. You can tell what floor they are on by looking at the elevator lights.

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Building Cogs

Some Cogs can only be found inside buildings. The Bossbots known as the Corporate Raider and The Big Cheese, Lawbots Legal Eagle and Bigwig, Cashbots Loan Shark and Robber Baron, and Sellbots The Mingler and Mr. Hollywood only reside in the uppermost floors of Cog buildings. The taller the building, the more likely you are to find these exclusive Cogs.

Cog Buildings Chart

Toon Tip: You can also find these exclusive Cogs in Cog HQs and sometimes they venture onto the streets of Toontown during a Cog invasion.

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Stars and the Toon Platoon

Toons with Toon Platoon Stars

The Toon Platoon is made up of the top 10 currently online Toons who have rescued the most buildings in a single district of Toontown. Their names and the star they have earned are displayed on the blackboards inside Toon HQ. To get a star above your head, you have to earn points. One point is earned for each building floor you recover.

10 points = Bronze star
20 points = Spinning bronze star
30 points = Silver star
50 points = Spinning silver star
75 points = Gold star
100 points = Spinning gold star

If a building you rescued gets taken over by Cogs again, you lose credit for that building. Also, there is a different Toon Platoon in each district. If you switch districts, your points do not travel with you.

Do your best to earn your place among the bravest Toons in Toontown!

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