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Zippy Toons are a Fast Favorite
fast Toons

Whether darting around Cogs in Daisy Gardens, or dashing all the way to Donald’s Dreamland to finish a ToonTask, Toons are zooming through Toontown!

The Silly Meter’s last super surge of silliness that turned Toon feet faster also burned out that kooky contraption’s Slaphappy Safety Valve. But not to worry – the Toon Scientists already have the Silly Meter back in Loony Labs and under repair.

In the meantime, let us know how YOU are enjoying this zippy new Toon-up to Toontown!

Posted on April 19, 2013 to:

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Rusty says:

I enjoy this update more than anything else. IT'S BOSS. :)

Magical Crocodile says:

Wow! I love going super fast sometimes my friends and I go on races to see who can find the building we need first! It's a great way to have fun while destroying those cogs to make things more toony :)

dog food delivery guy says:

it works SWELL! now I can get my tasks done quicker

Noisy Moe Flippenzap says:

Thank you for the faster running. It is very helpful for all that running that we toons have to do.

Moon Berry says:

I think the fast Toons are awesome! It really helps me find cog buildings faster and visiting other neighborhoods. I also hope that the silly meter is up again soon!

Angel Uber (Still in training) says:

I luv it!! I can defeat cogs more faster and it's easier! Thanks Flippy! This is the best yet,how did the Toon Scientists come up with the idea? TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!:)

Lollipop Lemonsirl says:

I love it!!! it gets stuff faster like tasks finding bldgs i just love it i want it to be like this 4 ever!!!

Little Tubby Dizzenspeed says:

I must say... Placing this from testtown to toontown was a splendid idea! It makes it fast to go to other playgrounds. It's very helpful when your disabling goons in the C.F.O., factories, mints, etc. In some factories or mints, there are stompers. This is VEEEEEERRRY helpful to dodging them! For a summary, Your idea is a 100,000,000,000 out of 100,000,000,000!!!!

Princess Fancy McQuack (111) says:

I LOVE it, ToonTown! The maps, the zippy-speed, I just have ONE question... WHATS NEXT??? :P

Prof. Zippety Zippenzoom says:

I love running through Toontown at this speed! Three reasons why: 1. It reminds me of all April Toons' Week fun! 2. I can finish Toontasks as easy as-yep! You guessed it! PIE. 3. I can jump farther (which comes in handy when you need to pass the lava obstacle course in the Cashbot Mint)! Thanks! We really appreciate you, Toontown!

Toon says:

I love this update. I hope for many more :)

David says:


Sprinkles says:

I love this update! It's amazing, and it rocks! :D

Bubbles Blubberbubble says:

I think i like the new fast toon i think it is very faster to turn in your toontasks, I myself LOVE toontown. I've Played It For Two Months and already 65 laff. I think toontown would be way better if april toons week was every day.

Andrew says:

Zooming around the streets of Toontown makes me feel like I'm in Goofy's Speedway again and racing to the finish and earning a new racing suit. I don't know why. Its just what i think of. although, i wish we could drive around the streets and run cogs over. Wouldn't that be fun?

Frank says:

The zippy toonup saves me in those tough pinches with many cogs. Thank you so much!!!!!

Cupcake Eating Buddy says:

This update rocks! I love being able to dodge stompers in factories, mints, etc. and race my friends all around ToonTown. Also, it has helped my toontasks go faster, too! Thanks for the BOSS update :D!

Kit McSplat says:

Wow! I absolutely love this update! It makes all those tasks when you have to run all the way to the end of a street a lot quicker! Thank you! :)

leonard d' barky (121 laff) says:

Im totally likeing it, it lets me get around so much faster. (Its the most useful thing when going to cashbot hq)

Prof. Dee Dee Dingletwist says:

Being super fast just got more fun! ToonTown is even better with the speed-up!

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

Hi, I'm Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot and I'm dropless. Wow, last April Toon's Week made all of the toons run a faster wild ride forever! I like the idea that toons can go faster because toons can do their ToonTasks faster. It's a big help. Ty, Toontown! Toons of the world unite!

Holly (69 laff) says:

I love it, and I totally recognize it from TestTown! Hope something new comes to TestTown. Also, I hope you add more stuff from TestTown into ToonTown! The running is fantabulous!

Tyler says:


blue mouse says:

i enjoy this update i can do my toontasks quicker and TOON OF THE WORLD UNITE XD

Amazon Crocodile says:

It is so fast! Now I can get my toontasks where I have to run to different playgrounds FASTER!

Yellotoad 92 laff says:

love running faster

Sir Comet Rufflescooter says:

I really enjoy the faster running speed. This really helps when trying to get to a very far away destination.

Sir Dynamite says:

Great addition to the game! Looking forward to future updates. Thanks!

Prof. Chip Electrosocks says:

I have to say that it is a great to have. Toons can get to place faster and it is very good in things like Factories or Ceo. Plus if you do not have teleport access to a place yet you can get to that place even faster now so that works also. Toontown did a great success on this update and you guys should keep up the great work.

Rusty says:

I LOVE IT! It helps when your rushing to do a toontask, running from those cogs, or even just exploring! Thank you for making us run super quick and get things done super fast. :)

Sweets Chocolate says:

I love this new update! :)

Neku says:

i wish i can run that fast.

Raindrop says:

I love it! It's not much of a difference but I can still tell. It's easier to get to a toon-up. (As in an ice cream cone, a star fish, snowflake, daisy, zzz, music notes etc.)

Peachy Keen says:

Love it!! L-O-V-E it

Miss Jemmywinks says:

Bravo! It's great!

Cool Lollipop Glittersprinkles says:

I think the new update is AWESOME! I can get to the VP faster! Thanks Toontown! ;D

Fat Twiddlescooter ( 61 laff ) says:

I already had everything I needed on ToonTown: Wedding cake, Fountain Toon up and all! NOW MORE! THANK YOU FLIPPY! I love the fast running.

Prof. Tom Cheezyfish says:

I like that toons run faster but there doesn't seem to be much change however the change that there was is nice!!!

Jasmine The Present Fairy (70) says:

I toon it!

Little Peanut says:

I love it! Getting around is so much quicker now.

Super Max MegaSpeed says:

Its awesome I love it! keep improving the game, I've been playing for years, and years to come too :)

Enterprise (91 laff) says:

This update has been great! I can just run up to a cog, bust him up, then zip back to the playground! It's gone great so far in mints, the factory, da offices, and bossbot carts!

King Loopy Zooblefussen Laff: 107 Lure-less says:

This is awesome Toontown! I have been able to get tasks done WAY faster now! Before I was like, "Come on this is taking FOREVER to get to this place!, I wish I could run faster!" But NOW I CAN!, and the Tooniverse is soooo much more fun now! Thank you Toontown! Just one question... Whats next?, First you have the maps that HELP SO MUCH to get to places for your toontasks, and then you have this awesome new "zippy" speed to get to places. These things have added so much more fun to the game and I can't stop playing! Great job! (applauds).

Tou says:

Running faster is really awesome. It makes getting things done SO much easier!

Fantastical Fox says:

I am biased about alot of things on Toontown and I gotta say this is a win! Being able to get to places faster is way more convenient. I say we should keep the zippety fast toons! :D

Aqua says:

Awesomeness. Epicness. PURE COOLNESS! :)

cool lily (61)laff says:

LOVEEEEEE the new update cant wait till the silly meter comes back

Squared says:

The faster running is very good and helps me do toon tasks and get around easier. :D

Sally says:


Malistairia says:

Best idea the Toon Scientists have done yet!!! Continue helping make ToonTown the wackiest it can be!! :)

Flip says:

Task faster laff higher :D

Fancy Lemonswirl says:

This is one of the best update in Toontoon! Now i can complete my tasks faster than ever

Throw Mia Bone says:

I think it's really helpful, as it used to take forever to run to places. Now, it doesn't seem as bad. Great update!

Midnight Jinx says:

One word for the toon-up, AWESOME!!!

Little Cuddles McFlipper (67 laff) says:

I didn't even notice the change! Now that I know it now it seems a bit easier! I can help my friend get all his tasks done!

Ginger says:

I love it! It's great knowing I can get to Bossbot HQ faster! Also it makes going to shops and other places if you can't teleport there much easier to get there!

Flamepaw says:

Yes! i am suprelly happy because now i can defeat cogs faster and make tasks faster Thanks so much toontown ! Toons of the world Unite!

Callidus says:

This update is really helpful! Though I'm done with delivery tasks by now, it is now WAY easier to get back into action after swooping to a near - by Toon HQ to turn in a task or a quick pit stop at the gag shop. Thanks alot, Toon Council!

Mysterious says:

I love it!!!!!!

Mr. Doo says:

I like the new update. When I go to CFO, I get there faster. Gags -- in a couple minutes. I say Hooray! Great job, professors and Flippy!

lady jinxsnout (LJS) says:

Its very cool thank you loony lab :3

Cool Dusty Supercrunch says:

This is a awesome update, now i can get to playgrounds and buildings faster thanks fliipy you rock!

Super Toon says:

It is super that us toons can go fast! Now we can finish toontasks on time! Toons of the world, unite!

Jellybeans are Yummy says:

This is a very "zippy" idea! Thank you Toontown! I love this idea!

midnight (40 laff) says:

its very helpful to all the toons!

Enterprise-D ( uber in training ) says:

I love this update! Running to places used to take forever, and now it's like ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Or something like that xD

Princess Lily says:

I was just talking about with everything us Toons have to do, that we should be able to run faster! I LOVE it! Toontasks should be a breeze from now! I REALLY, REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks SO MUCH Flippy and Tonntown :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

poppenhoffer says:

This new ``Toon-up``is totally ToonTastic! And it`ll make me run faster so I can water my garden more! WooHoo!

Fluffy (purple mouse) (88 laff) says:

its a great update! it used to take forever to run from place to place but now its an awful lot quicker. Thanks for doing this!

Good ol' fluffy whistletwist says:

I enjoyed this update.

Loud Thunderchomp says:

I love zippier toons! Now i can get stuff done faster and get to places faster!

Rusty says:

I LOVE IT! It helps when your rushing to do a toontask, running from those cogs, or even just exploring! Thank you for making us run super quick and get things done super fast. :)

Binky MacCorn (90 something laff) says:

Hey, this is really useful, especially if you don't have teleportation acces to certain areas. Moo.

Fluff Cream says:

I love zipping around the playgrounds! It's toontastic if you ask me!

silly goopy whistlenoodle says:

Going fast is great now i can beat up cogs more fast now.

Flame says:

Awesome update!

dandyfoot says:

WOW! i love this! i can destroy more cogs EVEN FASTER! my frieds have races to see who can bust the most cogs

Reconey says:

wow this is an awesome update!!!! i really love it so much. i really appreciate it a lot thanks for making it and hope for plenty plenty more!

Sea Green Cat says:

ITS AWESOME! My toon runs alot faster now thanks loony lab scientists! and you too silly meter! :D

El says:

I love the running fast, makes me sea (see) sick tho....LOL

Master Jellyroll Lemondoodle says:

As a bear, when I turn into a polar toon in hibernation vacations, i sort of lag. But, now that toons run faster, I surprisingly don't lag!

WeirdChunky Electroslam says:

It's awesome possom!!! I can get my tasks done faster so I can more tasks all in one day :-).

Memories says:

its amazing!! i can always get in and out of the factory doors easy!! VERY HELPFUL!

super funnycrunch says:

This is awesome! Keep updating Toontown, and make it even more Toontastic!!!

Socks says:

It was a great addition! I can't wait for more! Maybe soon there will be another!

Little Kitten says:

I love this update! I can see the difference! It's one of the best updates! IT'S BEAST!

James Doggimon says:

Nice update! You rock, Toontown!

Omar says:

Thanks for the boost! :D

Miss Taffy (48 laff) says:

I think this is great! I can get my toon tasks done faster :D

Max says:

Finally, I can run across streets to buildings faster! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Little Kitten (79 Laff Red 'Kitten') says:

This is one of the best updates! I love this! Thanks ToonTown!

Princess Ladybug says:


Viper says:

i dont really feel the change

Nicerlis says:

Thanks for the extra zip!! Saves a LOT of time getting down the street to HQ, and even shortens the time it takes to water all of the trees at my estate. Thanks again !!

Dandilion says:

WOW! I love going faster! It helps me get from one place to the other much quicker, and it helps me with my tasks. Thanks!

midnight (40) says:

yay!!! i can run fast!

Wilbur {Now Member} says:

This makes the factory run much easier. Now i can bust those cogs and get my suit even quicker than a blink!

Ima Mouse ( 41 laff ) says:

i love running faster its a lot more easy to walk/run to get toontasks done

Popcorn says:


Awezomegirl says:

Well I really don't see a change

Little Buzz says:

This update is a success! Now my friends and I can get done with our toontasks quicker without being in a hurry!

Doctor Jake funny woof says:

i raced a cog all the way to boss bot HQ

Big Bacon says:

I love It Because the following... 1. get around cogs faster 2. New toons will finish toontown central faster 3. and the best of all... I Did not know this until i got to the Sellbot HQ Faster, and i was like... " Gee, I LOVE running fast! "

King Fritz says:

I don't notice it

Duke Dynamite (137 laff) says:

Best update yet. Helps me get to HQ's much faster

sweet dreams says:

sorry but i think its a BAD update!! i have a toon that is about 112 laff and she has nothing to do!!!!

Black Rose says:

>:O This is the best update ever! IT"S BOSS! ;)

Person says:

Haha its funny sometimes i just run so fast i pass everything.

Pokemon says:

Me and my friends race together i wish it never ends.!

cool bananaswirl says:

I think the new update is awesome now we can get away from cogs faster!

Prof. Max Twiddlejinks says:

I think this is toontastic! Iam always going to cashbot HQ for mints or CFO and Donalds dreamland streets are long so now I can run faster and get there quicker! Thanks so much toon workers! Toons of the world unite!

PrincessCuddlesBananaswirl says:

I think faster toons were a great idea, you guys should add a super sonic speed button too in case anyone wants to go to their destination quicker!

Rosebud says:

:o Yay I can be a zippy piggy! :D

Annie paws says:

Whoah!!! I was like zooming and in less than a clap I was already in Donald's dreamland! This is like the most epic update ever!!! Lets beet those slow- poke cogs!

Cutie says:

It allows me to get to where I need to be faster. I am a nearly maxed toon so I don't need to be out on the streets much anymore (thanks to teleportation) but it is helpful when I need to visit sellbot, cashbot, lawbot, and/or bossbot HQ.

mike says:

i love it this new update is awsome

Livie says:

Omg I love running faster. I used to be like,' Hurry up, almost there!!' Now since we run fast, it really helps with tasks! Thanks Toontown!!:)

Rainbow Wondersprinkles says:

Running fast is an absolute must! Toontasks require a lot of running which is very tedious when you are slow. Thank you so much for this update.

Princess Violet Sparkle Muffin says:

Wow! I just love going faster I have been playing for 2 years and Toon Town has improved a lot! Sometimes, I'm walking along the streets and then I run into a cog, and I'm just not fast enough! But now, I can get away from them so easily! Take that cogs! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! :)

Miss Sadie Jeepersocks 137 laff says:

This zany new speed is great!

Roxas says:

Its pretty neat

Jasmine The Present Fairy (70 Laff ) says:


Fireball says:

i love going super fast i like to do races with friends and i will enjoy this update

Green Dog (102 Laff) says:

Awesome Keep It Going Toontown Soon Toons Will be Fast As Lightspeed! Toons Of The World Unite!

Cool Goopy Thunderswirl says:

This "paws"itevely toontastic!

(Duncan 116 laff) says:

Now with Super-toon-speed, the cogs can never catch me! Wuahahaha!

Princess Marigold says:

I absolutely LOVE this. It use to feel like it took forever to run through a street. Woo! :D

Tim says:

Thanks for this great upgrade.

Beary Berry Nice (low toon) says:

Yay! I love this new update! Now when I get to a higher lvl I'll be zippin' away to do my tt's. Since I'm "beary" nice, I'm giving a comment. Gl toons and have so much fun like I am! Toons of the world unite!

Crazy Candy Lmeonbubble says:

Wow I really do run alot faster, Thanks Toontown!

Trust Me says:

This update it the coolest won yet! One day I finally realized that I was going faster than normal. Trust me, I love it!

Super Rainbow Rabbit says:

This update is totally AWESOME!!!! Whenever I go down Oak Street I seem to get there faster than normal! Btw Oak Street is located in Daisy Garden and you go to sellbot HQ through that tunnel.

Morningfrost says:

Hey, I love this new speed. It makes me zoom across the whole map in about 1 minute and it used to take me 3 minutes! Wow, what a fast toon-up!

Zues says:

FINALLY! Woohoo! I've waited so long for this!