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Turn Heads by Turning Into a Polar Toon

Turning into a Polar Toon is a Toontastic way to enjoy the Winter Holiday!
Polar Toons


To make yourself as frosty as a SnowDoodle, just go visit Paula Behr at Hibernation Vacations on Polar Place in the Brrrgh.
Say the SpeedChat phrase “Howdy!” to her, and  –  POOF!
Your Toon is now as white as snow!


Add some winter accessories, and you’re ready to celebrate the Winter Holiday in true frosty fashion.


Brrr! - This snowy white effect melts off your Toon if you leave the freezing cold temperatures of the Brrrgh! It's just too warm and wacky in those other Neighborhoods.


Posted on December 16, 2011 to:

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Lady Poppy says:

You cant have a snowman head and this at the same time, and this Polar Toon only works in Brrrgh and not in other playgrounds, I am sure as today I turned into a polar toon to remove my snowman head.

ToonCouncil says:

You are exactly right, Lady Poppy. You sure "snow" your Toontown winter facts!

starlight says:

i cant wait to get on toontown im so happy its WINTER ;D :}

Snowflake says:

WOW! That looks really awesome! I will go try that right away! I LOVE YOU TOONTOWN!

Cool Stripey says:

Cool!I'm gonna go buy winter clothes and look like a snowman!

Milton SniffleSpeed says:

Does it work everywhere now since it's winter? That would be awesome!

ToonCouncil says:

This snowy white effect melts off your Toon if you leave the freezing cold temperatures of the Brrrgh! Those other wacky Neighborhoods are a little too warm for it. You can wear your Snowman head all over Toontown though!

Husky says:

Is your toon white forever if you get a snowman head? Because I tried as my newest toon but didn't look white as the photo above.

Princess Cuddles says:

Wow, this is awesome! Thanks soooo much toon council! YOU ROCK! Im going to go make my toon white right now! Thanks!

Trixie says:

That's Toontastic!!

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

Does the thing work just in the Brrrgh or does it work everywhere? Even if it only works in the Brrrgh that will work for my toon Reepicheep because he is in the Brrrgh. Happy Holidays and toons of the world unite!

ToonCouncil says:

Then your chilly mouse is in luck, Rhubarb. The Brrrgh it is!

doctor blinky says:

i love the snowman heads. it will look great once i turn snow doodle white!

wilbur says:

this will be great thanks toontown! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Darkness says:

Yay i love winter you guys come up with such good ideas :{D

ella says:

i think it is awesome to have a white toon!! im gonna go try it. :D

Mister loopenzilla ( now 60 LAFF! ) says:

whats up toontown! although i havent gotten my snowman head yet, i have been turning white as freezing cold snow! And the Brrrgh just happily fits Winter Holiday! Happy Winter Holiday and Toons of the world unite! ( btw please post )

Tom CrinkleQuack says:

This sounds great! I will be logging in soon to go buy some winter goodies to go with my snowman hat :D

lady fancy sparklemarble says:

I love toontown winter.

Bunny ( 61 laff ) says:

Cool But I New That XD So.... Happy Winter! Toons!

Goldie says:

For toons who haven't tried this in any other time, this works ALL the time. Try it out, it's toontastic!

Chester says:

I have my snowman head. Caroling was EASY. Anyway, I would not do this because...... I wanna keep my head. But, THAT SOUNDS EPIC!

Bassdownlow says:

Thats pretty cool, even though i've known that. Its good to tell it to others though so that way they know they can be big and white in The Brrrrgh too.

Colonel Popcorn says:

im sorry toontown, but i already knew

Duke Wondertoon says:

I look very cool in white!ITS RARE!!!!!!!Thanks toontown!

caz says:

I love my frosty new head! The only problem is that some bunnys have been trying to eat my nose!

Ginny says:

Yeah, I tried that trick before all the holiday things even started... and it worked!

Little Fangs says:

This can also work any time of the year.. Even in the summer! Just remember, say "Howdy!" every time you visit!

lucky star says:

So this won't stay anywhere except the brrrgh? I think I got this thing now I can't wait for the winter holidays! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!

Juggernaut says:

i have a question i left the brrrgh and i wasnt white anymore whats up with that? Do u have to stay in the brrgh to keep the whiteness

Tiana says:

Thanks, I love Winter in Toontown<3 -Tiana.

Karen (81 laffer) says:

Cool! Every time i go to the brrrg ill be sure to become frosty white! :D How awesome brr

Dillon says:

Thanks ToonTown for these Toontastic event. I might do the tasks but one thing thats important to remember................. TOONS OF THE WROLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doctor violet bizzenpop says:

i love Toontown so so so much =)

Super Kitty Cat Hero says:

I love making snowmen heads! But most of all I love to help other toons to get their heads.Today i helped four toons get their heads! :D

rosie says:

winter wold =)

Bonnie says:

I love being a polar toon! I also like the 'no colour' toon-changing tasks. They make you a white toon everywhere! Except you can't be a BIG white toon. Can't wait to go carolling! :D

Jas says:

i hope to make a new toon and make it a bear so when i go to the brrr level i will be as white as snow

Pearl says:

My ducky likes the cold-ness xD Love this idea

Jannesta says:

if you make your toon white, does the toontastic snowman head melt away?????? my friend's wore off ; _ ;

Loopy Zany Bizzengoose (113 Laff) says:

These snowman heads are SO cool! My friends were caroling together and now we are snowmen :D

Piggboy says:

This looks AWESOME! CANT WAIT 2 get it! Can you wear it to your estate though?

King Electroburger says:

Yayz..... I am gonna get it.

Odieboy says:

Wow,I guess Polar Toon Monkeys are like yetis! TOONTASTIC!

Princess C.J. says:

Awesome! I'll be doing it! Happy

Brooke says:

WOW! That is so cool!

baron pickles rhinozap says:

Thanks alot ToonTown! I have to try this out!

Breezepelt says:

I love this time of year on Toontown!!!! You can't tell anyone apart since everyone looks white and snowy. Can't wait to become snowy-white!!

prinssesss roisy says:

omg this is soooo cool

Charlotte says:

Wow! I always loved to make myself white whenever I go to The Brrrgh. I'll do it again! It's really fun, plus you become bigger! Can't wait! Toons of the World, Unite! :D

princess says:


Scary says:

I think these are great! With the little winter hats on top of the snowman head! I say Toontown did great with all the Winter clothes too! Great Job ToonTown! DOWN WITH THE COGS! Scary :o)

Sir J.C. says:

I am extremely happy that winter toontown is back I love it when it is winter. It's my favorite season I love it. Oh anyways um I am glad that we can get our snowman heads. Since the beginning of toontown when i first started playing I explored all the maps and I got to the brrrgh and became a white toon with out doing the quest no color I love it! So I am gonna be playing until toontown get's boring but when is that gonna stop. See ya later Toontown fans keep playing. Seasons greeting I hope you get home for the holidays and spend time with family. Bye :D

Purr - Fect dreamer says:

I Just got the snowman head it is awesome and you can also be a polar bear at the brrrgh! =) Its so awesome i love toon holidays!!!

ducklett says:

hey that cool but can have the head at the same time it bee cool to be snow toon . i've seen toons that are white outside of the brrrgh like in daisy garden why is that

Chimmy says:

I'm going to let you know... You can be white ANY TIME of year. Just go to Paula and say "howdy!" And viola! Polar toon during any time! But it will wear away.

Sparky says:

I know u can turn ur toon white, but where and what phrase do i use? plz reply thnx!

Pickles says:

Thats awesome! I love being a white toon! It's cool! Thanks Toontown! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Nikey_Kat says:

Yea this is awesome flippy! thanks for doing this! i can't wait to get my snowman head :-)

Co-Co says:

I think these polar things are GREAT!:) my opinion P.S merry Christmas to all toons!!

Mini says:

Snow has fallen all over toontown! I love this time of year. Happy winter holiday fellow toons.

fgToony says:

WICKED! I can't wait to be a POLAR TOON! AWSOME! Long live the POLAR TOON! Happy Winter Holiday!

Junkyardog says:

Im going to the brrrrgh right now to become a polar toon! i cant wait to get my snowman head too! Flippy see you in the snowball fights! have a toontastic day!!

C.J. says:

It dosnt work for nonmembers =(

peanut sparklenugget (104 laff) says:

i want to be a polar toon and have a snowman head but i dont wanna lose my small toon

Sparkle Swirl says:

Awesome!!! this is so cool :D

Princess Kait's Nubish Uber says:

WOW! That looks really awesome! I will go try that right away! I LOVE YOU TOONTOWN!

Daphne Twinklemarble says:

I'm so gonna take advantage of being a snow toon! XD

jose says:

thx 4 everything

Duke Bizzy Sourwoof says:

I had the white before anyone revealed it. I think it looks best on dogs, cats and mouses. I'm a duck though. It looks like a goose.

Super Purplepop says:

i love it i just got it today! i hope everyone likes it and enjoys it for this season winter coming up!!!!!!!! thanks toontown!!!!!!!!! From, Super Purplepop

Firequacker says:

Does this awesome look last forever as long as I'm in the Brrrgh?

Aunt Clover says:

I love the white it makes me look like snow!! :) Thank you very much and Howdy everyone have a great Christmas! Merry Christmas!!

Popsicle (60 laff) says:

AWESOME!! Thanks ToonTown!

Dottie says:

Cool. I think I want to turn into a polar toon. Happy Holidays Flippy and Toons of Toontown!!!!!!!!! TOONTOWN IS AWESOME!

Isabella says:

Awesome! I Love It Toontown Thanks :D Toons Of The World... UNITE! :)

Fluffy Turtle says:

im defiently gonna try this it sounds like it will look really kool! xD

Superbunny1129 says:

I always loved turning white as snow! Since I forgot I what place to go to I never did it again:/. But now I can't wait to log on on turn as white as a snowdoodle,:D

Penny says:

Cool! I can't wait to meet paula behr! Cant wait to turn white!

Princess Curly says:

I knew this before this told me! But its still pretty awesome!

Halloween Kitty says:

I wish we can get white PERNAMENTLY like when we made a black cat on Halloween :)