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Toontown’s Halloween Art Contest
Halloween Art Contest


Enter Toontown's Halloween Art Contest today for a chance to win a Toontastic Prize Pack!
Creating a spooky and silly Toontown Halloween work of art is the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit!

Your Halloween Art must be Toontown-themed, celebrating this chilling holiday in Toontown with Halloween accessories, clothing, decorations, costumes, or even creepy Cogs.
Submit your Toontown Halloween Art between now and October 14, 2012 for your chance to win.

Five First Prize winners will each receive a Toontown Prize Pack stuffed full of Toontastic treats, including a Cog bobblehead, Toontown clock, and lots of other Toon goodies!
The winning Halloween Art will be posted on Toontown Online for all to see and enjoy - just in time for Halloween!

To enter and send us your Toony Halloween Art,
just go to Toontown's Contest page by clicking here!

Make sure you read the Contest rules before sending your entry.
Submit your haunted Halloween art between now and October 14, 2012!

Attention Toons! This contest is now closed!
Thank you for all your Toontastic entries. Look for the winners in
Toon News... For the Amused
right before Halloween!

Posted on October 05, 2012 to:

This thread is now closed for comments.

Ugly Milton Doggenpop says:

I hope I win!

Popcorn says:

ooo awesome I didnt think they still did art contests :3

ToonCouncil says:

Why Toon art is Toontastic, Popcorn!

Watermouse says:

I will be sure to enter this one!

Peace Girl (107 laff) says:

YAY it's finally here! I've waited 2 years for this! Thank you sooooo much! I have my art ready that I made, I don't know, in the end of 2010!!! :D

Perry says:

awesome!! i might enter!

Riversong says:

Can digital art be valid to enter? Or does it have to be traditional artwork?

ToonCouncil says:

We enjoy both, Riversong! There are two ways to enter your Halloween artwork, depending on how you created it. Head to the Contest page through the link in the post above to read all about sending us your silly and spooky Halloween art.

miss roxy wildberry says:

i cant wait for all the halloween stuff this year and i like to look at peoples pictures because i think there so beautful!:)

Maddy says:

Good luck everyone!

Featherton says:

Oh my! This is like 2010's art contest all over again! :) I'm so trying again!

Duckster says:

I cant really draw very good. Can I still enter?

ToonCouncil says:

Of course, Duckster! Just keep it Toony and full of Halloween fun, and give it your best shot.

Crazy Rainbow Twinklesnoop says:

I really want to enter, because those prizes sound really good! I live in the UK though, am I still allowed to try and win?

ToonCouncil says:

This particular Contest is open to only U.S. residents, Crazy Rainbow Twinklesnoop. If you live in another country and would still like us to see your Halloween Art, send it to us through the Fan Art section! Just go to Toon HQ and click "Fan Art"!

LUCKY C 137 LAFF says:

I LOVE THE IDEA! My mom thinks i can draw well enough to get one in!

Ava says:

OOO! I'm sending mine in right away!

super ned says:

Good luck all :)

Goldenleap says:

Ohmigoshes! This is awesome! Thanks toontown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Rhubarb Fuzzyberry says:

:O I love to draw, and I love Toontown! It's simple, right? Combine the two to make a fun art project! It is rather hard to draw my epic vampire costume though... :P

Leopardheart says:

Well..... I can't draw very well, but ill give it my best try! Toons Of The World, Unite!

Cranky Flipperbubble says:

YAY!!! I'm absolutely entering my ( horrible bad ) art!!!! ill try my hardest and good luck to all you other toons!!! HALLOWEEN SPIRIT, UNITE!!!

poppenhoffer says:

WOW!!!!! an Halloween art contest? That sounds totally TOONTASTIC! But hey flippy are you going to enter the art contest? You might as well have some spooky/chilling to the bone ideas right now. Well good luck to all toons and....HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (Laughs Evilly)

Nutty says:

Things are looking SPOOKY!

Sarah says:

This is going to be super fun! I'm so going to enter. ANY TOON WITH ME?! :D

ToonCouncil says:


Boo Boo Googletoes says:


bubble cat (107) says:

Yay! I can't wait! i hope I win a prize! :)

Orange Mouse ( Hallowmouse ) says:

I will join this contest, it's Spooktackular!

Little Rainbow says:

Already drew the sketch! I'm so excited!

Dragon Magic says:

:o I can't wait to submit my art! I just started it. I wish you all good luck, and I think those Prize Packs sound AMAZING! Toons of the World, Unite! :)

Grapes says:

OOO I can't wait to to start I'm going to put everything into it. Happy Halloween!

Fluffy Bananamuffin says:

yeah im totally entering! i hope i win!

Miss Furball Peppergoose (68 laff) says:

I really like drawing, and i think halloween drawing would be the best thing for me. Thanks toontown for creating such a wonderful way to celebrate halloween. Miss F.P.

Patriotic Dog says:

A Halloween contest sweet!! I'm gonna get my art supplies out right now!!! Good luck all you spooky Toontown fans!!!

Little Razey says:

This is gonna be great! All toons unite! Toons of the world unite!!!!!!!!!!! :D Good luck you guys! :)

Creative says:

I'm totally gonna enter, with the creativity i got already in my mind!

Volleyball Dachshund says:

Omg im going to send a picture in and try my hardest! :3

KayKay says:

I always love entering i won won year hope a win again good luck everyone

Boingenbubble says:


Moonlight says:

Awesome, i can draw pretty well, oooooo im so PUMPED! happy halloween toontown ;)

Halloween says:

Seems like fun, I've always wanted to try one of these!

Litwick says:

This should be awesome

Peanut Butter Puppy says:

I just prepared my drawing and I hope i can join and win! It took my a lot of time to draw this and I hope you like it!

Rosebud says:

yay im gonna do this for SURE! i love drawing :)

Rocksteady says:

Wow! I'm joining this I hope I win!

Prince Sammie Dizzenknees says:

Can't wait to see how I do! I was thinking about a great idea to enter, now all I have to do is actually draw a good picture of it..... Wish me luck. :D

Babymouse says:

Cool i just asked my mom to enter the Halloween Art Contest!

Skippy Superpop (110) says:

Sweet! Can't wait for all the Halloween fun! I hope to see some great art this year! Toons of the world, unite!

Misty says:

This is awesome! I'm gonna try my best :) Good luck! (And don't be a sore loser :P)

Looney says:

Im gonna start working on my art ASAP :D

Mister Von octonoodle (77) says:

Oh Boy, Can't wait to see allt he toons' wonderfull art work! Keep it up!!!

Goin' Bananas says:

Can't Wait! I Always Sit In School And Draw My Little Monkey With His Toonosaur Outfit! I Hope It Comes Out Well! I Have Such Big Ideas For It! Your Toontastic Friend, Goin' Bananas.

Rosebud says:

I sent mine in the mail already! hope you guys like it! Happy Halloween!

Kelly (52 laff) says:

Wow! I wish I could draw... Those prizes sound cool!! I can't wait to see the winners!! And good luck to all that are entering :D!

Peanut says:

I'll be sure to put my best effort into this if i can figure out how to send it...... :P Anyways... Yay! :D

Cute Art says:

i love drawing i hope i win ^ ^

Funny Fiery Fireball says:

Ohhh man, I hope I win! Maybe I should draw Fiery in her Super-Toon costume...

vanilla milkshake says:

ok so im gonna make a princess costume i hope you like and enjoy it i love toontown! :D

Carlito says:

I hope to see some winners!

Lizzie says:

Wow! This sounds toontastic! I'm gonna start right away! :)

Furball says:

Wow! Now I really want to enter and get a prize!

Loopy Mc Twist says:

Im gonna draw my picture right now!

Sparkletoon says:

Cool! I'm going to try and enter. Good Luck everyone!

Ashley Sparkle Star says:

Can I Draw My Halloween Picture And Scan It To My Computer Or Does It Have To Be Made On The Computer?

ToonCouncil says:

Either way is okay by us, Ashley! You can either mail in a copy of your drawing, or scan it in and send it to us online. You can even create your artwork on your computer and send it to us online.

Cooltoon says:

FANTASTIC!!!!!! Count Me IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rey says:

i hope i win i made a pretty good picture

Cadece says:

I am gonna enter the contest!!! I hope i win i am not good at art.

Good ol' Popcorn says:

I agree with you Flippy, Art contests are TOONTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! :D i really love looking at them every time :D

Cool Lefty Twiddleflapper says:

I'm making mine right now, wish me luck Flippy!

Emerald says:

Wow, so many great people entering. I don't think my art stands a chance. But I'll give it a shot!

richard says:

surely I am joining it :D

Cutie Pututie says:

I'm not that great of an artist but you never know unless u try!!!! :)

darth lollipop says:

i am so going to enter this contest! i love contests and toontown and halloween! you should do more art contests! i love art too!

Loud Thunderchomp says:

YAY!! I made fan art! Flippy, your a ghost in it! i cant wait to submit it! Those prizes sound Toontastic! I love toontown! Good luck to everyone! I cant wait to see the winners drawings!

Trixie :) says:

I think the contest sounds great! But, I have one question, are we being judged by artistic skills or creativity?

ToonCouncil says:

The Contest entries will be judged on creativity, humor (this IS Toontown, after all!), and how well your artwork captures the Toontown Halloween theme! For all Contest rules, just click the link in the post above. Or you can see the Rules and more entry details on the Contest entry page, also a link in the post above. Good luck, Toons!

Violet says:

Yay! Time to show off the toony and artistic side of me! I hope I'll win. :)

Shadowkit says:

I, for one(and I don't mean to brag), am an excellent computer artist. I don't make it realistic, I just make it cartoony and fun!

Omar says:

When submitting the art it asks for toon name and description. What do you mean by description? Description for the toon or for the art?

ToonCouncil says:

The "Desciption" is for you to tell us about your artwork, if you like. Or if you feel like explaining what's going on in your Toontown Halloween drawing, or even give it a title. It's up to you, Omar!

Robot ( 30 laff ) says:

Oh my ^-^ I think ill submit mine today, Thanks toontown i love drawing pictures of my toons and friends :3

Lightning Dragon says:

Omg I have good art skills I am definetely going to enter :o. Toontown is my all-time favorite website so ill draw something TOONTASTIC.

Good ol' Popcorn says:

i agree with you Flippy, i love the art contests i love looking at the peaces of art

paisly owl leaf says:

wow! I can't wait to enter!

Luna Cresent says:

Awesome! I might give this a try!

Choclate Fudge says:

Painting As I Post this.

Gumdrop says:

Awesome! I hope I win!!! :D



Lady Taffy Flipperquack (113) says:

Omigosh! :) Thanks for doing a contest this year Toontown! I hope I get one of the first five places!

Big Blue says:

I Hope i win this is my first time to join

Melody Glitterswirl says:

YESSS! I looove art contests i'm gonna do this one!!!

Princess Ginger says:

Awesome! I didn't think they still did this. :)

Katia says:

This is so exciting! Can't wait to enter!

Charlotte says:

COOL! I'm gonna enter right away! :D

Cool Ladybug Poodledoodle says:

Cool, im great at art! :)

Roxy says:

Sounds fun I am SOOO entering :D

FLUFFY says:

i Am ready for paint to splash!!

mutt says:

I think the Halloween Toon Art is a neat idea.

Biscuit says:

I've never entered an art contest before but I think I'll try it.

Autumn Cat says:

omigosh I'm totally entering! hope i win! :D

Master Pancake Electrobrains says:

You guys are already awesome! I bet it is hard for Toon HQ to decide who to pick! Good luck all of you. :-D

Docter Leroy says:

I finger painted a black cat :P

maxis says:

toontaic time of art

lady bananas says:

awsome im doing it

JinxJinks says:

This is going to be the most SPOOKTASTICLY-TOONTASTICLY-TASTIC contest ever! Good luck to all who enter!

Color Ivy (Lime Dog) says:

I can't wait to see the toontastic art! I am working on my art now.

Curious says:

SO gonna enter, love art rlly bad... X) can't wait! <3

oswald (laff 65) says:

I want the toontown clock badly!

ursula gigglepocket says:

this will be fun

Red Dog (75 Laff) says:

Alright! I can't wait to see how all the paintings look :) Have fun!

Shadow Cat says:

i entered :) good luck everyone who submitted a picture for the contest! :D

biscuit pepperflipper says:

i wanna win so badly!