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Toontown in the Glad Handers' Grip!

We're glad to say not many Toons were sold on the Sellbots' sending Glad Handers to schmooze a Toon truce yesterday...
Gaggles of Glad Handers are now marching into Toontown, trying to take control
hand over fist!

Glad Handers invade

We're going to need all Toons to lend a hand in busting up this latest Cog invasion plot!
Those double-dealing Glad Handers took us by surprise, so we're not sure where or when they will try to get the upper-hand. The Toon Resistance advises all Toons to stock up on strongly silly gags!

If you need a break from the Glad Hander invasions, Resistance Rangers have handily blocked off these Districts as safe zones from the invading Sellbots:

Crazy Grove

Giggly Hills Goofy Valley

Silly Valley Zany Acres

We think it's the Sellbots behind this latest Cog scheme... are you sold on that theory?

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Eleanor says:

Oh no! Glad Handers? Ill be sure to get my high toon and defeat as many as I can!

Sandy says:

Oh no!!

Captain Rhinobrains says:

"It's a trap!"

Funnybunny says:

What could that Legal Eagle be doing in Sellbot HQ? Maybe he's trying to sweet talk his way into getting his own Office!

rich says:

oh no I am going to get them

Bagelflip says:

Of course.... Although having a special place in my heart for the cogs... I knew they were still up to no good... Let's hope they don't have any more tricks up their sleeve!

Totally Squeak says:

I was in rage when I saw the glad handers invading toontown! Mainly, because they tricked me....

Cool Chroma says:

Oh my! I knew I shouldn't have trusted those sacks of metal! They really got me in for that- now I can't BELIEVE that they LIED! Ohh, I'm so mad...I'll be doing run after run of Sellbot factories for that...

Miss Tricky says:

I dont think they are really on our side. They are going to befriend us and when were not careful they will try and take over. I dont know about you but Im going to keep my strong gags handy. :D

Sneaky Lightning says:

Why is a Leagel Eagle there? This Does NOT feel right!!!

Tyler says:

i will get my wedding cakes and destroy all the glad handers i see, those happy cogs are in for a surprise! right flippy?Toons of the world unite!

Loud Crumbly Fuzzybumber says:

They look mean they squrit ink in your face they ALWAYS lie, they honestly think that they can beat us. But they never do.

Captain Blubbersnout says:

I may be wrong, but Flippy, I think the legal eagles are the ones Sending out the Glad Handers! Lawbots AND Sellbots! Look's like I need More Pies!

Tyler says:

and yes, i do believe that the sellbots are the schemers in this crime..

Roxy Thundermuddle says:


Jade says:

I KNEW IT!!! NEVER TRUST THE COGS! IT'S JUST LIKE A FEW YEARS AGO! I'll keep gags in arm's reach.

Yuuki says:

Not surprizing, but thank you Glad Handers :) for helping me out on my gag tracks. You are really handy.

robin says:

see I knew this will happen but I got my pies ready to get some cogs... let the cream pies fly! Toons of the world unite!!!!!!

Chocolate Milk says:

I knew it! Those cogs have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Princess rainbow sparkleswirl says:

I think the chairman from cog nation has scared them and they want a new home. Their new home being toontown. Don't worry we won't Give it over easily.

Scruffy says:

i'm not surprised about the Glad Handers they cant really believe we fall for their tricks

Awsome black cat says:

I also believe that this does not feel right, the sellbots aren't the real ones behind this scheme, maybe lawbots are guiding them, forming an alliance of just lawbots and sellbots.

Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth says:

I KNEW it! i knew we couldn't trust them! Time to bust up those cogs for lying to us!

Fangs Eletrcomash says:

I told you not to trust them!!!!!!!

Piplup says:

Ooh! I wonder what that Legal Eagle is doing back there, we'll just have to wait and see what follows up after the Glad Hander Invasions...

Little Cat says:

I knew they were tricking us! Let's get our gags and STOP THEM! Toons of the World, Unite!

Lighting (112) says:

Knew just knew, with years of defeating those metal beasts in my books i know that they just plan on doing some big push to take toontown

Electrotooth says:

I knew it! I could feel it in me that it was a lie. Cogs are never any good! Toons of the world, Unite! Lets stop these big handed goons! We won't let them win! Let's show them what we've got! Grab your seltzer bottles! Toontown is about to have some battles!

Chloe (110 laffer) says:

I knew we couldn't trust the Glad Handers

Good ol' Corny says:

I knew it! Those cogs CANNOT be trusted! Lets send these cogs back where they came from. Shall we?

Fuzzypounce says:

I was right! I will keep my toon-up in handy for the waves! :O

Zippy says:

You can never trust a Cog, no matter what. They will probably never call a truce.

Lady Gwen says:

Just as I had guessed. You can NEVER trust those cogs, people!

Ben says:


Magical Crocodile says:

I knew it! You can never trust those sneaky cogs! Now I need to refill my gags and get throwing!

Striker says:

I knew those scheming Sellbots were up to no good! Let's give them a round of pies!

Forest Swan says:

I knew it! Everyone get those pies ready!

Colonel Rhubarb Electrocorn says:

Hey, everyone! To me, it looks like one of the Glad Handers in the back is giving a report to the Legal Eagle, which might mean that the Legal Eagle could be a scout from Lawbot HQ, meant to give a report to the Cheif of Justice! Could the Lawbots be behind this scheme? It sure looks like it to me.

Mel says:

I don't know about you guys, but that Legal Eagle is giving me the stink eye...

Emma says:

Those cogs are gonna get a face full of wedding cake...

Oswald says:

I don't think the sellbots are behind this sneaky plot. If you look closely at the picture above there is a Legal Eagle! I wonder what the Lawbots are planning. Maybe they made a deal with the sellbots? I don't know!

Moon Berry says:

Wow. I knew it! They DID takeover! At least there are a few districts blocked off, because I'm working on my cog gallery and I don't need Glad Handers (anymore). There's one thing all Toons should remember: Never (ever) trust a cog.

Chip says:

I knew it was a trap! It was too good to be true! But there is one thing I do not get, why is there a Legal Eagle in the back? I think he is behind the whole thing!

Jason says:

Glad Handers bring it on!! Im ready

Peanut twinklesplat says:

And I'll be ready for when they come. Once they see me coming they will flee!

Sir Comet Megatoon says:

That Legal Eagle in the backround raises a few questions... what is a Lawbot doing taking part in a Sellbot Glad Hander mega invasion?????

orange says:

Why is there a Legal Eagle in Sellbot HQ? That's interesting.

Zapzilla says:

I'm on my way to fight those Filibustering Glad Handers!

Doctor Scooter Pinkergloop says:

I KNEW something fishy was with the "truce".

Marceline says:

I'm never trusting another cog again! It's time to stock my gags and get my aiming right cause these Glad Handers are going to pay!

Bluestar says:

Anyone else see the random Legal Eagle? Maybe something to watch for... Possibly a Sellbot and Lawbot team up?

Lemonboom says:

silly glad handers, tricks are for magicians! nonetheless, i hope you like a face full of wedding cake..

Duke ( 35 Laff ) says:

WHAT!? Oh No!! I'll Show Those Cogs Whos Boss!

Fire Cat says:

I don't think the sellbots are behind this! The legal eagle tells me that lawbots gave them the idea!

Rusty Rhinogloop says:

Figures, all cogs want to do is trick the toons and have the town for themselves.

Wacko Electronoodle says:

Heeey what's with the Legal Eagle emerging in the background over theere?

Bella says:

Why is there a Legal Eagle while there are Glad Hander invasions??

Spider says:

I knew they weren't giving up! And by the way, Gladhanders were part of my toontask, so it was an easy victory!

boogerdoggy (67 laff) says:

Hmm. there's a legal eagle in the sellbot HQ maybe the cogs are forming an alliance or something.... I got it! the chair man might come to toontown! we better keep our gags in close reach and get ready for something big!

tom says:

No wonder there was a glad hander invasion in my discrict

Master Beany Bananaflipper says:

I think the Sellbots are the victims in this whole thing. Lawbots are putting them up to this. Nothing and no one is completely evil.

Silly Fumbleflap says:

I can't believe I trusted them..

Joshua says:

they just helped me MAX LURE!!! NOW ITS TIME FOR TRAP!!!!

Sea Green Dog says:

You Cogs are going down!!!

Super Sadie says:

Oh No! A GLAD HANDER?! Toontown is the best! Toons of the world will unite and defeat all those nasty glad handers!

Cool Blue Duck says:


Doctor Fangs Thunderboom says:

Oh Man! I knew they would never give up being all busy body and being the workaholics they are! We should take Toontown and push it somewhere else!

Wondertoon says:

Well of course! They are cogs, so why would they want to be our friend? Good thing not many toons fell for it, or we would be dull and gray, working in factories all day. Now let's get those pies, seltzer bottles, anvils, and everything else!

Lady Dandyberry says:

It's kinda obvious that you could NEVER trust those Sell bots in the first place... Anyway, at least we get invasions. :P

Hartless says:

I need sellbot invasion too thanks

hector says:

I knew Glad Handers were up to no good

Sandy Lemonfussen says:

How handy! Just a few days ago, I picked up a 'defeat 120 glad handers' task. Well, this simplifies things a bit.

zapdos says:

i knew it it was a trap thankfully the rangers saved some toons

Skippy Superpop (114) says:

What if that Legal Eagle planned it all he looks kinda suspicious back there

Max says:

Oh no! A Legal Eagle? Why is he here? Is he sweet-talking the Mover and Shakers to let him takeover their offices? :o

Skippy Superpop (114) says:

Oh wait!!!!! What if the Glad Handers really wanted to have a truce! But those lawbots, with their laws, told them they couldn't! (Note the legal eagle in the back cheering them on)

Monki says:

I knew it! It was all a trick! All toons, get your strongest gags ready and fight fight fight! Oh my gosh! Why is that Lawbot Legal Eagle in the Sellbot HQ? Lawbots don't belong in Sellbot HQ! Oh no! It is probably a plan that the cogs made up to distract us! While us toons are fighting the glad handers, the legal eagle ( or lawbots ) are going to do something! I'm not sure what, but it's sure going to be wicked, as usual. Don't be surprised if anything bad happens toons!

Meowzer says:

Us Toons can defeat as many Glad Handers. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Funny dingo says:

wha..What? I thought toons of the world and cogs of the world could have peace! Why did the glad handlers have to lie :-( it could of been great when toons and cogs could unite imagine toontown and cog hq's combined! but No.. cogs have pulled a trick on us this time. but its time for payback

Milk says:

I trusted you, Glad Handers! I trusted you! Granted, for five seconds, but I trusted you and you.. you.. you betrayed me! Well let me tell you something, you will pay! Pies will fly! Safes will fall! And most of all, you will regret invading Toontown!

Stinky says:

Got my merits from em

ducklett says:

I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassie (mouse) says:

I just have one thing to say to you Glad Handers.... You all have tried to pull a fast one, but you should well know after ten years..... us toons dont believe cogs when they try to make ' peace ' nice try though but my friends and i are going to kick you out of toontown for good! GO TOONS!

Fritz Electrogadget says:

I sure hope it's the Sellbots. I'd HATE to see the C.F.O. getting his grubby little claws on the most brilliant scheme since the Ides Invasion.

Captin Crazy says:

This will be easy. I have just got to get my level 4 and level 5 gags out. Also get trap

quacker toon says:

i knew it was a trap

Saoirse says:

The Hander's a spy!

Chris says:

These Glad Handers think we don't see what there up to. They are planning something.

Moe the Mouse says:

I knew we shouldn't trust those mischievous sellbots!

Rusty Rhinogloop says:

Figures, all cogs want to do is trick the toons and have the town for themselves.

Ashley says:

Could this possibly be the work of the chairman?

Rusty Rhinogloop says:

Wait... Why is there a legal eagle there near them..? He seems to be instructing them... Do the lawbots have something terrible for the toons in store? I'll keep my gags in reach.

Rockenzilla says:

Man the gladhanders but up a good fight but not good enough! Toons of the world UNITE

Purple Turtle Mouse says:

I would like to say these glad handers have made is very hard to complete toon task then need to just leave they will not win anyway

The Impawsible Pawly says:

Hey, no offense, but the way those Cogs have been to us making up plans to destroy Toontown? Their one big dump! So, I'm not so sure about your smooth talk of living in peace with us Toons, Glad Handers. And what is that old bud of yours Lawbot Legal Eagle doing outside of the SELLBOT Headquarters? I suggest we are gonna go in for a REAL battle and let the pies fly!

Mr. Greenbean says:

We need to calm down everybody! Did you see that legal eagle in the back? He was talking to the glad handler who said "Off-handedly, I'd gladly predict this invasion is a done deal!". He may be the one behind all of this! After we get the glad handlers, there may be a stronger force coming. Legal eagles... So get lots of jellybeans, the battle has began. And always remember: "Toons for the world, unite!"

Princess Cuddles says:

I knew we couldn't trust those sneaky Glad Handers. Good thing us toons were too smart to fall for their plan! Nice try, Glad Handers! We're taking you down!

Avocado says:

Off-handedly, I'd say they were in trouble.

Star says:

Hmmm.... Something tells me that all of the Cogs may be working together- I see a Legal Eagle there. He looks like he's directing the Glad Handers out to attack. Anyone else notice him literally pushing them out?



raccoon the hedgehog says:

i knew it was a trap @[email protected]

Super says:

i think they are just trying to get us to reconsiter the offer

Star says:

Toons of the World Unite and get rid of those Glad Handers. :D

Kev says:

Did anybody else notice the legal eagal?

Happy Slappy (111 Laff) says:

Your kidding me, another invasion?!!! Time to get out my Birthday Cake!!!

super buster says:

i knew those pesky cogs were up to something i never trust cogs. lets join forces and destroy those gear boxes,Toons of the world UNITE.

Grif says:

Sellbots are going down!!!!

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

I had a feeling that the truce was going to be a farce. But no matter. Time to bring out the big gags.

Funny Quakers says:

I knew this would happen, good thing I stocked up on level 7 gags!

Midnightkit says:

*Gasp* For once, I trusted you. You tricked us toons, Im getting my wedding cake out!! And my elephant trunk! And my hose! And my quicksand! And my big weight... And not lure... yet... And why is a Legal Eagle in there o_o

Cool says:

In the not-so-famous words of me: I need to avoid Sellbots!!!!!!

princess daffodil says:


Super Fireball says:

AHHH! There are more Glad Handers then ever!

Toons Unite says:

I told you guys! I didn't believe them for a second! How did you fall for it?!

Cranky Peppersocks says:

hang on... is THAT a legal eagle i see in the picture?!?!?!?!?!?!! if i did then HES behind this i bet...

Miss Furball (107laff) says:

I knew it was a trick!

cowboy says:

oh rly -.-... the glad handers wont stand a chance against us toons!

Strawberry says:

the Eagle may be controlling all of this. Maybe the Sellbots and Lawbots are joining forces to make a trap.. which will end all toon fun.

Strawberry says:

But, I think the eagle is behind this...

kit says:

see it was a trick next time listen to me

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

I knew it! I knew it! But why's that Legal Eagle in the picture?

Fun Luvin' Dawg says:

How convenient too, I have a task to defeat some of these guys! I really got to gladly hand it to the Toon HQ officers and Resistance Rangers!

Lily ( 72 laffer ) says:

Glad handers? But.... I guess I will wipe some out with my high toon, heh

TheCogs says:

You Toons may have gotten the upper-hand on us Glad Handers, but you have a nasty surprise waiting in the "wings"... Just wait until they land...

- - end Cog transmission - -

Master Leo says:

Oh, they really messed up now! Time to bust some Cogs!

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

Oh no! The Glad Handers are trying to attack! Defeat those Glad Handers!

Furry Paws says:

Hey, Glad Handers! Aren't you GLAD you came? So we can DEFEAT YOU!

loopy (107 laff) says:

i can't BELIVE this happened at first I was shocked to see that the cogs were making a truce then they flat out lie and send out a full force invasion! carzy i must say so lets push them back.

Duke LemonFlipper says:

i'm trying to do my toontasks, but these annoying mega invasions keep happening! so i'm gonna take those cream pies, fire hoses, and 5 dollar bills to destroy those pesky cogs once and for all! and i will use my lure to lure them into a trap gag! :D

Skinny Popcorn Pinkerhopper says:

Hmmm, why is there a Legal Eagle there? Is he planning to invade as well??!!

Little Violet Pinkerbumble says:

Can I shake hands with you?

Silas says:

Why is there a legal eagle there? Be warned,toons.

Madison says:

Hah. They're just going to make our gags even stronger by sending in all these invasions! I mean, they really should learn their lesson XD Invasions mean double gag points. I won't be surprised if the Cogs think i broke the "Law".

Loud Thunderchomp says:

Hrmph, i knew that the Cog peace treaty thingy was a trick! It even seemed suspicious! Let's crank out our gags and give em a piece of our mind! Im gonna bust them as soon as i can!

Cate says:

No! :(

little dynamite doggengadget says:

this is what we get for cogs trying to make a truce