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Toons Say “Thanks for Giving!”

Tomorrow begins Toontown's annual “Thanks For Giving” event, running through the weekend!
Thanks For Giving

Helpful Toon Troopers kick off the fun, by giving thanks - and loads of jellybeans - to you Toons!
Troopers Teo, Tabitha, Terry and Tycho will be making surprise appearances around Toontown in all Districts this Wednesday and Thursday, November 23 - 24.


HINT:  Be on the lookout for these thankful Toon Troopers between 11am - 12pm this Wednesday and Thursday (PST).
Remember it's easy to spot a Toon Trooper with the whistle symbol over their heads.


The Toon Troopers ask that you then give thanks for the rest of the weekend – by using your extra beans to buy gifts for your Toon friends!
Just open your Cattlelog and click the “BUY GIFTS” button.

You'll make your friend's day, and you'll feel Toontastic too.
Thanks for Giving, Toons!


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Twilight Sparkle Lizard says:

Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sending my friend Pearl a shirt because she sent me a shirt! I also got the bird hat! TY! lol i named my bird Bob!

Bizzy ( periwinkle rabbit 122 ) says:

Whoa, I can't believe the Toon Troopers are coming back! :D

pancake pepperboom says:

i cant wait to give by buddy a bird hat!

Rowanclaw says:

I want to give a special thanks to my friend Squishytail, she bought me what I wanted for SO long! Then another thanks to you flippy and the cast of Toontown! They make all the holidays so fun! Thank you!

Cupcake says:

Awesome! I can't wait! Im going to give my friend Lovely a Cog backpack because she gave me a bird hat! :D

Martha says:

Ahh, another wonder Thanksgiving, I can't wait to get my jellies! Hee-Hee! =D

Tall & Useful (65 laff) says:

I'll be sure to send my friend, Carlar, a WHOLE LOAD of gifts!

Dafidil Wackybocker says:

I cant wait to give lots of toontastic gifts!!!

kitty says:

this is so awesome! i cant wait to give gifts to my friends

Princess Daffodil Funnymuffin says:

I can't wait to send my friends some awesome gifts tomorrow! Thanks Toontown! Happy Holidays!

Chip says:

I'd love to thank my friend Crazy Oscar for donating me gifts I could enjoy! Thanks Toon Council!

Buster (105 laff) says:

cool i cant wait to meet a toon trooper i always wanted to meet one ill be on the lookout and im sending my friend a LOAD of gifts for helping me with my toontasks and because my friend send me gifts TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!

Duke Pierre Funnyflipper says:

Amazing! A special person that can act like an actual toon! And ill send gifts to everyone i know!

sandy says:

This is my first Thanksgiving in toontown. Im super excited to see these special troopers :) TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY :P

Blackstar says:

Toontown is awesome for its holiday gifts and specials!!! I love u toontown! my Clan and me rock with your new accesories! THANK YOU!

Dr.Cat says:

Thanks I hope i can make it i have no jellybeans. thanks toontroopers

Pheo says:

Awesome! The Toon Troopers are back :)! I love giving! Happy Thanks for Giving!!!

Violet says:

This is SO toontastic! I can't wait to see all the Toon Troops again!

lulu says:

great thank you toontown i can't wait

Halloween Kitty says:

Woohoo the Toon Troopers are back :D and i cant wait to buy stuff for my friends :D

LadyMaxieFuzzydoddle says:

Cool, i need more beans! :D

king stubby says:

cool!!!! I hope I see a trooper

Candy Pop says:

That is TOONTASTIC. I can't wait!! Happy Thanksgiving y'all

Zekrom says:

I'll Give My Friends Gifts! :) Time To Earn Some Jellybeans

Fluffy Hulacrash says:

I want to make something that all toons can wear anywere and anytime! On special occasions, holidays, birthdays, and everyday! So get ready, because I will post somthing that I want claribell to make!!!

kitty kitty bang bang says:

YAY! i love giving out gifts!!

princess lollipop twinklepop says:

im gonna send shorts to my friend red light green light so she can have matching colors!

midnight mist says:

i will send a skirt to my bff princess lollipop twinklepop

Prof. Waldo Wildmarble says:


Miss Spiffy says:

I'm sending Boots, Glasses, Backpacks, Shoes, galore! I love it! Thanks Toon Trooper's YOU ROCK!

eric says:

yay thank you toon troopers toons of the wolrd unite go toontown

Furball ( 52 laff YAY! ) says:


lily says:

my bank was so full i need more beans to spend on my friends i bought a gift to everyone of them Thanks Toontown!

captain pancake bumblepow says:

I love the toon troopers! I can't wait to get and send gifts. Happy Thanksgiving Flippy!

Peaches says:

I'm gonna look for the troopers right now!

Miss Twinklefish says:

I gave gifts to my friends, and they really appreciate it! I cannot wait for the troops! It gets so crowded though, and some people are there for HOURS!

Nollee says:

Thanks for all the gifts and jellybeans from the ToonTroops! I've spotted over 4 ToonTroopers! Thank you very much! :)

Funny Bunny says:

This is so awesome! I am going to give my friend Little Bananaseed a BUNCH of gifts!!!!

Larry Awesome McEpic says:

This is toontasticly awesome! I'll keep an eye out for those Toon Troopers.

gag guy says:

i am giving my friend a gift

Miss Cuddles Twinkletoes says:

I will send lots of presents as thanks to my friends, because they gave so much! Happy Thanksgiving, and Toons of the world unite! ~Miss Cuddles Twinkletoes

Ms. Gina ( 109 Laff ) says:

Cool! When I get Jellybeans I'm so gonna give all my friends items!

Peanut says:

It will be...... TOONTASTIC!!!!!

Glaceon ( 45 laff ) says:

Cool! Today, I saw Toon Trooper Tycho! Was in Nutty Summit, Daisy Garden! Im glad I got most of the jbs cuz I bought myself a Tiara! Thanks alot Toon Troopers and Toontown for al lthe fun :)

lillywho21345 says:

wow!!!!!!!!!!! thanks flippy because i love toontown and i love all my friends so i should get something good for them to show our friendship. thanks flippy!

Awesome says:

Yay the toon troopers are coming back! Im very thankful for all of my toon friends so I will be sure do gift them! Thanks toontown! :)

Midnight Star? says:

I'm going to use my jellybean savings and give all my friends TOONTASTIC gifts:)

Super Bob Kat says:

I'm gonna send all the gifts I can to my best friends, Bogey, Buster bumperbump, and Lilly.

Miss Rainbow Bumpenflipper (109 laff) says:

My toon friends always send me gifts. I send them gifts, too. I think I have the best toon friends in Toontown!

REAGAN says:


Super Rylee says:

WOW! I sent my friend candy sparklebubble a matching shirt so we will look alike! Happy Thanks For Giving!

candy says:

im sooo excited!

Scare E. Black Kat says:

I sent ALL of my friends shoes. :) For my best friends I sent them special gifts. For one of them I sent him the new contest winners. My other bestie got a top hat and angel wings. I was generous and I didn't use any of my jellybeans on myself.

orchidstar says:

I gotta tell me friend thankYOU! she sent me 48 hours of cannons!!!!!! XD

Cool Spike Thunderklunk says:

Yay ^_^ I can't wait to see our Toon Troopers :D

Maddy says:

Just saw TOON TROOPER Teo in Sillyham, TTC! So cool! He gave me 12127 jellybeans! He talked too. He was 127 Laff I think. I can buy anything in my cattlelog now! :)

Tiny Taffy ( 51 laff ) says:

:D now i can spend all my money for my friends! Thanks Toon Troopers!

Clone Trooper Scott says:

I love it when the troopers are here

Pickles says:

Awesome! I'm gonna buy my friend something, I don't know yet but it'll be good!

Darwin says:

I saw a Toon Trooper today. It was Terry.

Kevin Officer's (15 Laff) says:

I'll give to all my friends that's I real enjoy for being all my good friends

Treetop Jim says:

Toontown has great accessories! I love this game so much! Keep making more accessories Toontown!

Princess Bubbles Superpop says:

Happy Thanksgiving Toontown!!!!! XD

Queen Trixie says:

I hope I find a Toon Trooper,,I spent all of my beans on a black top hat.I can't really buy anything for them,they are not members. But I can give them a thanks! GO TOONTOWN!

Snow Kitten says:

That amazing! im going to give a gift for my favorite friend issy sam! YOU ROCK TOONTOWN!

Lalalaha says:

I am a hollywood in VP and i took a hollywood then the rest cold callers in the end of us going they were almost a name dropper. try this so others have a happy thanksgiving

Thunderstrike (73 laff) says:

Wow! Ive been giving all week thanks to Toon Troopers! It was toontastic! I cant believe they came back! I hope they come back near christmas! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! :)

koko says:

you'll make your friend's day, and you'll feel toontastic too thanks for giving, toons!

funderboy says:

my freinds are giving me alot of gifts i have 20 gifts from freinds i think i have too much gifts

Cheese says:

Hi Toontown! Thanks for bringing back Toon Troop Tycho! He was amazing! And what I was thankful for was I got two full banks of Jellybeans! Thank you and happy holidays :D

Candy says:

I just would like to say thank you for this! My friend could not spot a toon trooper, but I did. She was so disappointed. Then I gave her alot of gifts from the jellybeans I got from the toon trooper. She was so happy and joyful! :) Thanks toontown!

Pickles (56 laff) says:

idid not have alot of jellybeans. until I met Toon Trooper Teo, Tabitha, and Terry!! they were the only troopers I saw. thanks toontown for making my toon thanksgiving the best :) it helped so much!!

Boo Boo says:

Thanks ToonTown!You guys are awesome and this is the best game ever!OH and can you guys PLEASE make polka dot bows?That would be awesome! :)

Halloween (uber) (33 laff) (black cat) says:

I saw all of the troopers! They were really cool! All of my friends already gifted me ALOT of stuff! I Love Thanks for giving!!! Thanks to Cutie Pie for gifting me those green shoes! There really cool!

Popsicle says:

I love toontown!!!! I got a star above my head! :) Thanks ToonTown Creaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Popsicle says:

ToonTown is awesome!!!!!!!!

Brian says:

I guess i have to give my friends shirts and they will give me something in return.

Skippy Superpop Laff: 100 says:

Yea I just bought new membership! I'm excited to buy some more accessories :D I have seen Toon Trooper Tycho! Thanks for the beans!

Crazy Wacky says:

Sounds cool! going to play right now

Swampo says:

I found a toon trooper at toon valley! She gave us some jellybeans.

Paiyton says:

Yay! i saw toon trooper tycho in toon valley it was so cool!! he gave out lots of beans and he had very high laff. thank you toon trooper tycho you are awesome and so nice for giving all those jellybeans :))

domino says:

this is awesome!!! thanks toontown for lending us jellybeans to buy stuff for our friends!! toontown rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clone Trooper Scott says:

I have lots to be thankful for in toontown

Princess Rosie Sparkletwist says:

I would like to thank everyone for being so kind and helpful to each other. It really warms my heart that people love and care about each other. So thank you. Life is precious and so are you. - PRS :)

amy rose says:

wow so awesome. items, clothes, housing, and accesories. its fun getting stuff but its more fun giving.

Lady Ladybug precious doodle says:

thinking all of the people will make you special too

midnight delight says:

i cant wait to start sending gifts! thanks toontown! xD

Lily Cheezynerd ( 105 laff ) says:

Thanks Toontown, and Toon Troopers! I didn't get to celebrate, but thats really sweet. XD

missterchunkysparkelslam says:

i think this is a realy good idea