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Toons Behind Bars!
Reports are coming in that some of the Toons being rescued from Mover & Shaker Field Offices aren’t even the shopkeepers of the building, they’re innocent bystander Toons! This has consistently been the case with buildings that are taken over but have no regular shopkeeper to throw behind bars.
So be careful walking the streets out there. We’re talking to YOU, Lemmy Owte! (Isn’t that name kind of asking for trouble?)

Posted on February 22, 2011 to:

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Sadie (48 laff points xD) says:

I HAVE noticed that some of the stores in the streets have shopkeepers that are missing. And guess where I find them?In other buildings taken over by Field Offices!! I have been dying in Offices a lot because other toons have came up with their own tricks to leave me behind. Like when the elevator is about to close and its a 1, they leave me behind, and there's nobody in the elevator but just me and some elevator lights! O_O

Pearl (110laff) says:

This is quite cool how you can get SOS's for just doing a Cog Building! It is a very smart idea, I must admit. The lure SOS's normally work. And it is VERY smart how you get to use the Lure Magnet you're self, since I have all the gag Tracks but Lure. I love the idea of you (Toon Council) putting this into the game!

Zaperama says:

The cogs are doing the wrong thing! It should be the other way around! Cogs should be behind bars! ALL OF THEM! They should learn there lesson! Very innocent toons behind bars? That's CRAZY! Question: Shouldn't cogs and toons all make peace and they all learn their lesson? Answer: Aparently not! Then what will ToonTown be all about? Just relax? But that won't be any fun. So we toons should do something about it and set all the toons free right... ...NOW!

Lily says:

OMG! YOUR KIDDING ME! I DON'T WANNA BE NEXT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oy. Those shakers don't know what's coming for them!!!

Little Caty (55 laff point) says:

Oh MY gosh!!! Why WOULD the cogs do this?!?! They have done bad things to us toon's but they have CROSSED the line TOONS OF THE WORLD TAKE DOWN THE FIELD OFFICES AND UNITE GREATLY!!! PS.When i mean take them down i mean wipe THEM OF EXISTENT!!!!!!!

Spotty says:

Wow! I thought the Cogs only captured shopkeepers! Uh Oh! Any of us could be next! AHH! Anyway, I love the Field Offices, mostly because we get SOS Toons!! :) -Spotty [55 Laffer]

big domino beandoodle (111 laff ) says:

I like the field offices are cool and bad at the same time. Like when you get a S.O.S just for defeating 1 field office, but its bad when they take over the shop and imprison the shopkeeper. You know what I mean flippy?

prinncess daffy bizzenjinks says:

i agree with you Sadie its just rude when toons do that.

good ol` sammie says:

this is neat.but i think the bulidings can help toon`s greatly, the cogs are helping their own defeat come to them faster.

Fireball says:

I wonder if we can get some info from the cogs and what they're doing when were in the cage. IF THAT EVER HAPPENS! *gulp*

Soul (114 Laff o_o) says:

I was stuck in a building o_o Luckily, those "smart" cogs couldn't keep my friends away and they rescued me and got my SOS :P Soul Ultimate Gag Use (Bike Horn) XXXXX Left

Miss z.z wounder nugget says:

I love sos toons and cog buildings ( destroying them ) so a feild office is perfect! ( for destroying ) but like sadie said I get left behind too. I can take a level 9 by myself because I am a tuff toon with 55 laff!!! but still that is soooooo mean of the toons that leave us!! Those toons are probly cogs in diskises!! PLZ REPLY I've never got replyed! :( toons + gags + toontown + sos toons = best game ever!!!!! toons+of+the+world+unite= TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Princess Clover Sparklezapper says:

Ha ha. Lemmy Owte. I always die in the MNS maze. I lose too many laff points there.

Captain Furball Crunchy Bouncer says:

Hey toon council, try replying to this without repeating my name :D

ToonCouncil says:

Ok, I'll try. GAH... CAN'T... HOLD...ON...CAPTAINFURBALLCRUNCHYBOUNCER! Whew. Couldn't do it.

queenfancysparklebubble says:

one word for toontown..............................AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

princess cuddles says:


Emi says:

Field Offices are sooooooo much fun. There should be some for cashbot, lawbot and bossbot :) xxx

Natalie (74 Laff) says:

I think this might be a warning message from the cogs- they may be taking the shopkeepers now, but it may be the toons later! I dont know if im onto something or not......

Candy Frinkelcrunch says:

Like my toon would usually say "Ruff Ro" or sometimes what my rich "smart" buddy Goofy would say "Gawrsh"

Duckie says:

Somethings I gotta say, SCARY NEWS :O!! No wonder the sos cards are like 1-3 stars -_-, BTW why in some field offices have picture frames of Legal Eagles o.O isn't suppose to be mover and shakers?!?!? I have a feeling Legal Eagles will have their own reward also :O. Flippy is it bad that the innocent toons aren't the shopkeepers !?!?!

Rainbow Sparklepop says:

OMG!!!!!!!!So I could be behind the bars!?OMG I'm a 58 laffer and iver done only field offices in Donalds Dreamland and if you've been in there you would know that they're hard :)Wish me good luck on more :D and I heard that now if you do VP u get two cards :) Toons of the world unite!

Mad Katter says:

This Field Officer thing is awesome. You can get sos cards without battling a vp or a ceo or any of the hard boss cogs. Toontown is going to evolve into the best game in the world

slappy says:

oh no! the poor toons are just trying to make a living, and now they have to worry about being captured by cogs and having their business turned into a cog's business in less than 2 seconds.

Super Bingo says:

i read this and was, "like wow, that's intresting!" and stupidly i told my younger brother (he plays TT as well, he's Captain Pinkermonkey he's 5) and he decides he wants to get captured. he asked me to help him get captured and i'm thinking, "why do i tell him these thing?". i think he WANTS to be next. toons of the world unite!

Lily Kitty says:

They can be troublesome. What if you need that shopkeeper for a toontask and they are not there? We need this to stop. P.S Lemmy Owte is a name that is asking for trouble.

ToonCouncil says:

I think Lemmy Owte has learned his lesson, Lily Kitty!

brownie dog [27 laff says:

THIS IS NOT GOOD. we need to get all those field offices destroyed! [responce to zaperama: yep, it's not ok if toons and cogs make friends with each other. even......... if they make US............ [gulp........] COGS!!! NO WAY!!!!! I'M NOT LETTING THAT HAPPEN!!!! P.S. : responce to sadie: i have too! i'm not letting cogs take needed shopkeppers! what if we need them for a toontask!!!! this is getting out of control!!!

Marigold [111 laff] says:

I love these buildings! They are amazing! Its like getting a SOS toon for free! But about the shopkeepers i don't want to be in there spot! And i feel sorry for Lemmy Owte. Being next!

Zowie Cheezygadget says:

Oh no! These guys are getting too far! I will save these shopkeepers the best I can! :)

Chester Feathersnooker says:

Oh yeah, they have names like Ima Cagedtoon or something lol.

Annie says:

OMG!!! Evil cogs taking innocent toons. I hope I'm not gonna be one of those toons. Always have pie

Super Hound says:

That's HORRIBLE!!! Mover & Shakers, don't take me I'm to young!

Nugget says:

Ill be brave take some of my '' Friends '' (Agents) With me because we are quite the get up and I know something called Belief If you have it you can do ANYTHING.

duskfire says:

its to bad the shop keepers get throne behind bars. I mean come on! The SOS toons are good but still. there should be cogs being shoved in the cages that small. WATER BALLON THE COGS! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Fat peanut pickle pop ( 125 laff ) says:

I think these were a very good idea, toons FIGHT THE COGS AND SHOW e'M WHAT WE aRE MADE OF ARRRGH!!

Cheese 'n Quackers says:

Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about what if a toon was in a building, and a cog took over the building--- with the toon in it!!!! I HOPE IM NOT NEXT............ (I wonder how they get the toons, maybe they pluck em' off the streets and bring them inside the field offices...)

Midnight (26 laff) says:

Thats NOT cool taking in bystranders!!!

Cool Trixie Petalcrash says:


little zoey says:


ToonCouncil says:

OOPS - I have a meeting about jelly donuts, and I was almost late! Thanks for the reminder, little zoey!!

Natalia ( 65 laff :O) says:

ive been finding some stores with toons that are gone, but something bothers me the most THEY'RE CATPUREING INOCENT TOONS!!!SO THAT MEANS I COULD GET CAPTRUED SERIOUSLY.Well there can't be enough i dreaming.well am i?Well im going to destroy some field offices.

Macie (45 LaffxDx}:PLawwd!) says:

I have just finsihed defeating one... I earned the drop SOS and it tottaly helped me. My partner and I were defeating a building and he didn't do anything. All he did was call his Doodle. The stupid dog had NO GAGS!

Mister Romeo Spacklecrash says:

save the innocent bystanders!!! do it! ; - [

octo uberton (85laffer) says:

Oh thats it let me at em!!!

Bah bah black sheep =) says:

I hate cogs, and I hate movers and shakers! But these new buldings are amazing! I love them! My friends are probablly way sick of them, because I keep getting them to come help with these buldings! And... if they say no, my light saver comes out and we shall have light saver star war fights! MUAHAHA -_-... Anyways, back to the point... Be careful in these buldings, kids. They are very dangerous, I am not saying this because I want all of the field offices to be all to my self, because sometimes on streets there are none so there will be more for me, but because I donts wants you to be next :O. ~Good luck friends, Sincerly The ninja, the cheese lover, star wars lover, BAH BAH BLACK SHEEP ^.^

Mousey says:

I want those cogs defeated and NOW! I will destroy them one by one, pie by pie, hose by hose cake by cake! Field offices, cog buildings everywhere falleing to a single toon which is ME!

Sillyscooter Banananugget (97 laff) says:

Grrrrrr! Flippy doesnt it make you so mad! These Mover & Shakers think they can just put innocent toons behind bars! Wait till I get my pies on those up to no good Mover & Shakers!!!!!!!!!!!

Misspuffyskirt says:

I went in one and this is the story.We needed to get a waterballon and throw it at a cog.Mostly a mover or shaker.You sometimes earned this paper that said ''joke'' on them.I got some papers that said ''joke'' on them.After that, it counted down and I got to the elevator.They filled our laff meter.Then we saw a shop keeper in a cage.There was a Mr.Hollywood and 2 more high level cogs.We needed to save that shop keeper.Another toon was with me.It used one of it's gags on Mr.Hollywood and so did I.Then the other toons laff meter was empty.Then it was REALLY hard to defeat all those cogs so soon, my laff meter was empty.But NO MATTER WHAT I am going to try to earn an SOS card.Now that you know what it is, DO NOT GO IN ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Or it will be hard.Try and never give up like I did, Toons of the world unite!

Master ( 132 laff ) says:

This is CREEPY! I wonder if the cogs are joking with us because they have the jokes and WHY cant we get along lol i don't get it! Ive been on toontown for a long time! IM not new but I was an uber! i work so hard i got lure last night and almost finished i work alot I get inspired from flippy!

ToonCouncil says:

You got Lure last night, Master? CongraTOONlations!

Cuddles says:

I should watch out :(. But it WOULD be nice to have some Toons rescue me.

PRINCESS (21 laff) says:

i agree with zaperama it SHOULD be the other way around. I have been trying but i can't defeat feild offices. By the way flippy thanks for tt game cards i got 1 for valentoons day and it is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blue dog says:

really i never thought that some field offices don't have the actual shop keper, thanks now its like fighting vp but wihout vp.

Little Cuddles says:

*GASP* OMG No way! TGhat's not fair! I'm gonna rescue as many of those poor shopkeepers and bystanders as possible!

Camila says:

I didn't see shopkeepers before this and look!Here is my awser.So Lemmy Owte is that shopkeeper.The movers and shakers made a big building!Look if somebody's toontask was to vist Lemmy Owte?What will they do? Why did the movers and shakers do this?

Master Jake Thunder (68 laff) says:

ok, so they are inside and they are MUCH weaker than the buisness owners at sellbot HQ... so what!?!?!? they are awesome!!! thanks for the buildings TT administrators :D :D :D

Forsythia says:

- does spit take - What?! That sounds kind of scary. And nobody told me that they could take over buildings that don't have shopkeepers. Oh, what's the world coming to? Wait, we shouldn't despair! We all have our arsenal of pies and other assorted gags, right? Let us all use them to put our little metallic friends in their place. :)

Docter Crumbly Electrofidget says:

big speech ...................Fellow toons we risk are lives fighting cogs. But are reward is for are friendly shopkeepers to be toonnapped. I am a toon an so are you . So we should fight back . If you die sad don't give up . Three words I want you to remember . TRY TRY AGAIN or NEVER GIVE UP.I am ashamed about how many toons just buy things on their cattalog when they could be saving are own species . We are rare were talking,pie throwing animals. Come online often tell your friends about us.Its like saving the earth your one step closer to a clean planet but for us it is your one step closer to victory!!!!we can do better than this but we are doing good so step up.

silly eggnog says:

i have seen some places with no shopkeeper to i thought they were stolen and took to vp before field offices! but now im guessing there in field offices and i used to have proof!! (i went into field office and BOOM!!!! I BEAT IT!!

Princess Lily says:

I LOVE THIS NEW BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is soooo much fun and i get to carry more SOS toons???? I LUV IT!!!!!

Tom says:

Oh no. they captured my friends again? Im gonna finish the battle we started at storm sellbot!!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE ONCE MORE!!!!!

Deputy Fireball Googlewoof says:

I'm a very high toon with 112 laff. I'm a Micromanager in bossbot, a Big Wig in lawbot, a Robber Baron in cashbot, and a Mr. Hollywood in sellbot. There's one thing that makes me feel higher than i am now, that is defeating a field office alone! Thats right! I did a field office solo mode! So I am not scared of any field office! I maxed all gags! I have verything but lure! But one thing, I hope I don't save Lil Oldman because he all toons don't like him!!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!! :D

Master Sammie ( 38 laff points ) says:

We have to be awared! Imagine if you got caught in a cage. LOL! I once did a Field Office but it was a shopkeeper. We must beware! ( Beware Flippy or this might get deeply dippy ) I can't believe that we, us innocent bystander Toons get captured! If only the Cogs went to trial of Toontown, we would say you are GUILTY!

Danny says:

Dude, I had an exact same dream that had to do with Toons getting captured and getting thrown behind bars!

ToonCouncil says:

Woah Danny - you're a Toon psychic!

Sparkle (70 laff) says:

I'm gonna totally be careful. Thanks for the warning!

Good ol' Knuckles (Laff55) says:

Hmmm....... Maybe we can put protective traps near the shopkeeper so they cant get attack by cogs.

Queen Spunky Wonderseed says:

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. *shakes head* This just goes to show how mean the cogs are. -_-

Dylan says:

OMG! If I hear anything about any shopkeepers OR innocent toons behind bars I'm going to march right into a field office and make those Mover and Shaker so sorry for what they've done that we might never see Mover and Shakers again!And that goes for all cogs!Those cogs had BETTER not do anything else bad or I'll be their worst nightmare!Think of us toons as Agent P and the cogs as Dr. Doofenshmirts!We're going to beat them SO bad!!! P.S. A Mover and Shaker was the first cog I died to so Mover and Shakers are my arch enemies!

Princess Lemonhead says:

This is so CRAZYYYYY!!!!! I do not want this to happen to me. I will get them back!!

alexander (108 laff) says:

Wow now that you ask...i have seen alot of random stuff...sometimes i rescue toons that arnt shop keepers and just shopkeepers! (The offices are all over the road to Cashbot HQ,so be sure to check there) well the more the Field Offices i rescue the more SOS cards i get....i wonder if its true that the VP does give 2 sos now because i have not checked...Please post this ive never goten a post on ANY threads!

Kathryn(81 laff) says:


Banana says:

Oh no! I can't believe that the cogs are capturing innocent toons! That's not nice at all! Come on everybody, let's show these cogs who the REAL boss is! Toons of the world unite!

Cindy ( maroon cat 54 laff ) says:

I went in alot of them and rescued dozens of shopkeepers! I just love how they give you SOS cards! I'm gonna go on Toontown and go into a field office with my friends right now! But do you know whats not fair? Innocent toons behind bars :(!!!!!! Why would they do such a thing? I'm gonna go teach those sellbots a lesson they won't forget!

ToonCouncil says:

Sellbots love stuff that's not fair, Cindy - and that's so not fair!

master mouse says:

sadie, I dont like it when ppl do that, why do they do that its so mean

Captain Scooter Wildboom (dog 55 laff) says:

I've never been on the top floor of Field Offices, but I HAVE realized that some shopkeepers like Lil' Oldman and Postman Pete are missing from thier shops. (I hope you post. I have never been posted. And PLZ RESPOND!)

Wondertoon says:

If i get captured by a cog, I would BUST the cage open and push the SELF DESTRUCT BUTTON. then i would parachute out the window after i have disabled the cog's propels so they couldn't fly out. then i would gather a crowd to watch the busting of the Field Office! Flippy will definitely reward me if it happens!!! but you also need to put a Laff Limit of about 50 because sometimes i go with 40 Laff toons and they sometimes go sad in the Mover Maze or the Executive Office if they didn't get any jokes or got to the door late and got a smaller Toon-Up. Good luck with these new buildings! They are so fun, i would give a hundred jellybeans to do one!

WilburFizzlefussen(37laff :( ) says:

This is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have to do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy.....those cogs are about to get some pie in their face

King Oswald Frecklemouth says:

What are they going to do with the shopkeepers? IF we defeat the boss do we free them, like the VP? But it sounds really cool, so keep it up toontown! (Please post and respond)

Socks says:

I don't want to be next O_O. If the cogs were gone though, Toontown would just be boring. No defeating cogs. Cogs are part of Toontown. We don't like them but they are some of the fun in Toontown!

King Max (48 laff) says:

You can find the shopkeepers that you dont find in a field office in another one!

Cuckoo PurplePop (49 Laff) says:

I was in a field office for the first time like two days ago and i almost saved the shopkeeper but the mingler killed me! i was so sad. Toons of the World Unite!

RockinKathy says:

This is horrible cant we do something?

Shine(: says:

Omg I love the field offices!!!! They're so much fun!!! My friend and I defeated 9 so far!

sillyspackletoon (110 laff points) says:

ill help you sadie :)

ToonCouncil says:

That's what being a Toon is all about! Yay sillyspackletoon!

Geronimo says:

Gosh, If one of the Gag Shopkeepers are behind bars, then we really gotta do something about this! Toons of the world unite!

loud thunderchomp says:

i will be careful & i went sad & one f those offices!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duckman says:

(post this) I once got trapped by a mover & shaker and it was horrible! they tortured me to be like a cog!!!!!!!!O___________O they showed me toons acting like cogs and getting defeated by cogs!they even gave me a coffee mug! ill keep it LOL but I almost turned into a cog! they gave me all their attacks I used it on them and on the cage so I could get out the next thing I knew toons found an empty cage!!!!!!!

Sniffs says:

Well, It's bad that they took innocent toons, but as long as we stock up on pies and fog horns their as good as out, right?

Whiskers (26 laff) says:

OMG! Like Sadie said, I have seen some buildings with shopkeepers missing. But why do us toons have to be behind? Those Mover & Shaker idiots can't do anything to us toons. So why not come up with a plan? Us toons can destroy those stupid Mover & Shaker cogs. And, save the other toons who are behind bars!

Lovely Dalmatian says:

These Mover & Shakers are really nasty! Those field offices are fun but a worth of trouble at the end! Capturing innocent Toons which means can be any toon in a building is in danger! Thanks to you Toontown those field offices are in Toontown Central I had much more fun when i wanted to!

peppy says:

I know i saw him get capptred i am so sorroy for him those COGS have gone so far he must feel mad

sherriff zowie says:

i never die in a field office. i have 63 laff points and i always go with strong toons. its really easy there are only about 5,6,or 7 cogs. oh and 48 laff points is really low and sadie thats for you.

Chester says:

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i go in a field office I COULD BE THE ONE BEHIND BARS!!!!!!!!! :( So Flippy, if i do become behind bars, how do i get out??? Toons of the World Unite, Chester P.S. Please post i've never been posted also please reply.

Sadie Wonderbee(108) says:

lemme owte, hmm i would think about changing their name.....

Fireball electro whip says:

Let go crush those cogs in those buildings and save the shopkeepers and save Toontown for good!

Lucky Duck 87 laff says:

WOW!!! We can't let the cogs do this to us!!!! Come on, Toons Of The World UNITE!!! (this means you too Flippy) l

ToonCouncil says:

You can count on me, Lucky Duck!

Chester Cheezysnoop (112 Laffs) says:

So lemme get this straight: Sellbot Cogs get angry. Mover and Shakers get ideas. Mover and Shakers steal our jokes. Sellbot VP (Who's the Sellbot President, anyway?) gets excited .Sellbot VP awards Mover and Shakers with their own kind of building. Toons get angry. Toons get swept away from the streets. What's next? Number Crunchers steal our broken Silly Meter?!? OOO headache :(

Miss Flip (53 Laff) says:

I dont like how the mover & shakers always stomp on me. I like how the "new cog buildings" r big and chunky, and I like that the room starts out dark and u have to find everything I also like how we throw water baloons at the cogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But most of all I like ToOnToWn ItSeLf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Spiffy Twiddlemuffin (108 laff XD) says:

So, a toon like me could get captured and be locked in the cage waiting for other toons to come and get me? LOL THAT WOULD BE SO KEWL! XD Toontown People, you should get to work on that! XD

princess sparkle says:

Heres what I want to know. Why are cogs picking random bystanders instead of shopkeepers? Don't they just want the shopkeepers stuff? Really, what are cogs picking random bystander off the street for? Do they want their jellybeans to buy new cog suits or something? (Could a cog really spend jelly beans?) Theres really something fishy going on. I want to find out and save all those poor toons! (please post i've never been posted!)

Leopardstar says:

I saved one of them- poor Toon! Why don't we all do out and save them?

master sniffy hucklespeed says:

If those arent shopkeepers i wonder who they are.P.S. please post this im new and ive never been pasted before?

Cookie says:

i think saving him would be fun

Pancake and Dinosaur :) says:

Woah! This Is Totally Wicked!!! Omg This IS Really Really AWESOME!!! I <3 ToonTown :)

bert says:

i so love field offices. they are very fun to do. i got a new sos card!

Prof.Whistlespinner says:

I agree with zaperma. what is TOONtown all about,right?I will cry,serve,andlaugh as a toon as every toon should do or else you're not a real toon.I cant go into field offices as i'm not allowed to get membership. I bet they're really fun though but SOS toons I mean I've seen one used only once in Sellbot HQ.Toontown is about loyalty,friendship,happiness,and two important ingredients:Faith And Confidence.So theres the silly meter:its out for reparing,right?So that means there isnt enough silliness in toontown,Right?Espacielly With All The Field Offices Around

Light Green Dog (83 laugh ) says:

I have been thinking when I'm at the last part of the Field Offices" These don't look like the regular shopkeepers because their names don't match their building names. So that must mean other Toon's must be in the bars." Thats all I got! (P.S Hi All Toon Friends!!)

Daffy MacBoom says:

:O No way! that cant be! Now its serious, if those cogs lay one finger on my friends... or me, They better be hungry because they'll have a face full of cake and pie! ;)

ToonCouncil says:

Go get 'em Daffy McBoom!

Princess Melody says:

):( I Found one Shopkeeper missing found him at a field office :(

Stinky 81 laff says:

Oh my gosh first the invasions now this I have to hide p.s hide my doodle

Scooter says:

At least my name isn't Lemmy Owte! :O

Beany trickynose says:

I thought the toons were shopkeepers! P.S.response for Sadie: I can help you without leaving the elevator!

Hawk Song says:


Funkyroad says:

I've known about toon town since it's early years... I'm 15 now and I was like what. 7-8? yeah probably... I come back after a long time of thinking Toon Town still has that trial crap... it's free. What's more I come back seeing a bunch of new stuff. Now this mover and shaker thing is very very interesting. I love the creative challenge it gives to more than just squirting down cogs or throwing pie in their faces! Thank you Toon Town for making the game eligble for everyone to play for as long as they want and with new experiences!

Penny says:

I also have to say that we should never give up and never surrender because no matter what the cogs plans are I know that all the toons can defeat them if you just believe in yourself and help some toon on the street wanting to do a cog field because it will help the people that are locked and help you get and S.O.S and you will be nice,kind,respectful, and helpful.Cog there just wanting us to give up but I know we will not give up. Just tell your friends lets do a cog building and there will be a toon and a S.O.S waiting for you to fight those cogs and win.I know if u say i will win, you really will win,all u have to do is just work on your task because some people don't like low toons.I'm just saying that you can work more harder and great things will come in ToonTown!! So Please TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE AND FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER!!! BECAUSE I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS. BTW im a 24 laffer all pink and im a uber in training! P.S This was a speech to toons who don't know how to believe in there-selves!

Cool Corny Crunchycrunch [ 130 laff ] says:

WOOT! TOONS OF THE WORLD............ BUST FIELD OFFICES! There awesome! i love how there like the levels in Sellbot HQ Factory but also a On-The-Go Cog Building! There so fun! Thank you toontown. hope ya think of more Crazy ToonTastic ideas for this Crazy ToonTastic, NEVER-ENDING adventure:)!!!!!!!! | Cool Corny Crunchycrunch 130 laff | :):):):):):):):)!!!

Lily Purplesocks(108 Laff:) says:

Oh how i love field offices. My question is, will these being staying around? I really like them! Me and one other friend went in with just each other, NEVER GO IN WITH LESS THAN 3 TOONS EVERYONE! Please take my warning. Me and my friend made it out with 8/108 and 9/102!!!

Princess Pearl says:

Yeah, I'd noticed.. I was thinking "Those aren't shopkeeper toons.. What happened to the shopkeepers? And who are these toons?" Thankfully, this answered my questions. I'm also very glad that we get SOS cards from them. It saves toons doing the VP all the time to get one! But of course, we WILL still show the VP who's boss!

FunnyRabbit&StrawberrySweetness!(: says:

Yeahh my toon funny rabbit soloed load of these, and i noticed some shopkeepers werent there too :/ Argh I hate these movers and shakers!! WE'RE COMING FOR YOU, TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!(:

coolflash says:

FLIPPY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cogs aint gonna chaing that >:D (and if you cogs out there and reading this and think you can TRY ME!! cuz im not scared >:D )

ToonCouncil says:

Aww shucks... Thanks coolflash!

Princess Aqua says:

OMG! Seriously? They are capaturing innocent toons? What will happen next? Imagine going into an field office and seeing your toon friend capured! I only wish toontasks were avalible to fight field office. PS I never liked Mover & Shakers.

Fluffy Whiskersocks says:

OK, for the record, I'm a a 28 laff toon and I have never gotten sad in a field office before. Speaking of sad, LOOK WHAT THEY'RE DOING! Taking innocent bystanding toons is making us all sad and angry! Isn't that what they want? It's a conspiracy! And Duckman, is the mug purple? Cause that would just make my day!

cool BD thundergadget says:

i wanna get kidnapped i always wanted 2 b a sos toon ps. toontown rocks

Knuckles"Oil sucking bull dog" says:

Hmph..They make me so mad!!!>:( I was traing for my drop gag and the Toon HQ sent me too a sertain building..GRRRR BUT THE BUILDING THAT I WAS SUPPOSE TO GO TO WAS A FIELD OFFICE GRRRR. I had to go in alone luckily it was in donalds dock, but I survived. Thanks to an SOS toon I fought all of the sellbots now>:) and finished my toontask. Oil sucking bull dog out...Grrrrrr woof woof hoooooooowl

Sillyscooter Banananugget (97 laff) says:

Im SO mad! Grrrrr. Wait till I get MY PIES ON THOSE STINKY MOVER&SHAKERS!!!! (Please post this Flippy I tried like 20 times yesterday) :(

Hayden (46 Laff Points) Black Cat says:

If i were in a cage The office would be in Daisy Gardens and if the toons defeated the cogs the sos toon would be Pickled Tomatoes because she is so friendly and the card would be sound.

Master Flapjack (103 Laff) says:

Be careful Toons, you never know if YOU will be the next one behind bars. I luckily got out of a field office alone, happy thank goodness. BUT, do NOT underestimate those sellbots. I had to use all of my Hypno Goggles, A Wedding Cake, and 3 Storm Clouds. Toons, stay alert.

Bubbles Sparklenerd says:

*GASP* I BECAME ONE OF THE TRAPPED TOONS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! yeah but im safe now LOL XD they captured me after i died in a battle and insted of going to the playground, I WAS TAKEN TO A FIELD OFFICE!!!!!! *GASP LOL* they tried to make me become a cog and showed me their tricks and stuff and gave me their attacks and stuff but b4 i became one my friends saved me!!!! HOORAY!!!! OUO

Colonel Jacques (ToonTown Fan Club Pres. xD) says:

This is a very smart idea ToonTown. Because of this, I earn more Merits and I am getting more VP battles along with my extensive collection of SOS cards. Thank you ToonTown, I am on full alert when you have a new update~ Colonel Jacques

Captain Flippenhopper says:

This is simply outrageous! Now the cogs have really gone too far, if they hadn't already! We should get rid of every mover and shaker in enitre toontown! TOONS OF THE WORLD, U N I T E!

DogMan says:

I've had a blast, doing Field Offices, and saving Toontown from Mover & Shakers! I like how you get more S.O.S. card spaces! I don't want to sound weird, but thank you Cogs for making Field Offices! They're amazingly fun!

Lily (54 laff) says:

Hi, Toontown! OMG! THOSE SHAKERS! They are soooooo gonna get it! After school I'm going to do a field office! (or at least, I think...) Thanks for viewing me, TT! I really love Toontown. Toons of the world unite!

J.C. Doggendoodle (31 laff) says:

There is NO limit to what these Cogs think is good, is there? Anyways, here's what I am discussing here: Names That Ask For Trouble: Lemmy Owte T. Rapped Prys O. Ner Capt Ured Anna Cage Hope YOUR Toon doesn't have any of these names! In my next video, I will be discussing Field Offices: Creating FO Groups. See ya later!

ToonCouncil says:

You're right, J.C. Doggendoodle... With names like that, what would you expect?!

Loopy Mac Thunderbrains says:

I'm just getting on now (toontown is loading) and im reaally exited! im doing my tasks in donalds dreamland but i wont do one there ill go for a weaker one first to find out what there like!!! YEA ITS LOADED!! THX FLIPPY BYE!

Marigold Doggendoodle (16 laff) says:

Hi, Toons! Today I will be speaking for my brother J.C.. He is sick thanks to a Mr. Hollywood's best friend, The Minglers. Here are some Field Office tips on Creating FO Groups( FO = field office[s]): 1.Make sure that at least 3 Toons (you inclued) have Chat. This is so you can create a battle plan. 2.Make sure that ALL the Toons have enough Laff for that neighbourhood. (This will be talked about more later.) 3.Make sure that ALL the Toons have gags high enough for that neighbourhood. 4.Each Toon MUST have experience with buildings. Here are the minimum Gag & Laff requirements: For TTC & MML: 20 Laff OR Lvl 4 Gags (I prefer to have both) For DG & DD: 36 Laff OR Lvl 5 Gags (IPTHB) For TB & DDL: 59 Laff and Lvl 6 Gags (IPTHB) Bye! P.S.: I am not American.

Chester (104 laff) says:

I would'nt be surprised if they came after ME. I've beaten the VP and CFO so many times it isnt funny(Well, it sort of IS funny, but...).

King Scooter says:

Those dastardly Cogs... I'll keep my eyes peeled. If I see one trying to snatch a Toon I'll be sure to pie him. Then again, I pie cogs anyway.

Little Sparklebee says:

THAT IS IT!!!!!!!! I DECLARE WAR ON THOSE COGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IN THE NAME OF CREAM PIES IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? yo toons we gotta free da captured toons and stop those darn cogs. C'mon toons we gotta kick these cogs robotic tooshes!!!!!!!!! stock up them gags. wh.... hey! we could make new, stronger, and more accurate gags? hey Flippy wut do u think of my idea? if u like it then lets go get em!! *laughs maniacally and screams bloody murder* IM GONNA KILL THOSE COGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! *passes out*

Fluffy palehopper says:

At the end of the fight the shopkeeper will give a SOS card.=) I got one,BUT.... When I was in a normal cog building the toons need TOON-UP. I used the SOS card so now I have no cards =(. XD I CAN GO GET A NEW SOS CARD!!!=D

Ayla says:

Interesting... I was quite curious as to how this would play out, and now for sure I know that this is more than just a new type of Cog Building. Possibly egging other cog types to make an offensive against the toons? I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled.

Z A Y A says:

Long live the toons and TOONTOWN!!

Rainbow LemonSwirl says:

Okay. I will be safe. i wonder if my friends have gotten taken in before? How do you get taken behind bars when your on the streets? Well GOOD LUCK! DON'T GET CAUGHT!

caleb says:

Hey little Caty you must really hate cogs!I HATE COGS SO MUCH I WOULD CURSE THEM COGS AND PUT EVERY SINGLE COG IN LOVA AND GRIND THEM UP IN THEIR OWN FACTORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU SEE HOW MAD I AM FLIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sigh please reply hee hee

ToonCouncil says:


Blossom (42 laff) O_o says:

I think these Field Offices are great for toons that cant go in VP or CEO or the CJ ect.I can't go in Vp yet.I'm working on it.I'm glad I have SOS toons because the can be helpful in other Field Offices.I love doing them with friends.The waterballoon part is EPIC!_! Its so much fun at the end where you have to rush to the exit.I love that song Cog-tastrophe that plays.I like the drop SOS's because it works on 2 cogs instead of 1.

Candy ( 61 laff ) says:

i have noticed that i was like i have never seen this toon b4 and i have noticed they have been gone like my favorite shop keeper is not their. MY MISSION IS TO FIND HER!!!!!!!! and the feild offices are bad but fun ( bad because of the cogs ) bye!

rainbowdiamond says:

I will be very very careful in the streets! i defected a office and the storekeeper was BEHIND BARS!!! I thinks the bots should be behind bars insteed of toons and storekeepers!!!! DO YOU OTHER TOONS?!?!

Tyler The Great says:

The Executive Suite is SO epic. The V.P. I think maybe rewarded the Mover and Shakers a little more than he should have rewarded them....

Spike says:

ROFL! Thanks for letting me know that, I had no clue that could happen :P. This one time I was getting water and I was standing right next to this toon building, when I came back this Mover & Shaker came out of nowhere and started walking towards the building I was standing right next to. He went through the doors, I had no idea he could have stopped and dropped bars on me and hold me as captive ROLF. ~ Spike

Jerry says:

Oh no... please not me!

Romeo McMash says:

im a pro at those field offices, I can solo alot without restocking, and I dont lose at all, so that means theres no way im next!

Coolwonderspeed says:

I just deafeat 2 Office field bildings! Also I rescue 2 shopkeepers! OMG! I am gonna do more! It's so FUN!!!!!!!

queen cuddles (108 laff) says:

Oh this is terrible! i will help as soon as i can get on toontown! :O Dont be feared, Cuddle id here! :D

J.C. Doggendoodle (31 laff) says:

This is getting serious. We must prepare for battle. I defeated a Field Office today. Lemme tell ya, they're hard! Once, I got into the elevator when there were LESS THAN 10 SECONDS LEFT!

Wrinklefoot (65 laff) says:

hey this is a comment about both resistance rangers and field offices once i saw my friend next to resistance ranger rue and a field office so he invited me and we did a field office and my friend put it on youtube ps TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

colonol jaques dynophew (green dog) says:

FLIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw a feild office that was the same on the outside as a mover and shaker office and even had the shaker maze. BUT. . . . . in the executive suite there was lawbots and the posters on the wall were of a legal eagle. and on the outside there were postors of movers & shakers! whats up with that?!?!?!?!?

ToonCouncil says:

I don't know, colonol jaques dynophew... Do you think the Lawbots are trying to learn from the Sellbots? Maybe they're working together... The Council will investigate!

Prof. Lionel Dynopockets (84 Laff) says:

You know guys... being captured and sent into a cog dominion might not be so bad, because you would be able to see the process of setting it up for toons, and better yet, be able to warn toons coming into the building what cogs they would have to face. You would be the ultimate spy for the toons! You probably would be pretty well honored by your friends, too. And lets not forget to let a few pies fly ourselves, to help the toons battling. Anyway, once again, TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!

Super Funnyburger says:

But wait... if these are just regular Toons from the street... WHERE ARE THE SHOPKEEPERS? Whilst we investigate, here's a joke name to do with this matter: 'Ima Traaped'!

loopy ricky says:

even though i have never even been in a field office i know tht we will save the day we always do right, RIGHT!

Prince Cheesyswirl says:

Since the arrivel of these field offices i have been defeating cog buildings like crazy! today I did two field offices in 15 minutes in a trio and then duo

princess rockenswirl says:

omg i have a plan first every body needs doodles and gags so if u get caught use ur doodle to dig ur way out and then use a gag to make a exit!!!!!!!!!!!

ToonCouncil says:

I sure hope your Doodle can dig, princess rockenswirl!

Lucy in the Sky says:

Love the new field offices .... Toontown needs to keep adding new stuff ..keeps the fun going = )

Comet Lemonfidget (136 laff) says:

I hope i'm not next, i bet i could whoop those movers and shakers right out of town though

Fluffy (Green Dog 98 laff) says:

Okay. You can fly in here, take over our buildings, even build HQs outside our city, but capturing a member of the resistance?!?!?!??!?! That is going on step WAY over the line. What is up with field officed anyway? These are going to spread, I just know it.....