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Toon Troopers Say “Thanks for Giving!”

Toon Troopers kick off the winter holidays with a Thanks For Giving event!
Troopers thanks

Troopers Teo, Tabitha, Tiberius, Travis, Taffy, and Tycho will be thanking Toons with jumbles of jellybeans at these times:

  • Friday, November 30:  12pm - 1pm (PST)
  • Saturday, December 1:  3pm - 4pm (PST)
  • Sunday, December 2:  3pm - 4pm (PST)

Toon Troopers will be throwing out thankful beans in Playgrounds throughout these goofy

Giggly Bay         Giggly Hills
Gigglyfield          Goofy Valley
Giggly Grove     Giggly Point
Gigglyham          Goofyport

HINT: It's easy to spot a Toon Trooper with the whistle symbol over their heads.


The Toon Troopers ask that you then give thanks yourself – by using your extra beans to buy Toontastic gifts for your Toon friends!
Just open your Cattlelog and click the “BUY GIFTS” button.

You'll make your friends' holidays especially sweet... and YOU will feel Toontastic too.
Thanks for Giving, Toons!


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Adalia says:

This is soooo awesome, I can't wait to buy all Christmas decor/clothes/speedchat phrases for my little toons. Happy Early Toontastic Christmas <3 :)

ToonCouncil says:

Don't forget to spread the joy with gifts to your Toon friends too, Adalia!

Omar says:

YAY! More beans! Thank you Toon Troopers!

Cat's Chew Toy says:

Oh yay! I can't wait! Thanks Toon Troopers!

paisly owl crocodile says:

yes toontroopers again! :D i cant wait ill visit them toons of the world unite!

Sandstorm says:

Oh good! I can't wait to party with the troopers again!

lady jinxsnout says:

i keep my eye out for them!

Curiosity says:

Awesome! I can't wait to get jellybeans to send gifts to ALL my toontastic friends! Thank you Toon Troopers! Toon Of The World, Unite! :D

ToonCouncil says:

That's the spirit, Curiosity! You will surely make your Toon friends' winter holiday bright!

Blue says:

Wow i cant wait to see them I saw ToonTrooper Taffy during the summer parties!

Stephanie says:

Oh cool. Can't wait! xD

sandscorch says:

wow! I cant wait to get LOTS AND LOTS of jellybeans :D

Colonel Star says:


Moe (81 laffer) says:

i am totally going to those districts to get jb that r free!!!!

slender man says:

OMG YAY! i love the toon troopers they they're so nice!!!

Oceanclaw says:

I remember them doing parties last year, and it's toontastic to know they're back and still being awesome! And I have a question, will they be doing parties again?

ToonCouncil says:

Knowing how helpful those Troopers are - and how much they enjoy a fun Toon Party - I'm sure they have even more Party plans up their sleeves in the future!

Loopy Mc Twist (102 laff ) says:

I LOVE sending presents to friends! I gave a gift to my friend Super Peaches and she fell IN LOVE with it :)

Indigosplash says:

YAY! I can't wait! I can actually get a Tiara for me and my friends! I have seen ToonTrooper Tycho for about 3 years now :D TYVM TT!

King Cheezybrains says:

Cool! i cant wait to get myself and friends stuff for this years toontastic christmas!

Loopy Lollipop (64 Laff) says:

Awesome! Thank you very much Toontown! I have a very special friend of mine who is going to be getting some gifts from me. Toons of the world, Spend Wisely! :D

Raven says:

I'm so excited! I'm gonna buy alot of stuff for my friends and myself with all the jellybeans I get! Toons of the Worl UNITE! :)

Princess Violet says:

YAY!!!!!!!! I'll start gifting (after i get the tiara!)

Wolf says:

Cant wait till the weekend. I'm going to fill my bank up and spend it then repeat all weekend. Thank You Troopers and TT.

Devis says:

I wish my bank was much much larger. I would gift every single person on my list and gift them almost all the things in the cattlelog!

SillyLilly fizzledoodle says:

Yay! I love the toon troopers! They will bring the holiday cheer to toontown!

NightSky says:

I can't wait! I love to get jbs, and gift all of my beloved friends! :) Thank you toon troopers, and toon council, i rly appreciate it! :) If i was able to gift you, I would gift you all more than you could ever imagine! Lol i spoil my friends into gifts, This rly helps! Ty! :D

Socks says:

I can't wait for the troopers to hand out beans! I am going to gift my best friend Hats her Toontown Christmas list! I love the troopers! :>

Miss Violet Sparkletwist says:

Thanks so much Toon Troopers! I can't wait to buy myself and my friends some Christmas items from the Cattlelog!

Skinny Popcorn Pinkerhopper says:

Yay! I can't wait for the jellybeans! I will gift all my friends thank you Toontown toons of the world unite!

Spooky says:

Cool! This should be interesting! :D

Little Rocco says:

Wow! The Toon Troopers Return with MORE Jellybeans! I can't wait to see how many gifts I can give! Thanks so much! Toons of the World, Unite!

Ugly Corny says:

I hope everybody at Toontown had a amazing thanksgiving! And, I hope everybody has great winter holiday! Thanks for everything, Toon Council!

Rainbow says:

Yay i already started sending stuff but with this i'll be able to send even more stuff!

Cool MoMo MacSpeed says:

Awesome! I can't wait to buy all my friends presents! Thanks Toon Troopers!

Mouse McMaster says:

Wow I REALLY wanted to meet the Troopers!

Big time rush says:

Yay more jbs to send warm holiday cheer to all my wonderful friends! I hope the winter cattlelog will come out soon, I cant wait to see what Toontown has in store for this holiday! Thank you so much Toon Troopers! Have a wonderful holiday!

Pine says:

Thanks, Toon Troopers! Can't wait!

Trixie Sparkleswirl says:

I can't wait to get the jellybeans so I can spread the Christmas joy to my ToonTown Pals!

Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

Omigosh omigosh omigosh omigosh! I'm so excited! Now I can finally get the rest of the accessories I wanted, AND I can get some for my friends! Thank you, Toon Troopers! YAY!!

josua says:

yay i gonna buy so many accsesories for all my friends i cant wait to see the look on my friends happy faces Go Toons!

Skyler says:

Toon Troopers are the best! I can't wait to buy everything for the holidays! ( and also give surprise gifts to my friends )

Boo Boo Googletoes (110 Laff) says:

yay i love beans!!! thank you Toon troopers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

granny pickles spacklebubble says:

thanks i need the jellybeans! lol

Neptune says:

This is very cool. Thanks Disney for this event. We love you Toontown!

Epic says:

Awesome! Now I can buy all of the toontastic accessories!

Cool Romeo Dynotoon says:

The first thing I am going to do is gift some accessories to my lowish friends! My high friends will come next. Making sure to spread fun with those in need!

King Comet says:

I cant wait! I been waiting for this a long time!

Isabella!!! says:

YAY!!!!! I LOVE IT WHEN THE TOON TROOPERS COME!!! I think they schould try to come more often! :) Thanks Toon Council! And happy holidays!(: Toons of the world, unite! :D

andy 103 laff says:

woot woot i'm so happy tyvm toon trooper

knuckles(106laff) says:

need to fish more! going to give more gifts!!!!!

Kylie says:

Any playgrounds in particular? Or just any one xD.. Can't wait :D

dow says:

They're back! Now I can gift my friends and myself. Thank you, Toon Troopers! :D

Twilight says:

Wow, I'm so happy that their back! Now I can gift my friends and me! :D Thank you!

Bluestep says:

It's so good to see the ToonTroopers again, Now I shall gift my friends with my jellybeans! :D

Gino says:

I tried to give the toons some gifts!

Marie says:

Thanks, Toontown! You are amazing! I will be there in the districts with my sister! I will gift my friends clothes, phrases, and more! Thank you! :) <3 Happy early Christmas everytoon!

princess boo boo says:


Silly Dynoglop (36 lagher) says:

Toontown how awesome could you get!!!!

Willowpelt says:

I cant wait to give many thing to my friends for all they have done! :D

cordin says:

This is great so i can buy me and my friend's stuff so THANKS :D

Thomas says:

I can't wait for the Toon Troopers to come. Then, I can use the jellybeans to plan awesome parties and buy things from the cattlelog for my friends.

Miss Purrs A-Lot says:

Omg!!Thank you <3!!I can finally gift my twin,Miss Meows A-Lot :3.. Tiara and all the cool Christmas stuff!! :3

Trixie Sparklepop says:

I love the toon troopers, i cant wait to give all my friends gifts, as they give me lots, i want to return the favour :)

Sarah (84+ Laff) says:

Yay! I can't wait to send things to all my friends! Tycho and the dog Toontrooper (Sorry, forgot her name XD) are my favorite troopers. :D I literally screamed when I found out they were coming back XD.. Thanks SO much ToonTown!

Sunnypatch says:

:O OMIGOSH! wow i forgot about the troopers! i gotta get going to get beans for gifting my friends! :3

Chloe Moonlight says:

Yay! I get my new catalog this saturday! :)

Brilliantly awsome purring paws says:

im in it right now and its cool! ive only seen tycho yet, so im keeping my eyes peeled! Ill gift my friends! p.s: i spent my first batch of jbs on a tiara :D

Chester says:

They are Just awesome! :D I'm sending so many gifts for my friends :)

Tree says:

I love jellybeans! :) Thanks toon troopers! I'll make sure to gift my friends and buy some things for myself too! :D Happy holidays everyone!

big time rush says:

OMG that was the best hour on toon town i ever had! can't wait till tomorrow! I have maxed beans (12050 beans) I cant wait to give and recieve gifts! Have a nice shopping spree Toons! :)

andy 103 laff says:

i'm so HAPPY :D i just got jbs from taffy and tych and tiberius ::D TYVM TOON TROOPERS YOUR THE BEST! i will GIVE AWAY GIFTS! toon of the world UNITE!

Vani says:

Thanks alot toon troopers! My toons are getting maxed bank! You guys rock! Love ya all!!

Amensia says:

I am just so happy! I'm really excited we get TOON TROOPERS all week! I especially want to thank Teo and Tycho! They were AMAZING! I love you troopers and I really hope that you guys make a visit on the next coming up holiday! Thank you very much for making this the best weekend ever! You guys just make me want to jump out of my seat and scream xD! Well, thanks again for all that you guys do! :)!

Jake rockentoon says:

Thanks troopers we will enjoy the beans :D

Silentglare says:

I can't wait for Saturday to get beans to buy gifts. :o

princess lily says:

wow!!! I cant wait to get jellybeans!!! I don't even know what to get!

Midnight Flower says:

Oh nice! i never knew this was going on. guess ill catch the next batch tomorrow! missed it today. toons of the world unite!

Cecil says:

WOW, I'll have enough jellybeans for EVERYONE!!! :)

King Comet says:

Awesome i been waiting for this. This is awesome!

Pirate Bud says:

Huzzah! I'll keep my eye out. I missed a lil when i was at school lol.

Baron pickles says:

thanks toon troopers. my toon friends love me

Brook says:

WOW! I can't wait!

Luna says:

Hooray! I love Toon Troopers! They are so sweet and generous! Thank you toon troopers! I am gonna get all my toon friends their dream gift for the holidays :) I am so excited! Toons of the world, UNITE! :D :P

bandit says:

i love getting jellybeans and i got a new doodle today has name is lava

Gracey says:

Awesome... Just one word.... Awesome.... Thanks Toon troopers! :D

Fantastical Fox says:

Yay I think it is so nice of the Troopers to do this! I can finally spend jb on stuff I've never had and gift things to my friends in return of all that they have gifted me (: TY!!!

Pierre says:

Yay! I cant wait to give all my friends gifts! You ROCK toontown! Toons of the world unite!

Green Mouse says:

He he more jellybeans!!!!! :-)

cream cat says:

wow thats cool!

Sparkly Dragon says:

Omg I can't wait! Only in a couple hours I'm gonna meet a real Toon Trooper! Cool! Can't wait to gift my friends and buy some accessories!

Asphalt says:

I cant wait for this :D!!!!! ill buy many accessories for me and my friends as well!

Lilac says:

I can't wait to see the Toon Troopers!

Blue Blossem says:

Awesome toon troopers! Can't wait til 3 pm!

Kitnix says:

I am SOOOOOOOOO happy about this! I just wanna fill my bank to the top with jellybeans! :) Not to mention with all the jellybeans I can gift my best friends! And buy some other items of course... I'm so happy not even a cog can ruin my day! <3 Merry Early Christmas everyone! No cogs can ruin this holiday with all these jellybeans since we will never run out of gags!

Prof Tricky says:


Captain Skipper Wackygadget says:

This is so exciting!!! Thanks a million Toon Troopers!!!!!!

Shawtie says:

When the toon troopers come. I'll give all my toons & friends to show the Chistmas joy!

Skeleton Buddy says:

Yay! I can't wait! I thank you ToonTroopers SO MUCH! :)!

Snowflake says:

i plan to get some presents, and things for my toon! Thank you toon troopers! there coming in 20 minutes!

Toothless says:

I never met Toon Troopers! This time, I will not spoil the time to get jellybeans! Merry Christmas, Toons!

Fanta (49 laffer) says:

Oh my gosh! I've been waiting a long time to get enough jellybeans to gift everything in the cattlelog to my friends! Thank you!

Baby Cakes says:

I met Tycho earlier. He's really nice, and I maxed out my jellybean bank twice so I threw a party and gifted my friends :)

Good Ol' Bongo Loopenflapper says:

I went to all the different playgrounds during the hour and couldn't find them :(

domino mctoon says:

OMG YAY! im gonna gift all winter accessories and clothing to my bestest toon friends TY TOON TROOPERS!!!!!!!!

Miss Thunderton says:

OMG! he filled my bank last night!! i bought almost all my friends gifts and extra stuff for myself! thank u tycho

Little boo boo says:

It was so fun on the first when i did it i got maxed jellybeans now im down to zero!

vivi says:

I can't wait to get the jellybeans! i'm to to spread gifts to all my friends, however i don't what playground there in.. but still i can't wait!

Princess Popcorn Cheezytoon says:

WOW! I went on yesterday and got over 10000 beans!!!! I ordered a lot of gifts for my brother and my friends... Thanks, Toon Troopers! I hope I can do it again today!

Luna says:

Hooray! I love toon troopers! There so awesome and nice! I already gave my friends what they wanted for Christmas! I cant wait to give even more people what they want! :)!

burnt cupcake says:

i love this i get to give my friends things and i got 12000 jellybeans

Bubblegum says:

I can't wait! It will be a blast! This is my very first time seeing a toon Trooper!

Mysterious Magic says:


favoriteowl says:

I just wanted to say thanks to the toontroopers for the beans that i gave to my best friends :D

Nike says:

Yay! Ive Only Met A Toon Trooper During Their Parties, So Getting Jellybeans From Them Will Be So Fun!

cinnamon - 60 laff says:


~Lightningstar~ says:

I can't wait, I'm actually there right now, looool. It's so epic, and I'm planning on trying to gift all my friends, too! Hopefully I can get enough to gift everyone on my Friends' List! Merry early Toontown Chrstmas! <3

Ominous says:

I think so many people are just, thinking, BEANS! BEANS! I MUST HAVE BEANS!!!!! Well thats funny....

Julia says:

I hope a toon trooper comes to Goofy Port in Daisy Gardens. I saw one in toontown central, but the crowd around him was too big and i couldnt get to him, and then he left! Upsetting, but never give up!

Bubblegum says:

I saw Toon Trooper Tycho at Goofy Valley!

Bert says:

Got SOOOOOOOOOO many beans.

Ominous says:

I had about 12080 jellybeans, and it made me and my friends day good because of those Toon Troopers! Thank you Toon Troopers Teo, Tabitha, Tiberius, Travis, Taffy, and Tycho!

rainbow says:

i loved summer but this is better