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Thanks for a Madcap MiniGolf C.U.P.!

Thank you to all Toons who "putt" their all into the Acorn Acres C.U.P. Championship
last weekend!

CUP thanks
Looking FOREward to seeing who golfed the most "under par" scores per course on each day of the event? All shots are still being tallied up, and the winners will be posted in an upcoming Toon News… For the Amused!

he brand new, exclusive Acorn Acres MiniGolf outfit prize will be awarded at that same time. Stay Tooned!

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Posted on November 13, 2012 to:

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wow i hope i won because i put in a lot of effort and i want to wish good luck to all those other toons. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Brownie ( 107 laff ) says:

I really hope I won! Good luck to everyone :D

Shadow 137 lp says:

Toons of the world unite!!!!!!!xD

Cleric Edward (109 Laffer) says:

I hope i won this :P because i really love dressing up my toon especially with rare clothes like this prize. XD

vladmir says:

i hope i win i PUT alot of effort into it :P

Fluffy Carrot says:

I hope i won. I only did it for like an hour but still i hope my friend wins too

Omar says:

I really hope I win. I worked so hard for that shirt.

Bunny says:

I hope I won I golfed ALOT and took over 300 shots!!!!!

penny twinklepop says:

Good luck everybody!! TOONS OF THE WOLRD UNITE!

Black Hole says:

Oh i'm so exited for the winners! I hope im one of the winners! oh and if im not, congratulations winners :)! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Bubbles says:

Congratulations to everyone who participated and won!! U r awesome!

Princess Kippy says:

I hope I win! I hope there are a bunch of prizes sent out Ilove to play golf.

Emma says:

I hope I won! I stayed up till to am one night...

Memory says:

I hope I won! :) I worked all weekend!

super spiffy doggensnoo (88 laffer) says:

I wish I would have won but hey congrats to those who did win.I won last year so at least I got to expeirence it! TOONS OF THE WOLD...UNITE :XD

Trickster says:

Love golfing. Wish myself luck and wish other golf loving toons. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Cooky Trees says:

My friend put lots of effort in golfing so good luck! Also, good luck everyone who wants to win the C.U.P! Toons of the world unite!

Midnight River says:

I hope i won this! It was really hard but i worked hard on it. Toons of the world unite!

faolan says:

ooooh!!! i cant wait to see if i won and see who else won!!! congrats to those who did!!! :)

Pancake ( 104 laff ) says:

I hope I win and Good Luck toons. Toons of the World Unite!!!!

knuckles says:

good luck toons! hope you win!

Pink says:

I hope I win I totally got my golf on! lol :) TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! I just love saying that I love that phrase

Grapes says:

I love that skirt sooooo cute! I sure hope I get it.

Rainbow Dash says:

I hope I win :D Good luck to the others!

Miss Fluffy Fuzzyfliper ( pig pink laff 56) says:

Good luck everyone! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

boo boo googletoes (109 LP) says:

congrats to everybody who won!!