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Summer Fireworks Signal Toon Victory!

As you may have noticed by the sound of BOOM in the Toontown sky, Toons successfully defeated the recent Cog super-scheme!
Legal Eagles have landed
Celebrate our Toon victory under colorful fireworks displays in Playgrounds, every hour on the hour! The victory fireworks begin today and keep right on bursting all the way through July 16.
To get the best view of the show, hit PAGE UP to look skyward.


Enjoy Toon victory in fireworks-themed summer clothes, available right now for a limited time in Clarabelle's Cattlelog.


The Resistance Rangers have a special thank you planned for you brave Toontown defenders too - stay Tooned!

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Beautiful Nightmare says:

Yay - I love a good fireworks show!

milkyway says:

i love the fireworks pretty awesome

Foxy Foo says:

I love the fireworks! They're so pretty to watch, no matter what playground!

Cuddles Crinklemuffin ( 110 laff ) says:

Yay! TOONS RULE COGS DROOL! These fireworks are gonna be so colorful... Perfect for July! Toons of the World, Unite! - Cuddles Crinklemuffin

The awesome Mouse says:

Yay the summer fireworks are back I can't believe it :D

Anarchy says:

yay! the toons won on the cog invasions!!!

boy swagger says:

i love the fireworks! best summer ever

Funny dingo says:

yay! i love fireworks and vp!

Moon Berry says:

I saw the fireworks! Amazing! I also love the music during the summer fireworks. :D

toon ( 44 ) laff says:

yay i hope the cogs dont try that trick agein p.s if your a cog dont try it

Tadiwa says:

Well done toons!!!We did well defeating the cogs and we deserve a reward: fireworks!!!

Nickthegreat says:

Oh YAY! i love fireworks put beautiful colors to the nightsky!

Hartless says:

thanks all toons we won again i help a little i think

Cool Pinky says:

I Love Fireworks. They're Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good ol' Popcorn ( 110 laff ) says:

YAY! i love fireworks! another toontastic summer begins :D

Crazeh Bird Man says:

Oooooh. Just what I need after fighting those bird brained bots.

Prof. Dudley Dizzenteeth says:

Call me a pessimist, but I still think that the cogs are up to something. I'm not putting my seltzer further than an arm's reach of me.

Sable says:

Woo Hoo! Great "work" every toon! :D

Rhinomash says:

I love the fireworks-themed summer clothes.

doggy (73 laff) says:

Yay!!! I knew those rusty old cogs couldn't defeat us, we did a good job, and what do we get as an award? Fireworks Yay!!! They should get a punishment for tricking, us hmm...... I got it!!! They should have to sit around in a fun house all day since they don't like fun! :) Toons of the world unite!

miss trixie says:


Princess Sandy BeanSnooker says:

I love the fireworks there wonderful!

Super Bluey says:

The cogs are defeated, and it's a fine time to celebrate. The fireworks are just what ToonTown needs for a victory over cogs!! Celebrate as much as you like, but also be prepared with gags too. I doubt that those cogs are willing to give in easily, so be alert, and most importantly, have fun!!

Captain Mac Bumbersnoop says:

Yeah! Let's enjoy these fireworks, because something's telling me the cogs are working on more plans to ruin our fun.

Monki says:

What a great celebration to enjoy from busting all of those cogs! Hopefully, the cogs know who's boss now and they can't stop all the fun! The color of the fireworks in the sky are so beautiful and I love the music. Thank you Toontown! I also wonder what the special thank you is... and I'm sure it's something Toontastic! Toons of the Word Unite, have a Toontastic summer!

Jasmine The Present Fairy ( 88) says:


Baron Alvin Bagelbee - 110 laff - says:

Mega Cog Invasions = A good pie in the cogs' face = cogs are defeated = celebration = SUMMER FIREWORKS! Best ToonTown Math equasion ever, am I right, Flippy? xD

Stinky says:

Oh yeah this summer is gonna ROCK!!!

Valbear says:

Fireworks are the best thing about July 4, besides that it is my birthday! I just love how pretty they are in toontown.

Good ol' Corny says:

I always love watching fireworks with friends! :D

Princess Pinky Featherbubble ( 108 ) says:


Hanna says:

Finally! The thing I wait for all year! Summer fireworks in ToonTown!!(:

Countess says:

I got out of a VP and the fireworks started for the first time this year :) Great reward for a day of Cog-crushing! I'm beat!

Crystal Chow Chow says:

Hmm... I'm still suspicious of the Cogs, even as I watch these fireworks. Toons, keep your gags no further than an arm's reach.

Ella Bleu says:

The fireworks are Toontastic! I love Toontown! Cogs, take a pie to the face, such a disgrace!!! :)

twinkletoes says:

aww that is so nice

Isabella says:

Yay! Super fun! Fireworks are the best way to kick off a toontastic summer.

Star says:

YAY!!!! I knew we would beat those canaries. :D

Light Carrot says:

I love fireworks after a nice cog busting!

Lady Melody says:

the fireworks look better in the water and I love the dark and fireworks...

Little Mouse says:

YAY! We totally PWNED those cogs. We deserve a celebration like this.

Silas says:

Cool! I wonder what is the surprise!

Miss Quack says:

I love a good fireworks show!

Dandilion says:

Toontown = awesomeness; fireworks = awesomeness; Toontown + fireworks = double awesomeness!

Princess Popcorn says:

fireworks? i LOVE watching them! fireworks are like.... AWESOME! thanks i am sure that everyone loves fireworks!

C.J Superspeed says:

I'm sure glad we kicked their butts The fireworks are really cool. Let's keep on doing it toons. WE ROCK!!!!

sensationalcat says:

Fireworks are real nice to see its like there are no cogs because the make things brighter than already!!

Cranky Peppersocks says:

yay! Hooray! woo!

Captain Dee Dee Bumbercrumbs says:

I will see the fireworks

Noel (99 laff) says:

These Fireworks are pretty astounding. Although, the battle isn't over. At least not yet. Cogs are going to keep trying until they succeed. So this means this victory won't last. But it is good to enjoy and celebrate while it last.

Crunchyscooter says:

Yay! I love fireworks! After defeating cog after cog, everyone should get a good firework show! Have a toontastic Fourth of July everyone!

Magical Crocodile says:

Ooh! After fighting all those cogs I can't wait to see the foreworks and I wonder what the resistance rangers are gonna do hmm.... I can't wait! :)

Geri says:

So this is why I saw fireworks in Daisy Gardens. Cool!

Righty says:

These fireworks are spectacular! This has to be the best summer in toontown ever! Well, I guess there is only one more thing to say... Toons of the World, Unite!

flappy says:

YAY!!! We beat the cogs in there little game

Megacrunch says:

This is awesome! I've been watching since 2009 when I made this toon, but nothing beats watching fireworks with the great 4th of July shirts and pants!

Mr Robert says:

The fireworks are awesome! this is actually my first year watching the fireworks and i think they are pretty tight!

sally kookyquack says:

Yay fireworks is so cool!

Sher (97 Laff) says:

Toontown IS Awesome!

Mousie Mouse says:

XD FIREWORKS! this is toontastic! and its about time we cleared up those cog invasions, they cant fool us toons!

Dyllon the dog says:

wow, cogs try to truce, then they invade, just wow

master (109 laff) says:

you said it Cuddles

Teardrop says:

I still feel wary of those legal eagles... i can help but feel that they're up to something... that the invasions were just a decoy to turn our attention away from their bigger scheme... or maybe i'm just being silly! Either way, i'll keep a gag at hand in case of more cog funny business!

Fangs Eletrcomash says:

We Saved Toontown! well... not exactly. But Enjoy the fireworks!

Lady c.j. sparkleswirls says:

Yay! the cog invasions have ended! and toontown is safe! And fireworks!!!

Princess Lily says:

COOL! I LOVE a good fireworks show! And the themed clothing: LOVE IT! I can't WAIT to hear what the surprise is going to be!!! XD!!!

Sprinkles says:

Us toons are awesome, and we have so much fun! Summer fireworks are just the way to perk us up after those big invasions!

Cheese And Quackers says:

Yay I Love Fireworks ToonTastic!

Marissa The Mouse (102 laff) says:

I love fireworks in Toontown ; they are so pretty

Chocolate Coated Gummy Parrot says:

WOW! A fireworks show! I'd love to see the fireworks! I think that fireworks in Toontown not make you miss the 4th of July firework occasion.

Kenny The Cool Guy says:

Cool I love the toontown fireworks!

Snowflake says:

I knew we could do It! I am still going to cream those cogs good, and with a drip of water!

lady fangs says:

the cogs should think twice before changing things cause we are more fun more happy and more cool so cogs beware!

Tyler the rainbow (62 laff) says:

Hahaha.. Every time those cogs invade they lose! Flippy, Ive trained hard to be a GREAT toon! now its my turn to help! Next time the cogs invade, they will be leaking oil tears when they leave!

The toon says:

Fireworks are too noisy

abby says:

this will sooooooooooo exicting to see the fireworks

Princess Poodleswirl says:

Let's Get This Celebration Started!

Ocean Waters says:

The Fireworks Are Awesome! Thanks, Toontown

Fluffy says:

Love The Fireworks! XD Ty, Toontown!

A Dog's Story says:

WOW the fireworks are a blast! Thx, TOONTOWN!

Princess Crystal Clear says:

I love the fireworks they have such nice colors!

I'm A Star says:

Cool! the fireworks are a great reward!

frizzy dogenpow says:

i was in like 5 firework shows

Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth says:

Well it's nice to have a way to celebrate after busting those cogs! But I still feel a bit uneasy; the whole truce thing was pretty big, and way different than anything the cogs ever tried. The fact that the legal eagles were behind it all is even more strange. Why go through so much trouble? Could they be after something? Nevertheless, I'll try to forget my concerns for a bit by celebrating with fireworks! :)

Awesome Friend says:

Whew! Those cogs we're picking a big war! A firework show or two will really give me a feeling to do a victory dance and remove all those cog traps from my estate! *Goes to set off fireworks* Toons of the world, victory!

Loud Thunderchomp says:

We beat those Cogs! Great! I can't wait to see the Toontastic colors in the sky brighten up my day! And i wonder what the Thank you is..

Loud Von Rockencrumbs (117 laff) says:

YES!!!!!! Can't wait to see a good fireworks show :)

orange cat says:

I love fireworks! Especially T.T. fireworks! Woohoo! :D

Sheriff Sammie says:

Fireworks are great, but I think they would be even better if the fireworks patterns would change. Watching fireworks is fun, but creating new designs would make them that much better.

Grif says:

Toons of toontown unite for fireworks

normal bear says:

I love fireworks! ill get ready for my cattlelog

cool duck says:

i love the fireworks they are fun to watch

Super loony wackytoon says:

Yay! we defeated those evil cogs and got a sweet reward of fireworks! Lets hope those cogs are not up to anything...Keep your eyes open toons!

The Impawsible Pawly says:

What's a summer without summer fireworks? That's what makes Toontown summer the best for a reason! Sparkle-riffic!

Memories says:

Hah! Take that cogs! Don't think us toons will fall into your crazy plans! I can't wait to see what the Rangers have in store for us!

Sadie says:

Wow, these sure are Toontastic fireworks! While the Cogs just have a gloomy, work-filled day in the office, we Toons are having so much fun, watching the summer fireworks! If you ask me, I'm glad me didn't hold a truce! Those stinky cogs can never be trusted.

Strawberry Milkshake says:

Woo-hoo! I wonder what crazy types of fireworks there will be? We should pull out the wackiest ones possible!

Princess Bubbles Glitterpop says:

I love fireworks! Keep it up Toontown!

rosie says:

yay! the fireworks are back!!

princessdustyfiddilewolf says:

I think those cogs are planing something... im keeping my pie next to me!

Boo Boo Googletoes says:

Yay!!!! The fireworks are back!! Also, I can't wait to see what the Ramgers have in store for us!!

Princess Funnyswirl says:

Toons are awesome! We rock the town!

Prince Huey Dizzyfussen says:

I enjoy fireworks, but I'm still suspicious of the cogs and what they're planning. Keep a seltzer within arm's reach, toons.

crinklemarble ( 70 laff ) says:

Hi! Im glad the cogs are out, the fireworks are gonna be great!

Freedom Flag 33 laff says:

This summer is an EPIC!! Toontastic summer! happy fourth of July toons and keep busting those cogs!! Toons of the world BUST THOSE COGS!!! Are you toon enough!!

Firepaw says:

Good Job Guys! I Cant Believe We Beat Them! Also Goodluck on the next invasions guys!

dandyfoot says:

wow fireworks! they look AWESOME in donalds dreamland!

silly roxy says:

I love fireworks!!!!

PrincessCuddlesbananaswirl says:

Yay happy 4th of July!

Yellow Orange says:

Toontown fireworks, the best way to celebrate your toontastic summer!

Good`ol Pinky Bananadoodle says:

I think the fireworks are beautiful!

super cat says:

I cant believe we foiled the cogs evil schemes!!

Loonypedalcorn says:

I think that the fireworks are awesome for toon spirit...... I think that we should have for every place we should have different themes on fireworks......

Daffy (101 laff) says:

Yes fireworks! Thanks toontown! Toons of the world unite!

princess wiskers says:

i saw the fireworks and i can play Toontown now!!! (clap clap) bye-bye Glad Handers and bird brains!! whoopee!!!!

Winter Storm says:

AWESOME! :) fireworks are... AMAZING! thanks to everyone we get a good fireworks show! SWEET! it is always a good time for fireworks!

Princess Popcorn ( 27 laff ) says:

FIREWORKS! totally cool! its totally like 4th of July style!

jake the cat says:

yes yes! i've been waiting for it!!!!

Dandilion says:

We beat the cogs?! YAY!!! Happy Fireworks Day (oops, I meant Independence Day!)!!!

Cool Chroma (55 Laff) says:

Fireworks? Awesome! All the pretty colors do indeed light up the skies! Especially the one shaped like Mickey's head! True fun for summer in Toontown!

Mourning Dove says:

Pretty fireworks! I love how they light up the skies! Perfect for summer!

Squeakers says:

This is cool. I like Toon Fireworks!

Princess Marigold says:

Fireworks are the best way to celebrate! I wonder what they have planned next....

Doc Brown says:

The fireworks are a toontanic load of fun to watch!

princess flapjack rhinofish says:

Fireworks are just so amazing!

Crazy Dusty Spaklegoober(80laff) says:

Ugh...its about time them eagles were just anoying for tasks i mean i had to beat cashbots and sellbot buildinds

Crazy Dusty Spaklegoober(80laff) says:

im a gonna keep wedding cake in arms reach( 5 seconds later i put it out of arms reach)

domino mctoon says:


Swan (137 Laff) says:

This is Amazing! Your very creative toon council! keep up the toontastic Work!. :D -Swan,

Sirbongobeanberry says:

Wow the fireworks were cool

Mister Funny Muffin says:

The fireworks are once again, AMAZING!!!

Dinosaur says:

I haven't seen any ToonTown fireworks yet, but I'm hoping I will before they're gone! :D xD

Roxy says:

I <3 Fireworks and victory!!!

toony the first says:

o my gosh, o my gosh, fireworks! they are so pretty. page up and colors and ahhhh!

fudge says:

lalalalove the fireworks!

Sir bongobeanberry says:

Wow cool fireworks!

Super Leaf Leaping Toon (Veteran) says:

Don't these cogs ever give up?! Every single year the cogs try something new but Every single year us toons band together to halt the attack, and then fireworks go into the sky. I wonder what failed plan they will try NEXT year. I am so ready. (By the way fireworks are a wonder to me. Such a wonder.....)

Puff-Fluff says:

pretty fireworks the fireworks are great

king crazy preciesmuffin says:


Lucky Leaf says:

They're so beautiful! I'm still a little suspicious about those Cogs, though... something tells me they're not done yet!

Cool Green says:

Wow! The fireworks will be forever beautiful :) Flippy? when will the cogs EVER learn, Toons Rule, Cogs cry in the corner wishing they were us!

hufflepuff says:

I LOVE the fireworks show! It makes me feel SO HAPPY to see them. I wish we could see them EVERY DAY! Toons of the Unite!

nyancat says:

YEAH I love fireworks especially on 4th of July!!!

Lefty says:

Woo, we did it! We beat the cogs yet again! :)

Silly Nutty Wonderwolf says:

That was awesome that we beated up those cogs and now as a reward we get to see fireworks!

SniffyPetal Muffin says:

Sorry Cogs but you never even had a chance at beating us =D Nice Plan NOT

Joshua (63 laff) says:

wow!! I seen like at least 6 fireworks in 3 hours in the same district. I'm was sad that I did not win the cog t-shirt for best fighter but I saw the fireworks then I felt better. P.S. Dear cogs toons always WINS!! SO GIVE UP COGS!!

Sylvan says:

They'll be back my friends... they'll be back.

Easter says:

Man the fireworks look so real! good job creators of toontown! and the toons for getting those cogs!

monkeyman says:

Yes go toons every where and for you cogs out there good game

Candy GumdropPop says:

I always look forward to seeing the fireworks every year! I got my Summer fireworks shirt and skirt! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE! :)

Alvin ( 109 laff ) says:

Fireworks! :D

Joelorian says:

Love the fireworks show! Hooray, Toontown!