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Spruce Up Your Toon Estate for Spring

Spring is in full bloom in Toontown, making this the perfect weekend to give your garden and trees some tender Toon care!

Toon flowers and trees

Did you say you haven’t started an Estate Garden yet? While the Cogs are quiet, use this chance to order a Gardening Kit from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Plant some jellybeans to see which flowers bloom, and increase your overall Laff limit.
Picking flowers increases your gardening skill -- and you can sell them to earn more jellybeans!

Who says gags don’t grow on trees? Growing gag trees on your Estate lets you pick fresh gags once a day when you need them!  

Fill up your watering can, and let your flowers and trees know how much you care this weekend!

Posted on April 20, 2012 to:

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Taffy(81 laff) says:

Awesome! Now if Taffy was around, she'd make the trees sing. (opera voice :D)

Apple Tree ( laff 47 ) says:

Well, I'm starting my garden up! I am so trying hard to get the 2nd Shovel! Wish me luck. :D

sir pickles says:

i really really want that laff boost!

Chocolate says:

Happy early earth day toontown! A important day for the citizens of toontown! Plant trees for the earth! ty toontown for this wonderful thing!

Zeezee says:

Cool, because i just started!

Aunt Piddles says:

Ooh, I can't wait to try out the garden. Who knows what special plants might grow from jellybeans?

Thunder/Mcwoof 105 laff says:

this is so cool! im gonna garden like crazy to get laff boosts! Toonns of the World, GARDEN!

Livie says:

Awesome! I'll plant, water, and care for my plants! :D Tender love and care :D Toontastic!

King Dusty Blubbercorn (105 laff) says:

this garden stuff is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to get started.

Max says:

Plant as many flowers as you can! Get all of those laff boosts! Make your estate as lush as a rainforest! Toon's of the World, Garden!

Overdog (107 laff) says:

Cool! This reminded me to garden. I have already gotten two laff boosts from gardening (Yay!) and I have the huge watering can and bronze shovel. I also planted all my throw, even my wedding cake! (Look out Level 12 cogs, I'm coming to get ya!) Toons of the world, UNITE! Happy spring, Toontown!

Juicy Fruit says:

WOW! I really need to get me a garden im up to whole cream pie! Why have I not known? Well now i do thanks tt! I'll be on my way to planting. P.S Toons of the World Unite!

Lady Katswell says:

Like they say, April Showers bring May Flowers!

Sparkletoon says:

I am going to spruce up my garden and get on my spring accerories!

Pepper says:

I planted all the flowers and trees my house has a curb appeal

suger says:

I love getting gags from my trees !!!!

Woof says:

Planting gag trees saves you jellybeans from picking the gags!

Jason says:

Oh Boy! Im gonna be planting alot of my flowers and aim for maxing my gardening tools!Spring is my favorite season. :)

Princess Mo Mo says:

Thanks to all the jellybean festivals, I now have the option to make my Estate all Springy!!! Thanks for the reminder Flippy! xD

Massie says:

Gosh I love Spring in Toontown!!! I hope I will get a laff boost and gardening gags is really helpful in battle against those nasty cogs! :) Make your estates really beautiful with those flowers toons!

Doctor Romeo says:

I'm getting started on my garden today! I want those laff boosts... wish me luck! :)

Rabbit Rose says:

i like how you grow your own gag trees

Super E (61 Laff) says:

I have loads of stuff in my garden at the moment but I just keep forgetting to water them!

Felix (106 laff) says:

I started gardening a little bit a while ago, but eventually I stopped. This message has really gotten me back into gardening, and now I won't stop till I have that gold shovel! Thanks for reminding me Toonotwm. :D

Lady Taffy Flipperquack ( 111 laff) says:

My gardens are all green now with trees and plants... Green thumbed toons!! :D

Short Mouse (66 laffs) says:

great now i can make my trees sing! (well im growing sound trees and my opera is the newest ) !

Crunchyscooter(110 laff) says:

Awesome!!!!! This will be the best toon spring ever!!