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Spooky Weekend Reminders

Spooky reminders

This is the last weekend to enter Toontown's Halloween Art contest here!
Make sure you read the Contest rules before sending your entry.
All entries need to be sent to us online, or stamped by the mail, no later than
October 14, 2012!


And don't forget to grab your special witch shirt too with Clarabelle's SPOOKY code.
All Toons will be "over the moon" when they receive this especially spook-tacular gift!


Chilling Halloween decorations start materializing around town in just a few days, so make sure you're good and ready!


Attention Toons! The Halloween Art contest is now closed!
Thank you for all your Toontastic entries. Look for the winners in
Toon News... For the Amused
right before Halloween!

Become a Member Toon
to wear and enjoy all Halloween costumes,
clothing, and accessories!

Posted on October 12, 2012 to:

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Miss Furball (62laff) says:

OH yea thanks for the reminder!

Nutty says:

Can't wait to go trick or treating!

Awsome black cat ( 114 laff ) says:

sounds awesome, im getting that shirt! :P

darth lollipop says:

yay! i entered!

Starlie says:

Still working on mine. Flippy, I hope you like it! Im putting a lot of effort into it!

Charming carrie says:

i love that shirt make me feel like a well-dressed toon :)

gianluca says:


Peppy Wonder says:

:D just finished :D :D :D

Granny jeeper doodle ( 53 laff ) says:


Sheriff Ozzie says:

Awesome shirt! I love it!

Omar says:

The deadline is coming! Happy Halloween Toontown!

Lily Twinkleswirl says:

Awesome, have a Spook-tacular Halloween, Toons! :)

George says:

This is gonna be a TOONTASTIC Halloween!

Aunt Bongo Flippenteeth says:

YAY I got that shirt :D!!!!!!!!!

Jaedster says:

Phew I Just managed to enter my drawing thank you for the reminder

josua (36 laff level 4 gags) says:

nice it matched with the Bat wings

Valentina says:

I LOVE THIS SHIRT! It's So Toontastic! It goes great with all my clothes! :D

Fireball says:

Oh thanks! If you didn't remind me, I will forget to tell my friends in too!

Jason says:

I love the shirt so spooky thanks toontown :)

Yippie Fiddletoes says:


Teddy says:

And don't forget to grab your special witch shirt too with Clarabelle's SPOOKY code.

little scooter pepperfidget says:

just got it!!!!!!!!!!

Sparkletoon says:

I'm going to send in my entry before it's too late! And I'm gonna grab the shirt. Happy Halloween, TT!

Kevin Officer's (27 Laff) says:

I have that shirt WOOT! I can't wait for halloween! :D

white tiger ( 50laff ) says:

i love it i also like the bee because it is super cool!

Jellyroll pinkermash says:

THANK YOU TOONTOWN FOR THIS! THIS HALLOWEEN IS THE BEST AND SO ARE YOU! thank you for giving toontown that code and the reminder of the code.

C.J says:

I'm SPOOKY up for lot's of candy!

Sher says:

I already did it...........

Shadow Cat says:

Wow... thats awesome. I entered.. good luck all :)

Jasmine The Present Fairy (60 laff) says:

The witch shirt is cool!

Bubble Cat ( 107 ) says:

Eek! I still need to enter a drawing! Thank you very much for the reminder!

Midnight Magic says:

Lol thanks for the reminder but i already got the shirt :D oh ya and the code is SPOOKY if you dont know

Misty says:

Whew! I entered just in time!

Omar says:

The deadline is coming! Congrats to those winning the art contest. Hope we all got the code. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TOONTOWN!

Mini Pumpkin says:

I entered my entry last night. Boy that took alot of effort! And also... YAY! Decorations start tomorrow! Eeeeek! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Red velvet cupcake says:

I love Halloween

Red velvet cupcake says:

Toontown is so awesome!

Sadie says:

When will Black Cats come out? I'm excited for the Art Contest, I entered and I feel confident!

The Cheese (19 laff) says:

I can't wait to go on and get that shirt! I think thats the best shirt from codes yet! :D

Dynoburger says:

Awesome! I have been waiting for this kind of event.

Trappenbocker says:

That shirt will go perfectly with my outfit!

Fluffy Bananamuffim says:

i entered!:D

little scooter pepperfidget says:

almost here its halloween in toontown tommorow plus i got the shirt 2 weeks ago so i bought all coustems and entered the contest so i am excited

The Mysterious Blue says:

I just entered mine! I hope I win! Also, good luck toons on your art!

boo boo googletoes 107 laff says:

sweet thanks for the reminder

Lemonmuffin says:

Just entered mine! Here's hoping!

Grayi says:

I got my shirt! It looks wonderful On all the people i see who also wears them :D Id be glad to see them on u

Disco Coconut says:

I cant wait for trick or treating to come again!

cool lily says:

thnx for reminding

Sunrise Kitten says:

WHOA!!! TRICK OR TREATING IS ALMOST HERE IM SO what to dress up as, so many choices

Soul says:

Thanks I almost forgot to put the code in

Looney says:

toontastic :)

Cool Pinky Glitterwoof says:

This contest is so cool!

Midnight Kitty (117 laff) says:

I just finished my drawing! Time to turn it in :D

Banana Split says:

Oh My Gosh! I almost forgot to get the shirt! Thank you for reminding me! Or I would of never ever got it! :D

Thriller says:

Hi, Toontown! My favorite holiday keeps rolling around. The new spooky witch shirt is toontastic! Everywhere i go someone is wearing it. Thanks for giving all the toons of Toontown the best Halloween ever! By the way, those decorations just make me want to wear my toontastic costume everyday.

Venus says:

FInally! I Love Halloween In Toontown. ;)

Melody Glitterswirl says:

I got the t-shirt today!!

Skyler says:

The shirt looks awesome!!!! I LOVE halloween! Wish I was a member, though... :)

baby doll says:


Master Flapjack says:

the shirt are really cool and has a good design on it

Princess Petunia says:

WOW! I already entered :) Good Luck and I tried my best. I can always try again next year if I don't win :D.

Luna Crescent says:

wow that is one of the best shirts ever! Thanks Toontown!