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Silly Meter Means Silly Surprises!

Toon Scientists will soon have everyone's favorite kooky contraption the Silly Meter chugging away in Toon Hall to make Toontown's final madcap month as wacky as can be!
summer codes

While you're enjoying free access to every loony Laff in Toontown this month, along with fireworks and double jellybeans, Toons can expect low gravity Estates and talking Doodles to begin any minute - and stay Tooned for other hilarious hijinks too!

The Silly Meter has already produced an all-new shirt to celebrate everything Toontastic about Toontown, and ALL Toons can get it using Professor Prepostera's favorite word: 


Just go to your Shticker Book, and click the light switch button. Enter the code GADZOOKS on the Enter A Code page - wait a few minutes - and your Toontastic Toontown shirt delivers right to the mailbox at your Toon Estate.

Speaking of clothing, Clarabelle is opening her Cattlelog to include ALL accessories ever released (including costumes!) so don't be surprised to see your Cattlelog bursting with fun-filled pages the next time you call Clarabelle! 


For Toons new to shopping Clarabelle's Cattlelog, you need to get a trunk first before buying accessories. Unlike clothes and furniture, accessories can only be kept in a trunk, not your usual wardrobe. 

It takes a day for your trunk to ship, then start shopping for those accessories. Then start browsing all the Toontastic items! Just like regular Cattlelog items, it takes Clarabelle about an hour to ship accessories right to your Estate mailbox.

TOON TIP: Since your first new accessories may arrive in your mailbox before your trunk does, don't discard your accessories while you wait for the trunk! Leave the new accessories in your mailbox until your trunk is delivered, then you can take them out and put them on your Toon!


Call up Clarabelle today and dive into the Cattlelog craziness!


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Dubstep says:

Awesome! :)

Chip says:

Yay the Silly Meter is coming back! I will enjoy it for the last time!

Louise says:

cool ty :D

Super Daffy Blubberquack says:

glad to see all the costumes back, and i'm excited for the Silly Meter, since I've always missed it in the past :D

Master Gabe says:


Captain Bingo Nickelflip says:

Well, at least we get the Silly Meter before Toontown has to close forever.

Louise says:

cool ty :D

Queen amy says:

tyvm for bringing the silly meter back, I will enjoy the last month of toontown!

Zowie (57 laff) says:

Looks like i got some wacky fun to do!

Creme Brulee says:

Yay! I'm so glad the Silly Meter is back! Also, the shirt is so cool! :)

Loopy ernie Blubbersocks (Since September 2006) says:

Huzzah free un-member epicness! My kinda deal. Thanks TT!

Berry Bunny says:

This is toontastic! I've missed that crazy Toon Meter.(: And costumes & a free shirt? What could get any better? I'm surely going to enjoy my last month of Toontown. THANK YOU! :)

Melody (105 laff ) says: says:

Thank you fellow toons and creators of toontown for everything! I will enjoy all the accessories before toontown closes. thanks so much for a great child hood :D

ashton ( 71 ) says:

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! - shirt twirl -

Funny Dingo says:

Finally we get to wear the racing award.

Sir Snoinkers says:

Geez, the Toon Council really pulled out all the stops for this final month! You really outdid yourselves with this one.

Miss Trixie Whiskernoodle says:

I'm very exited for the Silly Meter! I love the low gravity at my estate! :D

Captin Chipper says:

Looking forward to the next month, make it awesome!

Purple Kit says:

I'll be sure to enjoy everything as long as possible! TOONS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!!

Brady says:


Rosebud says:

At least we get fun before toontown closes forever and ever :(

Smorez (103 laff) says:

Yay! I LOVE the silly meter! Cant wait :)

Pacie says:

I'm excited for all the accesorioes but I'm still sad it's closing

Hailey (51 Laff) says:


queen rainbow says:

this is going to be great! :)

May says:

Yay! I'm excited to enjoy these last fun moments.

Fluffy says:

Yay! The silly meter is back. I thought it would be next year. They fixed it really quick. I hope you have a fun time for the last month of toontown! :)

Icy Flame says:

its so cool i got it

Crunchyscooter says:

Yay! I love the accesspries!

Jake, 137 now! says:

My talking doodle scared me at first, but at least we get this before Toontown closes.

Sweetie Paul ( 54 laff ) says:

GADZOOKS! is a new code for a new Racing shirt!

Melody says:

Yay! I have always loved the silly meter! glad to see it one last time!

Princess Cuddles says:

I'm still really sad to see Toontown go, but thanks for giving us all these going away gifts and fun :)

Cutie Pie says:

Yay I'm so happy the silly meter is back ! :)

Pearl says:

thanks a bunch!!

Furball says:

Oh yeah!! I always wanted to see the talking doodles again... This is extreme!

Princess Cuddles says:

I will enjoy the Silly Meter for the last time too! :D

Little Star Sparklesprinkles LAFF32 duck says:


skippy boy says:


Dynamite says:

This is my first time with the Silly Meter. I was really surprised to see Ukelele talk! I love that!

Monita says:

I can't wait for the fun to start! I wonder what Goofy's gonna do to that Silly Meter... hmm..

raccoon the hedgehog says:

i knew it would return before tt closing :]

Miss Quads says:

I love ToonTown and am glad that the Silly Meter is back so that we all can enjoy it while we still can!

Alvin says:

This is epic! :O Thanks toontown!

Little Lucky Trickyflipper says:

Wow! This is the first time I get to see the silly meter. I'm gonna miss Toontown :(

Cheese And Quackers says:

Yay! Its Back!

Lily says:

Makes me feel better :)

Monster Energy says:

Although I'd much rather toontown stay open, the sily meter returning is still pretty great I guess.

Good ol Popcorn says:

wow!!! awesome!

Little Poodlecrump (103 laff) says:

Yes! I remember last time it was so fun I will enjoy the silly meter for the last time thanks!

Zippy McWhip says:

A last hurrah for the Silly Meter :-( toons of the world unite.

Super M says:

Yes!! I missed the last silly meter, so this will be AWESOME!!!!

Little Sally says:

That's good to hear! I hope all of us Toons can enjoy every wacky corner of Toontown before it closes!

Jacob says:

I will miss you, Toontown - but the Cog Plague will be over and we'll all be laughing for years on end after this! Toons of the World, Unite!

Millie : ] says:

OMG! Best shirt ever! Thx for letting us enjoy the silly meter one last time!! ~ Muffin Man

Cutiekinns says:

Cool! Thanks! :D :)

Athos says:

Hello i loved the new code it was uhm.... GADZOOKS

luna says:

this is going to be fun

Angel Level 15 says:

YAY! Omg i waited so long for this!

purple berry sweet pie says:

i saw the silly meter and it was to the tooooooooooooop i thought it would go BOOM

Chocolate Milk says:

Cool! I'll be able to enjoy the Silly Meter for one last time! GADZOOKS!

Lovely Leona says:

I am enjoying the Cattlelog items very much. I love the new free shirt, as well. My toons have been with me for ten years. I am sorely going to miss Toontown. I have passed many wonderful moments playing the game with my children and my grandchildren. Since we live so far apart, it has really been a way to connect, have fun and laugh together. I am so sorry for the closing. I don't think any of us has quite processed this loss yet. Thanks for the memories. Toons of the World Unite!!

Gem says:

Sweet! I can't wait to see all of the accessories! I'm so sad Toontown is closing though. I've played it for seven years and I'm sad to see it go. I'll enjoy it while I still can, though!

Stubby Toppenpow says:

The silly meter is back! :)

Isabella says:

Cool. I'm happy all the accessories are back! I also like to see what the Silly Meter has in store! Hmm :)

Kyleallt (56 laff) says:

Gadzooks! The Silly Meter is now full! Can't wait to buy lots of accessories!

Tommy says:

I'm glad to see the silly meter back for the last time :D But it would be even better if toontown didn't close :(

Princess Valentine says:

I cant believe the silly meter is back! Toontown RULES!