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Resistance Rangers Salute Toons Sweetly

The Resistance Rangers thank all you brave Toons for battling back those Glad Hander and Legal Eagle invasions - with sweet jellybeans in your victory parties!
Thanks from Rangers
Resistance Rangers know it took a lot of 'beans to buy enough gags to knock out those Cogs, so they're ready to fill your banks back up this weekend!


Rangers RUPERT, RAVEN, RHETT and RANDOLPH thank Toons with jellybeans
Saturday and Sunday, July 20 – 21 at these times, both days:

11am – 12pm   and   4pm – 5pm  (Toontown Time)

Keep a lookout for those Resistance Rangers in Playgrounds and Toon Parties in Districts that start with the goofy letter “G”:

Giggly Bay

Giggly Grove Gigglyham

Giggly Hills Goofy Valley

Giggly Point Goofyport

And the Toon Resistance let slip that the Resistance Rangers may have one more little surprise left this month – stay Tooned...


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Sparkle says:

Wow, I can't wait! Resistance Rangers' parties sound like so much fun!

Bunny Funny says:

yay more beans! :D

Andrea says:

The sounds great! I look forward to being there!

Happy says:

Yay! I've been needing to stock up on beans! I wonder what they have planned for us. I can't wait to find out :) till then I will keep the pies flying!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

This is going to be great! It will be my first time seing a Resistance Ranger! :D

Red Rose says:

Yay! Thank You Very much! :D Toons Of The World Unite!

Miss Violet Petalcrumbs says:

Wow! The Mega Invasions And Now This!!?!?! :D

Little Peanut says:

Hmmm... I wonder what that surprise later this month is.....

Dottie Purplewoof says:

This Might Be The Best Month For All Of These Surprises! :)

Little Cat says:

Hmm.. I wonder whats that little surprise is. But I'm sure it'll be toontastic!

nice bear says:

i cant wait thanks toontown

Princess Nutty ( 107 laff ) says:

Fighting off those cogs, first of all, wasn't quite easy, but to relax and take a break from VP's CEO's CFO'S and CJ's and gets jellybeans sound quite fun! :) I can't wait to get my bank full!!!

Beany Glitterswirl says:

That sounds toontastic! I can't wait to fill up my bank! ;)

Queen Pearl Blubberwoof says:

Yay!!! Thank you!!!

toonman says:


Bubbles (137 laff) says:

Great! A good break from the hard cog-related toontasks! Can't wait to max my bank!

baliey says:

awesome I cannot wait, thank you!

Sparkmist says:

Whoa! Sweet. I LOVE this! thx tt :D

eaglekit says:

omg awesome i played tt when i was smaller and i saw those they are AWESOME!!!! :)

Freckles says:

Can't wait for the Rangers! I'll thank them for the jellybeans. Keep on protecting Toontown Rangers! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!

Gracey says:

Awesome! It would be nice to get to know some resistance rangers! Toons of the world, Get ready for jellybeans!

Colonel Bonzo says:

Ha ha ha, with my luck I'll never find them because it's me! I'll look about anyways.

Marissa The Mouse (106 laff) says:

Wow thanks! I need a lot of jellybeans back because I spent it on gags defeating those stinky cogs! Thank you Resistance Rangers! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Alvin ( 109) says:

This is awesome! I can't wait for them :D

Samantha says:

Whoa, i never seen a Resistance Ranger before. This will be my first time :D

Smorez says:

I love all of these surprises!! I can't wait until tomorrow to earn what I've been defeating! Toons, keep those pies flying and those seltzer bottles squirting!!

Freedom Flag (47 laff) says:

This is going to be an EPIC weekend toons! So, I'm guessing from all those battles from the CJ, CFO, CEO, and VP and cogs, we need to celebrate with jellybeans galore! I can't wait to buy all the things I wanted! Keep destroying those cogs toons! Has my name proclaims that we should have a flag representing our freedom from those pesky cogs!

Loud Thunderchomp says:

I wonder what surprise could be! I'll be keepin' a look out for those Rangers, I'd love to meet them in person! Short poem about Resistance Rangers: Toon Resistance rangers, Keep us from all the dangers, They give us a Toon Salute,Since we knew which Cogs to boot!

Sarah (88+ Laff Points) says:

I can't wait! I've been on Toontown for about 3-4 years now, and still haven't met the Resistance Rangers! I've only met Toon Troopers so far, so this is exciting! :D Thanks, TT!

Moon Berry says:

YAY!! MORE JELLYBEANS!!! Sorry, just so excited BECAUSE I MISSED THE LAST TWO!!!! xD Probably can't make it for Saturday, BUT I WILL HAVE TO MAKE IT FOR SUNDAY. xD - Does Toon victory dance - :D

princess rainbow says:


Aristotle says:

More Jellybeans? Time to get some gags! Toons rule, and Cogs drool!

Enterprise (102 laff) says:

this is interesting... I guess I'll use these districts (usually quiet) to my advantage after all I need to defeat a LOT of cogs for my task and I'll try to find some resistance rangers on the way

Lady Melody says:

Yay! more beans then ever, I'll have 4 rich Toons

Sam says:

Cool! Ive Been Waiting For More Jellybeans To Buy Some Accessories!

Cricket says:

This is toontastic! I've been wanting a new doodle, and now I can get the jellybeans for it! You rock, Toontown!

Brook says:

I love you guys! Your the best!

Sparkletwist says:

yay!!!!! there back!!! I cant wait to get jbs and spend them all again :)

Fox (33 Laff) says:

This is Toontastic! Now everyone gets a reasonable award, for a reasonable task! Like a toontask, when the reward is jellybeans! I'll surely try to find the Toon Rangers, grabbing all the colorful jellybeans thrown!

Sable says:

yay! thanks, now my bank wont be as bare.

Mister says:

Come to my party in Goofyport! It'll be the greatest!

Cowgirl deer says:

OOO yay my first time seeing them since storm sellbot! :D ty!

Batty says:

Another weekend, Another maxed bank

Malistairia says:

This is awesome! I could use some extra beans. I wonder what the surprise is???! Thanks Toon Rangers! We'll spend our beans wisely!!!!!!!!

Cool Electroberry ( 100 ) says:

Awesome! I'll be rich!!!!!!!

Ally says:


swormnight says:

yay! can't wait to see them!!!!!

Sheriff Raven says:

Yay! Can't wait to see what the Resistance Rangers are planning next. :D

boo boo googletoes (112 laff) says:

ANOTHER surprise??!?! Wow! Thanks Rangers! (:

sir popcorn says:


Star Lit Night Sky says:

Man I'm going to miss it! :( I hope everyone has fun though and gets loads of jellybeans! I wish I could be there :)

Chaky says:

Whoa! These toontastic Rangers came to help if you are low on beans or need help on cog battles :) Can't wait btw!

Boo Boo says:

Yay!! I can't wait to come!! Thank you toon rangers

Kodi (109) says:

Really looking forward to this! Can't wait to see the "Surprise" at the end of the month :)

Melissa says:

I wonder what the little surprise is.... :D?

make cake says:

those battles took a lot of gags but we pulled it off

Purple Kit says:

OH BOY! This is gonna be AWESOME! I wonder what surprise it's gonna be... Well... Better be patient and find out ;) Toons of the world, UNITE!

Carrot says:


Kodi (109) says:

Really looking forward to this! Can't wait to see the "Surprise" at the end of the month :)

Spiral says:

Cool, can't wait! <3

Cocoa (15 laff über) says:

Cant wait! Toons of the world, unite!

Swifty(73 laff) says:

I will totally be there! Thanks, Toontown!

Swifty(73 laff) says:

Update On comment: I just saw 3 Rangers today! Resistance Ranger Rhett spammed us with Jellybeans! I maxed My Jellybeans. I almost bought everything in my catalog! Thank you, Resistance Rangers!

Max Funnysplat says:

Wow! I saw a Resistance Ranger at Soup and Quackers' party! Awesome!

Lucky says:

Yes! More Jellybeans!

ducklett says:

i need to find a way to keep up with all this

Callidus (105 laff) says:

NO WAY! Why is Rocky not there? I saw him back at "Storm Sellbot", hes my total favourite and I wish I could tell him. I even have an uber toon that looks JUST like him.

Allanah says:

I was at my friends party today and their was toon resistance trooper raven their she got me from 900 jellybeans to 12000 jellybeans!!!!!!!

Queen amy says:

Woohoo cant wait to max my bean bank!

Popcornbud says:

Ooh! Ive never seen a ranger! ill keep a look out.

Gwen says:

So happy to be getting jellybeans! About to go swimming in the rain, I wish it was raining jbs here.... But it is on Toontown :)! Raven is the best ranger! Gwen - The coral cat ;)

Loony poodlenugget says:

i love jellybeans! I need them so much! I wish i could give out jellybeans! Thanks so much guys! Raven is the best!!! loony :)

Crazed Blonde (45 Laff) says:

my bank is full already, Thanks Raven! - Crazed PS: I Wish I Could Be A Toon Trooper!

Farrah says:

THIS IS GREAT! I just saw Raven! I'm so happy you guys are doing this again because I didn't see a SINGLE Trooper... Now I have a second chance with Ranger! Thanks!!!

Winter says:

Can I cry?! I can't find any Resistance Rangers! :(

Moonlight says:

:D Yay, sounds fun!

Ocean Waters says:

yay! jellybeans!

Chocolate says:

YEE HAW! I love a good western day with jellybeans!

Omar says:

Yay Rangers!

Little Fireball ROAR XD says:

Yay :3 Woof

Max says:

Whoa! A surprise this month? I can't wait! Toons of the World, Spend Wisely from the Resistance Rangers! :D

Furball says:

This Is So Awesome! :)

Alliebear says:

I wonder what the surprise will be! :)

Richerd says:

This honestly made me smile. Keep up the great work!

Mystery Kit says:

I love Toontown and i cant wait to see what the resistance rangers have up their sleeves :D

Lady purpletwist says:

THANK U SO MUCH! I love jellybeans!

Wilbur says:

Hmm I hope the parties end in BOOM!

Bear Cub says:

I cant wait Till I see them! When I'm there I'm going to have a Great time Getting Beans to buy what I like in catalog And Do tasks! I look forward To It! Sounds Awesome! :D!

Possibilities ( 17 Laff ) says:

I'll See If I can Make it! I don't wanna miss Anything Toontown Starts!

Paradise says:

Toontastic! Thanks for your generosity, Toon Troopers!

Sprinkles says:

Today is the 21st and I can't wait for the Toon Parties! I'm trying to plan one in Gigglyfield or Goofyport. And one more little surprise this month? That will leave toons in suspense for a while!

Wave says:

Hope I can find these guys in time!

princess says:

cool more beans :)

Faithful Crocodile says:

AWESOME! I'm at one now! I'm going to gift all of my friends :)!

New Moon says:

Cool I Would like some jellybeans!

Miss Quack says:

I'm so happy!

Hero 106 laff says:

It sounds Epic.

Isabella says:

Oh my, we toons can always count on the Resistance Rangers to help restock our beans. Thank you so much, Resistance Rangers!

kit the kat says:

yay!! we did those invasions and now we get a surprize!! BEANS FROM THE RANGERS!!! :D

Gold Mouse Cool Toon (107 laff) says:


Totally Eva says:

Thanks TT! Now i can afford more clothes and furniture. Ill surely be there today at 4PM TT time today!

The Impawsible Pawly says:

Wow! After a nonstop pie-throwing mania, theres more beans to collect! What a way to celebrate!!

Rosey says:

THAT WAS.... AWESOME!!! I have a full bank! :D

Trixie Bananamonkey (27 laff) says:

Now this is my chance! I've never gotten to see Resistance Rangers at all in Toontown! Now's the time! Thank you Toontown! This is very generous of you to do this for us

Toons of the World Unite! says:

Resistance Rangers know it took a lot of 'beans to buy enough gags to knock out those Cogs, so they're ready to fill your banks back up this weekend!

Flip says:

Thats So Cool!

malicious owl ? says:

LOL i'm so mad i forgot this was today i could have a banks full, i mean banks FULL if i knew the resistance rangers were coming to give out beans, anyways Toontown you have a great game so keep up the good work! love, malicious owl. ?

Club Toon says:


Lily says:

I wonder what will happen later this month...... maybe more beans or those shirts the Resistance Rangers wear in the catalog! Hmm........

Ben J says:

I love the jellybeans, but I can't wait for the next surprise later this month! Am I right Flippy?

Fillpy (137 laff :)) says:

Wow. So excited! Can't wait to show off my accessories, thanks to all the beany jellybeans!

Miss Pancake says:

Hey guys :). Anyways, I saw an awesome ranger in Toontown Central and was very generous :). So yep, real kind and not self-centered :o

Mary Bloom says:

Wow, if we plan a bean fest on a Saturday. We will also have enough jellybeans to make parties. Then, we can make a toontastic party & one of the Resistance Ranger comes we'll have a double jellybean day!

Princess Bubbles Glitterpop ( 73 laff ) says:

This is the best month ever! I love you Toontown! :3

jake says:

wow toon resistance terry is really nice and generous

Princess Sparkleswirl says:

Cool! I would love to buy some stuff with tons of jellybeans!!!

Deuces says:

Amazing! Thanks Resistance Rangers! You guys rock! —Keep those pies flying!

Princess Poodleswirl says:

I got my bank full!!! :)

Rockhoper says:

Wow i've been off for so long and I come back and see all this? I really missed out on toontown and... it's really great to see everyone doing so well to protect our home and our leaders The Toon Council leading us to do it. All I have to say is that... it's great to be home. Watch it cogs there's a wild dog on the loose and he's hungry for some gears!