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Remember To Open Your Cannon Gift!

Cannon Gift reminder


Toontown's Winter Holiday is full of gifts, and you should definitely not miss out on this one from the Toon Council!


Go to the Options & Codes page in your Shticker Book and enter the code WINTER, and you’ll receive 48 hours of cannon rentals at your Toon Estate!



Posted on December 20, 2011 to:

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Doggy says:

If we don't take it out of our mailbox, do we still keep it, or will it go away after a while?

Ari says:

Awesome! I can't wait to get mine!

Dottie says:

Awesome!!! The cannons are so fun THANKS TOONTOWN for the awesome gift!!!

Cassie says:

I love cannons! Thank you so much toontown for letting us have them. :)

Diva says:

I love cannons!!!!!! This is so cool, Thanks Toontown.

Fireball ( 106 laff! ) says:

Toontastic! You workers at Toontown work so hard for the greatest game! Thank you TT Members! Toons of the world, UNITE!

Popsicle (60 laff) says:

SWEET!! Thanks ToonTown!!!!!!!

master mouse says:

this is awesome, we don't have to spend a single jellybean on this we only have to type in "winter" thanks flippy and toons of the world unite.

Kool Back Eye ( 105 laff ) says:

I love the cannons! My highscore is 9054 its really fun to have cannon party at your estate! :D hope you all like them to :)

Juggernaut says:

i have a question. If you already used the code WINTER can you use is it again now that you have said this.

Kat says:

That is Toontastic! I'm going to invite all my friends online!!!!!!!!

Nice Toon(52 laff points) says:

Your right! We would never want to miss out on a Toon Council gift! Have a blast Toon Council!

Pickles (100 laff YAY!) says:

Well,I would just like to thank you again Flippy and Toon Council for this amazing gift! I opened my cannons and it was ineed a "blast"! Thank you so much Toon Council! Happy Holidays Flippy! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!

Gracey says:

Every time my cannon time runs out, ILL PUT ANOTHER CODE IN AND GET TO BEAT MY RECORD! :D My highest record was 1325 i think :P

RaheemSuper says:

I still have it :D I like saving stuff for special times :)

Princess Comet says:

Wow, I've been gone for so long and now there's all this new stuff! Backpacks, Glasses, Hats, FREE 48 HR CANNON GIFTS!!!!! :D I'm so glad I came back!!!! I wish I vever left! I MUST LOG ON RIGHT NOW!!! :D Thank you for 48 hrs of pure joy!

Alexander (109 laff) Bear says:

oh thanks for reminding me! i need to get my code done so i can have a winter blast! cogs beware the polar bear has came to atack! Toons of the world Unite!

Aunt Daffodil Fuzzypretzel says:

This is great! I love it! Thank you Toontown!

Pig Guy says:

Once I heard about the 48 hours of cannons in " Toon News ", I did not waste any time at all entering the code and blast my way through my estate! Almost ever day me and my friends launch each other to see who can get the highest score!

Maxie says:

I cant wait to use my cannon! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bubbles says:

i really love blasting out of the cannons! And collecting ALL the popsicles!

Hershey says:

I have so much FUN playing with my friends brusting out of the cannons! I had a BLAST!

Little Ladybug says:

I totally forgot about this, thanks for reminding me! Me and my friend are going to have fun with this!

cliff (63) says:

these are perfect for the season!

The Dog says:

I really enjoy using cannons even if I'm not very good at using them!

Powerpuff Vicky says:

It's awesome! I had recently lost all my laff points, and I've used the cannon... It was soooo fast! TY :)

Princess Cuddles says:

Dear Doggy, I may not be part of the toon council, but I would love to answer your question! No, the cannons will not disappear. Based on experience. I have left the cannons in my mailbox from last year, and infact, they have been there for the whole year! So it will not disappear. Hope this helped! And, to toon council, thanks for the cannons!

Princess Fireball Flippenwig says:

Wow! I can't wait to open mine! I am going to invite all my wonderful friends over and play in the cannons all the time with them! I might also host a little party! Enjoy your holidays everyone!

Prof. Goopy Petalpretzel says:

Yay! Thank you very much ToonTown! I am so exciited to get this in my mail!!!! :D

Soniic says:

I opened it already! I got a score of 18000! My friends couldn't even beat that score! Now, I will invite my cannon-lover Toon friends over to come blast out of the cannons! :)

Crazy Cuddles says:

AWESOME!!!!!!Thanks toons and toontown!YOU ROCK!

Crazy says:

Awesome!!!!!! Now I can blast my way through cogs, not that I couldn't before. Thanks TT(best game ever.)

Lilly says:


Big crazy blubberscooter says:

i love that code whens the next code gonna be ready!

Fireheart says:

I might keep these cannons until I find myself saving up for a doodle. Of course, as a fishing master, I get jellybeans without a sweat, but free cannons? PARTY TIME! I think it would be cool to have a cannon party sometime, even if my jellybean jar is near full... Toontown rocks, and of course, the WINTER code just adds to the extreme fun!