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Recent Connection Issues

Toontown will be back
Thank you to all Toons for your patience while we take care of these necessary maintenance issues. Watch for more updates right here on the What’s New news.


We hope to get you back into Toontown to bust Cogs and earn beans soon - please stay Tooned!

Posted on July 29, 2013 to:

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CandyCorn says:

Phew, I hope you guys fix it soon

silly candy says:

its ok i know you will make toontown better if toons wait until its over :D

Chip says:

Wow! This is a long wait. I can't wait to get back started on Toontown to bust millions of cogs!

Lord Reggie says:

It's a good thing this news update came on when it did, I was about to lose my mind without Toontown! I hope it comes back soon!

Jabberblabber (105 laff) says:

I hope it comes back on soon! I really want to work on my toons! Toons of the world, Unite!

Rosie Lee says:

I cannot wait for Toontown to come back! I'll be busting even more cogs to make up for lost time. We will not be defeated by those bad cogs!

Hammy says:

When will toontown be ready to play again?

ToonCouncil says:

Just as soon as we can - thanks again for your patience! Hang in there, Hammy!

Roxy and Taffy says:

Thanks very much for keeping us in the loop! I look forward to getting back online again.

Ryan says:

I can't wait to play again and bust some cogs! Toons rule, cogs drool!

Alex The Cat says:

It'll be great once everybody's able to play again. I'm glad the folks at Toontown are working hard to get things back to normal!

nice bear says:

its ok tt take your time and thank you for telling us :)

Kit McMooch says:

We know you are all working hard to get us back into Toontown. Thanks!

Boss says:

We will show those cogs who's BOSS!

Moon Feathersplat says:

I am glad we finally got some information. Hopefully you can get it finished soon and open it back up. Lots of toons are going through SPLAT withdrawals

Princess Violet Sparkle Muffin (102 Laff)) says:

Its no problem that you guys are closing for maintenance. I know you guys are always making toontown a bigger and better place! I cant wait until you guys reopen!!!

dyanamite says:

Thanks toontown I hope we get it fixed!

Melody says:

As long as the problems are getting fixed I'm fine with waiting :)

Dippy Bananagoose says:

I can't wait! I really need to finish some toontasks!

patrick says:

Keep going! We won't let those cogs take us down!

Melody says:

As long as the problems are getting fixed I'm fine with waiting :)

Maddy says:

I'm sure you guys are trying your best, I know it will be worth the wait. It wasn't you guys' fault in the first place; thank you for trying to fix it!

Sheriff Trixie says:

Thank you for letting us know something! I hope that the issue will be resolved soon, so that we can continue busting cogs! Toons of the world, unite! :)

Hot Sauce says:

I Can't wait to destroy some cogs when toontown opens again!

Hardyz says:

well at least you guys are trying to hurry :D

Midnightkit says:

I don't blame you toontown, its not your fault. I will stay tuned, thanks toontown, for making toontown better, I'm very eager to get on again, i've been staying tuned for a few days :) Thanks!

Chocolate Milk says:

Thanks for the news update! Hopefully you guys fix it soon! :) I'll be busting cogs like never before once Toontown is back up!

captain max sparkle zilla says:

i hope you fix it i could bust cogs nonstop good luck im rooting for ya

Jinx says:

I have been so bored for the past few days and I wish i could just play. Thanks disney for working on this :D

Miss Tina says:

i cant w8 to get back on to toontown!!!!! :-)

Ugly Corny says:

Thanks ToonTown. Keep us posted. Hope you get it fixed soon. Know you guys can do it.

Mackenzie says:

Wow this has been a long week hasn't it :P Well I can't wait for all of these issues to be sorted. I really cant live without toontown o_o :D Thanks for keeping us updated though :3

Day and Night says:

Don't worry we all understand! thanks for posting this and keeping us updated!

Lime Rime ( 55 Laff ) says:

I really hope this isn't much longer. Im so bored lol

Clever Mouse says:

I cant wait to start playing and finish my tasks, bet jellybeans, and most of all: BUSTING COGS!

Sparkle says:

Thanks for working so hard to fix it!

Daffy (104 laff) says:

I can't wait for the maintenance to end I've been trying to get on for days and it keeps on saying closed for maintenance!

Crispy says:


Sir lucky sparklesprinkles (98 laff) says:

Well, i know that there has been a few problems going on and i hope you will be able to fix it soon so we can all get back to busting cogs!

Thrinkthronk says:

I can't wait to get back on Toontown to teach those cogs a lesson with my cream pie!

Cog Buster says:

Hope you guys get it fixed real soon. I have been wanting to play Toontown the past few days. Hope this means there will be an update too. :D

Princess Bubbles Funnymarble says:

I haven't played Toontown in a while and I'm just getting back into it but I wish you all good luck! Toons of the world, unite!

Ooops says:

Can't wait to play again! So close to getting my Cashbot suit. :)

Memories says:

Glad to hear it'll be back up soon, thanks for never giving up!

Granny Smith Apple says:

I hope you guys get this issue fixed soon! I miss playing Toontown :c .

Moon Berry says:

I really hope Toontown is back up and running soon! I'm really getting itchy to play!!!!!!

Master Tom Dynocrash says:

After seeing this, I felt relieved! I just bought a membership, and thought I wouldn't be able to use it! Thank you Toontown!

Duckster says:

I can't wait to get on the game again, I hope yall can fix this soon..

DoctorFireball says:

I hope its up soon.

jake says:


Felix says:

This has been a long wait, but i bet it will totally be worth it! I cant wait to start crashing those cogs!

Mia says:

Those cogs must have broken the wires! I can't wait for Toontown to get back up!

Olive says:

Good to hear this update! Totally excited!!

Princess Pearl Fuzzyswirl says:

Ah an update! I just got my membership back right when these issues began, so its good to hear that the issues are being taken care of.

Little Cheezyteeth says:

Take your time so we can get back to playing ToonTown and busting those cogs with no connection issues!

Mac says:

I hope toontown is back online soon & good luck fixing what needs to be done!!!

Trixie says:

I hope you fix the problems, I love to play Toontown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow says:

good luck fixing the problem! i hope its back soon! summer doesnt last forever!

Mister Fluffy Dynoteeth says:

Take all the time you need, Toon Council. I am willing to wait as long as it takes for these problems to be fixed. Just get all those nasty issues permanently fixed! Thanks! :)

Skinny Lollipop (56 Laff) says:

Hopefully Toontown comes back online quickly.

Poppy DingleSpeed says:


Master Fireball says:

I cannot wait for toontown to be done and then we can play! I hope maintenance is done very soon. I need my fill of busting high level cogs with 1 ton pound weights and birthday cakes every week!

Griffin says:

I hope Toontown comes back soon! I miss busting cogs!

Ooops says:

Cant wait till its open :3 Stay Toony my friends.

dandyfoot says:

i cant wait to get on toontown again! i cant wait to bust those cogs and earn jellybeans i hope its running soon!

Coral Dog (62 laff) says:

YAY!! I'm tired from staring at my door all day long xD

tan dog one says:

thanks for posting this toontown. Can't wait to get back online! :D

Saphire says:


Ladybug says:

Thanks for the update! Can't wait to stock up on some gags and get back to fighting the cogs!

toonerz says:

thank you for your support on the issues thank you

raccoon the hedgehog says:

phew, thanks at least your making progress

Fox (33+ Laff) says:

Oh thank you, Toontown! I've been losing my mind, waiting to get on Toontown! I need to bust some cogs soon, and get some new gags too! Can't wait until it's ready to play, I can't wait!

Catherine says:

I've been waiting patiently. I can't wait to get on Toontown, so I can finally get my Storm Cloud.

Loopy Skippy Mizzenzaner says:

Thank you for fixing this game I keep getting disconnected, after this is fixed, I hope I don't get disconnected anymore. TOONTOWN IS AWESOME!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!

Hailey says:

I have been SO bored since toontown has been down!! TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!

loopy says:

i hope its up soon! ;D

Smirky Bumberpop says:

Yes! I'm ready to get back into the game and beat some cogs and earn some jellybeans!

Queen Cheezynoodle says:

Thank you for all your hard work in trying to fix the issues! :-) ~Queen Cheezynoodle

Super Cricket Supermonkey (21 laff) says:

Yay I can't wait!

Super Wilbur Biggensticks says:

Please hurry and get Toontown fixed!

Wacky says:


Milly says:

I can't wait til Toontown gets fixed(: Im so excited!

Mr. Mouse says:

I hope ToonTown gets fixed ASAP! I can't wait to VP, CFO, CJ, and CEO again!

Rainbow Leaf says:

I really hope toontown wont stay in maintenance for long but I know its necessary and I need to to do more cog buildings for my toontask

Princess DrippyFlipenKlunk (111 laff) says:

I hope it gets fixed soon :D Toons of the world unite!

Dippy Yippie Zoobleberry says:

I hope Toontown is up again soon, I need to continue helping out Lil' Oldman with defeating those ugly cog buildings! Toons of the world, Unite! :)

Euphoria says:

Hopefully it's fixed soon. I want to get my lawbot done. Thanks for trying!

kerry says:

i have been so bored the past weekend, ive been checking every hour for the maintenance check. im glad to hear the update because ive been going mad.

Breezepelt says:

Oh YAY!! I can't wait to get back to playing!! Thank you ToonTown!!

Cc ( 107 laff ) says:

Thank you for posting this. I was wondering what all this maintenance was for.

silly bonkers says:

I am so glad that toontown is back on

Misty Starlight says:

I can't wait to continue busting cogs and finishing tasks! It's worth the wait!

granny cuddles says:

Keep up the good work....... Lets get back to some Toontastic Toontown soon!! Got to take down some cogs!

Master Dudley Thunderwhip says:

Yay! I won't have to be bored on the internet anymore!

Prof.Lionel Bumbermash says:

Please hurry! I need to bust some cogs, so please hurry!

Enterprise-D ( Uber ) says:

:O That monkey has a cool bow btw I want it lol

Night fury says:

Thank you for posting this I was getting a bit worried and we understand that you are trying to make toontown better. :-) thanks and toons of the world unite! ;)

Super Toon says:

Yay Thank you Toon Council! Your the best!

Queen rainbow says:

No worries I know you guys will fix it

Princess Fancy Twinklespinner (111 laff) says:

*Sigh of relief*

Puff-Fluff says:

I'm glad you told us about this Toon Town! So we didn't have to wait and not know what it was all about! Then I would get bored! And I want to play on Toon Town! I'm glad you told us! :)

Queen slappy says:

im glad its fixed!!

fite says:


Princess Trixie says:

i love toontown! and im glad I can play again!

PaleFace says:

Thank you!

Little McGoober says:

Maybe while they are fixing the connection, they will add something new, too! I really hope they do! If they don't well that's ok too! Either way I still get to play!

rainbowsnorkelflip says:

yay its working

princess peaches zooble toon says:

yay today toon town is back

RoxyGlitterTon says:


Cool Candy McChomp says:

Being disconnect from almost won CFO battles is no fun! please fix the problems. Thank you

Apesolutely Goin' Bananas says:

I am glad toontown is working again

Smirky Bumberpop says:

Yes! I'm ready to get back into the game and beat some cogs and earn some jellybeans!

Weird Loopy (105) says:

Thank you Toontown for fixing the connection problem! Toons of the world, Unite!

Annie Paws says:

Oh my! I missed toontown so much that i ran in circles singing holiday songs! When i saw toontown back i got so excited! I screamed louder than the opera! :D Toons of the world, ARE BACK!!

Squeaky says:

OH I'M SOOO GLAD IT'S FIXED!!! YAY!! I love playing Toontown! :)