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Pour It On With Double Watering!

With all the amazing events, Toon Parties and contests this spring, do you ever feel like you don’t spend enough time keeping up your Toon Estate?
As always, the ToonCouncil is here to help make things easier...

We’ve souped-up ALL watering cans -  so from now on  - they pour TWICE as much water!

If you haven't picked up a Gardening Kit yet from Clarabelle, order one from your Cattlelog and create your own personal Toon Garden today. You can grow gag trees to replenish your gag supply, and plant jellybeans to grow 40 different types of flowers to increase your overall Laff limit.
You can even sell your picked flowers right there at your Estate to earn more jellybeans!

So check in on your Estate and spend some quality time with your flowers and trees –  they miss you (and your Doodle probably does too)!

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Mep meep meepers says:

cool! im gonna start a garden right now!

Lime dog says:


Cream says:

awesome! now i can water my plant better! ty soooo much toontown and flippy! by the way, will the watering cans pour more water permanently?

ToonCouncil says:

You bet! All watering cans pour double the amount of water from now on!!

Candy says:

yay!!! im going to go to my estate right now and plant some flowers :)

Mr. quack's a lot says:

Cool! I'm gonna plant a whole bunch of flowers and trees and water them alot! I'm probably gonna hang out with my doodles too while I take care of my flowers and plants!

Super cat says:

I think it's great you are doing that because I barely spend much time in my garden and now I want to go to my house to work on my garden now I know it's actually fun! THANK YOU!!

Little Foot says:

All my plants died! But now thanks to my wonderful watering can update, they'll be back up in a toontastic time! Thanks toontown!

ToonCouncil says:

We're always glad to help, Little Foot! Good luck with your new Toon Garden!

Master Fireball says:

This will make my toon life easier Thanks!

Super Bob Kat says:

thats GREAT! Just yesterday, I was wishing i could water my plant more! What wishful thinking!

cat food (24) says:

Wow! I'll get my trees watered TWICE as fast! Thanks!

nutmegwhiskerdorf says:

Awesome! It usually takes me forever to garden and now its a breeze!

Daniel says:

YAY! Thank you so much ToonCouncil! I own a garden, but never have time to water my flowers or gag trees. This should solve the problem!

Jbari says:

WOW! We get extra water from now on? I can water my plants way easier now! :)

Doggy says:

I'm having a plant party at my estate with a lot of my toon buddies

Professor Megablabber says:

What an awsome idea...good thinking toon council! Love it!

Furball FuzzyFlip says:

Aww... Now I won't be able to update my watering can as fast. :( Still though, it will make for easier upkeep. :) Always Look at the bright side of things! -Furball Fuzzyflip

Little Trixie says:

I haven't picked up a garden yet but i will soon! maybe ill plant a laff-o-dill!

Sun Shadow says:

Yay! Thanks Flippy and the rest of the Toon Council! I am going to start right now. Where do I sell the flowers that I pick?

Oranges (80 Laff) says:

Thanks so much Toon Council! This will help me A LOT because I always forget to water my plants, but now the water will last longer so... HOPEFULLY I will remember with longer time :D

KingJake SparkleDoodle-97 says:

Great!!! I'm gonna start planting right away! :D

Bizzy Cheezytwist ( 56 laff ) says:

I have a lot in my garden, and it takes FOREVER to water. Finally it will be a LOT easier!

Crazy Chunky Sourmarble says:

Thanks, Toon Council! That makes watering trees much quicker!

Coco says:

I have a question, each time you get a new watering can does that water can pour double too? Please let me now Flippy. thanks toontown! toons of the world unite!

c.w. (laff 127 says:

i got a garden and i got a laff boost!! :)

Doctor Ned Bumblrknees says:

My Sound Trees will be so happy

A-Dog says:

Wow! I have a garden so I will do it!

Prof. Spike CheezyCrash says:

talk about more time to fight cogs when the gardening gets done quicker! :)

Chocolate says:

Yay ! No more dead trees ! It was hard to keep up with watering the trees of my six toons. Thanks ! ! !

scooter says:

i really needed to start and then i saw this and this got me in the toon gardening spirit i hope it does the same with other toons

Sammy says:

This is great!!!! I think I'm pretty close to the next watering can (if there is one)! I'll run to my Estate and start GARDENING!

crazy ginger says:

i was wondering how you sell the flowers

Cadence says:

this is so awesome i cant wait! toons of the world unite!

Lady Daphne Picklesnoop says:

That's awesome! Now all my plants don't have to be dead. ;)

cool tricky mc twist says:

how can the watering pour more water im going home right now to water my plants thanks toon council for the new watering can up grade

Dottie Spacklepoof says:

i love toontown and i cant belive that you made them pour TWICE as much water! now i dont have to worry about my flowers or trees dying because i was so caught up with my toontasks....

Wilbur says:

Hmmm I thought gardening seemed a bit different! Thanks Toontown you rock!

Bella says:

Thanks for letting us have double the water skills from watering our plants! Now, I can save up for a new watering can.

Lily Fizzleflinger says:

Cool! This is sure to keep my prized gag trees always watered!

George says:

AWESOME! Now I Can Get My Garden Back To Its Beauty!