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Perfect Trolley Games This Weekend

July events get even hotter with the Perfect Trolley Games tournament this weekend!


Perfect Trolley Games event

Play as many Trolley Games as you can this weekend:  starting Friday, July 20
through Sunday, July 22.

The top 20 Toons who achieve the most "perfect" Trolley Game scores, per Neighborhood, each day of the three-day event will win an all-new Trolley Games shirt for their Toon!

See the exclusive, brand new prize in this Friday’s new issue of Toon News… For the Amused!

Summer in Toontown is all about fun & games, and you can find both on the Trolley.
Think I hear it chugging this way now... I’d better hop on and go practice.
Good luck, Toons!

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Zippety Petalbubble says:

Wow, I'll totally make sure to compete in this!

Hyper Chow Chow says:

That sounds cool! I might just do this now!

Fluffy says:

This is awesome! i hope i get the trolly shirt i might get on the trolley all the time to get high scores

Hannah says:

This is going to be great! I am going to play Toontown On the trolley all day! xD

Serin says:

I think this is ............ AWESOME

Jay Blue Bird says:

I'm gonna play as many as Trolley games as I can. Hope I win!

Frecklefidget says:

:) i cant wait to get started :D thank u :)

King says:

Wow, to me, this is impossible because I never even got to be a " Top Toon! "

Cuty Pie says:

Woot! Sounds cool! But the hard thing is using the trolley in Donalds Dream Land. Trolley games are hard there. Anyway goodluck!

little lefty fuzzy jinks says:

i wonder if i could win the shirt! i hope :D

Supercat says:

Ok, Sounds kinda hard but will try! Wishing all other toons GOOD LUCK! Toons Of The World Unite!

Rainbow(Black cat) says:

Sounds awesome!!! I'll be sure to take some time off working on my law suit to do this! Thanks Toontown! xD

Fireball says:

Wow! A free shirt? I couldn't believe it! I'm gonna try to get the best scores to get that shirt! I can't wait!

buster jeeperkneese (110 laff) says:

Cool i will we sure to do trolly games all this weekend.May the best trolly players win :) . gl :D

Lady Rainbow says:

I love playing Trolley Games! You have fun and earn jellybeans-that is awesome!! I'll try to play as many Trolley Games as I can.

Cotton Candy says:

Cant wait to gather my friends and go on the trolley! Ill try my hardest to get those scores! :)

Melody says:

This is amazing!First the Grand prix second the cog busting and Third this!?!?! I cant wait to get started!TROLLY HERE I COME!!!!!!

ZoobleNoodle says:

Oh yay! i love trolley, what fun, Ill do trolley as soon, as i can :)

Midnightshout says:

This will be great! I have been playing trolly games all week with my friends.

spooky *108* says:

all weekend im going to play!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Comet Thunder Pretzel says:

I hope i get ring game and match minnie a lot because im awesome at those games

Lady Lily Sparkletoon says:

Awesome!, I can't wait til this weekend :D, Good luck toons

TinyChihuahua says:

Omg, now that I can play Toontown again, I'll be sure to participate in this, I love riding on the trolley. Good luck to everyone else!

boo boo googletoes (106 laff ) says:

awesome i love trolley games :D

Cman says:

Sweet I'm going to play ALL DAY (with a few breaks of course)

Pierre says:

Wow! I'm going to try and win this! Im going to try right now!

Lily (102 laff) says:

WOW!!!!!!!!! Im sure a lot of toons are gonna win! Good luck all! Thanks Flippy! Your toontastic!

Lemon Pop says:

I can't wait to compete in the contest! I don't really care if I don't win because I'll have fun anyway! Good luck to all!

White Tiger says:

Wow! I am totally going to participate in this. I'm so excited! Good luck to everyone!

Princess Violet says:

O.K. , now I'm happy again . A new chance to get jellybeans!

Chocolate Milk says:

Tomorrow, I'm DEFINITELY going on the trolley. This sounds fun!!! Good luck, everytoon!

Cool Pinky says:

I hope i get that shirt hopefully I will

Nightmare (109 laff) says:

Yes!!! this is exactly what my talent is on Toontown. Thanks so much! <3

Bear E. Awesome says:

That's cool! I'm gonna try and give it a shot. I hope I win.

Bubbles (66 Laff) says:

Can't wait to try this! Good luck to everyone! Even if I don't win, I'll be sure to congratulate those that do :)

Bagelmuffin says:

I'm so excited to put my trolley skills to some use xD

Skipper says:

this is great! You can have fun playing trolley games AND get jellybeans! :D

Roxy Whiskermuddle says:

That sounds totally Toontastic! I'll be sure to play as many trolley games as I can this weekend!

Lily ( fifty fore laffer ) says:

Cool! I really want that trolley shirt! :D

Snappy FrinkelBlabber Two says:

Well, even though i'm not good at Trolley Games i'm still participating :P.

Lady Gwen says:

I'm gonna compete in that!

Pancake Supergagdet says:

Awsome! This should be fun to compete in.

Insane Ivy says:

Wow! This is cool! I'm going to go on the trolley right now! I sure hope I get that shirt!

Purdy says:

Hehe, I won this back in 2010, and now I'm going to try to get my other 4 Toons to win.

Princess Lily ( tan mouse ) 77 laff says:

This sounds awesome!!! I wanna see the new prize and do my best on the trolley! Thanks Flippy for making the event!

Master says:

I can't wait to compete in these games! I have been practicing all day!

Brayden says:

I have a question, Toon council does it have to be a perfect game? Or do you have to play the most games.

ToonCouncil says:

This challenge is getting the most PERFECT Trolley Game scores, Brayden, not just playing the most games total. Good luck!

Soniic (29 Laff) says:

Awesome! I'll go on the Trolley tomorrow with my friends! I really want that shirt! And to get the shirt, I will Trolley all day for 2 days!

Blue says:

More Trolley = More Jellybeans = More Gags = More Cogs Defeated! Better look out Cogs!

Rainbow Superswirl says:


Jerry 65 laff says:

Awesome! Hope I get one of those awesome shirts! Thanks toontown for the cool new shirts and contests!

Epic says:

this is awesome fun and epic! ( like my name ) lol

Omar says:

Im gonna keep playing and win! I hope I do!

murkyrobobounce says:

this is awesoem! :D:D I LOVE TOON TOWN!

Cute cat says:

It sound really cool. I'm gonna try to participate. But still it sound awesome!

Epic Lazy Cat says:

This is going to be a hard challenge.

mr spooky says:

im going to do the trolly in the brrrgh because the brrrgh gives lots of jellybeans

Nyan cat ( girl ) says:

I hope the ring game comes on a lot in toontown central. I almost always get perfects in that game!

Super Stinky Souzilla says:

Trolley games are fun try them!

jacob cool says:

Me and my friends are already on it we got 5 perfects on the cog barrels!

Princess Penny says:

I am so excited to start! :D

domino lemonpow says:

i totally do this contest!!!!! i am great at getting perfects on the trolly i hope i win!!!!

Sheriff Pancake Twiddlewhip says:

nice. this is gonna be fun

Hare O Dice says:

Yay! Good luck to all the participants. May the best trolley game players win!

sir max zillerwhip says:

oh i want to win! gotta WIN!!

Freaky Frog says:

WOW! im gonna get the trolley shirt for SURE! ill ride the trolley EVERYDAY! this is gonna be fun! :D! thanks toontown!

Quack says:

I think it sounds fun!!

The Flying Star says:

Sounds great! I'd love to take part in this :D

Winky ( 83 laff ) says:

Woo! Trolley games are fun, and it'll be fun to compete!

Happy Duck says:

wow this looks like fun. I like to play trolley games. im going to compete in this!! good luck to everybody who competes :)

Loopy says:

Ive been playing on the trolley nearly all day!!! Hopefully ill get that shirt... Toons of the world unite!! :)

loopy bizensnoop says:

wow i will start now to get the high scores

Brittney(69 laff) says:

This is the pefect competition, Flippy! You make beans while you compete. Then if you are one of the top 20 you get a prize. This make it fun a with lots of rewards!!!

Baron Pickles says:

Im earning jellybeans and trying to win a cool shirt how toontastic is that!

Josie says:

Purfection Time Here i come!

Trixie FeatherDoodle says:

I am so going to try to do this! I hope I win the shirt!

Emily (114 laff) says:

I love riding the trolley this is great for me! Toons of the world, UNITE!!

Cow (33)Laff says:

Wow I can't wait to go on the trolley. Toon of the world Unite

loopy bizensnoop says:

yey trolly games are fun

Fuzzypow says:

I played so many games I hope I win!

Chewy says:

I won a shirt i thought this was fun. The best part about the Perfect score thing was that i was good in all the games i got perfect scores in. Good job other toons keep up the good work!

Cinnamon Cupcake says:

I had so much fun playing games with my friends! I wish this contest didn't have to end! Thank you Toontown for this amazing contest! I hope everyone enjoyed! :D

Dippy Daffy says:

Whoa, this just might be hard for me im usually lazy when it comes to the trolley games :P but for a shirt!? oh yeah! it'll be worth it!. Wishing toons good luck and who ever wins derserves it! HAVE FUN AND LETS RIDE THE TROLLEY!

Princess Grimmie says:

:O oh,my this will be super easy for me! i love trolley games i normally go on toontown just for the games ! :D im ready!