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New Year's Marathon!

New Toon Year Marathon

The coming New Toon Year also means the return of Toontown’s annual Top Toons New Year's Day Marathon!


The competition starts tonight December 31, at 9:00 p.m. PST, and runs for 24 breathtaking hours!


The top Toon in each Top Toons category (except Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot Victories) -- EACH HOUR -- will win an exclusive shirt for their Toon!
Toons are eligible to win one category for one hour. Runners-up will be winners in case of multiple wins.


Are YOU Toon enough to go the distance?


Stay Tooned here at the “What’s New” news for the winners – and good luck, Toons!

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Honker says:

Wow!!! I am soooo toon enough! I am soooo going to do this event! Good luck to Everyone who will compete! ~Honker~

Dark Night Cat says:

Woo! I am so ready for the Marathon. I know, I will purchase so many Catalog items. That shirt looks amazing. Happy New Toon Year!

ella says:

Soo Excited!!!!!!:) Hopefully Ya'll Will See Me In The Winners List Yahh.:):)

Titanium says:

Ooo! I hope I win, I won on my other toon last year! I wish you guys luck! :)

King Cheezybrains says:

Woohoo! cant wait for this i'm going to try my best to achieve this amazing shirt and I hope many others toons will too!

Kylie says:

Excellent! I plan on doing this.. It'll be late at night where I live though c: Good Luck!

Smirky Bumberpop says:

I'm totally toon enough! I have never won the shirt before, but this year, I'm more destined than EVER! Good luck!

Sheriff Romeo Dandyslam says:

Gonna try my hardest to get the most cogs. I read that none for bosses. Hope I'll be able to stay up. I'll be glad to take home this shirt if I can do it! Here we go.

Cecil says:

Oooh! I'm SOOOO gonna go for the fishing category! Cya in the winners list people! - laughs like a maniac -

Jessie says:

Ahh! I cannot wait! last year I won on one of my toons and this year I will try winning it on another toon :D It's going to be so much fun

Hector (111 Laff) says:

Good Luck To Anyone That Is Doing This Event! I hope I Win A Shirt Too!

Robin says:

I most certainly am Toon enough for this task! I tried to get this last year, but failed. Now, even though I'm sick, I'll try to work my (non-existent) Toon tail off! One day, I'll be strutting around ToonTown with this amazing little shirt on!

Vanilla ( 68 laff ) says:

This is so cool! I think I won't win the marathon though.

sir popcorn says:

I shall....DO THIS THING! :)

Twilight Sparkle says:

I am sooooo gonna win for most Trolley games! I love Toon Escape and the Cannon game, and all the games!!! See you all in the Winner's Circle! :D! Your Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle

Running out of Time says:

I'm up for the challenge!! I'm gonna make so many of those cogs explode they wont know what hit 'em!

Skipper Macbubble says:

That sounds cool. I really hope I can win a T-Shirt. Happy New Year!

Maria The Hedgehog says:

im really excited what toons win this year! i wish all luck! :D

Mystic Waters (64 Laff) says:

I've never been in Top Toons before- maybe this will motivate me to do it! I'm really good at doing Trolley games or busting Cog buildings, maybe I'll have a chance in those :)

Liieutoonant Comander Data says:

I will certainly try to win one of those amazing shirts! Good luck to all the Toons who compete!

Skinny Star Sourflap says:

Happy New Toon Year everyone!

Duchess says:

I did it last year so I'll do it this year

little says:

I'm in count me in on it......

Crazy Max says:

gonna go for top spot on most trolley games played

Blue Midnight Moon says:

Whatever is takes! No cog, nor toon can stop me this year! Power to the toons! :D

Limelives says:

So exited! Good luck to all! hope I win tho :P. Gonna buy A TON of gifts :)

Joyce says:

i hope i win but if i dont i will still be happy i got to join in.:)

Lady Gwen says:

Wow! I think I might try to win something! :D

Flippenjinks says:

Awesome! Looking forward to this! Toons of the World Unite!

Flippenjinks says:

Awesome! Looking forward to this! Toons of the World Unite!

Storm Fang says:

I am going to do this! hope I win the shirt!

Cool Roxy Funny Swirl says:

Sounds fun! I'm gonna try it! :)

Rosebud says:

I hope I win, I really tried hard on gifting my friends! Good luck!

Drake says:

This is going to be fun! I'm gonna golf like I've never golfed before! In fact, I'm gonna start practicing right now!

Baron Alvin Bagelbee says:

Flippy, Toon council, I want to be on gifts given because I am a great giver :). I'm sure those cogs with be destroyed with just these words

Vivi ( 116 laff ) says:

I know i going to be toon enough! I can't wait for the event. Good luck everyone

Cool Pinky says:

I So Toon Enough!!!!!!!!!!!! I want that shirt!!!!!!!!

Lily(109 laff) says:

i just know this is gonna be my lucky year! good luck to all who compete! ~ Lily

Sandstorm says:

OMG!!!! I've been wanting to do this since I started (I heard from friends) Thsi will be so cool! Thank you!!!

Mister corny says:

I can't wait.

Rosy Posy says:

This looks great! I'll be participating in this for sure! Good luck to everyone who will be joining me! :)

Queen Roxy wondercrump says:

Happy New Year everyone and good luck!

Ominous says:

May the best toons win. Happy New Year 2013!!!

miss coconutpurpleswirl says:

I never win anything, I always try so hard! :( but, I'm gonna do my best to win this shirt cause I like it. :)

Hopper says:

Yay! So excited. I hope i win!

Omar says:

OH MY! Thats going to be very hard. I don't think I can do it. :(

Marun says:

Princess Fluffy and I are gonna WIN. :D Good luck to everyone! :D

Minty Carrot says:

Thanks So Much For This! Me And My Friend Joyful Carrot Were Gonna Do It Together! Hope We Win It! And Good Luck To All You Toons! :D

Moonpaw says:

Cool! Good Luck everyone! :D Toons of the world unite!

Dez Raffy says:

I'll be entering when I wake up over here in the UK c:

maximillan4 says:

to easy

Capt. Bingo Googleswirl says:

I am DEFINITELY going to participate. Good luck everyone, may the best TOON win!!!

Quacker says:

Alright cool. I will try to win that epic shirt :)

Bart says:

This is going to be Toontastic! I'm a pretty silly toon and I love challenges like this! Right-on! You rock, ToonTown!

Sophina says:

I am definetly ready. I'm going to get out there and defeat those cogs!

Notorious Neptune says:

SWEET! Too bad all four of my toons already got their's last marathon!

bubble cat (108 laugh ) says:

Good luck to all toons who are up for the Challange! I know I am!!! Good luck and may the best toons win!

Vaati says:

Bring it on xD i just gifted over 175 things.

Neptune says:

Good luck everyone! :)

Zephyr says:

My friend gifted at least 600 candles... Can't wait for the results to be posted.

knight racer says:

i just spent a full bank sending gifts out for an hour i really hope i win that shirt...

James Doggimon says:

Yay! I'm sure to try my very best in this contest! Good luck to you guys!

Rain says:

Fishing sounds like the perfect thing to do during this. ~Rain

Metal tree says:

I would but it's all ready started were and I am -.-. But wow.... 24 hours

Sheriff Buzz Beanboom says:

im fast as lightning!!!!! ill try race for a shirt :)

Count Fishy d'Blaque says:

About time I got one of these shirts :) I'll see you on the board! Meow!

loopy leroy bumbersocks says:

i hope free players can join in because if they can, I'll be there

Sir Crazy Funnysplat says:

Sounds awesome! Good luck everyone!

funny dingo says:

ooh maybe i should do most trolley games

Trickster says:

Chance to get more jbs YAY!! I Wanna win but we will see. TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE

spooky says:

ill try, but gl to all u toons out there

Outlaw says:

AWESOME!! I'll try my best I'll probably fish, golf or race.. I don't know.. anyways good luck guys <3

luna crescent says:

Awesome! may the best toon win and may the jellybeans be in your favor

King Biscuit Twinklesprinkles says:

Toontastic! I cant wait to see this all It is now 2013 so it started yesterday i think excitingtoontasic! I hope it'll be so toontastic GOOD!

toon mouse says:

oooo!! i cant wait! im gonna try to become to toon for most fish caught i've been fishing for like 3 hrs and i cant wait!!! GOOD LUCK TO OTHER TOONS :)

Travis says:

Wow! I cannot believe how fast this toontastic year has gone!:) I love competing in this competition I really enjoy it! i came 5th last year :) Im gonna try to my hardest toon ability! Lets do some fishing! ( and jellybean catching!)

Wubs says:

This is gonna be so much fun! :D Can't wait to see who wins! Hopefully i'll be a winner!

Sweet lava says:


Cliff Zillertoon ( 108 Laff ) says:

I hope i can win! i lost last year but im not giving up!

Sheriff buzz beanboom says:

im getting the prize

Lilly (101 laff) says:

Im not sure i can do this. but i will somewhat try :)

Popcorn says:

I spent my entire bank buying candles for friends :P hope I win something

Purrfectly Unpurrfect says:

May The Best Toon Win! Good Luck To All! :)

Polyphony Digital (70 Laff) says:

Happy New Year, I hope there fireworks for a happy new year! :D

Kevin Officer's (29 Laff) says:

I can't wait for fireworks for happy new year, I like fireworks for happy new year, this looks awesome!

Lady Gwen says:

I think I'm gonna try for the most fish caught!

Carmen ( Laff 94) says:

OOO!! This is awesome!!!!! Im going see if I could win Cause LOL I won Last Year

Sir Squeaksalot says:

Woo I'm in time!

Twinklesprinkles says:

Wow!! This is going to be awesome!! Good luck to all toons!!

Princess Star says:

I only have category that i'm good at! Trolly Games, HERE I COME! :D

Blinky Poodlezaner says:

This was the first year I've missed it :( I've won on three of my toons other years though.

masterdizzygadget says:

i want to be on the marathon because i want to win a shirt

Doggy says:

Aw! Missed it again!

Super Chip says:

i better catch some fish until i get million of fish

Carter says:

I gonna buy a lot of stuff out of the catalog

Kit Kat says:

I've won this shirt when it originally came out, back in 2010 I believe ;D. I will try win it again with my other toons, and see if I still got it. :P

Tiffany says:

Me and my other toons Clair had a fun time at the marathon! We tried golf, because were good at it! (and i was one of the winners at the golfing tournament in november)

Gigglemonkey says:

Have a Happy Toon New Year everybody!!!!

black cat says:

hmm ill try

mastercheif says:

oh bother i missed it

rainbow dash says:

i can so do 30 races and i'm gonna do it

red cat says:

the toontown marrthon rocks

Tiger the cool cat (100) laff says:

I think im going to do this this year and i am toon enough yeah

Good ol' Popcorn ( 83 laff ) says:

Good luck toons with the top toons marathon, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Shadow Master ( 19 laff ) says:

i love fireworks HAPPY NEW YEAR

Mister Von Octo Noodle says:

I missed it! Oh Well! Congradulations to all the toons that won! Keep Smiling

vivi ( 117 laff ) says:

Dear toontown : I can't wait for what exciting creations you got in store! Keep up the great work and Happy New Toon Year!

prince kippy says:

i will go for the cog fighting category and battle as many cogs as i can. hope to see you in the winners circle.

Deputy Jacques says:

Cool! I really hope i win, and im glad its per hour so loads of toons can win aswell!

Ashley says:

I hope i won! i gave a lot of gifts :P

brook 128 laffer says:

ooo i cant wait! im certainly toon enough!