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Need a Little R&R?
They helped Toons through OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT, but since then they’ve been busy busting Cogs and haven’t been seen much… until next week! For the ToonTask Derby, they’ll be out on the streets, helping Toons finish ToonTasks in record numbers. Who are they?
Hint: They’re the stars of the Toon Resistance, and are so brave, their name rhymes with “danger!”

Posted on January 05, 2011 to:

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Princess Popcorn thundermonkey says:

They rhyme with danger... oh I wonder who they are :) They also are stars for the Toon Resistance. Sweet!

Daphne Jeeperbubble and Black belt girl says:

THATS AWESOME!!! And some SUPER HELP cuz i have like 50 movers and shacks to do and 50 two faces too so AWESOME !!!!!!! So I can get a laff up so I can HELP OTHER TOONS TOO YAY!!!! JUST THE WAY THEY HELPED ME!!! Yay.

Acacia says:

So far I haven't gotten lucky enough to run into any of these "mysterious" toons. Like the toon rangers that made those good parties and stuff. I hope that I see one of these toons, that would be so amazing! I'll be on the look out!

Cody says:

Who are these toons..... I really want to know! Hmmmm there are some people like them..... But it seems like they have uniforms. And what is the doodle for?

Zippy says:

Gosh this is hard..... Oh I know Ranger!

Candy Cane Uber says:

I think i know who they are! Are they the resistance rangers?

berry says:

the resistance rangers :3 whoo! if i were to say which toons need the rangers help the most are toons who are in mml, because not many ppl go to mml and they need help with buildings but alas no won comes around.. and also toons in the brrrgh need help. them young toons are going agenst high cogs with few whole creams.. and could use all the help they can get.

Lyme Rabbit says:

Hmmmm... I wonder if its who I thinks it is. :-)

ToonCouncil says:

Who do you think it is, Lyme Rabbit?

P says:

Resistance Ranger??? Is that who they are? OMG that is like toon troopers which means AWESOME!!!! Yay!!!

thunder cat says:

I know the first thing that popped up in my head was ranger because it rhyme with danger and rangers help people

Prince Frizzy Mizzenmuffin says:

Well... its time for them team RR to Get cracken bc toons are going CRAZY!!!! and Its sad That troops are bye bye... But!!!!!!!!!! I think RR will Being Back The Fun! Toons of the world unite! ;)

Holy says:

Keep up the good work! I am so happy because I need help defeating a spin docter.

Princess Pearl says:


Hawkfur says:

IK IK! THE RESTANCE RANGERS! this toon was made in december so i diddnt get to see them but i've heard about them so, I FANNALY GET TO MEET THEM! SO AWESOME :D

Emmacutie says:

I think there Toon Resistance Rangers!I could be wrong! P.S. Im gonna stay " tooned "

Lalalaha says:

You gave it away with the operation storm sellbot part its the rangers well i forgot what they are called but still other than.... that silly doodle cant see them!

Miss Melody Wonderpounce says:

thats AWESOME!!! I have tasks that i have LOTS of trouble with and now with the help of more toons that can SOLO it im like EXCITED :D!!!!! Flippy did u ever have tasks that were hard even for u?

crazy leroy says:

are they called toontask rangers?

Fuzzynugget says:

Yes! I hope they help me finish my task for teleport acess to donalds dream land

spud says:

this is awesome! BUT mind if i ask for a little bit more from you toontown? ever since i started this at the beginning of september ive loved toontown im already 65 laff but ever since i started in the middle of STORM SELLBOT (which was awesome) ive wanted an OPERATION STORM LAWBOT please post and toons of the world unite!

ToonCouncil says:

That would be pretty exciting, spud...

Hula Chihuahua says:

Resistance Rangers! Oh yeah!!! I haven't seen them in A WHILE!!! Toons of the Worl,Unite! (Please post)

Brownie says:

WOW! i didnt think toontasks could get any more fun!

Knuckles Jumbledorf says:

are they the resistance rangers?

Toppenbounce (88 laff) says:

I KNOW EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE, The true, the blue, THE GOOD OL RESISTANCE RANGERS!!!!! From the Operation: Storm Sellbot, these rangers are ALWAYS ready to fight! Though they are different animals with different talents, they have 2 things in common, LOVE TOONTOWN AND WILL DEFEND IT and they all begin with the letter R in the names!

Chester Feathersnooker says:

Hmm, Stranger? Maybe they can help me get a key from The Mingler...

danmaster says:

i need help with the coach zucchini task

Derick says:

um.... is it a power ranger???? :D

Charlie Scene says:

Hi,i wasnt a member or a free member when Operation:Storm Sellbot was here but i have a feeling that these guys and girls are very important to toontown and are great helpers!Until then keep those cog gears spinning! Please reply and post,this is my first time "Speaking Up" so pleeeeeease reply and post!Toons Of The World Unite!

Peanut Hulahopper says:

Who are they Flippy? Do you know them? Please, reply.

ToonCouncil says:

I do know them, Peanut Hulahopper - and soon you'll know them too!

Maite says:

Wow, I can´t wait because im new and i dont know who are they i want to know!

Goodol'Mczilla says:

O_O rangers are coming back!!! yay!!! i love when they did the jellybean thing i got so many jellybeans from it!!! and im so happy they are back!

Prof. Beany says:

I wan to meet one and i need some help.

Monster Mash (17 laff) says:

I am excited for the Toontask Derby. I want a big start on my toon since its only 17 and i made it last October. Also, i already know who R&R is cuz i was here during Operation: Storm Sellbot. Keep up the good work Flippy!!! ;)

Sundae Lemon says:

yay i missed these guys haha the Resistance Rangers right? haha i loved the storm sellbot now for the task derby! Hmm wut shall the next activity be hehe!

Mew Strawberry says:

Toon resistance RANGERS??? lol

clary says:

Yesss! I have a toontask that I dont know how to conpleat.Finally thanks so much

brebre says:

thanks toontown i really need help on my toon tasks i got deleted by my little sister lady ducks a lot but im back!!!

Polka Dotted Striped Heart says:

Toon Resistance Rangers. LOL.

Doggy says:

i think i know who THE RESISTANCE RANGERS (plz post ive never been posted)

Midnight Sunshine says:

omg!!!!!!! This is going to be amazing! thank you so much! I loved storm sellbot and this derby is gonna be awesome!!! YOU ROCK TOON RESISTANCE!!! :D :D :D TOONS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cuddls says:

omg i wonder who it is maby its magor or cager??? who knows???

Good ol' Monty says:

Sweet im pretty sure i know who these toons are but yet... im not so sure all together..... But cannot wait for the big surprise!!

Tony says:

I think i know who they are! :) I just cant remember the name hmmm... :) I cant wait to see them again! Tell them they rock!

Sammy says:

IT'S ON THE TIP OF MY TOUNGE!!!!! SOMETHING RANGER....... hmmm......... THINK, SAMMY, THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well. I like surprises!! Can't wait to find out next week!!!!!! :D toons of the world unite and have fun with my hint, toontown's hint, and you're own problem solving skills. ;) (IM DYING TO FIND OUT, so you guys aren't the only ones. ;) ;) )

ToonCouncil says:

You're on the right track, Sammy!

Evan says:

WOW! ive been working on a toontask but i cant finish it!!!!! this is my oprotunity!

Sarah says:

I think I know wat their names are. Their names are ranger.

Master Peanut Sparklecorn says:

that is so cool i wonder who they are. good idea for making this happen it'll be good for helping with my toontasks and other toons. Toons of the world unite!

little kippy thunderflip says:

Radical! Hi Toon Resistance! During the Toontask Derby, will you please help me Finish toontasks in record time? I would greatly appriciate that! You are awesome Toon Resistance! You are amazing! By the way, I love the picture of you dancing in the above picture!

Logan says:

Hmm... Wonder who these Special Toons could be. But I've got a hint ;).

Funny Kid says:

Oh boy, here they come again!

Master Chipper says:

they rhyme with danger? I dont get it i wonder who they are? They might be the toons how are the best toons in the world or not? Who knows? I know Flippy will know but i bet he wont tell us. Flippy who are these strange people plz tell us.

Chester says:

I bet it's the Resistance Rangers!

master crumbly bagelberry says:

this is gonna be awsome!!!!!!!!!

Cacoh says:

Rangers! Yay! I actually sort of felt like one today, I summoned buildings all over Toontown Central and the feeling was priceless! Now I know how a true ranger feels!

Onopie says:

I just love whats gonna happen next week looks like those toons have a amazing doodle thats smart and brave!

Alexis says:

Can't wait to find out who the mystery toons are! I'm ready to bust some cogs with them!

ToonCouncil says:

They're excited to bust some Cogs with you too, Alexis!

Captain Nickelzapper ( tall brown dog, 76 laff ) says:

who are these secret toons??????????????? i hope they can help me

princess ( laff 55) says:

omg im so excited

Thor says:

:O yay!

Dippy Scooter Dizzydorf says:

ik wat it is its Ranger

Crazy Zilly Cheezymuffin says:

RANGER!!! Are'nt i smart? mmm hmmm.

Ginger says:

Hmmm... Rhymes with danger? Is it ranger? Heehee :D :P That seemed a little obvious, but I'm glad I ( might ) know who they are now! I was about to burst wondering who they were!

Jacques Super Nose says:

This is so cool!!!!

Slippy says:

If memory serves, as I'm sure it will to most, they were the Resistance Rangers. :P

woof a suarus (67 laff ) says:

i bet it the resistance rangers! xD, and that doodle in the picture is cute

Proff. Lionel Dynopockets says:

The mystery toons are..........(Drumroll, please!) THE RESISTANCE RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! You know why I am REALLY excited, though? Because I am on the ever-so-dreaded toontask that will get me trap. Thats right, Lil Oldman's 20 4+ story cog buildings! So I can only hope that I run into one of the R.R. members, to help me defeat some cog buildings.

Sahara says:


Vicky says:

Oh my gosh! I am so excited. I have a toontask i have had for so long that i cant get finished i hope i see them!

Raven says:

Oh boy! Who are they!!!??? i'm surely going to be watching the toontown news for awhile!!! -Raven

Lady Coconut Hucklechomp says:

IK IK IK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UM............. THE RESISTANCE RANGERS!!!!!!! is it including Ruth shes my fave bc i dont really know any others but im sure ill see some new ones...... i should get my next strongest toon which is my third one for this account im on right now. since the toon troop are part of the toon resistance i think can u tell tabitha and terry i said hi? they r so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice! my fave toon troopers and by the way i kinda know who they are because of the red things i can so tell...

ToonCouncil says:

I won't tell you if you're right, Lady Coconut Hucklechomp, but I will tell Tabitha and Terry you said hello!

Puppy Pawz says:

Awesome!(: I hope I see them next week for fighting cogs. Because I really have hard task. D:< Hehe! I love you Toontown! Keep up the good work. ~Puppy Pawz?

Ducky says:

Danger Rangers are comimg!

Miss Spunky says:

:O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE BACK - says dramaticly

Loppy Dee Dee Zillerteeth says:

that is awesome!! i can wait to see them!!!

Salty Loopengloop says:

It's the Resistance Rangers!

C.W. Weaselscooter says:

Who are they? What do they do? What are there Names? Whats the team name? Is there a team? When was the Sellbot Storm? Why dont I know this!?!

Featherton says:

If I'm not mistaken, I think they are the Restance rangers! I saw one once and he was COOL!

Scooter says:

Awesome! I have some Hard toontask that need to be done and i could use some expert help!Thank you so much Rangers!

Pancake says:

That's awesome ! Name Rhymes with Danger....All i have is Stranger. Hmmm..Wonder if they will help Toons in battle?Maybe in Cashbot HQ?Thinking...Thinking...That's Going to bug me now...Grrrr.Anyways That's really cool actually.I Wonder if they're "powerful". Love Always, Pancake

Good ol' Dusty says:

That's awesome! I have my eyes set on becoming a big toon as soon as I become a member! These guys would be great help! :)

Electra says:

Sweet! I might have to work a new toon since we will have such awesome helpers! I hope to see Resistance Ranger Rupert, too! =-)

Crazy Frizzy Bananaswirl says:

I think this is really cool, but I sort of don't get it. How do they help you really? What is OPERATION: STORM SELLBOT? Please answer back because I think this is awesome, but I would like to know some more about this. Thanks Flippy! You rock!

ToonCouncil says:

Well Crazy Fizzy Bananaswirl (and other Toons who weren't around for Operation: Storm Sellbot), you can read all about it here -! Click through the blog to learn about this important event in Toontown history!

Super Bingo says:


Snivy says:

Awesome! I can't wait until i get to meet them! Toons of the World Unite!!!

Princess Lily says:

OOO!!! I can't really wait! So who are the toons? I guess we will find out next week! But really wat i really want to do is be one of the toons!!! Just watch & see how it goes!!! Never know, untill you wait!

alvin cheezytooth says:

is the answer to the hint danger: ranger

Zachary says:

soming is telling me it GOING TO BE FUN AND COOL :D

Magic Dog says:

I wonder who these are but thank you toontown you saved me from defeating three three story cog building by my self thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

duke wildwhip says:

who are these toons!????? I definitely need some help on my hard tasks!!!!! Also, can there be toons storming other cog hq's ? toontown is also my favorite town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (toontown rocks!)

Pinkmouse (18 laff ) says:

Quanger? Manger? Langer? Pranger? Danger? Hmm... I gotta find out!

Yippie Nickletwist says:

I know what they are! RANGERS!!!

shineling star says:

cool i wonder who they r?????????????????????????????????

Roxy says:

I hope they help me i could really use it and its really nice of them

ToonCouncil says:

That's what they love doing, Roxy!

super pow says:

I don't know who they are but I'm exited to meet them

BLUE GUY says:


Queen Candy says:

What was Operation: Storm Sellbot?

Rainbow LemonSwirl says:


ginger Bizzenbee says:

Did someone say Toon Resistance Rangers! Yahoo!

Ghalia says:

I have my eyes peeled! Okay lets see... it could be pangers, no, umm, tangers No way, or langer, Nope! What about rangers? RANGERS! RANGERS! RANGERS! Am I right??? Ooh cant wait! Did anyone else get it?

Master Buster says:

Thats perfect!!!! they can help me with my task!!! my task is so hard its deafeat 60 lvl 12 cogs!!! i think i also know who they are the rangers!!! they will protect toontown forever!! i hope the rangers can cfo or vp with me so i can get my 3 laff boost!! and get in the 92 laff! i cant wait till they come i want them to come so badly!!! its only a week but it feels like a month!! i hope they can come soon toon council never runs out of wonderful ideas you guys rock!! see you rangers next week and have a good time on toontown!!!

Alainnah says:

Yay for the resistance rangers! :) I heard someone say they needed a spin doctor and someone who wanted help getting the infamous keys from those minglers... I will help ya! Toons of the world UNITE!!

Duke Lithning Thunder Shock says:

They Must Be The Resistance Rangers Flippy! And I Know They Are Because Of The Belt On The Pig! The The Thing On The Bear And The Button On The Cat!

ToonCouncil says:

I'm going to start calling you DETECTIVE Duke Lithning Thunder Shock!

Princess Prier says:

Wow! I can't wait to get help with those hard-to-finish tasks!

loud thunderchomp says:

heres ryme for you flippy. danger rhymes with ranger i figured it out :D

Bubbles Sparklenerd says:

YAY! i need help with this Daisy's gardens toontask to get back the key to Daisy's Gardens from legal egales. UGH

sir ned rhinosplat says:

YAY!!!!!! danger rhymes with ranger! the toon rangers are back!

Mr. Meow Alot says:

About those mysterious toons, I ran into one very recently already and they were in a group. If they are called the Rangers, then that was them. They all jumped in with me to help me battle some cogs and I think it was Donalds Dreamland. One of them was a very well known kitty but I can't remember the name my friends said when they saw the group join the battle I was having. Now I am on the lookout for them all over the place lol!!!

Doggy (83 laff brown dog ) says:

The storm sellbot started because the doodles from daisy gardens pet shop escaped and drained the power in sellbot hq ( thats why theres holes shaped of doodles in the daisy gardens pet shop )

jenny says:

toontroop rangers toontask rangers? doodle cagers? toon rangers? am i hot or way off cold? tell us flippy!!!

Cuddles says:

I bet they are Rangers. I hope they can help me defeat ten Corporate Raiders.

weird waldo zoobleroni says:

aweee! i have alot more toontask work to do: defeat 120 mr hollywoods, 120 legal eagles, about 100 level eight and up cashbots, and some more cogs!! :-(

ToonCouncil says:

Wow weird waldo zoobleroni... You DO need some help! I bet you're going to get some good rewards from those Tasks!

Queen Spunky Wonderseed says:

Omg!!! The Resistance Rangers!!! :D Will they help us go into cog buildings and cog HQs and stuff like that too? 83 ~Queen Spunky Wonderseed

Abby says:

OMG This Is Awesome! I Wonder Who They Are! Not Toontroupers, i wonder. oh i know who! Can't tell u!

Sir Fireball says:

thats awesime because there is this task that i am so stuck on! i need a head hunter but A: i cant find one. B: there way to hard for me and C: im lazy! lol but ya its hard

pingpong(104 laff) says:

cool i think i know who they are but i wont spoil it so i wont tell but this is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flower says:

Omg, r they the resistance rangers!?!?!?! I always wanted to see one, I can't w8 til they come back!!

jojobear rockykinz says:

good cuz i need help with some of my toontasks!!!!!!!!!!!

Knuckles Dizzenspeed says:

Well! Well! Well! It looks like the Resistance Rangers are coming back! Keep a sharp eye out for them; you can't find them easily!

Lady Hulamuffin says:


Deputy Thunderslam says:

Does anyone think that Flippy is one of these guys?

ToonCouncil says:

What do YOU think, Deputy Thunderslam? ;)

caption trixie nickle flapper says:

i loved the resistance ranger from operation storm sellbot!!!!!!!!!!!!!